Here is what I realized after being threatened.

Gary Owen

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    A week after the guy said he would slap me cause I’m white. I’ve realized some ppl just wanna be mad.

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    1. Jonathan Goyens

      #doinwhatido. We love ya Gary owen your a real One.

    2. Jonathan Goyens


    3. Jonathan Goyens


    4. Mbash

      Never heard of Elijah McClain until you mentioned him. I googled him and watched the video. That dude brought that shit on himself. Folks gotta learn to stop resisting when cops want to question you. You don't win that argument at the time it happens, you win it later in court if the cops are doing shit wrong.

    5. Justin Stevenson

      Well if that story had just dropped that day, guy that ran into Gary probably was wearing the mask for that reason to honour the guy, and was just motivated with racial hate due to the story and the way it was shown. ( I haven’t seen the news coverage but I’ll assume the cops where white?)

    6. NickBreedlove95

      Most whites guy with the most blackest eye's tho

    7. 01 02

      definitely NO NEED to apologize for saying you're "black-famous" OR for the storytime about the black man in the mask..those were NOT your fans and when people 'cry-wolf' like that it ony HURTS the cause of trying to heal the Republic that is our suffering nation re: socio-political issues having to do with race/ethnicity..our country NEEDS that healing, not unnecessary additional division..."90%" of us, as you understand, love you and we trust you and that's what you should always remember.🙋🏾‍♀️

    8. Garnett Chapman

      U killing me. U can turn off n on the black😂

    9. Francine Trisby

      We love u Gary don't worry ❤

    10. L. J.

      Yup, you're black famous..That's the facts..

    11. nic bocci

      gary, as a human being, you're gonna have your own experiences both positive and negative. you're entitled to talk abt the good, the bad, the funny. you're authentic as they come. no worries, gary. we know you always keep it💯 and thanks for shaving that crazy hair off your face. it weirded me out.

    12. Genesis One

      People kill me how are they telling you how to feel about your own experience?..

    13. Gina White

      That's what's up, Gary 😊 Plain and Simple! 👍🏽

    14. Ferdinand Carson

      Please don't say free country we don't need you to be a Ken = Karen these fools are not thinking NO MASK WEARING LOVE YOU MAN keep up the good work. Gary Owen aka Black Famous.

    15. Patrice Sneed

      Man u had me rolling every time u say I know he was HOT in that ski mask. Hell it's hot with a half

    16. hanaayr

      "That guy's gotta be hot." Rofl

    17. Imani Ife

      Gary says ..."he would be hot in that ski mask", 😅😂🤣🤯 I can see him DROWNING in sweat 'cause I saw him doing an interview in a studio once & he was SWEATING soooo bad that he had to be take OFF his hoodie! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 He was reeed & steamy looking! Funnee! Glad Gary is well. Shalom

    18. BlakeSupra

      Thanks for being you 👍🤙

    19. Joyell

      You are Black Famous!!

    20. Deja Fields

      Yup, smh

    21. sam montiforte

      How about dropping a special Gary. Video casts are getting old from anyone no matter how entertaining.

    22. B H

      White ppl want to feel oppressed so bad

    23. B H

      You're a male Karen

    24. DAVESGIRL830

      Some people are just miserable! Keep doing what you do Gary!

    25. Fayerene Washington

      Wow!!!!! Gary Owen; you really don't get it because at the end of the day, you don't have to. Listening to you now is such the norm white rhetoric! You say that people just want to be mad; really!!!!! With the climate not only in Amerikkka, but globally; black people continue to be slaughtered and then expected to grin, bear it, and forgive. You really have no idea how you came across in this video. Even in hour attempt to joke and make light of your own situation, and how you found it difficult to understand how any of what happened could be your fault; was cloakedd in a tinge of superiority, pride, and arrogance.

    26. Donna Williams

      P.S. Gary keep being YOU and spreading the love!

    27. Donna Williams

      Some people chose to live in a box, continue to hate, and not grow! How can you continue to be anger and not love someone base on a person's color of their skin? Start now if you haven't; start shedding your preconceptions and your racism of others. Learn to forgive yourself and others. And stop twisting things to fit your false personal narratives.

    28. Johnny 760

      Just wanna say I’m a Hispanic in this world just trying to get along with all my brothers and sisters because at the end of the day we are all one race, The Human Race. Much love and support bro, keep doing what ya doing.😀 God is ❤️

    29. Dee Bradford

      With that said I’m just glad your ok and nothing horrible didn’t occur.

    30. Justin Bobbitt

      So what man that shit ain’t ur fault. Ppl just grasping at anything now and I’m sick of hearing all the crying

    31. Oscar Robertson

      Was looking forward to seeing you again here in Phoenix.

