Russell Peters | #GetSome Ep. 126 with Gary Owen

Gary Owen

60 миӊ. көрүүлөр17

    This week on the #GetSome podcast, Gary is joined by his good friend and world-renowned stand-up comedian, Russell Peters! There are a LOT of great stories in this episode - everything from how they first met, to their thoughts on the current state of comedy. Russell also shares his experiences touring all over the world and being the first guy to ever have a Netflix special.
    Comedian-actor Gary Owen has been leaving audiences with tears in their eyes for over a decade - in the best way, of course! In his podcast #GetSome, Gary discusses the latest and greatest in pop culture, sports, and live entertainment, with his own comedic flair. Laugh along with Gary and his special celebrity guests each week, and maybe learn a thing or two while you’re at it!
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    1. CaapriceTube

      Gary with all the token white boys on the wall, lol just missing, ironically 3:40 - robin thicke, timberlake, jon b. and reggae artist, snow.

    2. T ELAM

      Russell is a Racist with a lot of black friends. Ralphie did watermelon jokes.

    3. Plfj Aa

      It's funny how the 2 think their normal people.

    4. Wadjet

      This is the most comfortable interview I've seen thus far.. you never apologized to Davis. You basically called your best drinking buddy a hoe the whole interview. And you clearly don't understand black lives matter.

    5. alex lim

      Tracys from Auburndale FL

    6. Christina Williams

      Love Russell Peters. Of course I love Gary too, I'm here for all of it!

    7. Pierre Beaumont

      I DID know what an acetate was....I'm a fan of comedy and rap

    8. Emma Jayne


    9. Pierre Beaumont

      Almost Gary....

    10. Bbearhug Thomas

      They talking about 10 year contracts....503 million just signed.

    11. jayr124589

      That shit about Tyson being asked about the fight saying don’t feel bad for Roy Jones he’s gonna make enough money to buy a fly ass wheelchair is hilarious...😂😂😂

    12. WavyWade25

      Love Russell he funny

    13. WavyWade25

      One of the funniest episodes of the podcast Gary!!!

    14. VeLi

      I’m not Trynna be that guy but sheesh 28:00 they got extremely racist pretty much called black people - cheap, no tipping, always fighting and complaining bout everything and want you to return food, needy (the shoes), Just all out grouped black people and named of the stereotype

    15. Bea B

      Rich Little was tremendous. All hail Canadian humo(u)r!

    16. words wpns

      Peters tells a story , then comes to an ubrupt halt. not a good story teller.

    17. Atl Peach

      Oh wow!! I know all of those places they named in Atlanta!! 559 was my spot! Parking Lot Pimpin was a sport there! LOL

    18. Madlib Beats

      I wonder if Russell Peters actually knows all these people that he says he's friends with. There's only so much data you can have in your head

    19. APisceanSlant

      Russell's Whitney joke at 35:00 and Gary's delayed reaction to it 😂

    20. SagaciousR26

      ❤ Russell Peter's comedy! When he mimics other languages, is he saying real words? Love that you both bring the world closer together with your comedy!

    21. xsicrx xsicrx

      Gary Owens and Russell peters 2 great comedians ❤️❤️👌👌

    22. frost hiphop

      Was watching The Wayans Bros last night saw Gary in 1 of the episodes, this dude hasn't change 1 thing

    23. HiralNishan PatelVyas

      Met Russell in Indy at a bar after the show ; I was “ that guy fan boy”, he was so nice and took a pic with me and my wife. Thanks Helping me out that night

    24. Dav Mkr

      Russell Peters is a certified comic son

    25. Toni Le

      Russell! Best comedian hands down!!!!

    26. K Ly

      Russell is sounding gruff like Aries spears.

    27. M Rowland

      Man I can't believe this doesn't have more views. I love you Russell!! Gary love you too and your show. Love that you finally officially started a podcast/ KGup this WILL blow up!

    28. hunited

      @16:46 shout to that joke that did not go over my head.

    29. Spencer Collins

      Yo! It's pronounced "Gary Owens"!

