Don't Break Ranks - Gary Owen

Gary Owen

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    Rule no. 1 of being in the Honor Guard: don't break ranks!
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    1. S Bee


    2. j lirie

      glad to know there are medical staff for that

    3. Wayne White

      Gary none military don't understand lol you best have yo knees bent

    4. Afshin Ertanin

      Queens guard actually train to fall straight if they were to pass out. Passing out and laying in a disorderly manner is not acceptable 😁

    5. datruth hurts

      To all the ppl commenting who have served in the military..THANK YOU and GOD BLESS!freedom ain't free

    6. Heather Cassaday

      We buried my grandfather in July and he had a military funeral. Those navy guys stood in the midday sun, in full uniform, in masks. I can only imagine how hard that had to be.

    7. Demonik the great

      In ROTC i seen one dude lock his knees an collapse .. Crazy

    8. KB S

      Comedian and an educator

    9. chipsthedog1

      I get it but still think it's crazy that tradition dictates that helping a living soul could disrespect a dead one.

    10. tyrone williams

      KGup, BORN GOD Character of a Man, CHECK IT OUT

    11. Ed Bartley

      Thanks for explaining it

    12. crazzyak

      Has the flake monster ever gotten you Gary?

    13. karlos roberts

      Flank Monster got me during a uniform/weapon inspection....

    14. Sydonna Anderson

      Thank you for the lesson and enlightenment about the honor guard, to help us understand the why he wasn't being helped. That was helpful and appreciated. You're right, rules are rules. And he knows what he signed up for. And there is medical attention. Thank you Gary! Thank you to our men and women of the military for your service! God bless the John Lewis family!

    15. Letitia Tsunami

      I was in ROTC at a military college in Georgia. And everybody knows that Georgia's known for the heat AND the humidity. And because my school was in the mountains, my breathing was a little different. Well, I passed out during a ceremony. And when I saw "passed out" I mean allllll the way out. I was the only female in my company, so I was on the back row since things are done by height. So thankfully, not many people SAW me faint. But because I fainted forward, my rifle hit the rifle of the soldier in front of me and made a big CLANGING noise from what I was told. My head hit him in the back. And when I came to, I was staring at his left boot because my head landed between his feet. Thank the Lord for parade rest. Otherwise, I would've had a face full of boot. 😂😂😂😂 #NGCSU #NoEscapeFromTheRock #CCo


      I tried but I could never get to 165lbs. 30 under max weight.

    17. Beverly Burrel

      Thank you Gary.

    18. Nadia Thomas

      Absolutely right!! I buried so many ppl being stationed at Ft. Bragg on burial detail. You must focus on that family grieving. Locking the knees and being dehydrated will do it every time.

    19. Do Jo

      So true...Honor Guard, U.S. Navy early 90's. Never break ranks! They tell you, you have to be in the mindset of "war-time." You break ranks, you weaken the "hold." Stand Strong!

    20. Adrienne Wilson

      Did R.O.T.C. Honor Guard in high school. That was enough for me.

    21. mary Jacobs

      Stay hydrated

    22. Harvey De Jean

      As a vet also, you are 100% correct!

    23. Austin Hansen

      You never break ranks

    24. Allen Barry

      I’m a Navy Vet.... you DO NOT break rank

    25. SonicBoomC98

      Don't lock your knees

    26. Ohgrowup1

      It’s got to be hard to keep going when a soldier goes down. But rules are rules and you have to do what you have to do. Thank you for your service, Owen.

    27. The Queen

      Who doesnt know this?! Smh. They're soldiers. Theres protocal.

    28. ummeiguess

      thanks so much for explaining this Gary I've only been privy to small bits of military thru family and friends everything you said makes sense - I only saw a clip, so no idea how long it took for med staff to scoop him up - but yes it makes sense not to cause a commotion at the funeral hope you and the fam are staying healthy and safe 😘

    29. mark scarratt

      Its a different life in the military, do these peolpe live on stupid street.

    30. MrAlex3132003


    31. M

      Thanks for letting us know how it goes

    32. Joolz Forrest

      I thought this was going to be a good joke 😭 Gary..... can you tell us a joke now.

