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    When I was a cop, I'd let you get away with a lot, if it meant I didn't have to do paperwork.
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    1. XXIV 88

      When Dave Chappelle and Bill Burr kick off the 2nd Annual Race Draft..The black delegation will take Gary Owen with the 1st pick✊🏽

    2. Jay Saffi

      512 every two weeks 😂😂😂

    3. Shire Fernandez

      Gary, you are funny & awesome

    4. Ibrahima Sory Kaba


    5. Herb Rice

      Pullin up to the guard shack at 3am on Pendleton comin home from TJ and some lonely private is standing guard diligently asks us if we've been drinkin as we are chowin down on some Fillibertos Tacos and we got a sack full of em. Naw dog we eatin now! Want sum? Private looks around in the darkness as were jammin some hot fresh tacos into his hands. Have a nice eveneing gentleman! LOL Good Times!

    6. MCP2461

      Um ... is he white?

    7. Max Power

      why are people laughing at this?! worst comedian ever

    8. Gina Mchemwa

      I'm here coz of Instagram

    9. Cannaclysmic

      Apparently comedians make the best cops

    10. 1

      Shit one of my favorite comedians now

    11. BrionBoyles

      LOL...I was Military Police in Olongapo, Philippines for two years... 1984-85. My shore duty as a QM1. Good times... Take the wild, wild west...every cop show you've seen...throw in a few porno flicks and maybe The Goonies...mixit all up and you might get an idea...

    12. Dawson Scruggs


    13. Andrew Thies

      I'm posted to Panama'.in Panama u can purchase and own a more upper end Russian car(kinda their plain as hell Chevy)the Lada.we roll up to a security checkpoint no military stickers or tags on this damn thing.mofos are unstrappin,dude pulls out the gauge inside the guard shack.my bro is gettin me to my unit&he's then goin to his.lol.he say's,in his not so awesome but funny Russian accent"take us to leader,spasiba"security guys at gate started laughin.fuck I wanna go home,but my red jump boots are a total malfunction/malfucktion.lol.

    14. Andrew Thies

      Vet bro.the mofo in the barracks that makes mofos laugh.and he is not even lyin this sh_t totally happens,if ur like dude he is describing,it's like uh hey ur unit goin downrange?uh we goin in support let me know if it's y'all we goin with.ur a focused dude.lol!

    15. Bryan Harris

      Gary deserves way more credit than he gets. Hes a very funny talented comedian. Great job Gary.

    16. Angela McLamb

      Omg, you just corrupted my "Christian" mind. What did you do? I can't stop laughing and then I subscribed to your channel and I'm not even mad!

    17. William Pierce Jr

      You a fool I mess with you 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    18. Keonne Williams


    19. XLR8

      I heard this on Pandora and I thought this guy was black

    20. mickor

      I mean... that's probably the reason why there's so much paperwork involved.

    21. Thomas Sherrell

      Definitely watching this while I’m at the Naval police academy in TX 💯💯💯 made my night!

    22. Jerry

      😂😂 Shit would've been dope to have him when I was stationed there lmao

    23. stenbak88

      24000 but only made 1000 a month? Doesn’t add up

      1. LitlPrince2

        All the uniform and clothing items you get during basic is paid for from your first paycheck... No one tells you this though...

    24. Evan T

      This about to be a dangerous base 😂

    25. Tony Bleak

      Holy crap I just saw this. I was stationed at 32nd st. I sent this to my old shipmate. In tears about running the gauntlet. Lived this routine.

    26. Levi

      Accurate explanation of the MA rate.

    27. Yolie Valdivia-Nungaray

      Like Gary said, they got past the Federales, Boarder Patrol, CHP AND SD PD...they probably driving better than some sober people I know😜😂

    28. CJ Traylor

      My MA homies in Rota were the best. I made it past Gibraltar Police, Gib Border, Policia Natioal, Guarda Civi- who pulled me over , The Spanish Marines at the gate (they were my least concern), only to get stope by the MA's doing a check point, and boyyyyy my hearty leaped for joy when my buddy walked up to the window.

    29. Tom Calamita

      As someone who works in military LE I've never related to something so much LMFAO. This bout to be a dangerous base

    30. awesomeguynamedjon

      If you don't have a crazy TJ story. You have not lived your life.

    31. Carol Why do you need my last name

      lol my first check in the Navy was 450 😆

    32. Dan Thomas

      Sorry. ACAB.

    33. Juan Trejo

      Love it

    34. flytii

      0:42 you can see him thinking what's next

    35. Farhad Kazemi

      Oh that unlucky bastard who was his first 🤦‍♂️

    36. Bonner Lewis

      I'm 38, it's 2020,and I still ha don't made more than 20,000 in a year.

    37. Ay Rod


    38. Zack Price

      i went to MA A school in Lackland ! then San Diego as well after crazy

    39. David Hollier

      Thats right on board on duty!! Military is you are authorized OT with no OT pay lol 😆 remember being stuck on the ship and I didn't have duty but a flooding alarm, being a HT (teard chaser) got pulled out of my rack and was like chief said get your up and investigate. I ant even on duty section.

    40. Tana Tekii

      I'm gonna put it out there Gary.......they should make a movie about you and your wife.....♥️♥️...... Perth Australia...

    41. Mln MZ87


    42. Thomas Hagel

      Should a joined the navy I was making 340 roughly for 6 months in Army.

