Romany Malco | #GetSome Ep. 123 with Gary Owen

Gary Owen

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    This week on the #GetSome podcast, Gary is joined by Romany Malco - actor, director, vlogger, and the smartest guy Gary knows. They discuss Romany's latest project and independent film, "Tijuana Jackson: Purpose Over Prison" - a film about a stubborn ex-convict on the road to becoming a motivational speaker. Their conversation covers topics from suggestions on what types of foods to avoid, the nuances of filmmaking and crowdfunding, to their experiences being in the military.
    Comedian-actor Gary Owen has been leaving audiences with tears in their eyes for over a decade - in the best way, of course! In his podcast #GetSome, Gary discusses the latest and greatest in pop culture, sports, and live entertainment, with his own comedic flair. Laugh along with Gary and his special celebrity guests each week, and maybe learn a thing or two while you’re at it!
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    1. Vii N

      I like this dude, he is always funny in the movies I've seen him in. Underrated.

    2. Bea B

      I know him primarily from Weeds.

    3. Sir_charelz Sir_charelz

      Great episode!! Broths should start a pod!!

    4. ronaldmcdonald1977

      What the hell? He rapped Victim of the Ghetto? Wow, did not know that. That song was a hit, we all bump it in the 90s. Crazy.

    5. ty nechee

      Russell 3rd, Kevin 2nd, this one at 1. Thanks Gary this is cool for the covid season. Wish you were as popular as Jo rogane.

    6. FunnyMannJ


    7. Dawn Strobert

      I love Romany

    8. C

      Damn. What an amazing stress reliever conversation While whipping my breakfast i had

    9. Son1UPTu

      Sorry but my guy could not rap .... lol

    10. Sierra Brown

      Malcolm needs his own talk show.... all about physical and emotional health...

    11. Fonda Clayton

      This health conversation is so vital and something me + my hubs talk about almost daily.

      1. Fonda Clayton

        And I am looking forward to this 🍿 movie

    12. A Jax

      #romanymalco speaking of eating, I would gobble him up in 3.7 seconds.

    13. Paul Mcgeown

      Wolf tickets lol nick daiz is every were respect

    14. DJ Joon Bug

      Yo! Just saw Tijuana Jackson. That movie is genius.

    15. rampageof78

      Bruh you HAVE to get Tijuana Jackson on here lmao that would be hilarious a full character interview..That movie was pretty damn funny

    16. Kye Gram8786

      Masticate is medical terminology. Lol.

    17. Error Report

      I love how much Romany thinks. I hope he stops feeling like he has to apologize for that. Just because everyone doesn’t get it doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

    18. Jacqueline Kelly

      Love Gary and Romany. I'm up binge watching your podcasts. I love your stories and your relationships with your friends.

    19. Jacqueline Kelly

      The cigarette is just part of the character he is portraying. He's not really smoking it.

    20. Susan Chappell

      Romany is right. I ate my liver well by leaving all the stuff he said not to eat alone and I juiced beets. apple, and ginger daily for 4 years. Not only did the Hep C decrease my liver is now healthy. The medication made me sicker.

    21. Reyna Said

      He talks about the food you should put in your body and bad food that no good, but he's smoking a cigarette???

    22. M Rowland

      I've never seen Romany in an interview. He's a wonderful actor. Thank you for this interview!

      1. M Rowland

        @Error Report there's a few of his interviews with them still up that I found

      2. Error Report

        M Rowland I’m not sure If it’s because of their revolt deal, but i noticed it got taken down a while back.

      3. M Rowland

        @Error Report I will look anyway. I follow them so I'm surprised I never saw it.

      4. Error Report

        He did a CLASSIC interview on breakfast club awhile back with Terrence j in support of TLAM. It was really my first time hearing him speak for an extended period. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s on YT anymore.

    23. Makesi Lopez

      I’m gonna make a million dollars 💵 too Gary !!!

    24. Mav

      1:07:50 what Romany said about stress is 💯

    25. Michelle Davila

      Please get Tijuana on the podcast!!! This was such a good movie.

    26. ummeiguess

      I'm just here to bring everybody this funk 😜

    27. Ant Man

      Comedian joey diaz is about 52 and having his first kid

    28. Al Diggity

      I trued to spell check GRAMMACLE 🤷🏿‍♂️

    29. Al Diggity

      Nice picture setup. You have Larry Bird and Eminem Looking at you like like that and your pic looks like Yes this is easy so easy🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️😂😂😂

    30. Savagely Chill

      It’s the millennial mind state so “Woke” they can’t take a joke. So everything has to be explained to them. Zero nuance or comprehension of satire / sarcasm. Basically just dumb. The funny part is they grew up on politically incorrect cartoons like South Park, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Adult swim etc. so they should know better.

    31. Melissa Chiou

      I'm just intrigued that Romany got his shirt to match the graphics or was it vice versa?

