Germans Don't Like Being Asked Too Many Questions - Gary Owen

Gary Owen

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    This is what happens when a Black guy from Cincinnati and a white German girl sit in the front row of my show.
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    1. Keonne Williams

      Funny 😂😂😂💙

    2. Phyllis Robinson

      The way I'm looking at Gary he a happy person I love the way he talk about what happened in his life I sdcc so funny I love to be happy that take away stress being hsve your body healthy

    3. 01 02

      omg, that woman..why was she even THERE?? ......and how did she and that guy ever get together??, LoLoL!!😄🤣 she was sounding soooooooo 'German' and that was hilarious!! I've been to Germany a few times..and not in every city - also, probably not overall, percentage-wise ..but there are a LOT of black people there, just from my perspective, what I experienced..a lot of U.S. military are stationed in various locations over there, plus there are many immigrants from Africa and some of the rest of the diaspora..saw them nearly every day, wherever I went and mostly not just one at a business man, a brother - originally from somewhere in Africa [I forget where exactly] saw me through a youth hostel window [it was off-season, so they let people older than 26 stay there, too..a lot cheaper than hotels, btw - for anyone who wants to save money on accommodations, plus: fun, very easy to meet other travelers to roam around with] there was no security at that time and so he came in to talk to me - that turned out to be a bit crazy. also, first time I was there: I swear, when I took a train from Hamburg to go stay with a friend in Wiesbaden, came up from the underground station in Frankfurt and could have thought I was in Oakland!😁😆 brothers EVERYWHERE, wearing track suits & kangols, hanging around talking, dancing, rapping with their GIANT 'ghetto-blasters,' hahaha!! and there were a lot of black people on the base back then, idea if it's still even though the USA *still* has more military bases than any other single nation, all over the world [since WW2], a lot of them have been shut down..I loved Germany [70 years after the war, amazing how different things are], looking forward to visiting again.🌍🙋🏾‍♀️

    4. Joshh Ponce

      This what we need not u posting the same set over and over again

    5. Adrian Boight

      Matthew Boling has curly hair looks like he's got a little bit of blk in him lol

    6. Christian Meglio

      BTW: I am a dish. So stop telling me about soap.

    7. chris Will

      Improv on point! Keep it up Gary. You get an honorary invitation to all black BBQs!

    8. Javier Valdez

      Not that Dirk is Russian ain't he lol

    9. Korben Boombastik

      "She plays hard to get but then she loosens up" lol

    10. Backpfeifengesicht !

      The audio sucks

    11. Zen Nichels

      I can't take him telling jokes looking at his shoes. What's that about??? Lol. The German lady tho'...

    12. Charles Ham

      Why is there 1 pixel out on the right side..... Thought for a minute I had to get a new TV until I noticed it on my phone too.

      1. Lambochaser

        Okay lol thought it was just my phone.

    13. Oshane Salmon

      Sorry to say Gary he’s just as fast as the guy fastest Jamaican high schooler

    14. Ace Williams

      Lol!!😄Dude tonight!! When you hitting that shit from the back!!! "Halt Deine Schnauzer!!!"

    15. Ace Williams

      "You scared people are gonna find out!!?"

    16. Tevin Landry

      They especially hate being asked questions about German history between 1936 and 1945, for some reason.

      1. Panthersprung

        Maybe at the Nuremberg trials. Not anymore though. I like talking history.

      2. Backpfeifengesicht !

        Only if it's those typical American style questions like "how is it having Hitler as your president?" Or "Have you met Hitler?" Or simply shouting gibberish to be funny.

    17. twalrus1

      Hey Gary, see what you can do with "BWM" (Black Wives Matter)

    18. Aa Dottin

      She sounds fine af

      1. Jessica Fatimah

        She sounds rude

    19. Super Legendary Dre Marques


    20. Josh Zscheile

      This guy wants to be black REAL bad.

      1. Patricia Ceja


    21. Clarence Brown

      I heard u say nigga but you got it bruh😆😆 My white boi he cop so much work I let him say nigga💪🏾💯

    22. Sierra K. Bruno

      It’s the “You’re loosening up” for me 😂😂😂

    23. amanichi

      "halt die schnauze" i´m dying

    24. Willie Purdom

      Gary Owen is funny as hell!!

