It’s time for white people to stop talking and start listening.

Gary Owen

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    Now is not the time for to be talking so much. We need to listen more & talk less.

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    1. Kem Hug

      You can talk now. It's not a black person problem.

    2. j lirie

      "we don't know what black people go through, we have no idea"

    3. 4201MAR

      2 ears 1 mouth. Amen Bruh

    4. Gloria Kuhn

      Please check out Candace Owens, modern Renaissance Man, the officer tatum and more. You have to keep in mind that the black people don't know what white people go through either.

    5. Aussie Chunda

      It is time for Americans to just stfu. Constantly with your Whinge fukken whinge "fukken awww look at me im a fukken bit of a sook aren't i? see me havin a teary? waa fucking waa, aren't i sad? feel bad for me :(" Get yourselves down to bunnings, find the cement, grab a teaspoon of it, put that in ya gob and hardenthefuckup.

    6. msd

      listen to what

    7. Mark Bishop

      It's okay to be White

    8. Madlib Beats

      Gary is a black guy w white skin

    9. Pleasesub Needclout

      This guy sucks ass!! What a loser

    10. Mz Powerz

      I'm African i don't understand this white thing. What is white abt their skin tone. They are pale people why do u call them white n call brown skin person black. I'm confused 🙄🙄🙄

    11. Erica Williams

      Right on Gary, right on. ✊🏾✊🏾

    12. Lance Leathers


    13. Seumas

      ... said the white guy.

    14. Tonija D

      My heart hurts Gary! Thank you Gary for sharing

    15. Glama Bama

      Thank you!!!

    16. Heru Montu Ra El

      First of all ain't no thing as Black and White people. There Lies the ssue. This World is comprised of Nations that make up the human family. Nationality is the Order of the Dey! Islam

    17. Os1 Jd

      I listened. Just because a black man gets shot by the police doesn’t automatically make it a racial issue. Either that person fucked up or the guy deserves it simple as that whether or not it was racially motivated you can never tell. In this case he should’ve got 8

    18. Miss.BeautifullyFlawed


    19. M Pearson

      Gary your cool. I am a black woman and I have never been offended by anything that you posted or said. Keep being you. You're always truthful and an advocate for black enfranchisement and agency in the US. Ignore them. Keep the positivity! Thank you!

    20. Michelle


    21. Master Stacker

      It's time for people to be judged based not on the color of their skin but on the content of their character. (drops mike)

    22. Jumpman T

      Why is this white boy talking to me right now? 😂🤣

    23. Dave Frantzman

      That's right Gary, I want you to be very quite when BLM comes and burns your house down...

    24. Mickey J none

      Yeeess Mr. Gary! 👏🏽👏🏽 A LOT of people should just LISTEN as well instead of reacting so quickly! Some black people too!🤨🙄

    25. Juampis C

      I'm all for the common sense police report but I will never support trained Marxist-their words- who want to destroy the western nuclear family.

      1. Withrow Stockton


    26. Penny Evans

      Great advise Gary. A person can learn more when they listen.

    27. What I think

      You cute

    28. Dustin Mosley

      "White people should just listen". no im good man, when cities are burning down thats not when you just "sit back and listen". Come on man.

    29. censoredagain

      This is so racists..... Judging people by the color of their skin and someone what to do because of the color of their skin. So racist

      1. censoredagain

        @Randy Louis your comments are so typical and expected coming from freedom hating racist.

      2. Randy Louis


    30. lemmie edmonson

      Listen to what ? Most black people won't admit that there taught victimhood from their families growing up that's right my young child your a victim of racism from the whites is what they are taught. Just the narrative that all black have at least encountered one episode of racism in there life which is a lie also because if you call out a black person behavior to them or disagree with something they think there the one's that describe that as only happening to them from that person because they're racist. So listen to that because that is truth not made up stories, idiot!

      1. lemmie edmonson

        @Withrow Stockton do you think that your pathetic comment silences me or changes the facts? It doesn't I'm not one of them !

      2. Withrow Stockton

        Did you not hear Gary say "listen" yet you still wanna give invalid opinion 🙄🙄

    31. dogster Dela roca

      Yeah if blake listen to the cop he would not have been shot. He was given a chance to surrender. He was given a long time that he was even able to get to the other side of the car.

