He Ripped My Tooth Out!

Gary Owen

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    Did I mention my stepdad was crazy?
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    1. Jennifer Corio

      Omfg I’m heartbroken hearing this. As a dental assistant I can say tooth probably wasn’t quite ready to go and the root was partially intact which is like a saw blade. You needed more time. I can only imagine how much that hurt. A 5 yr old passes out and they laughed. Shame on them.

    2. This is Me. Bridgett!

      Wow! 🥺 Surprised you're not totally traumatized!!

    3. Kindra Cooper

      I understand your stories, I grew up in cps. Parents sucked back when we where kids.

    4. unexpected vixen

      The tooth fairy aka my nana accidentally gave me a crisp new 100 dollar bill for my first lost tooth. My grandparents were very well off and she ment to put a 10 under my pillow. When my mom called her the next day saying something along the lines of " mom what the hells wrong with you,that was a hundred dollar bill?!" Nana replied "just take her to the toy store,I'll only put 10 for sure next time" lol. It looked like the Mattel factory blew up in my house a day later.🤣

    5. COX GYRL

      Gary I hope when you grew up you beat your step-monsters ASS. Your stories are funny NOW but I know it wasn't funny then. May God continue to bless and keep you and your family safe.

    6. Kimberly Springfield

      Does anybody else want to kick his stepdads ass??

    7. Mary Richards

      Your stepdad is an asshole!!! Sorry but it needed to be said! I had adults like this growing up. They are the same miserable people they’ve always been. Glad you turned out to be such a good guy Gary!! You’re comedy puts a smile on my face!! 💕

    8. Kanya G

      Every time you tell one of your "crazy stepdad stories", I get so sad for little Gary and then so happy and proud of grown-up Gary that you've moved on and can laugh about all of your traumas. Were about the same age and I've lived through a lot of them too. So happy you were able to use your upbringing as motivation for success. There's really a special place in hell for some of our caretakers... Be blessed.

    9. BlackTyeChi

      Every parent did it that way for our generation, you were just pussy. 🤣 I remember someone doing it to someone using a doorknob .

    10. Dontae Hicks

      Is this a black thing because my parents did the exact same thing to like ALL my baby teeth

    11. Mel Trowsdale

      Being able to share these stories about him and have so many people see them because you're successful, is revenge served cold.

    12. Karina Ramirez-Rattan

      I hate your step-dad SO much Gary!!!

    13. Wrong Folkes

      I didn’t finish watching this video. I refuse to. My heart goes out to Gary. I’m glad he was able to strive for a better life.

    14. laurie o

      Lmao, poor thing passing out. My family tied my loose teeth to door knobs n slammed that door. Only thing that upset me was we'd lose the tooth and I wanted $, lol.

    15. Jill Dambrosio

      Great hearing from you again. Your step dad was/is an asshole.

    16. Cathy Doherty

      Gary your step dad sounds like a real live nutter. I feel for you Gary your life wasn't good. Social services should have been called to save you kids.

    17. Catch Da Craze Podcast - Indie Creator Interviews

      That’s just nuts 😦

    18. Deb Iseeu

      Gary, that trauma could the answer to your craziness 😂

    19. Karen Harris

      How cold your stepdad be so cruel? He has know redeeming qualities. How could your mother allow this? I wonder if she watches these videos. Someone should show her. It is a wonder that your are the man you are of today.

    20. elizabeth matthews

      Omg Garry I got chills just hearing the story

    21. Jessibella 01

      I so upset with your step dad...ugh.

    22. Mí*Love

      Geeze Gary! 😬 It's a wonder you're sane!! Wow 😄

    23. Sheri Smith

      Man thats to funny lmao..😂

    24. Loretta Knoelk

      Omg!!! I didn't think people really did that!!! When people said that I always thought they were joking!!

    25. Stella Phillips

      We used to get a dime but I’m abt 20 years older than u!

    26. Richard Allen

      Hey at least you're tooth came back right XD Same tooth, I had loose and I wouldn't stop messing with it. It finally fell out cause I wouldn't leave it alone and the second tooth grew out pushed forward. So now my over bite has an over bite 😂


      Thank you Gary for learning what NOT to do as it relates to being a father.

    28. Star Brand

      You're supposed to make us laugh, not make us more depressed. Jeez. But I still love you.

    29. lynn's journey

      Such an evil man.

    30. Plott-N-Stitch

      This would be a funny animated clip

    31. Laia Jones

      I felt bad laughing because the story was so traumatic. 😁

    32. Buc_Odie

      Sorry to see you off the road. You don't look too happy about it. But you kept your word and hit us with a crazy step-dad story. And I'm glad you did. I am feeling a little down today but your video got a little smile out of me so thanks for that. Your step-dad was so old school I forget we're around the same age. It's like you were raised in a by gone era.