    32. Robert Pascual

      Need you to make that health list public

    33. Kidawn 777

      Love Romany

    34. e e

      Bread is my Achilles heal... I know better smh but yeah I enjoy bread...sigh

    35. Nneka Nzekwu

      This interview was beautiful. I loved the vulnerable moments. I especially loved that part about letting kids know they are needed.

    36. rachelle smith

      This is so Amazing. I love Romany and he always seem to be in a movie and TV show I'm watching. Sorry to say I never knew his name before Gary Owen boosed him up.

    37. jesus prado

      I saw a video around the same time of a marine rapping in a hooch when soldior boy came out dissing the troops

    38. Tanisha Howard

      I just ordered the movie

    39. Ian Armstrong

      Nested Naturals SUPER GREENS Chorella(Cracked Cell) and Spirulina Improves Energy, Digestion,Immunity

    40. Carolyn Benn

      Gary, you’re our “inside guy,” so keep us updated on more posts that are showing black/white fake posts. Just for kicks.

    41. Bridget Roberts

      I am so happy I watched this episode. I love your show Gary, but this is especially special because as a creator I learned so much about the possibilities in the process.

    42. Exist N Nature Media

      MC Hammer Toupee in the movie had me LMAO!!

    43. Tyrone Frye

      Think like man reunion no cap stay safe out here checkout The Main Squeeze🙏

    44. Ashiya Nelson #RawVeganAthlete

      Romany is SO AWESOME!!!👏🏽😩😌😁

    45. Jamaal belle

      I was already typing victim when he said don't KGup it

      1. NoobishBananaOffical

        Link the KGup video

      2. ummeiguess

        and now I'm watching it again to get the name, so I can Google it lol

    46. A Jax

      I have a character idea for @romanymalco #romanymalco . Lol.

    47. A Jax

      👐 Does anyone else get scared or turned ON👈🤣 when Romany's hands get close to the camera? They are friggin HUGE.🤣👐 CONGRATULATIONS to you and your 🤰wife on your new baby. I thought I was just dreaming 🥰💪🤱😊💚 . #romanymalco

      1. Lisamarie Marshall


    48. BlackMaggie

      Had no idea he was a veteran too... So dope 🙌🏾

    49. RoaringMind

      Gary, where are the Crazy Stepdad stories??? I've been meaning to ask you. By the way, this was an excellent interview!

    50. Zootours

      "The MC Hammer Story: 2 Legit" iS THE GREATEST BIOPIC OF ALL TIME.... OF ALLLL TIME!!

      1. Reticeō Vespillo

        He does the dance at the end of 40 Year Old Virgin lol

    51. Steph 1913

      No peek a boo

    52. Simone Chapman

      Great interview I love this guy! Can you find me one like him?🤭🤔

    53. black polo 715

      Seen the movie fucking love it 👍🏽🔥⛽👨🏾‍🚀💯

    54. Simone Chapman

      Maybe it was just too soon Gary just saying! 👀

    55. Veronica Boudreaux

      Why is Mr Don’t eat carbs , smoking cigarettes 🧐🧐

      1. Error Report

        He isn’t smoking tho...he does it as the character, who’s an ex-con with problematic wisdom.

      2. ummeiguess

        gluten free isn't carb free lol but also everything in moderation was the whole point of what they were talking about and cigars are def different than cigarettes

      3. Jamaal belle

        Nobody's perfect

    56. Gillian Franklin

      He should just be greatful for God blessing him. During this time of worldly weakness and hardships. Just feel Blessed.

    57. I. Lacy

      Really enjoyed the movie! Romany just laid out the blueprint for making your own movie.

    58. A Jax

      This was one of the best! Thank you.

    59. R M

      Romany’s Rap music video link “Victim of the Ghetto”.

    60. darius rogers

      Absolutely loved the mc hammer movie when i was a kid lol.

      1. ummeiguess

        so glad I got to see this podcast - never knew there was a hammer movie lol I'll def gave to check it out after Tijuana Jackson

    61. Earl Owens

      College Boyz!!

    62. Davetta Arnold

      @garyowen where can we get that popcorn?

    63. Mark A. Wilder

      Wasn't he part of the rap group the college boys? And how can he talk about being healthy and he's smoking cigarettes.

      1. Mark A. Wilder

        @Simone Chapman 21:15

      2. Simone Chapman

        @Mark A. Wilder no you didn't you don't smoke!👀

      3. Mark A. Wilder

        @Simone Chapman I'm not sure what you're asking. I thought when he was talking about the peek-a-boo story I thought I saw him smoking a cigarette. Anyway I'm passed it now thanks.

      4. Simone Chapman

        @Mark A. Wilder smoking has what to do with that?

      5. Mark A. Wilder

        @Simone Chapman SOURCE IMDb: The first American-born member of his West Indian family, Brooklyn-bred Romany Malco began his career at the age of seven, when he picked up a microphone and started rapping. As a teen, he moved to Texas and formed the rap group R.M.G., and upon relocating to Los Angeles, the crew signed a deal to Virgin Records. The group's name was changed to College Boyz and their first big hit, "Victim of the Ghetto," went to #1 on the rap charts. PLUS I was a big fan of the group...