    30. gloria candler

      Hilarious..we had a AMC Hornet too. it was brown....the kids would be in the back back waving at the trucker drivers between San Diego and Monterey...

    31. IswearItWasn’tMe Doe

      I was going to listen to this.... then I notice he has a painting of himself with Larry Bird and Eminem in the background....

      1. IswearItWasn’tMe Doe

        ​@Jwda thefax - Lets pretend it is for Comedies sake... I still don't think its very funny to Point out you are in fact NOT the GOAT by putting yourself in that Category/group lol (literally)- Stolen valor was never funny or cool to begin with lol - maybe I don't understand Comedy lol Like "hey look at how funny it is I surrounded my self with the greatest White rapper and the greatest White basketball player and I just consider myself a good enough comedian - Not the GOAT like them" Ok - you got me. Comedy gold! Brilliant comedy innit? This guys' reduced himself to the joke. Clown

      2. Jwda thefax

        IswearItWasn’tMe Doe - Now what about his personality would make you think that he’s insinuating that? Think about’s clearly a joke. Their relationship with black people is probably the other reason he put those pictures together.

      3. IswearItWasn’tMe Doe

        @Jwda thefax - I'm relaxed bud... I'm not the one insinuating to be the GOAT lol

      4. Jwda thefax

        Knowing him, it’s probably supposed to be funny. I mean look at the difference in facial expressions of the three pictures......relax.

    32. tyrone williams

      KGup, BORN GOD Character of a Man CHECK IT OUT

    33. Lynette Hillery

      May we had the same AMC Hornet, and called the hatch the back-back too. That is too funny! I thought it was just us.

    34. williamdonner68

      Bruh!!! The Tyson impersonation is spot on!!!!🤣👍🏽

    35. loswitthemost33 jj

      My doooood. Rp the g. Go tha goat

    36. Desmodad84

      Working at Taco Bell is great they give you free diarrhea and everything

    37. Leland Bronx Avenue

      On another note Russell Peters just subliminally broke down 6ix 9ine's Security Budget...... 😈 Excellent

      1. leland Bronx Ave

        4:36- 4:54

    38. Mitsuo Mits

      ... Ferguson... Craig Ferguson! 😄😄😄 btw asetate soind like something cavemen used to draw cows on their cave walls. Get the joke please😄😄😄😄

    39. RonJammin

      Gary Owen looks like if Don Rickles and Darren Carter had a baby. New subscriber, love Russell!

    40. mu3ic2

      4 minutes in and my cheeks are already hurting 🤣🤣

    41. Charita Ford

      Low key flex session through and through. Proud of y’all 🙌🏾

    42. Erika Harper

      Gary can you get Jamie Foxx?

    43. justdanadane

      Came for the comedy & got a Big Daddy Kane story!! 😍 You missed a great opportunity to talk about William Shatner & a second season of The Indian Detective, though.

    44. Penny Ford

      I sang the American Nation Anthem for the Lennox Lewis vs Tony Tucker fight at the Thomas and Mack Center May of 1993. A crazy story goes with that.....lolIt was great watching you guys chop it up on boxing but Gary... You must also talk about the RICH history Cincinnati has in boxing... Ezzard Charles, Aaron “The Hawk” Pryor, Tommy Ayers, and this new little fool Bronner....lolol... Greetings from a Black American Cincinnati Gurl in Germany 🇩🇪......

    45. Adris Jones

      Yo Gary we are liking the famous people on your podcast but we would like to see your dad sometimes you got to make that happen like once a month or something he is a funny dude.

      1. Plfj Aa

        Yeah his dad is funny.

    46. Dane Whaley

      So good!

    47. Billy Hornet

      Change your password Gary, we saw your password when you were texting Vince.

    48. Mygaby Mygaby

      You both are hilarious. I'm a big fan of the both of you for many years. Just wanted to say I have a pic with Gary at a meet and greet in Chicago.. I taught you the Rudy Giuliani handshake. I ALSO have a pic with Russell, He was kind enough to take a pic with me in my police uniform after he arrived at OHare in Terminal 3. (#FtayeDiggs) jk. Thank you You Both for being funny.. "youz" make me laugh every time.

