Why is black owned business a bad thing?

Gary Owen

31 миӊ. көрүүлөр9

    Some ppl have a problem with the term black owned business.

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    2. Story Doc

      I recently did a business profile video on a black women owned gym, fitness and nutrition company called FIT & NU in Aurora, Colorado. kgup.info/get/fIagk3qXjG2Mm6k/video

    3. Rasmus Blomberg

      Why even bring it up, u even makes it sound like "black" people and "white" people are different things...

    4. Nubian Princess


    5. Soghomon Tehlirian

      The person who asked why write black owned gym most likely asked because he wanted to know why you wrote black owned, what point you were trying to make, if your trying to encourage other people specifically black people to go there or if you had some other reason. You’re the one jumping to conclusions thinking the person has an issue with black owned just because they asked, its unsual especially for a white person thats why they asked, no one cares or has a problem with black owned businesses the whole world doesn’t see things racially like you do.

    6. RustyShank

      He called you out because hes tired of white people pandering lol

    7. Jerry Davenport

      Have blm quit destroying them and their might be more of them

    8. Thiccybrains &salty maru

      We love you fam bam. Thanks for repping.

    9. David Votava

      I’m a white guy and I have been around other white people my whole life. Never, never, never have I heard anyone refer to a business as a black owned, Asian owned, etc business. We are not sitting around our living rooms plotting how to avoid supporting black people. If it’s close and serves good food or provides good services we will go there. It’s viewed as either poor service or great service. Who would even know the color of the owner most of the time? Contrary to what the media portrays, blacks are not hated by the vast majority of whites. There’s a lot of hate distributed for the purpose of keeping rich people rich. It’s exhausting for all. The media is splitting our country, probably related to the election.

    10. sL r

      Love ya Gary!

    11. Steve farms

      As a white man I don't what race it is the own a business I will do business with them .. I would love to find a restaurant owned by black because I herd if you go to a black BBQ you better be vary hungry because the spread they have is unreal so with said and bottom line is what the race is makes no difference to me

    12. CeeJay611

      Could it be because a lot of racism in this country was based on black and white people. Yes there's racism between others but if you look at the history of this country you'll find that white supremacy was built against blacks

    13. Normani is better than Camila

      Hi everyone! please listen... there is this KGup channel of a Black owned business called "AfroShe", it's about hair growth & hair care and the products are by an African Australian woman called Ruth and her products are great (just look at her daughter's gorgeous long, thick hair and how they've come through for her)! Her channel barely gets as much recognition as it deserves and this is a perfect opportunity for us to support a Black owned business that needs our support! You can also buy her products @AfroShe.com. I would love to see her KGup channel supported, just search AfroShe on KGup.Thank you for reading!

    14. pellepels50

      This sucks.

    15. Tandy Richae

      I love you Gary!

    16. Dono James II

      if I had to guess, whoever put that post probably meant to say that race doesn't matter because anybody can do what they want to do. That being said, I wholeheartedly agree with you and appreciate you putting up this video

    17. Gwen Rose

      Same as Native American. We get the same response.

    18. Amber Richardson

      That was strong

    19. Dick Tator

      Lol why this come back on... Ya cant break what already been created. Ya can only upgrade. Just means Like an easier way... Recite ya life kgup.info/get/lnupg6Sxe4Z3n3s/video

    20. Nick Sewell

      I'd much rather go to the valley of the beast, than planet fitness...just saying

    21. That One Nice Lady

      Can someone point me to some good Black owned internet based companies that I can support?

    22. Andy T

      Kim Kardashian 101. He said it to get people talking & draw attention to himself. Period.

    23. Dee Johnson

      😂😂😂 it kills me how when the word or should i say name 🤔 black is used for something positive ot push so many buttons

    24. Noble Lee

      Because it upsets the supremacy matrix they live in... It is as learned as reading and writing in america... Continue to "Get It" 💯

    25. DonKeyTube

      WE’RE DOOMED!! I don’t know what else to say.

    26. Simone Chapman

      Do they have a problem with black, or do they have a problem with owned just saying!!!! 👀 👹

    27. Elena Gisa

      I think you are dumb but your hair cut is even dumber.

    28. Phillychill L

      This dude been black for years

    29. Malekia Graham

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    30. Willie Davis

      Gary and Max K are two lighter skin men who totally gets it...

    31. M Pearson

      I love it! Keep promoting positivity!

    32. Love's Disciple no.1

      I have a feeling that it was a Karen who had a problem with this 🤔

    33. Kenneth Green

      S/O to you Gary. I work with Tyler’s (The guy who you had the workout with) significant other. I shared the video with her and told her to show Tyler. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

    34. Stacey N

      Because it's black owned, good! Wtf is wrong with that?!? We all bleed red for shits sake!

    35. T C

      Why does it matter? If it's a good gym, it's a good gym. People go to Mexican and Chinese restaurants for Mexican and Chinese food. You don't go to a black owned gym for a black workout. There are tons of productive black businesses but for the most part they're just businesses.