    33. Yanela Pumane

      This is lowkey child abuse... actually it's not even that lowkey 😣.

      1. Desmond Brooks


      2. Desmond Brooks

        Uhh to utt s

    34. K Love

      Wow that was mean.. taught you to be a better person,NO ITS NOT NORMAL TO PASS OUT. Bless your heart GARY

    35. Sharon White

      Your stepfather was a “SADIST”.

    36. Cee Cee

      Things parents did back then would be considered child abuse today! 😐

    37. Ari MH

      How traumatic, glad you broke that connection before it became a cycle. You’re a great role model for kids that grew up like us, to strive for more than we knew.

    38. sina makivic

      Lol, I remember the bathroom door. Tied it to the handle and then to the tooth and *slam*

    39. Gam3kid

      Gary I appreciate your videos during lock down..x2


      He has no redeeming qualities.

    41. Marilyn Brown

      Yo step-dad is crazy

    42. Brenda Hearn

      Dang Gary! Your stepdad was a real SOB! He never should’ve been left alone with a child!😡 God Bless you for coming through it and being a really cool human being. I ❤️your comedy and your attitude towards life in general. Especially the “Little Gary” from the Lockdown Days. Stay Gold!☮️

    43. Ashiya Nelson #RawVeganAthlete

      WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THAT GUY!!!?🗣 No, he gets 0 redemption!!! Freaking psychopath! On the flip side, you’re a MAGNIFICENT story teller.😌✊🏽😁

    44. Bob Eshelman

      Lol good!!

    45. MrAlex3132003

      IDK if his stepdad is dead, but i'd love to hear some of his Gary stories as well, lol!!!

    46. OIdBIueArms

      These stories make me so sad and so angry

    47. deborahlynn1988

      Talk about traumatic!!! Dang Gary😬

    48. chacolot1

      My grandfather would do that. Thankfully not to me, but my cousins

    49. George Beckwith


    50. AlligatorShuz

      Gary, where is your deranged stepdad at today?

    51. Tammy Soto

      Hi Gary..... How is it being back in the Clubs...

    52. ATX - Beautiful_Silver

      That made me sad.

    53. WildNCrazyGuy

      I bet you hook your kids up when it comes to the tooth fairy :)

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    55. aa vv


    56. Highlite36

      Love Crazy Stepdad Stories!!! More, please!!!

    57. Lez Moore

      Some of these stories can be hard to listen to, but I’m glad you do them Gary. It lets people who need it know they’re not alone. People can look at your life today, and have hope that their circumstances can change also. It takes time, hard work, and a fighting spirit.

    58. Andra

      It's a wonder why you haven't ramboed his ass.

    59. Lady G

      Where the hell was your Mom while you were being abused by this trailer park monster?

    60. Tennille Patterson

      Wow, your step dad was an asshole.😒

    61. Kool Handluke

      woowhoo im 700! lol

    62. Cecily Cook

      🤣🤣🤣 my military parents used to make me lay down on the bed while they used their finger/nails to rip mine out. They've pulled out multiple teeth of mine once they got loose. I finally got smart enough to quit telling them and ripped them out myself after awhile 🤣🤣🤣

    63. DZ Arlington

      Why is this abuse? My older brothers used to do that to me everytime I had a loose tooth when I was a kid. I fell for it everytime lol. The logic was if you have a loose baby tooth and you don't get it out on time, the new one grows crooked in its place and you'll look crazy. That was enough to convince me at 5 years old.

    64. Black Sunday Jess

      You need to go back and whoop his a$$ for general purpose

    65. A A

      Your step dad is so GHETTO 😭😭🙄🙄🙄🙄 lmaoooo why am I kinda pissed listening to this story? I feel like I need to be mama bear for 5 year old Gary💔. We’re all about to fly to Ohio and bring the beef to his doorstep, HOW BOUT DAT? 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽

    66. Kay H

      I'm so glad you made it out. Can't imagine someone as gentle as you going through this & how can ANY adult not see an issue with this. Even til this day, how can he not feel like he owes you an apology 😢💔😢💔

    67. LadyDay K

      Childhood stories like this are the reason I don't romanticize being a kid. You are so freaking powerless and have to live in a world in which adults provide for you whether you like it or not. Your entire life EVERY DAY ALL DAY is somebody telling you what to do (eat, sleep, work, go outside, stay inside)..ugh! I left home at 19 and I dont mind paying the cost to be my own boss.

    68. Dave Parker

      Still 123 days later

    69. Zakiyah Pierce

      It's amazing that you're not crazy and mean.

    70. Giselle Nuveau

      I can already tell I won't be able to listen to this just from reading the comments. The stuff he did to you mentally as child is too much. I sure can't handle the physical. Your stepdad is a horrible creature.