    25. LC Thatsit

      2:15 hold on did Gary say the N word and then turn around and say it again a few seconds later? Come on man! 🤦🏽‍♀️

      1. Patricia Ceja

        Gary would not do that.

      2. Lidiroyal

        He didn’t say it

      3. Amy D

        If you watch his vids he does a skit about not saying the n word.

      4. Amy D

        No, he said "an' this"

      5. Javier Orama

        He aint even finish it what you talkin bout

    26. Tua Tavila

      Gary Owen is stupid for picking on her...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍

    27. lrmy

      Does the dead pixel bother anyone else?

    28. tinybrownin

      I’m half German lol. Should I call Gary a culture vulture??? LMMFAO 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    29. tinybrownin

      What the hell is that black line on the screen??? It has allllllll my attention 🤦🏽‍♀️

      1. Domanique Johnson

        I think it's a sound bar

    30. August De La Creme

      I really only associate Germany with whites, I never thought about black people living there. I just thought Boris was an exception to the rule. I am a little surprised.

      1. Backpfeifengesicht !

        Lol there are more arabs than blacks, but there are some 😉


      This nigga Gary is a fool 😂😂❤️LOVE These clips!

    32. visenburg


    33. Hugh Camp

      Gary knows how to work the crowd !!!

    34. Eternal Mirth

      How does he sound like an old Japanese man when he’s speaking in his fake German

      1. Jane E

        That's what I said 🤣🤣

    35. Susp3ct 420%

      Love this dude 😂🤣

    36. Matt Nighstalker

      You can make fun of all races, then uploaded the "n word card" joke and deleted it with in 15 min.. should keep it equal right?

    37. Vicodyn

      Gary's Germans be sounding Japanese.

    38. Jocelyn Thomp

      Soooo funny

    39. Ricky Mwamba

      G.O is a genius!

    40. Latysha L.


    41. Lama 69

      Love it, made my day. 😂

    42. Toni Williams


    43. Toni Williams

      You got black in you somewhere lol 😂

    44. MsLady Lifestyle


    45. Drew Branch

      You’re stupid GARY!!!🤣🤣🤣

    46. francis makela

      Rammstein is God looool , the best band In the world

    47. Stacie LaBelle

      20 min later?! You are so crazy! 😂

    48. Earle Drayton

      Gary was struggling big time... not all that...tbh..

    49. Tiffany

      I guess u had to be there...

    50. day day

      Been watching gary since i was in middle school im 35 now u do the math

    51. woodzy

      Mabye its just my preferance but ive watched a few of these videos and none to me are funny at all. White guy using a blackcent is kind of wierd

      1. woodzy

        @Patricia Ceja no , im a huge comedy fan of all types , i just dont enjoy the pandering low hanging fruit that this guy does . Chapelle, bill burr , frankie boyle , tim dillon these are talented comedians

      2. Patricia Ceja

        Its called a sense of humor. Obviously you dont have one.

    52. o b m

      don’t sit in the front row of a standup comedy club and expect not to be talked too. did the broad think they was going to just sit there and laugh the whole time without being spoken too?

    53. Lily Rose

      The ones I knew like to asking questions and answering them

    54. GodVibesOnly 713

      Matthew Boling is from Houston

    55. Lucas Reese

      Dude, you're not a comedian. Go to sleep

      1. Terrill Moses

        Strange, considering he's been successfully doing it for 25 years.

    56. okonyaempire

      I am not taking any front raw seat

    57. Euro Guy 85

      Gary’s German got better as he kept talking to her

    58. leonard edwards

      Damn he was in dallas and I missed it

    59. ImCarbon

      add subtitles to all your videos!!!!! trust me!! fuckin love your work

    60. JonesTexan

      Detlef Schrempf and Uwe Blab! Yes! 💙💚

      1. Rikkid Germano

        Out of all the players, he forgot the black german player - Dennis Schröder!

    61. Aniya Raine

      Gary is a fool😁😁😁😂😂😂

    62. MrNimby ?s

      It’s easy to keep up with the white athletes there’s not that many doing all that good. You’re reminding them of a German interrogation!

    63. Joshua Dever

      He’s from Houston... went to Strake Jesuit High...