    36. Fred Staton Jr

      Gary you are for real with us Bruh. I salute you. I've been a fan every since BET Comic View! Keep it up man #doingwhatido

    37. 4A Music

      Then why is it offensive if I say a white owned business.

    38. TriggrHappyTrav

      Why is white owned business a bad thing? Hint, same answer to both questions.

    39. SS Man2003

      I visit black owned businesses but never make it a point to call it out. Like if I saw 2 guys standing somewhere I wouldn’t specify the race of them it’s just 2 dudes to me

    40. SS Man2003

      It’s not that it’s black owned it’s that you specified it was black owned. I think the hoopla is because if you said you visited a white owned whatever certain people would have called you racist

    41. Ana Lozada


    42. Taquae Anderson

      If they question it... It's Because they rather own Black ppl... And they can't anymore so every positive to hateful ppl becomes a negative how sad😒😒

    43. Rainer Drayton

      Correct couldn’t agree more

    44. Janet M.

      Gary.....May I suggest you do some research....

      1. Rebecca


    45. Bam Stinson

      The 68 👎must be wht ppl that said," why you say black?"

    46. Meanazhell

      WHY IS "BLACK OWNED BUSINESS A BAD THING", becasue ITS FUCKING RACIST YOU TARD! Can you imagine if I said "white owend business?" DONT GO WOKE OR YOU WILL GO BROKE!

    47. Dez Lewis


    48. Elliot Agosto

      Honestly I could care less but I can find a hypocritical that you hate going to labeled based on your race and segregation but then you turn around and do it yourself always focusing on race

    49. Jenelle Griles

      Just had a conversation with someone at work about this! It annoys tf out of me b/c I don't come to work using my race or gender as an argument but the minute I correct them for saying things I feel are offensive, they look at me sideways. Nah pimp, you don't get to do/say that and think I'm not going to address it. Open ya mind, you just might realize that we have more similarities than differences, arse.

    50. Brian Ray

      Tell them Gary

    51. Qiana Conley

      Thanks for the ❤️ & advertisement. - The Black Population

    52. Justin G

      You sound so guilty you're white with that statement and defending this shit! Doesn't make sense I'm going to start naming every business as white owned and the powers-that-be are working divide and conquer

    53. Justin G

      But would you say white owned? Or Arabic on? Are you just trying to fit in and be PC that is kind of problem of everything right now

      1. Lovely

        @Justin G I'm sorry. I don't fully understand your question. (Not trying to be rude. I'm just trying to better understand what you are asking)

      2. Justin G

        @Lovely ok so I don't get it why do you say black on? They did that in 92 so they would not loot them! Koreans did it in LA just labeling it is a bad thing I'm saying black white green fuck these snowflakes

      3. Lovely

        There are white owned businesses. It's just not in the title. There are barley any black business owners that's why we are trying to support them.

    54. scott harvell

      What the hell is wrong with people. The hell with people that think like that.

    55. Michael Smith

      Apperciate the support Gary.From One Buckeye to Another get a shirt From communityneedscommunity Also Black owned

    56. Bossgang13

      This guy is on a sick one look at his eyes that’s drugs feel sorry for you bro


      I am a black own business woman

    58. Kim Wallace


    59. Rogue One

      That's whats up...gary👍. Thanks for looking out!!

    60. Britloves Quincy

      I love that you love us

    61. jimmy fowler

      I think Gary is one of the good white ppl I dont since any racism with him I actually like this man and he funny but put comedy aside Gary I feel is a good guy period.

    62. Mickey J none

      I LOOOOVE ME SOME GARY! He don't need NO HELP!😘🙄👍🏽👏🏽

    63. Mickey J none

      Oookkkk so, the person don't know that you have a black wife n biracial kid's!!!🤔🙄 Thank you Gary for EDUCATING people. 😘👏🏽👏🏽👍🏽✊🏾

    64. T 412

      Call a thing a thing- it’s racism and systematic oppression via microagressions. Your people are asking why you’re supporting black businesses as a white man. It’s time for you to wake up and fully see that the “white mainstream” you’re describing are perpetuating white supremacy. Their innately racist Gary. The more you pacify and justify the behaviors the more they subsist in your sphere. Questions like these should continue to spark internal dialogues for you so that you can attack your own “white spots” cultural biases I’m constantly pointing out to you.

    65. Life of Solitude

      I didn't watch the video either. I still remember that bullshit you pulled with your sellout wife and Michael Blackson

    66. Kevin Farnsworth

      It just seems to me that when you say “black owned” we should buy the products or use the services just because the owners are black. That’s not good publicity for them I think. Recommend or use the services because they’re good. Using race will complicate things more and cause controversy. Things I buy or places I go might have a owner of a different race but that doesn’t influence me to use their services or buy their product. For instance I saw an episode of shark tank and these 2 girls were trying to work out a deal for their dating app “coffee meets bagel”. Even though the owners of the service is Asian, that’s not why I tried it out. I tried it out because it supposed to be better than other services because all the disrespectful people you get in other services are screened out. It supposed to be a good service for women to find someone nice without having dick picks sent to them. The owners race had nothing to do with my decision to try out their app.

