Working With Legends | #GetSome Ep. 130 with Affion Crocket

Gary Owen

3,1 миӊ. көрүүлөр1

    Affion Crocket shares some insight on what its like to work with GOATS like Martin Lawrence, James Earl Jones and #BernieMac.
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    1. Lambochaser

      I saw affion as an extra on sister sister the other day. He really has been in the game for years. Def jam and soul train. I like to see actors pop up in 90s shows and movies that I've never seen.

      1. Lambochaser

        @Lucky Kangaroo Oh yeah that too!

      2. Lucky Kangaroo

        Can't forget how fantastic he always was on wild n out

    2. But that's none of my business.

      #Wakanda #Afion #trinidadian

    3. Meemee Palmer

      Aye,what happened to ur furniture cuz? That is my favorite Affion line!!! Funny asf!

    4. Shuhei 69

      Shout out to Gary and affion ✌

    5. yunggrinda12