Directing Welcome to Sudden Death | #GetSome Ep. 133 with Gary Owen

Gary Owen

3,4 миӊ. көрүүлөр1

    Dallas Jackson talks about directing me and Michael Jai White in Welcome to Sudden Death.
    Watch the full video of episode 133 from the #GetSome podcast here:

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    1. God First

      We enjoyed the movie.

    2. Bruce

      Couldn’t even watch it without constantly thinking of Jean Claude Van Dam in “sudden death”

    3. Bubba Bunn

      Script seemed ok, but the fight scenes were very poorly edited. The instant 3D printing was laughable. Lots of inconsistency errors in it and not great SFX. Maybe you trusted the wrong people to be "great at their job".

    4. Shanika Sims

      So funny!!! Gary Owen is hilariously. My stomach hurts. Michael Jai White & Gary Owens should tag up again

    5. Eaglehorse

      Saw this movie last night. It SUCKED!!!! I am a huge Michael Jai White fan but his fight scenes were crap and that cut editing during the fight scenes was horrendous. And Gary Owen needs to stick with stand up. Either his acting, or the character he was portraying was terrible. Check IMDB, I ain't the only one!


      Will Smith didn't sprint in Concussion.✌🏾

    7. Jerry G.

      How was it working Michael Jai White

    8. Tyson Roberts

      He's a good guy