    32. do bi

      You say in real life ppl are cool for the most part but you also say 90% of your social media feedback is positive soooo those things lineup Only difference being the ppl you interact with online it's much bigger and more frequent

    33. Shawn Larsen

      Gary, your story shows and proves there is just as much racism from black people against white people. It’s refreshing to see you show the racism on the white people too. Thank you

    34. bjern757

      Here's what I realized. .. Gary you a cold 🐝 iiiitch 😂😂😂😂😂

    35. ulitmate gamer

      if i were in your situation i would have thought he was up to no good [pandemic and all]

    36. Crushone1

      We said gentle soul the same time! 👍

    37. Toni Richard

      Gary you don’t have to explain. Im a black conservative we can’t win no matter what

    38. Marvin Thomas

      With things the way they are in the world today, this young man has every right to be angry. But he needs to learn to control that anger and not lash out at individuals who have done nothing to him. This kind of behavior is dangerous and can quickly turn into a tragedy. What if he had jumped on some teenager and got caught up in the moment and seriously injured or killed the kid? What if he had accosted a woman alone with her children and she became afraid and shot him? It could go wrong so many ways. I've made sure my son has been trained and continues to train in martial arts and self-defense. I also stress to him that words are just sounds and that he shouldn't let people provoke him with them. That he should never fall for attempts to provoke him and should always do whatever he can to extricate himself from confrontational situations. I probably would have gotten slapped because I would have laughed. For some reason I find posturing funny as hell and would have probably responded to his threat with , "Crikey! It's the North American assclown in its native habitat. It's angry!!!"

    39. D D

      Too true, I see things in comments and react as if it's a conversation I'm having. Get riled when I disagree, it happens. People Are angry right now because they are scared. We may not want to admit it but take a close call while driving, for example, 1st we feel fear, then we get angry because we were scared.

    40. Luist Triolet


    41. SUKKAFREE2323

      Yea broski, you are good. You been good since day one. No need to explain bro, we all know where your heart lies within the black community and the comedic realm.

    42. Anonymous 2020

      There are so many racist blacks

    43. Sherry Windham

      I love that u stay tru to "U" and what u stand for.. Dont ever change.. And as u stated, it amazes me too how ppl can change things to fit their mindset. 😍💜💜💜

    44. Neghie Thervil

      We forget, not everyone that looks normal is operating at full capacity. There are degrees of crazy and you never know who's off their meds or who has trauma they've never dealt with. Sometimes is just ignorance...but sometimes, these mofos out here are crazy.

    45. Sunshine Scorpio

      Some people are not friendly anymore these days in real life.

    46. Sunshine Scorpio

      Some people have so much strength on social media it's ridiculous.

    47. Treflipsarehard

      hold ur head up Gary. you a G 🦾

    48. A L


    49. Charles Phearse

      Fuck Em G.O.

    50. GODFALL

      Yea bro as a black guy I hate when other black people say whites are trash because that's not true I'm not against blacks,whites,yellow,red whatever colour u are I'm against racist

    51. T Harris

      Knit covering that some people wear in the snow.😂 You're a comedian and THAT was funny ❤️

    52. Born Love Allah Supreme

      😂 you are definitely hilarious 😂 when you told the story on Instagram you said you looked and saw him see you....and could tell it wasn’t a friendly moment. Lmao but I get you. I analyze things differently because I study psychology.

    53. Laia Jones

      Someone will ALWAYS be upset, Gary. You have revealed your heart to the world and we know that you have nothing but ❤. Keep up the great work. You can't please everyone so don't even worry about it.

    54. S S

      You Mr. Owen are the real genuine GOOD👨 man. When I posted my first time on this page you respond back it also was my FIRST protesting in a march (Tn) it went well. Thank you so much for encouraging me through the march and the pandemic you and family be safe and blessed. (Another Black.women FAN🙏🏼

    55. Kat Brax

      Mannnn don't worry about that foolishness of others. At first I would've thought the guy on the bike wearing a ski mask didn't have the $ for a mask.

    56. Opeyemi adegoke

      People have pent up emotions and anger ,and current situation is not helping either ...we all need to find a way to get along theres gat to be another way asides from hating each other for no apparent reason ...

    57. Brenn McDaniel

      Gary u more black then the 10% that was talking shit...Keep up the hustle my nigga.💯💯✌💪

    58. Maurice Gray

      Gary your good we know your an ally and we fucks with you...we also know if you ever actually did offend/disappoint black dont need us too tell you, you'll get home to an unexpected family reunion and it ain't yo side

    59. Dana Spears

      💓 & 🙏 to you and yours! Thank you for being you .

    60. Toolbox Evolution

      Everybody knows he's an Undercover Brother. Dumb be trippin just because everybody else is.

    61. TMD6194LIFE Hess

      Amen H

    62. Polly Ann

      Why would you apologize for sharing with listener's that a masked man said he should smack you? It happened. You shared. You didnt do anything wrong.If you loose viewers or followers from sharing what happened to you,its no loss

    63. Ann Young

      I don't Sympathize You didn't kill him

    64. Louise Easley

      Speak your truth!!!! to the 10% extra sensitive people shame on you for messing and twisting our brothers story!!! We all know he’s a good man with with good intentions. Just shame!!!!

    65. E Torrence

      Im truly sorry this happen to you and take care out there its crazy.

    66. Destiny Nichole

      Don’t pay them no mind

    67. NO HATE

      Its Only jokes...

