Tony Rock | #GetSome Ep. 135 with Gary Owen

Gary Owen

69 миӊ. көрүүлөр21

    On the this episode of the #GetSome podcast, Gary chats with comedian, Tony Rock.
    2:00 - The Rock Family
    2:30 - Gary's brother caught stealing on a Ring cam
    10:05 - What's in your rider
    12:00 - Starting Stand Up
    14:00 - Seeing the Indiana Pacers at Phat Tuesdays before the NBA Finals
    18:10 - Tony and Gary getting ghosted by BET
    22:15 - Hosting Hip Hop Awards
    23:23 - Steelers vs. Bengals
    34:30 - Bengals security guard
    36:37 - Tony roasted the Raiders in Napa
    43:00 - Shooting Pilots
    52:00 - Following other comics
    1:13:00 - Be on time and don't steal jokes
    1:15:00 - Hall Passes
    1:20:00 - Let young men live
    1:39:00 - Mistaken identity
    1:48:00 - Gary almost gets his ass kicked in Pittsburgh
    Comedian-actor Gary Owen has been leaving audiences with tears in their eyes for over a decade - in the best way, of course! In his podcast #GetSome, Gary discusses the latest and greatest in pop culture, sports, and live entertainment, with his own comedic flair. Laugh along with Gary and his special celebrity guests each week, and maybe learn a thing or two while you’re at it!
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    1. NopeNot4It

      I adore Tony Rock. When he’s in DFW, he’s so low key and such a sweet person.

    2. Richie Goodson

      They just mentioned Montgomery and Demopolis, damn Alabama stand up. I live in Montgomery and don't mention Demopolis!

    3. Deborah Murray

      Intro alone was fire! Paraphrasing: Sometimes all you have in common with a sibling is your mum and dad.

    4. Lamar Cash

      Stop everything he just said demopolis alabama my hometown shouts out to da deck aka demopppp

    5. Rukia BlackBlazer


    6. SoulShine Sessions

      Shout out from JAZZ1CAFE, I was blessed to Tony Rock perform at the Tampa Comedy Club. He is Hilarious. He messed with me in the audience. Funny because he called a lot of women bitches. Not me thank God, because I'm from Philly and we don't play that. Bitch is a fighting word, never funny. But he was funny and worth seeing again and again!!!

    7. Mickey J none

      I think I have always had a secret crush on Tony Rock!😍🤩 However, I have ALWAYS thought he could/can DO FILMS! JS! My own opinion!😘❤

    8. loswitthemost33 jj

      B.e.t is trash thats y its dying

    9. loswitthemost33 jj

      My rider would be Wendy's chilli, alkaline water and a 40 plus escort

    10. Tonya Smithrattray

      Gary let him talk

    11. natasha kaylleen

      lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo @ his siblings feeling like they got a permanent ticket to any comedy show! love it

    12. natasha kaylleen

      no offense to chris rock but i always found tony rock funnier.... much love!

    13. kristofferwash1

      Gary was tight lowkey about that rider shit. Lol.

    14. Derriyan Jackson

      Mane them guys are really funny. I remember tony coming to dallas a few years ago. He is what you see. Learn alot abt the business and politics of the comedian game


    16. Alicia Williams

      Yes! Keep on coming to Indy! We Love Y'all!

    17. King Kai Yin Rei

      Love this channel

    18. Lisa Williamson

      @t Gary is so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    19. azhlee13

      Another great episode. I'm a fan if both.

    20. John-Keith Railey

      Great show...Go Steelers 🖤💛

    21. Phillip Burney

      Man they left a lot of siblings outta Everybody Hates Chris! 😂

      1. Nikki Walker

        I thought the same shit now the dad having all those jobs make sense

    22. Susan Smith

      The man is funny, humble, and Keeping it real as always nice job Gary!

    23. Tee Tee

      🗣 Is Brooklyn in the House ...Love me some Tony Rock 🙌🏾❤️

    24. Haddingtonian GCP

      Is that Em in the background portrait?

    25. Aaron McCrary

      If Tony Rock ever comes to your city, do yourself a favor and go see him! Dude is a beast and super nice too.

      1. Derriyan Jackson

        No cap. Tony will have you dying laughing

    26. Sophia Bulgaria

      Why is Tony wearing sunglasses inside? Hmmmmm

    27. KappN Ass Dough


    28. King Adam Lue

      GARY HAS NOT EMBRACED CP TIME 😂😂😂 ME: Go ahead Gary take a lil time for yourself, you can run long.... You G.Owe.!! Gary: 3..2.1 Good Night EVERYBODYYY!!!

    29. King Adam Lue

      DOPE into the comedy biz.

    30. Just Joe

      Been bingeing all your content and sharing to folks i know. I've been caught up with the comedians they "push". I grew up in a trailer park in Georgia and have the same family lol 😁 so your content hits home. Thanks for representin'! New fan for life.

    31. Makesi Lopez

      Wish Gary would let Tony shine and talk some more instead of overstating his own stories

    32. Gary Phillips

      Tony rock is highly underrated. Dude funny as hell. Saw him at the improv. I was dying .

      1. Derriyan Jackson

        Yea I remember him coming to dallas a few years bck. Dude off the chain

    33. Teezy Peezy

      Oh so good!! Like an audio book with pictures! 🥰🤗

    34. Jeff Snow

      Gary let your guests get a word in. Who’s the guest, Tony or Gary? Inquiring minds like to know.

