It's Tommy From Power! | #GetSome Ep. 119

Gary Owen

12 миӊ. көрүүлөр1

    On this episode of #GetSome, me and Tommy from Power swap stories about our friends in prison.
    Check out the full episode of the #GetSome podcast with Joseph Sikora, here:

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    1. D Will

      They are each other's doppelganger

    2. Niles Knives

      We need Timmy in Book 5.

    3. Maureen Karkos

      Wow Gary, I thought you were the whitest guy, but this guy makes you look tan.

    4. sL r

      Timmy (Gary) and Tommy!

    5. Kaia Gloverwilliams

      Y’all should definitely do a movie together or Gary should show up on power gosh they look alike

    6. T C


    7. Frances Wiley

      Damn yall do look alike😂😂😂😂😂 i didnt think so wen u were telling ur joke. About them calling u tommy in new orleans......i liiiieeeedddd gary i lied.....yall brothas!!

    8. Teresa Walker

      Wow! Twins. Get a dna test. Bet you two are twin.

    9. Mallory Lauve

      He need play Tommy's brother

    10. Candace

      I had to see them side-by-side and I still don't fully believe they're two different people.

    11. More Fun

      Are yall sure yall wasn't separated at birth? 😂

    12. Leigh C

      So he’s your Gemini Man? Cool

    13. Rikochet States

      Lol I like what Gary has going on here, Gary interviewing Gary, it's a good look 😂

    14. LUDIRTY

      Damn y'all could be BROTHAS

    15. Kobe Klay

      Tommy and Timmy

    16. The Godfather

      Long lost brothers.

    17. Julian Tydus

      Of course only in 2020 will you see superman and and clark kent in the same place 😝

      1. Tini Portis

        😂😂😂😂 comment..

    18. Samuel Stokes

      Joseph was also great in Banshee as a skinhead.

    19. Montrell Garrett

      Y’all don’t understand these two white boys are different just like Justin Timberlake

    20. Lehlohomolo Wilson

      Who doesn't love Tommy? Get outta here

    21. I FAMILYIH

      The twins lol 😂

    22. SpaceGlos TM

      Man y’all really do look alike wow! Keep him away from your wife 😳

    23. Tendai Parwa

      You guys you look alike

    24. Natalia A.

      They have the same nose-cheek area...

    25. Anne Hazelwood

      You two Should do a Movie together!

    26. Katero L

      Now thats a look alike for yo ass

    27. Destiny Joyner

      Joseph your a terrific actor that voice awesome your characters believable great job looking foward to you in Ghost and other pictures great job.

    28. WHAT DO YOU DO

      Y'all look so much alike.

    29. jan coo

      Joseph, I blocked out Ozark, you're just Tommy from Power.

    30. JayReese15

      I can’t separate him from his character on Power. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    31. W u B u t t e r f l i e s

      These guys are welcome to a bbq anytime. 👍

    32. Honest000w

      TIMMY and TOMMY AT LAST🤣 you have to see the stand up to understand 👏🏾

    33. DAFF Wolph

      Tommy Is Fkn Tommy All The Time. To Me

    34. Danielle Dixon

      This was a really good episode.

    35. Boxing Baked


    36. Dereck&Venus

      Omg brothers from another mother oh yeah I see that big chain tucked in too Sikora

    37. Nubiann Cahill

      Need to do


      OMG!! Black Famous did an interview with Black Famous.