    33. TruBlacKing 85

      You ain't got to tell me I know DC hot I live right I wouldn't down the street from it lol

    34. Mother Antioch-Pomona

      Thanks for this👏🏾👏🏾Never knew this!

    35. anne yaque chavez

      climatise too. lol flake monster lol. In doing honor guard the female secrets was to olace ice packes in the bra linning to avoid over heating fainting and passing out. the DI told us if we saw blue yellow dots or eye fleas, and told us the signs too . by doing honor guard and color guard we always drank pedialite ice cold the night before and in the morning and then sucked down water.

    36. Sherry Windham

      I'm a Vet and during one of our command changes back in the day, . we could hear a small commotion in the rear but as Gary said U CAN NOT BREAK RANKS.. Immediately after the ceremony, we found out that several bees had stung her. And n her defense "SHE DID NOT BREAK RANKS" she did'nt go dwn.. Shout outs to her because it was hotter than a well diggers a$$ out there AND she had gotten stung but she held it together ❤... HOOOAH #lifeofasoldier

    37. Cee Cee

      Wish I could move back to Canada for a while until summer's over. 👍🏾

    38. Fawn-Marie Golden

      Hey, thanks for the explanation. :-) #FlakeMonster

    39. Stephanie Oni

      So if you don't break ranks, when do you drink water?

      1. Stephanie Oni

        . the ten hours is me being a bit exaggerated, but thought I read something a while ago where during a certain high ranked person(think president's) funeral where they had to be out there for like six or more hours. I wasn't sure if there were breaks and that the whole time they couldn't break ranks. I'm not sure if I'm mixing two different things up

      2. milwaukeejt

        @Stephanie Oni Where does 10 hours come from?

      3. Stephanie Oni

        @milwaukeejt so you may be out standing for 10 hours in 97 degree weather without being able to break rank, yet, you're told to stay hydrated? 😐🙁🤔

      4. milwaukeejt

        Beforehand, for a long while beforehand. Then afterward.

    40. Hate Is taught you cant pick your color at birth

      Don't lock your knees!

    41. batofnight1

      Hahaha...marching band is the same. Dont lock ur knees!!!

    42. RsdWarrior

      Thanks for the 411

    43. priscilla carter

      thanks for the education

    44. Kawika A. Stafford

      When i graduated from infantry school in 79 in Georgia in the summer people were falling like flies they let em lay where they fell and like you said no big deal

    45. urmanao24

      I was in the Army & during Graduation so many people dropped lol after 9 weeks of training still wasn't hydrated enough & locked knees. But you don't break rank lol

    46. David Yadira

      Lol i build houses and the heat is no joke. IT was 117 today and had me hurling. I have respect for all our soldiers its why i didnt complain about the heat. Thanks Gary for serving our country as Well our souls witt your great Comedy.

    47. Stephanie Henry

      That was Destiny's Child rules too, remember they stepped over Michelle.

      1. Saeed Hossain


      2. Denise Chambers

        You so petty 😜

      3. Stephanie Oni


      4. Stacy Large


      5. Devon Williams


    48. Sacredwlkr

      Amen. Never break ranks! Protect the flag as well. Honor the fallen by not breaking ranks. He's okay- it only looks bad. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    49. Queen Karla

      Quick question: what if you have to pee?

      1. milwaukeejt

        You hold it. Having said that, if you are out in the heat and sweating, it may take some serious rehydration before you *can* pee.

    50. hope jackson

      A soldiers life. Dont break ranks

    51. Jay D33

      Thanks for your service Gary. Did Navy, got medically discharged during Boot. My Nephew is in, Navy Strong. He's gonna be loud when he gets out of boot. He's a CTN.

    52. Darrien Scott

      🤣🤣🤣Doesnt even have to be hinor guard. When I graduated basic the guy in front of me fell out backwards on me. Natural instincts made me catch him and I got my ass chewed out so bad I just dropped him.

