My Daughter The Activist

Gary Owen

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    My baby goin' be leading all the marches at North Carolina A&T State University!
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    1. Herkisha Andrews

      Gotta put in work 😆

    2. sharon rose

      She has been brainwashed by liberals

    3. stenbak88

      So his daughter is brainwashed that sucks

    4. RachiFam Nate

      "who is this green mile mf on the phone" LMAO

    5. Lucifuge Rofocale

      beeps ......are you serious

    6. Ice

      “ ‘I won’t watch it on tuesdays and Wednesday’s’ she ain’t even know” shit , idk either 🤷🏼‍♂️

      1. Ice

        @Nick F oh okay

      2. Nick F

        Monday night football

    7. Angelo Williams

      Lmmfao bro !! U the goat

    8. Ruben wright

      WTF Sir 😂😂😂

    9. Joshua Nf

      He needs to be on Netflix. I love him and Dave Chappelle so much.

    10. Jamileyka Méndez

      His daughter when she watched the stand up: 👁 👄 👁

      1. antonio griffin


    11. Maple James

      I can't get enough Gary Owen, he's bringing people together.

    12. LuvlyLeo

      So true! I swear he is talking my world 😂

    13. LadyE100

      I know what he means about that deep voice. A guy I went to school with asked my mom if he could speak to me on the phone and she asked me "who is this grown man calling you?" He had to come to the house to prove he was a kid. 🤣

    14. cynthiaholland13

      I wish his boys liked black girls like their mama!

      1. Ashley Crystal

        Right! Smh.

    15. Josh McNulty

      I wish they didn’t bleep over the swearing

    16. DoggyZworlD

      Gary, it could be Reggie, and he look about 30 LoL😁

    17. leimoan800

      🤣😁😝🤪 she gone make me work

    18. J-Roc D

      I work as a cook at a dining hall for a private college. Mostly good kids late teens early 20s sometimes there are assholes but then you get the ones that do things like tell all the different cooks every day "thanks for the food" even if he didn't get food from you. I told him "When you go home tell your parents someone said they did a good job." Later on I found out another really respectful nice guy was his older brother. I was like "well yeah that makes sense" lol. Sometimes I love my job ☺

    19. Just Jeff

      This isn't comedy, it's just a guy admitting his daughter is out of pocket. This guy is going to be a grandfather before that girls senior year of high school

    20. Mal Hill


    21. CutiePie

      I'd hate to have her as my daughter.

    22. Vincent Sloan

      4 SHO that's wassup keep it Pushing 4 real real Talk cuz 2 cuz east coast much luv 4 All 4 SHO Fam

    23. Wendy Ayala

      What’s the point of bleeping some f words but not all 1:13 lol

    24. G.o.d- Gaining ones definition

      Y'all come check out this police brutality rap song.

    25. joeazy322

      Gary you might want a new editor bleep out some words sometimes and not the other times. I just want you get get all the $$ you can brother.

    26. Joanne Mercader


    27. Joanne Mercader


    28. Joanne Mercader

      Will your daughter support the murder of black infants by PLANNED PARENTHOOD in utero?

    29. Pele Simone

      Can we get a step dad story?

    30. MsDR Hill

      AGGIE PRIDE!!!!!

    31. Nikki's Jam World

      Green mile..Daughters make you work!

    32. Joseph Cremeans

      Sounds like you need to teach your daughter the difference between right and wrong.

      1. Joseph Cremeans

        @SimplyMe0828 did I hear a troll?

      2. SimplyMe0828

        Sounds like he’s doing a great job at it already

    33. Brandy Morton

      Green mile

    34. Sharika Williams


    35. Michelle H.

      I've noticed most mixed boys like white girls and mixed girls like black boys.

      1. Dylan Romani

        i mean you can't say that about all girls. because i am a mixed girl who has only dated white males and females. but now and days idk

      2. NATURAL LAW

        I think I noticed that too. and thinking about this a little... I would say that it might have to do with how Society looks at Mix Boys & Girls. for Boys, they might see them just as Mix and notice their White side more so they will tend to date White Girls because they are accepted more from this side of their Mixture? while for Girls, they might see them more as Black and notice less of their White side so they will tend to date Black Guys more because they are accepted more from this side of their Mixture? just a quick theory... 🧐

      3. Danielle Dolipas

        I mean, Key and Peele make a lot of race related skits and they're fully aware of the irony that they're both mixed guys who married white women. It's in a lot of their jokes too. So I guess it really is a cultural observation

      4. Amanda Alves

        @D. Hunt I'm black and white mix.

      5. Caron Tan

        @rhythmiknoise I think it's the Kardashians and Jenner not pornhub

    36. Vincent Tucker

      This was freaking hilarious!

    37. Queen Israel

      Awkward!!! I still heard racism. It’s not funny it’s not okay. What you said is exactly what y’all see and fear. Knowing they’re gentle giants they’ll be gunned down for your gratification. Not cool Gary not cool. Had you went with the penis size and not the combative assumptions you would have been on point. All black kids aren’t like that.