    39. Tanisha Nesmith

      Omg, @Gary Owen...i swear i though this was a skit you interviewing yourself! I was so here for it! Then when u said Tommy...i has stopped it so i could see both of you better. N i just couldn't believe thats wasn't you. You guys look so damn much alike! GARY, TOMMY LOOKS LIKE YOU SO MUCH THAT HE COUKD BE YOUR BROTHER! THIS IS SO CRAZY. I CANT BELIEVE MY EYES! BTW GREAT SHOW N THE LAST ONE I SAW ABOUT THE POOL PARTY...MAN IM STILL LAUGHING ABOUT THAT. SO FUNNY. WE NEED THIS RIGHT NOW MORE THAN U KNOW. IM GLAD YOUR NOT ON LOCK DOWN ANYMORE. THE WORLD NEED SOME DOWN TIME FOR ALL THE BAD NEWS. Keep it coming Gary! Yay!!🤗🤣😰

    40. troubleless one

      I thought Tommy was you when I first saw him in "Power".. nice interview.. liked

    41. Marvell Jones

      Still waiting for the spinoffs. The way Power ended it look like they had at least two. Way to drop the ball, who ever the big wigs are who created the show.

    42. Rochelle Butler

      I don’t think they look THAT much alike. They’re two white guys we’re used to seeing around a bunch of black people 🤨🤔 Love them both tho!

    43. The Ojuju

      The Tommy ‘I’m Fvcking Serious Eyes’ at 4:05

    44. Cadillac Deville

      I follow him on Twitter 🥰

    45. Angelann. Garcia

      Love both of you guys!!❤️

    46. J.P. Y

      Yo!!!! I'm trippin. Never seen Joseph Sikora and Gary side by side. Fucking twins yooooo!!!! 👀👀😂

    47. Tiffany

      I can see now how truly different u two look. I can appreciate, tho, how folks think u two look similar bcos before this vid, I thought so too, in my minds eye. But side by side...nah. Joe is cute, his personality is sweet. Like a great guy friend. But Gary is HOT to me, nice and tall, good face, funny, likes black women 👍. Ps. Never saw Power so maybe I'd think Joe was hotter if I saw him play Tommy?

    48. gary host

      are gary & joseph the same person? has anyone seen them both in the same room at the same time?

    49. Smiley Loco


    50. Called Qualified & Justified

      Tommy, and Gary !!! Come through on the 4 the !!

    51. Melissa S

      Whoa! Y’all really look alike...

    52. mrsbrownsugarsweetz

      It’s crazy how much they look alike. Sorry Tommy, if ur to nice to the inmates ur superiors may accuse u of fraternizing with the inmate. Then they will watch u all the time. U don’t need that kind of pressure to an already stressful job.

    53. 1269jrock

      It's Timmy Tommy!

    54. Felicia Vinson

      With his SEXY ASS

    55. Familyman247

      Tommy was favorite character on the Power.

    56. King Bunz

      its scary how much they look alike

    57. Linea Alba

      Gary you need to make another vid on how this meeting came to be and what you two's talked about to make it happen.

    58. Marilyn Brown

      When are you coming back to Tacoma?

    59. jade too bad mixon

      The twins coming together y’all need to do a movie

    60. richard hinojosa

      No lie, I thought that was Gary with makeup in the screenshot.

    61. kimla46

      Tommy 🥰💙💙love you man You do look like twins😊

    62. Marcus Garvey

      Well now I know it’s not the same dude 😂

    63. Delano Blanco

      WTF! If what happened in power was real then Gary Owen would be in real trouble because he and Tommy are identical😂 Gary Owen you are looky that it's just a movie

    64. KeyLoLoKye

      It’s crazy how he’s talking to himself.


      It's truly uncanny how much you two look alike for real

    66. The Analog Circle Podcast.

      This is crazy how much they look alike.

    67. TheShringster

      Riff Raff James Franco

      1. Delano Blanco

        Don't get that

    68. Makidada

      😳 wow that’s creepy

    69. Darin Smith

      Y'all have the same father

    70. SSS🌙

      Everytime I see this guy in a thumbnail, i think, "those are some good before and after photos"

    71. Austin Elliott

      I literally thought he was talking to a youger Gary!!!

    72. Boom beach BeefyAirGun

      Thats Gary 10years younger

    73. Tony Nelson

      Yeah, yall can pass for brothers..