    53. Scott Swann

      The first thing we learned in army boot camp was to never lock your knees. They reminded us of it before we marched out for graduation. They told us under no circumstances should we break rank if someone goes down. They even told us that if they were on the ground and it was time to move to step over them. It happens. I was in for four years and only saw it happen twice, but it happens.

    54. Our Tribe

      Never break ranks.... NEVER Duh...😜

    55. lightskinzzl

      Much respect to you Gary. You could've said 'this military fam, mind yo business ' but you didn't. You calmly, compassionately explained what/why/how and even when. Appreciate you and others that have served!

    56. Cheryl's Way

      Facts! 🤷🏾‍♀️

    57. Delasie Wynter

      I’ve been in numerous change of command ceremony at Fort Stuart Georgia in the summer lots of Soldier did faint because of the heat, but we always had medics on standby to take care of the Soldiers,. Hydrate yourself drink plenty of water the day before, eat a good breakfast, and flex your knees, don’t lock your knees. Thanks for the memories Gary.

    58. Bertelli Justin

      Get ready for that silver bullet boy!!!!

    59. Mrs. Leesa

    60. Andrew

      I cant count how many times I was standing there for hours battling the dreaded knee lock.

    61. bphlatsax75

      One of the 1st things they tell you when you go to the military is never lock your knees! Lol!!

    62. toyamwarr

      My dad was Navy. I know “Don’t break rank.” It came in handy a couple years ago when I was a bridesmaid at me my cousin’s afternoon outdoor wedding... in July... in Florida. Cousin and groom were Army and should have known better but 2 members of the wedding party and a few guests fell out during the ceremony. Not me. Hydrate. Bend knees. Smile.

    63. Nonsense

      So it's not about respect it's about discipline

    64. silverback3521

      Gary Owen is every Marine’s favorite squid. Mad respect for doing Honor Guard in DC. I’ve seen videos on Silent Drill Platoon and the Marine burial team and it’s crazy all the prep you guys do on those posts in DC. Same for the Dogs at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

    65. Nvi Warren

      Flash backs!!! Lol tehehe don't lock those knees is right!!

    66. Raging Fox37


    67. Evolvingmama

      Yes I had two summer internships at Arlington National Cemetery and they were extra serious. Blazing sun or rain. They were out there and not breaking rank for nothing 😅

    68. King Judah

      God hates you Esau

    69. anony mouse

      Man it has been hot as hell out here for a month and the day of that funeral was one of the worst. We've been having like 102, 103, 106 heat indexes. The kind of heat where it's hard to breathe. Then of course roads were closed for the funeral procession so I know guys who were working that day and had to park blocks away from their destination AND carry equipment and chemical down the street in that heat

    70. JUKE179r

      I saw this once at a funeral service during the summer for an AF Vet when I was stationed Luke AFB in Arizona. One of the AF Honor Guards collapsed, fell forward and cracked his jaw on the aircraft hangar floor. None of the Honor Guard broke rank and they all kept their military bearing. Then someone else picked dude up and fireman carried him out of there. That was 20+ years ago and I can still hear that "crack" of his broken jaw. 😝

    71. Gary Mota

      I used to lock out my knees to pass out in formation on purpose... nothing ever happened

    72. OurCountryNotOurselves

      Like it or not...he's right!!!

    73. Rebekah Bridges-Tervydis

      Thank you for explaining. Good to be reminded of certain traditions.

    74. Alvaro Valdovinos

      I did my basic training in Fort Benning Georgia. I did my trading in the summer and it was hot as fudge out there......soliders never break ranks. One of the first things you learn. Stay Safe.

    75. keshawn1289

      Buddy locked them knees

    76. Jason Koster

      Thanks for explaining to the civilians. You don't break ranks. Period...

    77. Russia Davidson

      Water and circulation key...I mean key to any successful Honor Guard!

    78. indigohonesty

      Thank you. This isn't common knowledge for those of us who haven't served. I appreciate you taking the time to educate us. Thank you :D

    79. JJ W

      Great explanation. I’m from Norfolk/Virginia beach, summer time you get High humidity and what was called ‘jungle heat.’ The area a big military area and I worked the local news WTKR CBS; we use to bet which one was gonna drop. I never won, I was close twice.