    43. victoria Louis


    44. Jorge Gacia

      Not sure if he stupid or the audience is because $512 every two weeks ain't 24k in a year lol

      1. I am Murf

        So how much is it?

    45. wes hervey

      This man is spittin facts

    46. Maestro De Nada


    47. Jeremy Marsh

      From a Marine Vet, Gary is the exception, not the rule. Most M.P.'s I encountered Navy and Marines were A-holes.

      1. CJ Traylor

        thats because you were a marine, lets be honest here.

    48. LeeAnthony Lozano

      Im from san Antonio

    49. lee jay Funk

      Cops are generally the most ignorant and easily manipulated people in our society. They think too highly of themselves. Mostly just a burden on our Americans culture, and freedom.

    50. Avril

      when I applied for fasfa and I had to input the amount of money I made the first year I was in the Navy I was literally baffled LMAO OH HOW DID I EVER SURVIVE LORDTTT damn I felt like a child, I didn't even know I was that poor :(

    51. Jason Unthank

      #GaryOwen you have inspired me to want to get into Stand Up, but I really need some feedback and am curious if I do a few small vids with my jokes, that you can lmk, ok u got something or dude stay home... either way. So, could you do this for me, #GaryOwen?

    52. Daniel Guerrero

      That’s a true MA

    53. Incisive Commenter

      That was why I joined the Navy too, love this guy!!

    54. Jose m

      Underrated this guy is funny

    55. darnizy

      When can I watch this on Netflix so I can put it on repeat. #wheredahellyoubeenat

    56. darnizy

      When can I watch this on Netflix so I can put it on repeat. #wheredahellyoubeenat

    57. Michael Hollis

      We need cops like this‼️

    58. toby099

      white man thinks hes black

    59. Bernie Martinez

      Lol goodshit

    60. Alex Reardon


    61. David Quarles

      Lol underrated stand up comedian

    62. Lemonx Williams

      Lmmfao 🔥 kontent 😂 😂

    63. Metamophisis

      Ha lmao 😆🤣😂😭😭this is funny real damn comedy! I love ❤️ how he said who they made it pass before getting back to the base.

    64. Carlos

      That's a long ass drunk drive from TJ to Coronado!

    65. NickBreedlove95

      Whooooaaaaaa SA I'm from the south side high school baby

    66. Jonathan Echevarria

      That was funny ass hell that got you a like and suscribe 🔥🔥🔥

    67. Lake End

      Lmao killin me

    68. De'Brontre McKinley

      this is amazing😂😂😂

    69. Mr Fedy

      Haha 😆



    71. Michael Lewis

      Go gary,hal u too ya.

    72. Guido G

      $24,000 a year first year in + $15,000 in benefits, + $10,000 in free food + vehicle reimbursement programs + military VA loans @0% down + entitlement = A hell lot more than you think. USA provides for our military 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    73. Jay Paz

      So damn true!🤣🤣🤣🤣

    74. Camplicious

      That’s Real Sh@t Right There!👍💯🔥

    75. jonny smith


    76. BGN ISRAEL


    77. irvinloki

      Funny af... wish everycop was like that.😁😁😁

    78. Anthony Tabarez jr

      dude is funny!

    79. K T

      I’m going strictly off the thumbnail headline, you were a military cop, that’s not real police. Once you enter a base you give up certain rights, you had a whole diff set of rules than a regular police.

      1. I am Murf

        So you're a cop?

      2. Jon Hernandez

        No one cares

    80. Ray Ramirez

      “Hit the grass make a left” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    81. Jesse Lugo

      Gary your so fucking hilarious 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💯 your one of my favorite comedians of all time!!!!,✊🏼

    82. workout with Kenny


    83. Lucifer_the_Saint

      Gary is like the kid in school who tries real hard to " look at me, im cool with the black kids"

      1. I am Murf

        Except he ain't trying. You don't know shit

    84. Leo Campos

      So disappointed in my self i never gave this dude a listen he is funny af

    85. David Martin

      Fuck yeah bro wish you were at Camp Lejuene bud lol

    86. michael ahsin

      Dam he’s good!

    87. Pale Amigo

      "This is about to be a dangerous base".😂😂😂 "Welcome home".😂😂😂 That's exactly how it felt everytime we made it back to base after drinking all night!👍

    88. Logan White

      This is so accurate lmao. Secfooooo

    89. Jon Hansen

      I'm suprised the Navy hasn't taken this down this is 100000000% facts

    90. Ashy Larry

      Can’t stop, won’t stop! $512 every two weeks! 🤣😂

    91. Dr. Phill

      Hoo Rah!! I got my one and only DUI in 2004 while serving. Should have been 100 more times before that, but I learned from that. Damn Xanax and Hennessy.

    92. Dop eSkiis

      I never made it past the BP 😅

    93. TheSandman714 xx

      Glad this came up on my recommended Gary is funny af !

    94. Arcani336

      Chappelle still the 🐐 but that was shit was funny

    95. johnyisfunny1

      Not sure why he has to talk as if he is black...

    96. rochelle Crump-mcnulty

      "Welcome home". My head just hit the floor 🙃 🙃

    97. jhermanie ferguson

      Gary stupid I forgot u had 14 tequila shots lol

    98. Rolls Royce

      Yes that end of shift paperwork is a mother...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    99. 740th MS

      I did basic training and tech school at Lackland Air Force Base I never seen navy. Marines yes but navy never. And I’m security forces.