    74. EBONIQUEEN 3447

      Gary you and Tommy look like Brothers. You 2 can almost pass for twins...FR FR🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

      1. Mallory Lauve

        He should play Tommy's brother Timmy

      2. Michael Mcginnis

        I said the same thing i thought they was brothers at first.

    75. Gail Briggs


    76. Renee Mo

      Would be great to see them both in a movie together 🇯🇲🤗❤❤

      1. Renee Mo

        @Delano Blanco hey

      2. Delano Blanco

        Whaah gwuan baby

    77. Yawdan

      Yo! Tommy and Tommy! Gary and Gary!

    78. DZ Arlington

      Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Tommy!!!

    79. DEE

      Oh wow! I just read the comments & someone mentioned Joseph was the guy in the movie Intruder. Glad they said that bc I wasn't sure who Joseph was bc I never got a chance to watch power (wasn't on my networks). But, now I know (probably saw him on something else, but didn't hit me bc I wasn't families), now I'll be looking out for him. Thanks Gary for making those of us not aware of him, aware.

      1. Julianna Van Der Vlist

        It’s on Hulu if you have it. I was late to the party with Power but it’s definitely worth the watch if you get the opportunity.

    80. Job Acevedo

      I’ve been waiting for this forever!

    81. Sarauniya B. I. B

      Joseph Sikora has great posture ❤️

    82. DEE

      OMG!!! I thought you were the same person doing some type of split screen as a joke, 😆😆😆🤣. That's crazy how much u look alike. The voice confirmed it for me.

    83. real bluu

      Gary is the GOAT!

    84. The Troublesome Token Black Guy- Atratus

      Why y’all look alike

      1. Tiffany

        Whats with the confederate flag in ur pic? Is it in ur room or something? Just askin.

      2. Miss. Shele'


    85. Paul Anderson


    86. Veniesta Gourdine

      Love me some Joseph aka Tommy I truly miss him from Power .

    87. L Tman

      I'm glad you got to talk with your clone and can't wait for the next video much love from Chicago

    88. The Dot

      This feels straight outta the twilight zone. Those who saw garys special would know.

    89. Shantell aka Lady Persephone

      Joseph Sikora is a handsome man 🥰

      1. Janice Johnson

        Bc he has a wife imma keep it respectful and just *nod*

      2. Tiffany

        His REAL personality makes him cuter, too. Never seen Power so I dont know how he is on that, but he seems like a sweet guy from this interview.

    90. Terrisa Warren

      There you have it guys, Gary and Joseph they're not the same

      1. Micah Nelson

        Reminds me of Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson together making the Scream video. They're not the same, but indeed they are 💯🔥

      2. ummeiguess

        but this proves they are the same 😜

    91. Michele K

      Joseph, I loved you in The Intruder.

    92. Sharon Minter

      We love Tommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    93. Michelle B

      Hi Gary and Joseph. Great seeing you two together. "Timmy/Tommy" twinning. ❤

    94. Sharon Minter

      Most of us don't meet our twin

    95. aa vv


    96. Tamatha Wilson

      Enjoying watching y'all 👍

    97. tgm willy

      Gary finally got joseph here. Tommy finally met timmy

      1. SLiM_KEy317

        “It’s your brother Timmy, Tommy” lol

      2. Earlene Carson


      3. tgm willy

        @Alexandra Robinson thank you thank you i try

      4. Alexandra Robinson


    98. Jay Byrd

      Damn I don't have cinamax or Showtime or HBO or Starz or Epix or whatever channel lol I did the math earlier for all the Movie channels on KGup tv and the price for all the Movie channels was more then the whole subscription, makes know sense

      1. justin E318

        If you have internet in you have a labtop or a xbox one or ps4 you can download this free tv/movie app and watch it for free

      2. Julianna Van Der Vlist

        You can watch Power on Hulu if you have that. It’s a lot cheaper then all the movie channels lol

    99. Nick D

      This doesn't help the stereotype that all white people look the same, you gotta take a dna test 😂

    100. LO VE

      you all really look like twins. wow lol