90s Sitcoms | #GetSome Ep. 127

Gary Owen

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    Man, I forgot how good Homeboys in Outerspace was! Guy Torry and I talk 90's sitcoms.
    #GetSome Ep. 127 with Guy Torry available now:

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    1. Jordache Jordan

      Really great pts by Guy.

    2. Lawrence Heffernan

      Gary go help Bengals Alexander find his Dad. He needs some one like you to help him. Free Alexander.

    3. Kyle Hunter

      Gary be having the goats on 💯💯

    4. SSS🌙

      Fox didnt come along til the 90s right?

    5. Al Pizzle

      Ppl sleep on Jamie Foxx n Steve Harvey Show (Romeo n Bullethead) they classic also Cosby Show, Martin n Fresh Prince. Seinfeld was one of my favorite besides back then but now that I'm older I'm more of a Married With Children type of dude

      1. Error Report

        I was a Steve Harvey show, Seinfeld and king of queens girl myself. Now I think i just watch KGup and Netflix 😩

    6. joe broadbeef

      Gary, damn it, we need another special quick!!!! Keep up the good work buddy

    7. Real General


    8. whitney barone