    49. Cameron

      I heard Eddie Griffin wants a fresh pair of air forces each show. That's a flex.

    50. Kathy Bastian

      Russell is one of my favorite comedians!! Chappelle, Jo Koy, Sebastian Maniscalco, Russell. Thanks for having him on the podcast.

    51. ROOT LADY

      Hey Brotha Gary!#HIDDENPOSSE

    52. starinthem

      Gary, I need you to get an outro saying or something lol

    53. Sonny Johal

      Anything with Russell Peters in it, I'm watching!!!

    54. Monalisa Smiles

      If anyone remembers most Mike Tyson’s fights. Most did not go past 4 to 5 rounds max. Gary you are right, I’m scared for Roy too. Mike will massacre him. 😩😩😩

    55. R C

      russell peters must be lyin', cause his nose look bigger. pause?

      1. R C

        his mike tyson impersonation is on point tho. 100

    56. Karabo M. Rannobe

      35:04 when he caught it... why would you do this...triggered

    57. Student of life.

      The only two good things from Ohio Go Jo hand cleaner and Gary Owen. Lol

    58. K. Beezley

      Tulsa!!! Woo!!!!

    59. Diontaye English

      Dr. Thicke 🤣🤣

    60. 628kammal

      If these two went on tour they should call it “ curry&grits “ lol

    61. L C

      Cute...16:45 We're doing this video together so co-vid"

    62. Savagely Chill

      57:15 give this man a bottle of water.

    63. Neko Black

      Lmao Gary almost said the n-word

    64. James Sullivan

      Yes, Ralphie was born in Arkansas or his Dad is.

    65. Carmen Vereen trailer park is tried and true.

    66. Nikos Koutroumanidis

      No one mentiones that he opened for f#%ing george carlin!

    67. YONCE 8701

      What??? I am Blackityblack and Russell is INSANELY LOVED!!! Stop playing!!😆😅🤘🏾

      1. Nachiket Joshi

        I guess they were talking about era wise?

    68. The Mercy Seat

      "10 mil a year...really shitty" ? 😆

    69. Solo Romero

      Don't spoil the kids, make them earn things from you. Give them chores. Reward them for making their bed.s and picking up behind themselves. wow. Try to teach them empathy by taking them to soup kitchens to feed the homeless.

    70. Jem

      Shout out Mississauga gang!!! Edit: And Brampton too, I guess.

    71. Adan Hernandez

      there was an insane amount of dad jokes on this episode hahaha 😂

    72. JB

      what is this in the beginning? im poor no im black lol

    73. D-Day Fitness

      I’m sorry, but SOULJA-BOY was the FIRST CLICK BATER of ALL TIME!OF ALL TIME!

    74. wolfshield x

      aries is bs about that black comic thing. sounds like hating how does he know they would talk the same?

    75. Built Electric T.V.

      I swear Russell Peter is a the world most interesting MAN LOL

      1. Erika Harper

        I got bored

      2. Erika Harper

        He's cool 🤷🏾‍♀️. I thought this interview was going to be a lot more interesting.

      3. ROOT LADY


      4. ROOT LADY


    76. epiphanyloa

      Thanks for introducing me to Russell Peters! I'm glad I am one of those that have disposable income (tip your waiters/waitresses folks).

    77. Delana Oliver

      Craig Ferguson

    78. LAMusicSound California

      CRAIG FERGUSON and this the time Gary Performed on his show. Yo Gary, you should have him on your podcast. He's funny AF. His Kieth Richards/Mick Jagger/Rolling Stones impersonation & story when he wrote while he was on tour with them is hilarious. Stay up.

    79. Jamie Cousins

      Eddie Griffin is the comedian who needs a new pair of white AF1’s for every show. 😂😂😂

      1. Kalifornias Gold

        Thank you I was wrecking my brain right now!

      2. T ELAM

        Good for Eddie. $200 worth of Booz and food ........ or clothing.

