At The C-l-e-e-e-veland Clinic

Gary Owen

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    That time the girls from the C-L-E-E-E-VELAND Clinic met Hustle and Flow

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    1. ChiTown Tex'n

      😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂 Damnit Gary!!!!! I am in literal tears

    2. Shari Miller

      Gary please come to the Ontario Improv in Ontario California, I'd come off the road to come see you and I rarely stop hauling.

    3. BossBLVD

      Maybe he thought something else since the word clinic is attached.. it's actually one of the leading hospital's in the U.S people from all over the world come there for treatment or surgery. It was funny tho

    4. Ne-Ne Arnold

      Omg I'm from Cleveland I'm dying right now😅😅😅

    5. Cupcake Swain

      Right when I started to like you as a comedian. But then you had Audacity ' to even open your mouth about Monique??? Oprah, had her childhood 'Molesters' on her show the same day she scheduled for Monique unknowingly, even after Monique told her not to!!! And thst Fske Ass Steve HoBo had the nerve to try and embarrass her on his show, and they go waay back,'Bernie Mack' back!!! She didnt sell her 'Soul' God has a plan for her!!! Your turn will come!! Just because you married an'Queen', dont get to running yo mouth on 'Shit' you know nothing about!!! That could of been your Wife or Daughter??!!!

    6. T. J. Moore

      People laugh, but the Cleveland Clinic is one of the best hospitals in the USA!! Look it up!!

      1. Corey Gregory

        It’s the second best in the United and 5th best in the world

    7. bob bib

      Maybe bad taste but he should have said "round of applause everyone that visited the C-L-E-E-E-VELAND Clinic"

    8. Q MEDIA

      The Cleveland Clinic is a hospital, not a VD Health Department clinic...ijs lol

    9. Brad Sutton

      I might end up at the CLEEEVELAND CLINIC!

    10. That Dude

      Gary a 🐐 Debate it with your uncle🤷🏼‍♂️

    11. 1destinyslegacy

      G is in fine form...hilarious

    12. Eulissa Ford

      WTF TO COOL Gary

    13. Adrian Bateman

      That money in a ziplock bag is a artiist from Alaska ft bonethugs

    14. Prateek Toppo


    15. SupermanHopkins

      Comedy shows during a pandemic. Gary Owen is brave, cuz I ain't tryna be around none of y'all, ESPECIALLY not nobody from the Cleeeeeeeeeveland Clinic!

    16. Joey Rivera

      I am pure hurting so bad That shit was soo freaking funny !! Semper Fi

    17. Ana Lozada

      That Bone Thugs & Harmony rendition was...😎🙌🔥🤘🔥💯👏🤣

    18. Vincent Tucker

      I'm in Cleveland next week, I'm definitely going by the C-l-e-e-e-veland Clinic 😂🤣😂😂

    19. liljb Boswell

      Still got it kiddo #Quick

    20. Gunny Marine

      Uzzzzzzzzzzza a Foooooooool G.O.

    21. syckindahead

      Thank you Gary! These clips👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😂

    22. Shady Tree

      Man showing that Cleveland education btw hey Gary how does it feel now that you out did it save ya and remember when you didnt have to be a fitness model to get in

    23. Intrust Games


    24. khadijat Bobbo

      “Cleveland clinic” hehehehehehe free advertisment though!

    25. Brian Espinoza

      Ehhhhh.. am I the only one that isn't really laughing

      1. V Mitch2911

        Yea it's not that funny.

    26. Edwin Kirkland

      Omg🤣🤣🤣🤣im officially..done🤣🤣🤣

    27. Robin Brown

      laughed myself right out my bed

    28. Dustin A.

      Gary is the truth, so funny!

    29. Kenya Ngwu

      I cried the whole bit

    30. balldoctor

      wasn't funny

    31. Amerz 247


      1. XGN gaming

        My job works with y’all all the time getting records lol

      2. Be Be Be

        My brother works at Cleveland....

      3. vegastjg

        I go to yall here in Vegas for ms & the building looks crazy!

      4. Trevor Shelor

        We just got a doc from you guys in my little az city.

    32. Kimberly Divine


    33. Traci Montgomery

      Gary is amazing

    34. Chris Copperfield

      Gary did you eat edibles with Josh Wolf before the show? 🤷‍♂️😆😆

      1. Turtle Lover

        Nah he got those joey diaz approved stars of DETT

    35. Lacy Jennings

      Oh Gary, this gave me a MUCH needed laugh. I choked on my coffee. Thank you for putting joy back into this world. ❤

    36. Chris Copperfield

      Now I have to see how this Cleeeeveland Clinic looks like 👀

      1. vegastjg

        lookup how the one in vegas looks its crazy

    37. Tommy Hillard

      U can tell he's either got a shortage of jokes or he's lost on his set

      1. Tommy Hillard

        @skinnyMc317 not denying he improved.. But that don't change the fact that I think he was lost or low on material for staying on that same thing 4 so long..

      2. All About: The Sticks

        Or he decided to live in the moment and rock with an opportunity that presented itself

      3. T P

        @Tommy Hillard The wall says IMPROV........ let’s assume he’s improvising, yeah? 🙃

      4. skinnyMc317

        You may need to look up the definition of improv

      5. OSU92

        Naw. Not at all. Been following him from day 1.

    38. TheSpanishzombie

      Goddamn he’s a funny ass man, holy shit

    39. Jim B

      I wish I could of made it when you was here I had to work

    40. Karen Daniel

      God bless you and your family Gary. Stay safe and be blessed.

    41. Robin Redbreast

      Seriously, this bit made me laugh until my sides literally hurt. I love Gary.

    42. ABcareerMatch

      The laugh I needed 🤣😂🤣😂

    43. Patrice Garner

      U no u a foooool G.O😁

    44. scottieroc4eva

      Yo that shiet was funny AF. 😹😹😹

    45. hoang nguyen

      lmao that mgk roast 😂

    46. Watz YourSign

      🎤😂😂🤣😂🤣😂 Cleveland, Clinic 😂🤣😂😂 GOOD NIGHT There's a LAW in Ohio, 4 WHAT U "DID" It's Called: Intent 2 Cause Bodily Harm

    47. Deneisha Ellis

      Gary you always make me laugh😂 love you and your family.

    48. Lynn Speelman

      Heck ya! Gary is hilarious! Go Browns!!!!❤️🌟💯🔥❤️😷😊

    49. Music Producer Hot Mike


    50. OhighO Skater

      Get em one pack trick

    51. Janna Herd

      🤣😂 Hopefully you won’t have to meet one of these ladies 🤣

    52. Randall Wilson

      i really didn't find that funny at all.

    53. KingCo Anderson

      If im ever in Cleveland, I'll stop by the clinic. 😁😂

      1. Ne-Ne Arnold

        I'm dead right now lol that's one of the best things about Cleveland is the Cleevland Clinic 😅😅

    54. Valeda Shaver

      Gary you are a whole fool

    55. Mikayla Burkett

      You are so funny 🤣

    56. Sa'Vaughie French

      This dude is a freaking nut 😂

    57. Sa'Vaughie French


    58. Woke AF

      "Should we tell him?" The correct answer

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    60. Fahad MARS

      Wow I was just watching one of your podcasts. Thanks Gary for making me laugh lol

      1. Fahad MARS

        @Tanisha Howard yeah 😁

      2. Tanisha Howard

        Gary is so crazy lol

    61. Jenna Bendon

      Love you and your fam !!!!