    32. Tennis King

      I'm a black man. I'm afraid of other black folks, not the police. What's your thought on that?

      1. RelationshipWriter SistaGirlLondon

        @Tennis King you have that much experience? Well then you know where the bodies are buried! It's like I always say, "y'all got that "smoke" for the little people, but for the bad cops, your mouth is shut." You probably got stories for days! Your opening statement is now even clearer. To paraphrase Brother Malcolm, the chickens come home to roost.

      2. Tennis King

        @RelationshipWriter SistaGirlLondon my criminal justice master's degree, my juris doctor law degree, my graduation from 3 police academies and numerous awards from each academy, and my 10 years of law enforcement experience informs my opinion that this was a justified shooting. Here's what I'm not okay with... I'm not okay with the notion that if you can physically overpower a police officer that you can just overpower him and walk away holding a knife. This guy fought with this officer knowing his 3 sons were on the car watching. I will just agree to disagree with you on this one. As far as reparations, I think Germany paid reparations to Jews so I think it's doable. That said, I'm not educated on the more intricate aspects of the discussion so I wouldn't have much more to add.

      3. RelationshipWriter SistaGirlLondon

        @Tennis King this is a long thread. Did you answer my reparations question? I have to answer your question by stating: on my Fb page, i have shared sooooo many videos of W people and their disrespect and non-compliance with police. And yet, they live. I also have not seen video of white fathers being shot in the back with their kids in the car to witness that. If you are okay with that, then you are okay with that. I haven't watched the video because I haven't gotten over the George Floyd video yet. How can you be shot in the back if you're threatening with a knife? But if you're okay with it, then okay. We always explain away stuff until it happens to us.

      4. Tennis King

        @RelationshipWriter SistaGirlLondon first things first sis... I was hoping you'd answer the question I asked. Then I'll answer yours. My question was... What are your thoughts about people that resist the police while refusing to drop a knife they're armed with. Should a civilized society prosecute the officer who shoots that person or should a civilized society hold the law breaker accountable? And no, I wouldn't have been one of the slaves she shot for telling. I think I would have been dead already. They would have killed me because I would have killed as many of my oppressors that I possible could. I would've been like Nat Turner or Toussaint-Louverture in Haiti. My dignity is paramount to me. That's why when I see us (black folks) behave like we can't follow rules it embarrasses me.

      5. RelationshipWriter SistaGirlLondon

        @Tennis King i looooove Mother Harriet? Question: are you one of the slaves she would have shot? Would you have told on her?

    33. BiscuiT8858

      Totally agree. People in general talk too much and don't listen.

    34. E L A I Tamani

      🖤🖤🖤Bless You Gray

    35. snovismom


    36. George Beckwith

      Thank you Gary you a real one!

    37. Janet Iyegha

      🤫🤫🤫 shhhhhhhh!

    38. Maria Trotman


    39. raul arellanes

      I would like to see people come up with reasonable and achievable solutions to all that's going on. We're not gonna end all violence or racism. But I do believe we can come up with ways to reduce the problem.

    40. Morgan Sudduth

      Been a fan for years but you've always made it quite obvious your the "cool" white guy. Love the comedy but ya pandering as usual.

    41. clock99times

      Gary, you are so right on. Shut up and listen, listen till your ears fall off, cause you haven’t HEARD anything yet. When you listen is when you’ll know without question.

    42. Mark Brown

      Learn to swim

    43. Lamont King

      Why we love u Gary ✊🏾

    44. Alison Allison


    45. Bubba Soulter

      Funny how if people would just “listen” to cops they wouldn’t get shot 🤷🏻‍♂️

    46. Mr Alneeyo

      Don’t put Gary in this He Black

    47. Lavonne Thompson

      At least you understand that. Many don't, probably never will!

    48. Jeffrey ,WalLace q ride sr see s

      At the end of the day nobody cares. Listen don't listen people's minds are made up.

    49. Anna Faulkner

      Thank you for making this video.

    50. Doesnt Matter

      From looking at the footage of the riots, a lot of white people aren't listening or talking, they're rioting.

      1. FireWithFire

        Just the Leftist traitors, the ones that claim to be self-loathing

    51. Leslies Lovelies

      I like to listen to Gary Owen telling jokes.