      3. Kelvin Lovett


      4. ROOT LADY

        🙄leave my Brotha alone!😅

    80. moorebounce

      I was at my parent's house for the Buster fight. My older brother used to run the streets with Buster Douglas and was a fighter too and was the only on in the house who thought Buster was gonna win. We all looked at my brother and said get the %@$& out of here. He said no Buster was in the best shape he's ever seen him in. We were laughing until he knocked Mike out.

    81. Rusty Mcgruff

      Russells one of the big time comedians that knows how to not play himself out.

      1. DNYG

        Blanket statement.. it'd be more accurate to note that russ doesn't "play himself out" because he doesn't have his own podcast

    82. Raghuram Menon

      Russell: **coughs** Gary: Not a good time to cough bro Russell: We're doing this video's Co-vid!

      1. Bryan Smith

        These MOFOS are hilarious 😂😂

    83. Eveliza Garay

      Great show!!!

    84. 100it

      are russ' contacts dry ??

    85. Captain McBalls

      Russel looks like he been working out. Good for him!

    86. Christopher M Taylor Christopher M Taylor

      Russel Peters is awesome!

    87. Wesley Broadnax

      what was the name of those cigars again?

    88. Mo Sabari

      I love when Russell says "they eat and drink alot...they have good disposable income" Hmmm...I wonder what he is saying?

    89. Kay Also

      Thanks for the boxing match heads up. Had no idea👍

    90. Kay Also

      1:00:40-1:00:50 😂😂😂

    91. Brandon Sawdey

      I'm only 3 minutes in an this is already hilarious

    92. black polo 715

      He said it was a guy from Atlanta I can't catch the name somebody help me LoL 😂🤣

    93. Chelsea Dillon

      Love Jamie Foxx! Held up was such a good movie!!

    94. Felicia Vinson

      Gary keep it 100 . To make sure u come back to his show

    95. Chris Hue

      russell peters was the first stand up special i ever saw, been a fan of stand up comedy ever since. russell peters my all time favorite, thanks for having him on gary you dope too

    96. Sweets Hunni Bunni

      You seem Cool Gary, but I'm giving you the side eye based on how you use stereotypes to your advantage and then portray to utilize critical thinking or logical reasoning to understand however I view it as corny when I sense you are using your white ignorance as a weapon. But, hey that's my opinion, and I'm no one, however think it over unless you're corny in general. Then I can appreciate you more!

      1. Student of life.

        @Sweets Hunni Bunni that was most kind of you.You gave your opinion and I should have just respected it and not criticize it.So I apologise for it.

      2. Sweets Hunni Bunni

        @Student of life. I understand your point. I considered that after my post however I just needed to clear my initial thoughts of him. I've been watching him since the very early 2000s (telln my age) and I just haven't seen an increase in envolve with him but hey I could be the one that hasn't envolved🤔. Thanks for the thoughts Very Wise!😘

      3. Student of life.

        @Sweets Hunni Bunniyou are absolutely correct and I encourage everyone to exercise the rights you have.Just remember that freedom is not free! There are lots of times that white people who are down with the brown just don't know what to say in certain situations. The best thing for them is to say nothing rather than perhaps offending their friend of color .

      4. Sweets Hunni Bunni

        @Student of life. Neither! I SAID what I SAID!!! I have an opinion I shared just like you shared your under my post🤔

      5. Sweets Hunni Bunni

        @Ser Tereyon of HAUS Ray-Ban Neither! I said WHAT I said! I have my opinion just like you left yours under mine!

    97. Shelton Foye

      Russell peters mike tyson voice was pretty good

      1. Rusty Mcgruff

        It really was on point

    98. LAMusicSound California

      Gary: "I was working at Taco Bell"... Russell: "Stop Bragging, Jesus you're dropping all these names" 💀🤣

    99. john bunch

      I like how Gary didn't say he charges people to take a pic after shows. You dont want to be associated with MENCA? LOL

    100. Kimberleigh Livingston

      My Mom had a Maverick with no A/C and we went to my grandfather's house in Val Verde. That's close to Magic Mountain.