Everything is Bigger in Texas - Gary Owen

Gary Owen

31 миӊ. көрүүлөр4

    Everything is bigger in Texas, even coronavirus. Thanks to all who came out to see me last weekend at Arlington Improv!

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    1. Mike TooTall

      Bro as a Dallas native I approve this message 😂😂

    2. ODD1019

      Gary Owens is funny asf. So natural

    3. YSG James

      😂😂facetime me

    4. c cc

      Nobody was saying shit when the protests were happening in different states, but now everyone wants to tell Texas to cover up to prevent spreading the virus.🤦‍♀️

    5. purplestar88

      What is up with the lighting?

    6. Latonya Taylor

      I love how you are unapologetically you!!! I always laugh when you make yourself laugh when telling the joke!! Much love🤩

    7. Deleaise Porter

      Give him his props. 🤣😂😂

    8. Foster Kidd

      I wish all you're Stand up performances were on streaming platforms just found the one on hulu :/. One of my top favorite comedians when It comes to stand up. Loved this bit as well. Gave me a good laugh. Thanks mang.

    9. eddie tatum

      Come back soon dude I didn't know you came to texas

    10. Lady J

      Lol🤣Made my day! Thank you Gary!!!💯😂❤️🤝🙏👍

    11. St u

      Didn’t even know he was in town

    12. De Sava

      People like you add to the problem. You come encourage others to come, whether it's one by one it adds up. People are encouraged to keep going out, protect, half protected is the same as unprotected. Eighty-five children tested positive for covid-19 this past week. This selfishness and more is why we are struggling to flatten the curve...but you make jokes. You are part of the problem smh...

      1. Brent Cochran

        Troll much?

    13. Mario Carrillo

      So good to see gary still doing his thing. Keep it up king👍

    14. Nerdy Rican

      “Everything is bigger in Texas” - yes, including stupidity unfortunately

      1. c cc

        @Nerdy Rican What are you talking about? People are moving here from blues states for a reason. Texas is thriving economically. If you are NOT doing well in Texas then that's on you.

      2. Nerdy Rican

        c cc I’ve lived in Texas for 31 years now and trust me we are not winning anything. We’re an embarrassment especially with Governor Timmy from South Park

      3. c cc

        We thrive better economically and we act more civilized. WE ARE STILL WINNING 😉.

      4. Crayo The Warrior

        I would say ignorance and apathy, not stupidity

      5. Harley Rucas

        Nah not really tho

    15. Brent Cochran

      Was there for Friday nite Show! He was fire as always! #blackfamous

    16. Julian Fleming

      Smh why are we like that. I don’t know anyone who is 100% taking Covid serious. I only know a few who takes Covid 80% seriously. We can try to do better . All Texans know a elderly or a sickly person. Or yourself is such a person. We as Nation don’t want to be the idiots that turns Covid into top 10 causes of death yearly . So we gotta take change . I have family affected . Who are dealing with minor symptoms. I know a handful of friends or cousins who lost love ones. No immediate family members of mine have died . We gotta change it’s getting serious. So once again Texas it’s time we put our boots on and stomp Covid out.

    17. Bridgette Maharaj

      DAYUM! Didn't know you were here. Def catch ya next time and yes we always have to be Bigger at EVERYTHING! SLMBO!!!

    18. MsLady Lifestyle

      So Are Their SINS...

      1. Pamela Nielsen

        Oh... Please tell what are SINS are.. smfh

    19. Cee Cee

      I'm in Houston. Some people weren't really taking the rona seriously until the governor mandated that people get citations w/o a mask on in public places. Yesterday I saw a guy with a shirt tied around his face! 😂

      1. Asia Mmkay

        Yooo 😭💀

    20. aatiti2011


    21. xgigantor

      Boutta be Gary schaub up in that bitch. Gary callen

    22. Traci Montgomery

      So funny

    23. 50gzup

      Never knew you was in dallas my guy

    24. Kev gab

      Hurry your ass back to Texas

    25. Felicia Vinson

      Everything is BIG IN TEXAS . DAM RIGHT

    26. Ashley Patchen

      Love your stand up. Your to funny ! You should come to meridian Mississippi and do a show.

      1. Ashley Patchen

        LaShundra Thomas I haven’t been here but a year I love it.

      2. Ashley Patchen

        Florida Juice I’ve only been here about a year! I love it!!!

      3. LaShundra Thomas

        I was born there LOL

      4. Florida Juice

        You aint thst far frm me i stay in Pensgoula

    27. Stacie LaBelle

      I don't understand why you locked down (love the videos) for so long only to come to Texas & perform at this time. You walked right into the belly of the beast for those $$$. Be safe my friend.

    28. X x

      A lot of Americans still aren't taking the coronavirus seriously. I still see people packed into large groups and not wearing masks.

      1. FlipperZ03

        Jamal James Who you voting for?

      2. Gary Indiana

        A lot of Americans see through the bullshit your tiny little brain can’t comprehend. That would put you in the sheep category.

    29. Michael Hernandez

      Wtf...im an hour away from Dallas! I woulda pulled up, man...#DontMessWithTX

    30. Iguana Lifestyles aka The Iguana Guy 305

      Great show , but I am from Miami and still enjoyed your show.

    31. Iguana Lifestyles aka The Iguana Guy 305

      Thank for the pic!!!!!!

    32. Yolanda Nixon

      I missed you at the Arlington improv. Next time....

    33. David Balderas

      We need you in Miami

    34. PaCMaNBiN214

      Dang! I wished I knew he was here! Come back, bro!

    35. N. Rob

      What’s so great about dumb old Texas?

      1. Micah Nelson

        Texas doesn't need the U.S. Texas too big to fail. The U.S. needs Texas to succeed to exist to be America.⛽💥💪💯

      2. Gary Indiana

        Safer than Chiraq.

    36. Idk I just work here man

      What he came to Dallas?