    71. Scott Williams

      Gary, you're with the people but why don't you ever comment to u (somebody that's not acting a fool or being disrespectful)? In these times, why not do that once a week or month? Are you afraid of a mistake? Love your work, keep doing yo thing.

    72. shaqmar 1

      I love and hate your crazy stepdad stories. I get more pissed at your mom for allowing this. Glad you made it out.

    73. christine aubrey

      No your step father was. Sadist...

    74. Colorado Haze

      My first tooth was tied to the bathroom door I didn't pass out but I was traumatized never did that to my kids

    75. Bundy Williams

      My pops used to tie a string to loose teeth too. Lol tie to the door and close it. I didn't pass out tho😂😂😂

    76. Doris Acheampong

      Gary I'm happy you back temporary. I can only imagine how afraid you was to pass out. You Stepdad is a piece is Sh** n your Mama for allowing him to abuse you. I'm so happy Gary you have beautiful wife Kenya, your son Austin, daughter Kennedy, stepson sorry I can remeber his name. You derserve to have the hood life you mow has. I hate your Mama for letting this man abuse her child. God bless you Gary.

    77. Chanel No.5

      Aww Lil Gary 💕💕 Is there statute of limitations in his county/state? 🤬🤬🤬 Love you Gary💕

    78. Îris Wilson


    79. Albert R.

      Reminds me of that movie scene..."guess I'm just a pussy huh???"...and the answer is yes lol

    80. Len Nie

      This is how I lost most of my first teeth as a child, I even did it to myself two or three times. We even had things like this in children tv-programs doing it, altough they did more versions of it like tying the string to a horse or jumping down from a high spot.

    81. cartersquar3d

      I had one of those stepdads. Abuse is funny type. I was lucky. I am a rather large guy and when I was 14 stepdad got caught cheating on mom and I just hit 6'1". Most enjoyable ass kicking I ever handed out. I believe we went to Stewart Jr. High in Oxford back in the 80's. I was one of the Bunker Hill boys, the youngest actually. Love your stand up and podcasts. Cool to see SE Ohio have some funny out in the world. Much love brother.

    82. sbaconceo

      My step-father passed away, 10 years ago. He missed out on the 'Ass-Whoopin' us kids (I'm 67) was going to give him. The big brother you didn't want.

    83. V PeRK V

      Nah Gary, with inflation, it's around 200.00. Remember when gas was 84 cents a gallon. That wasn't too long ago, I'm not that old.

    84. V PeRK V

      Can we get the guy that does the jre toons to do these stories. They would be awesome.

    85. Kevin Jones

      I’m sure ur 50cent piece was switched out for a quarter how u tell the stories of him u try not to put him in a bad light u choose ur words wise ur stepdad is a dick

    86. The One

      Woooow the visual of a five year old Gary laying there on the floor passed out and know one cared enough to see if you were okay, makes my heart so sad. Big ups to you Gary, in the end all the b.s. you endured is why you are who you are today.

    87. Madam X

      So he was a simp at a young age? LMAO It really shows. He is too soft to be an ALPHA MALE.

      1. dn in VA

        Obviously you're still a young age. And a girl who looks like a man. Hahahahahahahaha worry about yourself.

    88. JUKE179r

      What up Vet! The 2 people that gave this a thumbs down are dentists. 😂

    89. Stacy Large

      When I was five with loose tooth my family tied a string around it and as they were tying the other end to a door knob I wised up and screaming NO grabbed the string away from them pulling it out myself in doing so it didnt hurt but it was a dirty trick grownups suck never grow up....

    90. Marsha Boling

      😳 that’s sad step dad is HORRIBLE 😂.

    91. noel wright

      Dude you a good and humble guy, cause at your size now I would have went to your step dad jaw, and said that’s for ALL THE SH?T YOU DID TO ME WHEN I WAS LITTLE GUY, YOU BASTARD. You really are a humble dude that why I watch your vid’s

    92. Drusilla Cole

      I would have got all of my family members and we would have kicked his behind really good lmaoooooo 😀😁😂🤣😃😄😅😆

    93. Lynda Gichanda

      Call this Gary Owen's Lockdown series

    94. Peachola Lamkin

      Isn’t that child abuse?

    95. Shonufff88

      Dang, how did you survive him.

    96. WestDallasBoy

      Gary!!! Welcome back homie!!!

    97. pumpkin pie

      I want to pull that man's tooth, one that is well rooted. He was awful to you and it isn't funny.

      1. Robin Casto

        He sounds like he doesn't have any teeth.

    98. JAY ALEX

      Gary these stepdad videos are very amusing now that you're older an can laugh about it but I have a question. Looking back on it now, do you think your stepdad was just mean because you weren't his blood, just a mean person, or he just didn't know how to be a parent?

    99. J2 .a

      I need my tooth pull right now it’s not loose it’s broken this shit hurts

    100. B Butler

      We got all the love for you that you didn't get as a kid 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️