      Wait I thought Gary is black

      1. Maroccomar 23

        U can see his wife has indluence

      2. Seven Streams

        Nope. He always been white. He is married to a Black woman

      3. sowhat


    65. Vonk

      You know you can never sit in the front at a comedy show! And, once you make eye contact with the comedian, it’s ON! I’ve been pulled on stage in was fun though.

    66. Asad AlMuharib

      I love when Gary talks to the audience. I went to a stand up like a year or two ago in Hartford and he usualy stays after his shows and talks to his audience. I love it!

    67. Ray Smith

      Gary play too much!😂😂😂😂😂

      1. KB S

        Way too much. I’d be furious!

    68. Fuego Flame

      Damn I thought Gary gonna be funnier than this... Im bummed out

    69. brandon fifita


    70. Myster1970

      That's some quality crowd work right there. lol Some comedians aren't this good when they get off their material and ad lib, but this was funny!

    71. Flava Bean

      Jamaicans don't like to b questioned either😋

      1. toyamwarr

        I use to work for a Jamaican woman. She hated answering questions regardless of the reason.

      2. Ham

        I HATE IT

      3. rainer wells

        Shiiiit neither do I! At all I’m from Louisiana

    72. Devonte Mack

      Hey Gary!!! :)

    73. 4sondaprice

      Man I'm dyeing this got me rolling this shit hilarious!!!!!

    74. Al Mell

      Garys ability to ab lib is very special.some comedians dont like to interact with the audience.years ago I saw London Lee at resorts and I yelled out "are you from London".he replied and I quote "when you go to the movies,do you talk back to the screen".

      1. Lambochaser

        @Al Mell dont think so.

      2. Al Mell

        Gary.If someboby heckles you,just look back at them and say,Is that your face or did you just block a kick?It will bring the house down!

    75. Star Brand

      Matthew Boling does have a blonde Afro. Just saying.

      1. Rikkid Germano

        It's not an afro, he just happens to have curls.

    76. Setsuna

      "she plays hard to get" lmaooo this is so good

    77. flaco 313

      😷😷😷👏Come to Detroit fool!!

    78. Notorious G

      HIM and Christian McCaffrey. that kid is white. plays running back and has a fifth gear that kid can BURN

      1. Notorious G

        Yeah yeah a receiver I was sleepy but the point was he wasn't a standout in speed like his son is. That was the point.

      2. Luis Villa

        @Notorious G um his father was a wr, his father coached him up which most like give him a leg up on competition but actually am a fan of him and use connections for college had a couple of friends you played pro only few games I never believed them but the politics are just as bad as anything else, but none the less he can play ball

      3. Notorious G

        @Luis Villa i know who his father was, he was a kicker. Did you watch the video? What is the point to this reply?

      4. Luis Villa

        His pops also played with the Broncos "easy e" ed McCaffrey

    79. Esmé

      I don’t understand what you’re saying😅

    80. VersiVe Manhattan

      Mannnnnnnnn 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    81. Cee Cee

      Gary, you crazy af. 😂😂😂 Question: So, when are you coming to HTOWN? 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Cee Cee

        @Rick G That's what's up!

      2. Rick G

        Yeah Iv been waiting too . I’m from east Houston . Near Channelveiew

    82. Ryan Gemellaro

      He Is Wearing A “Black Famous” Shirt On Which Is Very Funny,and That Is Insane I Can Say!!!!🇬🇱🇨🇦🇺🇸🇲🇽🇯🇲🇹🇹🇰🇵🇰🇷🇹🇿🇿🇦

      1. Kevin Stewart

        Might be wrong be think he did lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

      2. Kevin Stewart

        We won funniest black comedian I'm Mami I think. Says it in one of his shows, also a Hispanic was in the competition too.

      3. MavrikUSMC

        @Sumedh Habbu the cartoon was produced here, but it was in many languages

      4. Sumedh Habbu

        @MavrikUSMC oh.. Ok.. Thanks! Although, I still haven't understood the connection of the song to this comment. Must be an American thing??

      5. Maria Pagan

        I can't even understand this comment what exactly are you trying to relay???