    38. Blckbty X aka BBX

      Eh, starting to grow on me

    39. Tyrone Frye

      Daughter get shitty cause she lightskin she gone be activist no t watching football on Tuesdays n Wednesday only fucks wit bruh Gary to funny no cap lol stay safe RIP CB wakanda forever God bless BLM checkout The Main Squeeze🙏

    40. Blacked Out Label Gaming

      Love how he didn't have to explain the football joke

      1. Donna K

        Riiiiight! I was rolling! 😂

    41. J Commander

      The censoring ruined everything.

    42. Tha Nattyone

      Saw Gary when he came to st louis bro had the room on they ass

    43. FIRE SIGN


    44. Justin Time

      Legend . Always enjoyed him . I won't watch it on Tuesdays and Wednesdays .🤣.

    45. Mauro Villarreal

      Gary is evolving as the years pass 2030 he is going to be Fully African American 😂! Bob Ross with a Fro!

    46. Shi300


    47. Lisa JustMe


    48. Anthony Paliano

      This dude hates that he's white.

    49. Gabrielle Noelle

      This was funny🤣🤣

    50. Kevin Palmore

      Your ability to take many of life's trials and make them funny is inspiring! 😂✊😎

    51. Tommy Hilliard

      God bless Gary Owen. 🙏🏾🙏🏼👍🏾👍🏼🙏🏾🙏🏼👍🏾👍🏼. We are all just people, just different shapes and sizes and shades.

    52. chell Lockhart


    53. Yep! I Said It

      **Love this dude...He's HILARIOUS...and an all around good guy with a beautiful family.**

    54. Todd Adams

      I love this guy.

    55. Walter Bosak

      I love his take on everything. He's just a genuine person. We can learn a lot from Gary.

      1. Rukia BlackBlazer

        The best part about a white / Caucasian Men with a black woman/ African descended women is that, *before they cross the floor, they think very hard, about what they are about to do, they think more, about the issues and problems, that may pop up in a relationship, than most people do, within the same race, thus, *black women and white men pairing are more likely, to last a little longer.* Just a choice to be adults, whatever their racial pairing, works.

    56. Curtis Stapleton

      Hilarious ..and yes Gary can def call and consider himself a " brotha"

    57. Kacy Addison

      This dude is so 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂funny

    58. Robin Redbreast

      I really love this comedian so much!

    59. Mpho Rapulana

      hahaha "It's your fault Dad" I cracked when you made the face of a black kid talking back at you. You have a beautiful family Sending love from South Africa

    60. 2 Gunz Films

      Soo....every big black man is connected to "Green Mile" huh Gary??? That's Racist. had u goin there didn't I. lmfao I'm just fuckin witch

    61. Erasmo Gallegos

      What's with the censoring?

      1. KCautodoctor

        KGup will "shadow ban" & demonetize content that does not meet it's politically correct standards (including any video, audio, and text captions), so it is easier for content creators to just censor their stuff than risk getting "silenced" forever by KGup.

    62. G Montana

      Niqqa funny as shit

    63. Christopher Bolen

      I love your comedy. In the words of a machine 100%. How are you going to let them bleep God damn and jesus christ? 97% of your fans dont even think thats a real thing.

    64. Ricky Mwamba

      I'm so glad that Gary Owen stuff are on my notifications priority list!

    65. Dana Carter

      Nourish that fight in her ahahahahahahahahaha

    66. Divine Diva

      Never disappoints!😂😂😂😂

    67. Clifford Bunton

      I'm so mad the clip ended there! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    68. Mallory Lauve

      She maybe an activist but she's not that bright

      1. ShantéDIDathing

        its an exagerated joke

    69. Claressa Lucas

      "I won't watch it on Tuesdays and Wednesdays." Best dad ever!

      1. rhythmiknoise

        Blessed Ones ah ok 👌🏽👌🏽

      2. Nick Hinson

        Had me in tears

      3. Yo YA

        Blessed Ones to have the same way I gotta learn it y

      4. Blessed Ones

        @rhythmiknoise theirs no football played on Tuesdays or Wednesdays period

      5. rhythmiknoise

        Someone explain not a sports fan like that i missed the whole joke lmao

    70. Gary Chuck

      they bleeped “Jesus Christ” 😂😆

      1. Joshua M

        @m r what was it lol

      2. m r

        Fucking life save bro wtf was the g ?

      3. Larrymcjones

        And goddamn....I mean Jesus Christ lol

      4. Jazmine

        I was trying to figure out what term starting with J and C fit in with his joke and needed to be bleeped...thank you 😂

    71. Jennifer Coleman

      It's Monday night football. Lol I don't watch but who can't forget that

    72. Shannon Sunshine

      I hope that y’all are teaching your kids about black people , colorism, and their history on both sides

      1. IV Ltd

        Trust me. He good.

