Dave Chappelle Stole All Erik's Jokes! | #GetSome Ep. 128

Gary Owen

7 миӊ. көрүүлөр3

    The history of #Bananagate with Erik Griffin
    Watch the full episode 128 of #GetSome here:

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    1. Eric Chan

      Need a clip of Erik’s joke about the white posters in the back 😂


      Gary I didn’t know you had a podcast! I was just listening to Erik on “brothers in cursive” talk about your podcast and now I’m here! I’m about to binge all dis shit at my boring desk job!

    3. KoreanBritish

      Gary owen wanted to shit on Dave before Erik said he loved the youtube 'standup'

    4. Che Nieves


    5. james costigan

      Man 20 plus years your a legend And me and my wife were out of town last month when you came to Orlando. Next time round for sure much love gary!

    6. Cali Tree

      I f**in love u Gary !!!! Hilarious af 🤣

    7. FatNinja Flip

      Dave is a beast!

    8. Nicholos Jones

      click bate got me. 4:20

    9. Ser Tereyon of HAUS Ray-Ban

      Gary you bastard it worked lol. I clicked like bee to honey

    10. PhuckHue2

      Erik a great writer

    11. Wickwire iop

      bye gary byeeeee

    12. j drizal

      Banna gate LOL!! Who cares what time it is anyway!!

    13. Mike Blanco

      I like how Gary is as real as they come. Keep it 100% 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    14. Trey Smada


    15. leet62

      I really enjoyed listening to their conversation. I felt like a kid listening to the grown folks talk.

    16. ACR

      Damn Chapelle!!!

    17. Christina Mathis

      I knew this was sum bs

    18. chipsthedog1

      Sadly the banana thing did happen but years ago they have cameras on the crowd now and you best believe they would get banned for life and charged by the police for a hate crime. I wish I could just say it doesn't happen anymore because people have grown up and are not racist shits anymore but sadly that's not the reason it stopped

    19. Robby D

      Brilliant. You got me Montez.

    20. Marco Jaimes

      Clickbaitin ass Gray🤣🤣🤣

    21. Bugoyi RTJ

      Europe has racism, in fact as far as racism goes, most of white people have prejudice.... but unlike in America where racism is clearly, openly institutionalized, people are divided more so during the trump administration, Europeans do that during sports events and they’ve made significant progress (games get halted or even ended untimely), they still have a long way to go, but America is the worst

    22. Savagely Chill

      Click bait😂😂😂😂😂 Can’t believe Gary actually did it! Lmao

    23. Themba Shabangu

      Aah, they may throw a banana but they will not shoot them for no reason. If they do or even try, they go to jail period...🤘🤘

    24. Anthny Jckmn

      Thats a hell of an accusation to claim Dave stole Erik's jokes

    25. TheChozen1

      Boy chubby af

    26. IGhost

      The fact you did this is greart #prayforerik #knowyourworth

    27. Clarence Bryant

      Click bait promise fulfillment.. lmao

    28. Mercenary 1914

      They have hella good chemistry.

      1. donkey king

        some people confuse fake personalities with good chemistry

    29. DonKeyTube

      I click no matter what. Cheers buddy!

    30. KT so solid

      Awww man! I seen the title an just clicked

    31. MrDboi007

      This was great...I would love to see you and Erik start a podcast together!! That would be great

    32. SemySilva Silva

      well if you know gary, you should've expected

    33. Sheldon Long

      Click bait😂😂😂😂

    34. Sheldon Long

      Much Respect Gary! Your an inspiration!

    35. Johnnie P

      Happy to be here!

    36. emilio bustamante


      1. Niles Knives

        Can't wait to see who's here last.

      2. Annabelle nolan

        (damn) Second!