    52. Timothy Alexzander Carthan II

      I agree with what your saying to a certain degree. Black people been telling white people to just shut up and listen for a looong time but nothing has changed

    53. Astruko

      Don't say nothing, just be quiet, and listen!

    54. Andrew Churches

      Kiss my ass Gary Owen scumbag!!

    55. Madricous Jones

      Real ish...

    56. Q 1

      God gave you one mouth to talk but to ears for listening. 👂 I dont know if you will see this but Im going to tell you anyway you are hands down one of the most sincere genuine guys in show business. may i amd your loved ones be guided to success in this life and the hereafter

    57. Brandon Garrison


    58. Frank Advice

      85 people got no class.

    59. Adrienne Perkins


    60. Ponchita

      please have several seats dont no body need your approval just cause you married black and white people will continue to do them you sound stupid bro embarrassing blacks yourself the situation period.... hopefully your just being funny but seriously bro this is feeding into the problem

    61. Detroit Red

      It’s nothing anyone can do.

    62. Roland Holland

      I appreciate people asking genuine questions and listening to the answer but there's so many cynical people that only want to argue their point and dismiss others very real concerns. It's tough...

    63. BE HONEST

      You right! Just be quite, and listen. I was about to tell you to shut the fk up before I saw the whole video. Lol

    64. Anon Omys


    65. Siryvonne Bell II

      I approve this message

    66. Doyle Aaron

      This message should be directed to all the people who don't listen to the police directions and end up shit.

    67. Larry Patterson


    68. Amanda Stemp

      Some white ppl just want to justify horrible things

    69. Kevin Palmore

      Like Dave Chappelle said, "the streets are talking! Who gives a F--k what Jah Rule thinks?"

    70. The Chosen1

      Judgement already been placed on y’all. It’s over for y’all species, no more being friends and shit. Us people of melanin is the angels of this galaxy and u think y’all can treat us any type of way without any consequences..... it’s over for y’all

    71. Meekell Assidddiq

      Stop and listen !!! Listen to the conversations and pains. Listen and restrain yourselves from talking. No, not forever, but give it a second.

    72. YO YO

      Well said👍

    73. happyhappyjoyful

      I ❤ disrespect to any1..however this vanilla man gets it...& funny Tell wifey ---Thank you she has done well..we ❤ u..u get it!!! From a sista in the cross hairs of the struggle Jamaican joy

    74. Noah97

      Best to educate yourself silently. And ally yourself vocally. We need white people with us loud. Love you

    75. Don Diego Fuera

      Gary keep doing what you doing no matter what anybody thinks you have a dog in this fight and you have the right to tread however you want especially cause your raising mixed children who need to see how you conduct yourself your great and this is from a Blackman

    76. Matt Howland

    77. Craka Jack

      Everyone should do the same

    78. Avalon Perez

      You seem like a pretty earnest guy. I respect you, man.

    79. Mike Wilmeth

      Hey Gary you should check out the Weather Underground. The all white group from the sixties and seventies who shed blood in the name of black liberation. They bombed a policeman's ball and several other police Outpost and some are still in prison to this day for daring to stand up and support black liberation. screw that sit on the sidelines and wish them well bulshit

    80. Mike Wilmeth

      Even with a biracial family you're on that black and white Paradigm ish.. white people don't need to be quiet they need to be in the streets rioting busting out an armed resistance to protect black people. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty Gary. Just having a black queen does not make you a king. Bravery loyalty and passion for righteousness and disgust for the hatred of your forefathers.

    81. eugenia perry

      It is excuses! Because they are racist, anytime you can watch a man being gunned down in front of everyone In broad daylight, on a social media platform that didn’t even exist 20 years ago mind you. To see this man with no weapon in his hand 🖐’s being Gunned downnnn and you don’t feel sad, you have a mental problem and you have been tricked into the same system the rest of the world 🌎 has been built upon ;Judging a book by its cover. How dare White people assume that people of color get the same treatment, when white people have friends, that say some of the most racist, derogatory things they have ever heard. And you know what you do, you laugh to fit in and ignore it. Which makes you a part of the problem. In order to live a great life, you must get rid of anything negative that is not traveling down the same positive road you are. Self worth brings about change.