    73. Kyle Otto

      You missed a bleep in there...

      1. Larrymcjones

        Forreal I almost got offended not enough bleeps

    74. N J

      On a side note. I deal with depression, your videos helps me everytime I watch . Thanks

      1. Shannon Bliayang

        Same here.. he’s a hoot and watching comedy is definitely a cure, however short it may be, for the times I’m down.. * staying positive *

      2. N J

        @KB S thank you alot

      3. N J

        @gurusik thank you

      4. N J

        @Rob Kudla I agree 👍 thanks man

      5. Rob Kudla

        Same here bud! I started the video and laughed the entire time. Can't fault me for that!

    75. My Vacation channel

      Love you man. All smiles

    76. awakz100

      Omg that Green Mile line made me cry 😂

    77. Moses

      Want a cure to racism?!🤔 Gary Owen🙄 Can't hate w/ a smile in your heart😌💯

      1. 501Bloo

        @clam so, you hate all white ppl? Just for a certain few that don't represent all of us? I'll pray for you and hope some white person can show you love enough to change your mind. I'd love to give you a hug and handshake and show you that not all of us think the same way. Ya know, there had to be some white ppl back in the days of slavery to get it abolished. And there's still ppl of all colors trying to change. I'm sorry those assholes hurt you and yours. One love!

      2. Moses

        @illegal loil I guess this is where I step in: Clam and Kaneki just shared a group hug. Mark and Renee tried to determine if Mark was a 6'7 man or baby. He was a MAYBE! I was saying humor heals all hate. Now here we all are in the circus 😊

      3. illegal loil

        I read all of the replies high and of got no clue what's happening

      4. clam

        @Kaneki Ken wasnt insinuating anything other that the people I see with the most hate in their heart. We all have our different experiences in life - that IS mine and it cant be disputed by anyone. I've tried not to teach my children my hate, so instead I teach them history that my parents lacked the knowledge of. But I genuinely hate white people and everything they did to me and my family. Does that make me racist? I don't think so, I'm not out here committing atrocities towards them or even having many conversations with them. But if we were segregated I'd feel way safer. And again. Just due to my own experience in this world. I have forgiven the race, but I'm wary around whites all day I totally get where you're coming from, but I never explicitly said only whites can be racist so please dont insinuate anything that's not what I've written.

      5. Kaneki Ken

        @clam Well I'm sorry to hear that you've gone through those experiences. I don't mean to insult you but based on your first, it seemed like you insinuating that white people are the only racist ones who needed to be cured which is definitely not the case. Racism is just hate and we're all capable of hate. I'm not optimistic nor do I consider myself a sage or anything like that but that's something we should all acknowledge.

    78. Aisha Rockett

      Cute ❤

    79. Al Boog

      Bruh your fucking hilarious 😂😂😂

    80. colby babcock

      Some self loathing going on.

      1. Shannon Sunshine


      2. elleret

        Well you should learn to love yourself ❤️

    81. Sparklein Youreyes

      Gary you’re a breath of fresh air -sometimes I like hearing a comedian joke about race instead of stuff always being so serious all the time !!

      1. Crawfish King

        As a white guy watching this...i gotta say, I was a little uncomfortable for ya boy when he started talking about his daughter liking black dudes...LOL

      2. jiveturkeylee

        Well most don't do it with class and Respect that's why Gary gets love he took the time to learn our language.

      3. Rose Amberzine


    82. SKiP

      🤣 but seriously, we not only appreciate WHAT u do but HOW you do it bruh

    83. Josh Wanii

      Mad love from PAPUA NEW GUINEA... keep em comin 😂😎❤👑

    84. Brandon Sawdey

      That green mile shit had me fucking dying

    85. Feelin’Froggy

      Still here with my new Friend Gary! 🖤❤️🖤❤️🐸

    86. Terrance Anderson

      hilarious every time....!!!

      1. DuJuan Jones

        Always......he never disappoints ever since he first came out💯💯💯😂😭😂😭

    87. Deedni Indeed

      My fellow Ohio Brother! Love ya man keep working hard! Be a good example for all races!

    88. Shanita Hawkins


    89. The Troublesome Token Black Guy- Atratus

      Where are all the crazy, racist, hoteps at? Y’all hate him but y’all lurkin

    90. Cherry Cherry

      Thanks so much.

    91. Derrick Madden

      You are the definition of color doesnt matter. Thank you for that

    92. doc Carlton

      Gary, you wrong for that Tuesday/Wednesday thing! Thanks to you, I had my laugh for the day.

    93. Jenna Bendon

      Im in fuckin tears 😂😂😂❤❤❤

    94. Kimberly Divine


    95. WHB JR

      Bbk! (Big black kids)

    96. Felicia Vinson

      GARY crazy ass hell lol

    97. xsicrx xsicrx

      Love you god bless you ❤️❤️