Go 50 It's Your Birthday! | #GetSome Ep. 120

Gary Owen

3,5 миӊ. көрүүлөр1

    Happy Birthday @50 Cent. Thank you for writing lyrics that are easy to translate. Oh yeah, thanks for hiring Jerry Ferrara who’s my guest on this week's podcast! The rest of Ep. 120 is coming out tomorrow at 10am PT at the links below! Hope you enjoy the sneak peak...
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    1. Nitahugankiss628

      Ctfu yooo lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. President Oneday


    3. Jonnie Hickson

      Gary, why you blushing!🤣

    4. Simone Chapman

      You must not have heard how 50 Cent and Lil Wayne dang was talking about black women recently, 50 Cent can go kick rocks!!!!! 🤔 👶🏿

    5. A Angie S

      I loved this song. I basically liked the hot beat. Made me rock to the beat while driving,🤣🤣🤣🤣

    6. URSULA Kelly

      This was too funny😂 Gary you said it was easy, not easy it just makes sense. The lyrics now are really hard hard to figure out.

    7. B Phoxay

      Like you Gary!🤩.... #Not50

    8. Lez Moore

      Lol!!! 🤣🤣🤣 You are so married!

    9. Tiffany

      Lookin good Gar! 😍

    10. n2meuc2

      Nice editing Gary!! Looking forward to listening to the episode. As crazy as covid has been, I am super proud that you have been able to capitalize on it with your access to guest/your friends on the podcast! #genius

    11. T. A.

      Why is this video so short. KENYA 😮😮😡😡

    12. Lisa Webb

      Not play with the stick 😀🍫🍫🍭

    13. Black Girl Magic

      After hearing u read those lyrics....50 DEF DIDN'T WRITE THEM.

      1. Tiffany


    14. Ace Hardy


    15. Dawn Fisher

      Love Me sum 50.. U go gary!

    16. toyamwarr

      I was not expecting this at all.

    17. LordBlkfyre Tully

      Love u for this Gary!! I'm very animated myself hahah....fyi NO MORE BOUNCING UP AND DOWN inna chair smh lmfao

    18. Caressa Clark

      So random... 😂

    19. Felicia Vinson

      Gary is krazy as hell # Gary is Kra Kra

    20. cory ddp

      This is definitely a married man. I remember telling people at work about fun weekends I had when I used to go out a lot in Washington DC. The married man would just listen and then say my wife don't do those type of things lol

    21. Eva C

      When a wife...goes all in. Hey.. hahahaaha

    22. Cherry Cherry


    23. Eva C

      I will get some. Lol

    24. Eva C

      This is too funny hahahaaha

    25. honesty b

      Lol you are always tooo funny

    26. Eva C


    27. Eva C