    67. playboy ace

      I love Gary Owen but you gotta watch your words when your speaking to millions of diverse people. Its almost like hes trying to earn his BLACK CARD. LOL!😄😄😄

    68. playboy ace

      My point exactly. I try to make a rational non hateful statement and i get sum bullshit reply" shut up mzunga" proof of the ignorance in the world today. Lol!😄

    69. EchoJae

      The same people who accuse blacks of being lazy and all on welfare are the ones who also don’t want *black-owned businesses* to get exposure and thrive so their proprietors can experience self-sufficient success. It’s almost as if those folks think our only place is in chains working for free...🤔

    70. Rosie VeHi

      I saw you once promoting a MEXICAN FOOD TRUCK..it had a white tent and it was raining...and when you said the food was Da BOMB..i couldn't be more proud of my MEXICAN PEOPLE..we all( races) work hard to make a living..i don't understand when people gets offended.

    71. Weird Myst

      "Black on black crime" idk why, but I was straight up *triggered* by that. I got so used to saying it that I didn't realize it's JUST CRIME!!! 😖

    72. Mike Jones

      Its not a bad thing. But if it was owned by a white person would you mention that?

    73. Tanya Miller

      I agree and keep promoting 🥰💪🏾

    74. The Voice Inside Someone Elses Head

      Its not a bad thing, in fact stating its a black owned business might prevent it from being looted and destroyed these days. Its only odd saying black owned business, because if it was owned by a white person, you prob wouldn't have referred to it as a White owned business.

    75. ZombieWulfgrl D

      Exactly! Good for you. I liked your analogy - perfect😉

    76. C Boyd

      Keep being you.

    77. Joshua Galloway

      My man Gary big facts please continue to spread the word i understand everything you say bro

    78. Jace Herron

      It’s not Gary it’s bullshit how hispanic business owners don’t get help during this riot shit nor does the whites or anyone else giving black owned businesses money to stay afloat an saying fuck all the other races just straight bullshit dawg

    79. JB Jones

      That's why you're honorary Gary and the workouts are showing. You can tell in your face that you've dropped some fat, you look healthier stay encouraged.

    80. playboy ace

      It shouldnt matter who owns it or what color they are. You never would have said white owned if it were a white person that owned it. If we white people bragged so much on being white they would call us racist but black people can bragg on being black and its fine!?! No hate, I love all people! One💙ace

      1. Black Excellence

        Shut up mzungu

    81. Armando De La Fonte

      Thanks for letting people know we can be owners to

    82. Christian Fischer

      Just remember..... it was the Government that has separated us by Race. When I grew up I had friends of all colors and knowbody judged me for that. It was Awesome

    83. Shay Bae

      Some of Gary Owens' fans don't know he has a black wife and mixed black children. He's not black himself, but he has black loved ones and wants to support the community that he's tied to by marriage.

    84. skankhunt42 skankhunt42

      Dude stfu already and take the black weiner out your mouth. Too bad that "black owned business" didn't get looted during the "protest"

    85. Velicya Rembert

      Thats rite call them idiots out...

    86. Kewana Nedd

      He act black himself.😍

    87. ramin hoxha


    88. Rebekah Bridges-Tervydis

      Well, here’s something I think ‘some’ of my family would think, or say (I am not saying this myself but, I know some aunts and uncles would feel or say this) “oh, no, I’m not going there because it’s going to be very loud. Or, I might be the only white person there!’ And, in that respect I think sometimes there is a reversal of racial tension. So Gary, how do you help an elderly person out? What do I say to them to help them feel differently? Would really appreciate your opinion.

    89. EBONIQUEEN 3447

      Promote that black owned business Gary. Forget the haters. They will never go away 🤷🏾‍♀️🤨🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    90. Lord Tez


    91. ateyourfood

      Listening to your insight on these type of things is pretty interesting.

    92. Young Manic

      Look at those 50 plus racists hit the dislike button like the punks they are! 😂😂😂

    93. Victoria Evans

      My home town is Cincinnati. Lol 🤣


      I just moved to Alabama, love how fair everything is in this state. Florida was so bad with race issues.


        President Oneday have you been here in 2020 Because i just left Naples Florida where everyone wants to move to and find it better here.. dont talk if you dont know

      2. President Oneday

        😂😂😂Alabama 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️kidding right? Good luck.

    95. MrEditz

      But thank you!

    96. MrEditz

      You kno why Gary YOU KNOW

    97. Kahlyle

      😂😂😂😂I know his wife be having a ball I go to comedy shows just to see you.

    98. B Butler

      Thank you honey for promoting Black business!!! Love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    99. Mister Blackman336

      I love it Gary just remember black Wall Street ... it’s only ok long as we are drugged up, half naked is it cool then .... black own is like a unicorn And they don’t want to see it

    100. Mick Owens

      Don't give a shit if it was a horse Owned gym