    80. The Cook And the Cookie

      My nephew was the other honor guard!

    81. swaggy daggy

      😂 Bright met the flake monster in dem bushes😂😂😂 im sorry but it was funny. Yep it happens all the time.

    82. avelino chavarria

      wow. thanks for the info.

    83. Kristin Carpenter

      Husband did honor guard on myer few years back!!! Now we are in Alaska!

    84. I Pleedafif

      Locked his knees. Anyone who's been in an inspection knows not to lock their knees. 25 years In my JROTC annual inspection when Dick Cheney visited our school. A cadet in my platoon known to be a F Up. You know the one everyone gets in trouble for because he couldn't keep up with the rest? He locked his knees and we saw him go down. As they were carrying him off he threw up. It was something we would not forget. Two guys carrying him on each side while she shot vomit like a fire hydrant.

    85. Jason McMurray

      Yes, don't lock your legs and knees and hydrate!

    86. Valerie

      D.C in the summer?? Shiiiiit. This Canadian learned the hard way years ago in the middle of July 🥵

    87. Neisa1965

      Truth.. boot camp @ Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas in July!!! Always stay hydrated and keep your knees bent!

    88. Linda cham

      I was on the honor team at Fort Leonardwood. We never had medical with us. But, I was on the rifle team. I stood at attention for an hour one time in the middle of the Sumner. I fell out, strait on my face. Luckily we were far enough back that It was not noticed. I had to be left there until it was over, So not to ruin it for the Family.

    89. Morgan Marie

      He’s sucha dad when he records 😂❤️

    90. Rosemary Guillen

      Thank you once again. Keep them coming. Big ups

    91. Oldhead Deuce

      No say it aint so, dont be that guy aw hell naw

    92. Matt gaming

      Basically learn stuff before you say crap. Because thats how it goes.

    93. mamaveros

      Hell Military breaks your humanity....

    94. Katero L

      Flake monster? Lol

    95. John Brown

      Gary, I went to Air Force basic training in July and August of 1979 at Lackland AFB, Texas. (Located in San Antonio.) It was one of the HOTTEST, most brutal summers I had ever experienced in Texas up to that point. I was seventeen years old at the time and grew up in Central Texas, so Lackland was only about 120 miles south of my house. I was used to the heat, but we had guys in my flight from places like Alaska, Maine, North Dakota... those guys were melting like Frosty the Snowman. I attended a few graduation retreats while I was there and our TI's (Technical Instructors, we didn't call them "drill sergeants"...) made it 100% clear to us that if someone collapsed from the heat, we were to keep looking straight ahead and act like it didn't happen, PERIOD. Of course, there were a few people keeling-over here and there and the "support staff" would rush to their aid. My family actually attended a couple of the retreats in August and the bleachers they sat in had no cover on them at the time. (They do NOW, but not then.) At the end, the crowd in the bleachers were soaked with sweat and they were just sitting there. As you said, we were warned about locking our knees while standing at attention, but not everybody listens, right???

    96. Tyrone Frye

      Always forget he was military den he starts spitting mad facts lol stay safe out here checkout The Main Squeeze🙏

    97. doc Carlton

      Thanks for explaining this Gary. I've never been in the military, so I would not have known.

      1. John Brown This is a "behind the scenes" video for the U.S. Navy ceremonial guard/drill team. They talk about some of the training involved. You can also do searches on KGup for basic training videos for all branches of the service, such as, "First day of air force basic training", or "Marine corps basic training", etc. Watching the videos will give you some idea of what it is like, but going through basic and serving on active duty is the only REAL way to experience what it means to serve in the United States military. When I was in basic training way back in 1979, we had civilians come out to watch us from time to time because they had never served and were curious about what was involved. After watching... they were no longer interested in trying it for themselves! lol

      2. Tiffany


    98. Journeys In This Crazy World

      Hope he do better next time.

    99. Andrew

      💯 you do NOT break ranks.

    100. FRAG OUT

      I didn't know you served!! Hooah!! Respect!!