    82. Just In credible

      Gary Owen STFU you are just pandering to your black audience. You know damn well blm and antifa is WRONG for what they are doing. But you are scared to admit it because you dont wanna lose that paycheck. The only EXCUSES i hear are coming from the left. Not blacks, they are just looting. ANTIFA are the ones doing the talking, to push thier marxist agenda. Good you be quiet gary owen. You are useless anyways

    83. Cecilya Biggs

      I feel so strongly about the injustices and watching some of them live or on video HURTS to see people treated like that, but I think you are right. I think it IS time to start listening more and maybe share the words of black American’s instead of my own now. That feels like the right thing.

    84. CeeJay611


    85. Sarah Simpson

      I'm listening

    86. WickedXombieBoi

      I actively posting about the injustice sometimes white folk need to speak up with there brothers and sisters of another color

    87. MrJeremyLewis81

      Again your showing me why your one of my favorites. Much love bruh!

    88. Alvin Henderson

      Like you sir, I was in the NAVY and I am in an interracial relationship. Your message was exactly what I told my wife. Perfect timing! I’ll be sending this to her. Thank you!

    89. Ray Grasso

      All of us need to listen more. Let's start by listening to a police officer when he gives a lawful command.

    90. Dick Tator

      Gary they dont care.... I have more and more white people blocking me

    91. Oceania Smith

      It time for people to stop calling yall "white" or "black"....people kill people here. Nothing knew.

    92. Leonardo Brown

      Lol, you are the man brother keep doing your thing!

    93. Jeff Warren

      Listen to what? This isn't a white vs black's a money thing..the less money you have..the more your willing to do what you have to get by...then hard times = doing some kinda drugs to ease the pain of the struggle..then on drugs bad decisions are made...nothing to do with race

    94. Niners 21

      Wish everyone would shut up and listen. Everyone thinks they know it all

    95. Mike Jones

      So it’s only white people that need to stop and listen? That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard. Don’t think you see the whole picture

      1. HighAltitudeMMA

        @Beth i srand by every single word

      2. Beth

        @HighAltitudeMMA umm...

      3. HighAltitudeMMA

        Man... at this point im so used to it. Straight white men are just always going to be considered the bad guy. The boogyman. We are supposed to just eat shit and learn to love the taste of it. Its always our fault. Everything, everywhere, everytime. We arent allowed to have an opinion. We arent allowed to disagree. We arent allowed to speak.

    96. Spoon Loc

      My honest humble opinion.. it’s time for a CIVIL WAR .. white men women and kids start dying they’ll listen .. not just white either the corner store Arabs as well

      1. HighAltitudeMMA

        @Spoon Loc ok cool. You still never actually refuted any of my points from my previous comments. You just are locked into the "WHITE MAN BAD!" thinking. Dont try to kill us. Youll fail. Thats the last ill say about it. Good luck little man.

      2. HighAltitudeMMA

        @Spoon Loc Well... i dont. Lol bc again... im in a black family. If you wanna get really shitty about it... Caucasians already proved its possible to conquer you. If Caucasians chose to irradicate you it would be successful. Stop wishing for your own demise.

      3. Spoon Loc

        Click the link

      4. Spoon Loc

      5. Spoon Loc

        HighAltitudeMMA it’s not me you should be afraid of dude it the majority of us that you should FEAR

    97. Sofrew

      Why do people always want someone that's famous to speak on something? The streets need to speak, and they do (at times), its no hollywood star like they usually do around "these times" just to pander because they don't really care, its just publicity. And let's be honest, independently of colour, people, in general, need to listen to each other and allow debates to happen and not just jump the gun whenever you hear something you don't like, which is the case nowadays. Gary did it right, stay quiet, listen and then formulate your own opinions based off of facts. Also, if you are black and don't really want to discuss something that's happening, that's fine too, it's your choice, you shouldn't give in and talk when you don't want to, it doesn't make you less of a person.

    98. Vanessa Louis

      Stop acting like this is new , so you been listening for 400 years?

    99. Leaveme Tfalone

      Me personally I LOVE YOU GARY! Hell with those ppl with low iq's! No Gary Owen slander will be tolerated!! BIG DOT!! If you have any issues go get a mop & find a beach to mop up & stay there!!