    35. Dat_Boy_TRIPP

      A catalytic converter is not that easy to take off 😂🤣. That shit can take a full days work to take off. Its part of your exaust system in your car and they cost 800 to 1000 just for the part not including labor which is a bitch

    36. ViralTemplar

      Damn B! Homeboys in outer space?!? That's crazy that's an intervention moment!

    37. Joann Bowden

      Omg! Gary, my hubby, also a Gary, would damn near spit every time someone mentioned the Steelers after they fucked up Palmer back in '05. Btw, he called dude bitch all the way up until his death in 2010. He absolutely hated that dude! RIP GLB, LOVE U 4EVAH BABY! ❤💔💜

    38. Quincy Lockett

      Nothing like food laughs on your Bday 👍🏿🤘🏿✌🏿

    39. Terry Brown

      So how come there was only 3 of them on everybody hates Chris?

      1. Terry Brown

        @Tierra Williams makes sense. That is why Drew was good at everything.

      2. Tierra Williams

        They stated they didnt want that many kids and thought 3 was a good balance. They also stated they took the personality of the brothers and incorporated it into Drew's character.

    40. Tannith W

      Yay Pittsburgh! Pass-arounds? Lol

    41. Joseph Lindsey

      I’m sure Gary meant Zach Thomas

    42. Mellow

      And if white people don't love you because you love us f*** them LOL

    43. Shari Miller

      He looks like Eddie Murphy

      1. Jaqueta84

        That's what I've always said! He could've been a Murphy!

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    46. Tricia D.

      💛Tony Rock!

    47. Monique Lane

      I love this podcast, Gary seems so likeable and friendly, with a great memory

    48. Error Report

      Tony was the best part of “all of us”. He should definitely do more acting, he’s a natural. I’m halfway into the interview, and it feels like Gary is just waiting for Tony to finish talking so he can start telling a story. That’s cool Gary, but don’t forget to actually make the guest the focal point. Tony had to interview himself a couple times there. You barely asked him questions or followed up with what he said.

    49. Othello Smalley

      Hey Gary really enjoy the podcast thanks, and I like the new setup 👍🏽

    50. Ezra Gardiner

      Yooo this is probably the best episode yet, just two people giving authentic, honest stories 🙏🏿👍🏿

    51. Register To Vote

      Wow he’s very funny as well...✌🏽😂

    52. Pinhead Larry On The Block

      A true Legend! Him and his brother. Great Episode.

    53. Christopher Lugo

      Aren't all the Raiders years sucky years?

    54. Jonathan Walker

      Gary complains a lot.

    55. D Brtt

      At 1:24:40 sec I swear. Gary says he's not a jealous N word

      1. JahRoxkYa

        He clearly says jealous dude

    56. Dee 972

      Most understated comment ever " you know what Chris does."

    57. Lord Finesse

      This was a good interview, enjoy every min

    58. Dion Satchel

      All of his interviews just seems like 2 old friends just reminiscing over good times 💯💯💯

      1. C Sy

        Yes was abt to say that ! Its so effortless and doesn't seem forced ,love it

    59. spiderpimp33

      Definitely reach back out to Lavell Crawford! Corey Holcomb too!

    60. gina brown

      Great interview!! Love Tony Rock and congrats on your new baby!!!

    61. dj89sse

      Catalytic converters from junked cars can be worth 100 to 500 dollars You can imagine what they cost on a fairly new vehicle . Not making excuses why your bro is doing what he do . In the current market at my salvage yard the converters and some air bags bring more cash than the car itself

      1. Devonte Franklin

        Cann you say PLATINUM

      2. Marley Janim


    62. Avian Artis-Fleary

      I'm from Cincinnati (now in NYC) so I love to hear all the Cincy talk! ❤ #hometown

      1. Jaqueta84

        I'm from Cincinnati too, still here!

    63. Che Nieves


    64. Raynette Scoggins

      This is a great show. Ya'll connect so well.

    65. KingCo Anderson

      Can't wait til Lavell comes on. Hit him up again Gary. Y'all should come up to the Helium in Portland Oregon together. It'll sell out all week long.

    66. this life though

      great show. big fan

    67. Tuan Eden

      any chance of getting corey holcomb on here in killing all the bs


      Dang Bro Look out for your Brother you can't give him $75

      1. Leon Wright

        Why? He’s still gonna steal converters.

      2. Joann Bowden

        @Devonte Franklin right!

      3. Devonte Franklin

        There getting played they should be getting 250.00...there taking platinum out of the catalytic converter

      4. BD Universe

        It’s a mentality thing. If you ever seen million dollar baby you’ll get it.

    69. Papa Grounds

      Tony is the _hip hop / rap_ version of the Rock's 😁

      1. Marley Janim

        Chris would be? The r & b Or

    70. dukeakartj


    71. VonTelevision

      Is it me or is the color off?

    72. Jacob lovesmusic

      Gary you are so funny.

    73. William Davis

      Go Colts sorry Gary

    74. Kevin D-House Gayles

      #kevindhousegayles @kevindhousegayles

    75. Rosemarie Moore

      Hey!! I live in Montgomery, AL!!!

    76. Rosemarie Moore

      Gary!!! Tony!!!🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🌞👍🏾

    77. Cassandra Best

      Again thank you love the podcast

    78. leimoan800

      Love the conversation regarding jealousy 🥰😍🥰😍 straight facts 💯

    79. Ray Danows

      Damn yesssssss Tony MF Rock!!!!!!!!!

    80. Eulissa Ford


    81. Eulissa Ford


    82. Tammy Soto

      Hi Gary