Telling My Dad About His Black Grandkids - Gary Owen

Gary Owen

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    I thought I scalped her!
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    1. b10rain

      How are they black?!?! Oh... My bad. Black and white is black. Because we always define ourselves by our skin color. Right?!?!? IDIOTS.


      Hol up WHY YOU CUT IT THERE 🥺

    3. Darwin Mang

      I had a black girl, I'm Latino, first I couldn't believe that it wasn't her hair... And then she told, Yeah wash my hair every month... I was like whaaatt? . Is that common ? Or she was just dirty 🤣?

    4. John Victor Chiyani

      😂😂😂😂😂 you killed me

    5. XSC 3

      The Irate Gamer

    6. J. G.

      We are not amused. 😐

    7. man zahalem

      Is this funny?

    8. Mike L

      This isn't funny

    9. yaboiiNESs

      Lmao that’s good stuff. 😂

    10. mia williams


    11. Vi De

      Is it really like this in US? Racially segregated?

    12. Mahmoud Amine

      This guys is like a white Kevin Hart

    13. antoinette wadandi

      yeah it’s hit the mark where he’s entered fetish territories

    14. Edith Goliatha


    15. 15 pounds in 30 days

      I can't believe how muck black people love this guy ... you would think he was John Brown or something!

    16. Austin M

      This guy stinks

    17. SNOW xCHAMP


    18. Mike Thomas

      Voice changed when he started talking about black girls.

    19. Randy Prevette


    20. stenbak88

      I have a friend who looks exactly like Gary and same thing we grew up in a white town but he was obsessed with black girls

    21. Drine The Poet


    22. Thepoondoctor

      hate to see the bleeps on a good comedy video /:

    23. Chalen Yee

      Pretty sad that some people have to feel uncomfortable telling their parents'/family about the race of their spouse

    24. Denise Watson

      I am so tired of this guy getting a pass because he is with a black woman.sometimes I wish you guys would just listen to some of the derogatory things he says.

    25. Almost an Old Fart

      Where did you pick up the fake black accent? Your all-white high school?

    26. Gregory Johnson


    27. Barrak Smokebama

      this is the hardest ive laughed in a while 😆😆😆

    28. R.F.M.

      Is the accent rasict...or appropriated..I'm confusion

    29. PaintedWOLF

      I have no idea how anyone listens to this guy.

    30. Taeren Quigley

      What’s funny is I didn’t laugh at all.

    31. Simba Marl'e

      😆 subscribed 😆

    32. SparkyMTB

      He’s funny... but not that funny....

    33. Mayor Of Trill


    34. Tony Hyde

      maaaaaate...why have i only just discovered ya? yOU are a cack! hope ya pack ya swag and come to tasmania! onya!

    35. phe m


    36. lubu523

      Didn't he said he dated blacks because white girls didn't want him?

    37. Tselmeg TSENDBUM


    38. Nina Gezellie

      Is this such a big deal in the states dating interracial?🤷🏼‍♀️

    39. Linah Ghostie

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 he's funny funny

    40. MrxNiiggles

      That crowd sucks

    41. Siyah Menket

      I don't find him funny it humorous not funny

    42. jblazeea


    43. Dockly

      He’s trying wayyy to hard to sound like Kevin Hart and it’s so annoying lol

    44. That One Nice Lady

      Sometimes I wake up at 3am...and think about a white boy calling 911 because he didn't know what a weave was and then cry laugh silently to myself till I return to sleep.

    45. My Dark Reality


    46. Lusa Kani


    47. Mustapha Kamara

      Jack harlows uncle😂😂😂

    48. OosummsebieneoO

      Him saying he realized young that he was into specifically black girls kind of made me uncomfortable 😅 It's kinda like he describes them as something other than just women, like an alien species or whatever. I don't know how to explain it really, it just felt weird

      1. Langa's House

        You're not alone, fam

    49. Norma Miller



      Fetishising other races 👌🏾

    51. Paula Dee

      Weave lol

    52. Jared Jackson

      Luckily my parents were conservatives and don’t see color. Both my kids are black and had never heard anything questionable.

    53. Taylor Johnson

      I dated a guy who thought Dolly Parton's boobs were REAL. lolololol! It's so cute the way you guys really can't tell, and I love that about you!

    54. Kenya Ngwu

      I cried and peed

    55. natacha Vargas

      danny gonzalez

    56. Busy Bugs

      Great clip, going to watch the whole special now. Gotta say, the world needs more of this. Gary, you even make the comment section smile! So nice to see so much positivity. It's a rare awesome thing!

    57. BC 4467

      It's been like 5 years and this guy is still milking the "haha black people and white people are different". Gary funny and an og but damn.

    58. JayRan Tv

      just goes to show

    59. Ronnie Blalock

      I hate these racist jokes, you scared to tell your dad you got a blk girl pregnant,yeah we know what type of time your dad is on.

    60. Aimz

      White Kevin hart

    61. Aimz

      Is it me or does he give Kevin hart vibes

    62. badboi jl

      Lmaooooooo brahhh to funny

    63. David Esccoo

      Perfect thanks

    64. ana viana barrios vilera

      it chapter 2 trailer

    65. Fun Guy

      Gary”s dad know what time it is,,,, lol

    66. shesaprototype

      I'm dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    67. Michael Hollis

      “You aint the first” took me out😂😂

    68. LuvlyLeo

      I had a great time in Connecticut! If you are going to get one get a real one 😂

    69. Shawn Jacks

      Everything is always black or white with this dude he cant do 1 show without thinking he is cool because he is with a black woman it's really old alr .

    70. aliveandconnected

      That noise!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    71. Dalton Long

      "You aint the first owen to dip in the chocolate" Comedy GOLD!

    72. bob bib

      Fact of life school . lol i actually said that when i was a kid lol

    73. LadyE100

      You saw weave before Gary but you just didn't know it. White people call it something different but they wear it.

    74. ChiTown Tex'n

      😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 I'm crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    75. Terri Mehring

      White girls wear weaves too

    76. paige mohammed

      let it go

    77. Too Short

      Black girls live in the trailer part that's why you're attracted to black girls 👀

    78. Josh McNulty

      “To dip in the 🍫 “ 🤣

    79. Nkanyiso Africa

      Honest truth when I was young I thought African American women had different hair than Africans. Dumb but yeah it was my understanding back then

    80. keia38


    81. Erica Gosier

      I love me some Gray. He took one for the team. I always loved gray. He just a big piece of White Chocolate

    82. Talisha Williams

      Gary must get it from his Daddy😂

    83. julian jaeger

      He said dip in the chocolate 😂😂😂😭😭😭

    84. meme_ king65

      Going to see him tomorrow night, can't wait!

    85. LiL ESSA

      He’s kinda funny but not really funny u know....

    86. Linda van brunt

      black girls are everywhere in big cities

    87. LEAH GIBBS


    88. SouloRasta

      I’m dead 😂

    89. SaiaSaia

      “The blood is coagulating”😭😭😭

    90. Amanda Frederick


    91. Momma Z Cares

      Trade this dude for kanye. Oprah... Shaq... 😆

    92. Momma Z Cares

      Im black abd this shit funny AF. 😆

    93. Ozua Wiccane

      The guy is embarrassing to fetishize black women like that, and white women also wear wigs, are fed up with this bullshit.

    94. Socialbuttafli


    95. RoseTheOne64


    96. Charles Richardson

      He is making bank off of the blank community, he has no other comedy

    97. Dan F

      Hahahah this guy.. I'm dying

    98. George Khozam


    99. Ken Matthews

      Very dated style and the Black audience is not laughing...just the white ones.