    68. M R

      We love you Gary. Please take my advise . No matter what you say someone will turn it around. Right now comments on race will not always be taken as you intend . Some folks are looking for a way to get revenge on what happened to Floyd. Who you are may have saved your life. Damn ,Gary, don’t be idealistic about this. Leave the race issue totally alone for now AND watch your back! Some of the hate out here is rage! We know your heart is good so you have nothing to prove. Advice from a 68yr old (former Orginal BPP member) current activist.

    69. Mike jones

      Come on bro rather he was black or white if he would have hurt you bro it was fucked up you were minding your business people are fucked up

    70. mrgoldrapper Fryar

      You good Gary stop explaining bro !!!

    71. Señora Antero

      Can’t please all of the trolls .. misery loves company.. keep being you

    72. T.M

      Gary you told the story about what happened at least 3x within the past 2 weeks. I get it, you felt threatened, which upset you. I understand, it happens everyday I leave my home as a Black woman BUT, I don't sit and dwell on it. You told the story now move on unless you have something new to add to it🤷🏽‍♀️

    73. TYE BUD

      Knit covering 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

    74. Freddy

      Cop face ass..

    75. Yemaya

      Listen you described what happened to you. If anyone has a problem that's on them

    76. gwendolyn estrada

      How did you get away from that guy??

    77. V R

      Gary some people don't listen or pay attention to the entire story and you don't have to respond to those folks. Knit covering. Lol

    78. GiftFromGod4U

      I love you, Gary Owen!!!!!!

    79. Cherry Andrews

      You were telling your truth

    80. silverserpants

      Still bilking the "assault", yup. Just stop. Oh yeah he mentioned his podcast. VIEWS! Great marketing brah. Ski masks during quarantine is so dangerous. Ok. The only one lumping shit together was you. Stop twisting it. Lol. Just stop talking. Just stop digging your grave. Yeah, I'm that ten percent that doesn't conform to YOUR agenda of YT views. You judged when you uploaded skims. Just stop. I'm gonna talk black for blacks lol ok. That's what you said.

    81. Jon Samuels


    82. maree rogers

      No. No hello to white folks you don't know. It might get you killed!

    83. maree rogers

      No. Black girls will only receive that moniker from you or your wife will become your ex-wife😂😂😂😃

    84. Kevin Eubanks

      I'm sure you have lots of comments on this. The ONE thing I can say is. got scurred when that guy pulled a u-turn. ....... I've had 100 times when the cops did that! I'm a veteran, and Ph.D., and a social worker.

      1. firewater365

        Kevin Eubanks or because when a stranger told him he would slap him BECAUSE he was White............

    85. Vot3! Good Trouble!

      Keep your head up Gary!

    86. Melanie Thames

      "black famous", is hilarious. I'm using now! You got to be able to take a joke!!!!

    87. Jahnea Pierre

      Gary is the realest KGupr!

    88. Vicodyn

      Let's be real, if you're wearing a sky-mask or balaclava in the middle of fucking summer.... You're looking to get into some shit. Stop bullshitting. "Oh you gotta' wear a mask though". Where's the other half of your brain?

    89. Tommy Hilliard

      Yep, haters be haters. You just do you Gary, I appreciate you and love your stand up. I’ve watched all your lockdown videos. I’m a 64 yr old white lady with a loving black husband and 2 mixed sons. If my mother in law loved and respected me, I did right by my husband! 👍🏼👍🏾

    90. Ebony Irving

      "Some people just want to be mad, they don't want to hear your story..." This is how many victimized minorities feel when they try to explain themselves and their stories to the blessed majority and even their own. Don't worry Gary, it's good to walk a mile in another's shoes, I hear it keeps your teeth white.

    91. OfTheTribeOfJudah 1611

      It's hard for people to articulate what's going on in their mind when they are emotional. I don't wish what happened to you to anyone else tho. Not for no reason.

    92. OfTheTribeOfJudah 1611

      We're not mad at you. Yes we are mad. But not for no reason.

    93. HappySet

      Lol comedy I can't even look at him without laughing 😂 just makes these faces

    94. Sicarii

      You dont gotta explain yaself bro and dont feel like you have to. Let the birds fly and keep doin your thing. Muthafuckas are lost as shit these days and dont know what they hell they mad at. Lol. Peace bro

    95. Jenn Jones

      Your Fans aren’t going anywhere!! We love you, Gary!!!

    96. Old Woman

      I think 5 percent of that ornery 10 percent of comments are professional trolls--they're actually paid to create chaos and division in America. Another 3 percent of the 10 percent of ornery folks are just born ornery with everyone. Then there's that last 2 percent who twist anything into some crazy tale that suits their purpose, which is revenge on the people they think will be easiest to pick on. Long story short, don't take that crap personally. Keep doing what you do, Gary Owens, most of us love your stuff and your outlook on life and it's all fine.

    97. Yvonne Paschall

      I love everything you do, you're one of my favorites, you said and did absolutely nothing wrong. Keep beibg the strong, funny man that you are. ❤❤

    98. I Miss Biggie PAC

      You gotta a permanent fan in Pennsylvania. That clip of you in a black church.😂😂😂😂

    99. Q b

    100. Thomas Stewart

      You did nothing wrong bruh keep doing u😊