    64. Damian Jones

      Dude has always been smart and funny since he was in the rap group College Boyz so glad to see him doing his thing still after all these's years Romany Malco if you can, can you listen to my new single Mind State It's on everything it's a Jazz-Hip-Hop track Produce by Paul Lipsey and written by me P.H.I.R.E. JONES Thank you

    65. BD Universe

      I thought it was real too. Then I read the caption lol

    66. Ricardo Butler

      So amazing. Both of you deserve everything you accomplished. You’re so good for humanity.

    67. Ricardo Butler

      You guys are speaking straight facts.

    68. Ricardo Butler

      I feel the same way when I joined the navy. Go Navy, oooo rah Marine Corp. Super dope, both of you.

    69. Zakiyah Pierce

      Which shower head is it?

    70. Debbie Wages

      Gary you better leave Kenya's sweets alone. Females can go crazy 😜 without their chocolate

    71. Lindy Sunflower

      This is where you should educate us about crowd.funding..We have to help each other

    72. Cindy H

      Best Interview! You two are great together. I would love Romany to be a regular like Kenya and your Dad. I ❤️ this episode. Keep up the fabulous interviews Gary.👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

    73. Trashy Pine

      I'm glad I'm not on Facebook

    74. leather face

      Damn. He's 52 years old? Wow. Looks way younger

      1. ummeiguess

        he hasn't aged in like 20yrs lol now we know why - HEALTH is WEALTH 😊

      2. AnnexGroup

        I thought he was like 35

      3. Exist N Nature Media


    75. Lia Thomas

      Two of my favorite people to watch and listen to....Romany Malco and Gary Owen! Can't wait to see the movie.

    76. Juston Hargrove

      Just ordered the movie on Demand and watching this evening.

    77. Mikki Austin

      Going Gluten Free Lite 8/1/20. I love this Podcast.

    78. Tera Carter

      I need Romany list that he sharing with his friends!

    79. djms718

      I was so into this podcast that I was late for my work from home job (six steps to the computer). Love your podcast. Thanks for always bringing a laugh in my life.

    80. Jules Green

      Romany Malco might be my favorite celebrity low everything about this dude and wish he got a little more coverage. I am also ex-military too, who was an aspiring rapper who used to battle every rapper too...crazy! Great show!

    81. Marley Janim

      I would love to watch mr. Owens on wild n out

    82. King Charles

      That trailer is funny as a mofo!

    83. Erôn Àmûn Pâr-sôn


    84. DJSD10

    85. GG H

      I do believe in moderation. I wish he would have talked a little more about herbs and spices for seasoning in food that has healthy promotion

    86. GG H

      😅🤣😂🧡💛💚💙👏👏👏👏 sugar is my weakness I love pasta, bread, potatoes 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    87. robert smith

      Romany is that dude!!

    88. TheGangstaz3000


      1. ummeiguess

        sometimes I wonder if he does that on purpose lol a well placed misspoken word can be low key funny too

    89. TheGangstaz3000


    90. venusfox14k

      Oh my, I really enjoyed this interview. Like you have mentioned before Gary, this dude knows a lot of stuff. I love a great conversationalist.

    91. Yanela Pumane

      The 1 person that disliked this was Gary's stepdad 🙄. This was wonderful 😊

    92. wolfshield x

      romany is hilarious

    93. Gregory Charles

      It was a hilarious post ,new host of wilnout. But it was insensitive to nick .

    94. Meema Meema

      Romany omg my family loves him so much. No lie just yesterday we were like, "here comes your baby mamma riding a Suzuki!" Rofl we say it all the time!

    95. Mia J

      Let me be on your podcast im hood famous......well not really 😂🤣 ur shit 😂🤣😂 but if u run out of famous peeps I'm here 4 ya 😝

    96. Raynette Scoggins

      Here's my problem... Romany is giving all this health advice and yet he's smoking?

      1. Raynette Scoggins

        @Rosalind Welch Thanks Rosalind for clearing that up. I didn't know, and Thank you for not being mean about it like others were.

      2. Raynette Scoggins

        @Monica Jackson Thanks for clearing that up. No need to shake your head, just put us that don't know on the right track. Why do we have to be mean to each other.

      3. Monica Jackson

        He was doing his character Tijuana Jackson there was literally no smoke coming from the cigarette...smh!

      4. Rosalind Welch

        He is Tijuana Jackson when he holds the cigarette. That’s part of the character.

      5. Raynette Scoggins

        @Duran Kelly It's not that simple, but thanks for the advice.

    97. Raynette Scoggins

      Gary is funny.

    98. J Fos

      Romany. Great Job in the Mad Dog series on Prime Video.

    99. JBDaKing 1210

      That's what am taking about love the long intro keep SHOUTING out San Diego 619

    100. Felicia Vinson

      ENJOY UR show