    83. Nicholas Alejandro

      So nobody caught Gary saying nigga? 2:14 min

    84. john eric

      Gary came to Columbus and shut that b**** down man! True talent man funny joke teller and just funny on improv bravo

      1. Lambochaser


    85. Sean Juhn

      He lucky she didnt kick his play to much sometime😂

    86. offseazon


    87. Linea Alba

      Be prepared going to a comedy show to be part of entertainment, if the comic notices or talks with you !

      1. Rikkid Germano

        This is what I love about Stand Up comedy, it really shows if the comedian is naturally funny.

    88. Karen Daniel

      So funny lol

    89. Watz YourSign

      Datz The NASTY NATI 4ya😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂

    90. Mauro Villarreal


    91. Lyna Beena

      Yup. As a blk German I approve. That's why our beaches and lakes are mostly nude. From very early on we learn something called " Mind your business, worry about yourself"😂😂😂

      1. Dj Crypto Blessed

        @01 02 You indoctrinated fools never seem to amaze me at all. You're so far gone that when someone actually tell you the truth your dumb down indoctrinated on lies self reject it. Your history is a lie and you don't know where you come from like most. You can't place not one pale skin 10k years back on any landmass on earth. Respect your elders since we're still the MAJORITY ON EARTH. Go back to work check to check slav

      2. 01 02

        @Dj Crypto Blessed you feel THAT powerless?? you're pathetic, not even making sense..all out of context, just 'talking' nonsense to make a ridiculous noise.🙄

      3. Dj Crypto Blessed

        @01 02 It's not up for debate. Stay in your indoctrinated world peasant.

      4. 01 02

        @Dj Crypto Blessed that's not even remotely true.🙄

      5. 01 02

        @DJ Lansing NO, you just made that up..and don't understand at ALL what she means..or know history - what Hitler, in all of his hatred, was so pathetically worried about..your reply comment, that's sad..and so ignorant.

    92. Rikkid Germano

      Messing with us germans, hugh?! I like it lol

    93. CanihaveaCourter


    94. Nathan Jordan

      That made up language sounds Asian as f XD

      1. Omegaweapon116

        Sounds like it could be Japanese

    95. Jessibella 01

      ☺️😆☺️😆...Gary says the first thing that pops in his head. 😆😊😆😊 “ scared somebody’s gonna find out?!” ....ok, now I’m gonna talk about I’m gonna embarrass you, but I’m sorry...this is what I do.

    96. Kimberly Divine


      1. Kilamkam47

        Ummmm.. Im not sure but I'll come back to this post when I'm traveling 😎😘....

      2. HottRoundzProduction

        Kimberly Divine true!

      3. Kimberly Divine

        @HottRoundzProduction 😂😂 I just wanna make sure when he passes by Canada that he knows he's loved in Montreal...Vancouver or Toronto aren't the only spots 2b in that's all😜😁

      4. HottRoundzProduction

        Everyone knows montreal is in canada lol

    97. kwesi bell

      I gotta make it to one of your shows sir FRFR Awesome as usual much love and respect👍👍👍👍💯💯💯💯

    98. kwesi bell

      Lmao i wish i could see the look on her face😂😂😂😂😂😂 the crowd reactions are PRICELESS😀😀😀

    99. Oldhead Deuce

      I know u can freestyle

    100. DorySummers

      I sympathize with her on such a deep level. I'd be so nervous if a comedian kept asking me in front of the whole crowd 🙈

      1. You Wish

        It’s not that bad i took my bad to dL and I tried to tell me dad to change this outfit but he didn’t know to listen and dL cook the shit out my dad

      2. DorySummers

        @Anne Schmidt that sound amazing. I think it depends on the person there are just people who don't like to talk in front of others. I'm someone who don't like it when I'm unprepared 🙈 but if you flexible and spontaneous enough then, yeah, you can have the best night ever

      3. DorySummers

        @Rikkid Germano yeah that would by strategy, she brought it on herself, but maybe she just didn't think it through or haven't been to many stand up comedy nights

      4. Rikkid Germano

        This is maybe one of the best things that can happen to you when you attend a show. In case you don't want to be involved, I suggest you sit in the back next time.

      5. Anne Schmidt

        Not necessarily @ One of my best memories, sitting front row in LA comedy club in 1974, and Richard Pryor gave me the business because of my laugh, uncontrollable! It was comedy, at it's best, and I loved it.