My Wife Met My Mom

Gary Owen

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    The only time I heard my mom cuss in her life

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    1. JONES

      I like Gary, but he only dated black women because white women rejected him and black women accepted his shortcomings? And that’s supposed to be a compliment?

    2. Qruwe83

      "I`m about to tear this up"! xD ohhh.. 1 sec.. XD This is the best comedian for sure ! G.O!

    3. Seonah Han

      Somebody explain the park joke for me..

    4. Chance Delgado

      2:54 was that Winky Wright

    5. Brazil 93

      This guy comedy is all About how he has a black wife! Thats the only comedy this guy makes like Come on his good but enough with the black jokes

    6. Mahu Mike

      no wonder this countrys f*ucked. theres still moms like this? that crap went out in the 1950s with my mom. RIP sweet mama.

    7. M.D.Metal


    8. Rensune

      The Dad handled it better

    9. Ronan Mc Auley

      Don't know what to think about this...he makes out that there is a difference between white and black women.....their all just women... always felt if you noticed colour it was I wrong.... can anyone educate me?.. Read through all the comments and was surprised no one was offended... Would appreciate any insight 🤔

    10. Zach Morris

      Both you and your mom made brownies

    11. Emmett R

      Dude your are still funny, first time I met you and saw your show was at university of Delaware! Keep up the awesome work!


      Dating white ppl is brave AF

    13. Psalm 144:1

      Just what the world needs, another wigger..

    14. Ryan Fitzgerald

      Idk how I just now found Gary but he’s amazing. Also cool that he use to be in the Navy

    15. Nina Simone

      DAMN I LOVE 💘 HIM!!!

    16. Joshua kambanzhi

      Speaking of browns 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    17. Utoober729

      I cant understand him lol

    18. MsZephyra

      Positive objectification. It's a weird feeling. Damn Amerca, grow the F up and get over the whole race thing already.

    19. Darlene Sammons

      You are sooo funny lmbo

    20. DDanielG


    21. Casey Ayeng

      when his heart is as black as his soul. ❤️

      1. corey thomas

        no he MARRIED them so they can exploit BLACK people obviously SMH

    22. Joshua Sanders

      Amen gotta love the black girls

    23. Scrappy Mo

      He made the mum sound like Micheal Jackson 😂😂

      1. Scrappy Mo

        @Mahu Mike I didn't spell it wrong ,I didn't spell it in your own version :-)

      2. Mahu Mike

        @Scrappy Mo well that's interesting but you still spelled it wrong :-)

      3. Scrappy Mo

        @Mahu Mike Micheal, Michael, you get the point, different spellings . Michael is the English spelling of the name, pronounced MIKE-ul. Micheal (or more correctly, Mícheál), is the Irish spelling of the same name, pronounced MEE-hall (with a rough h like the “ch” in “loch”). It’s a common name here in Ireland. However, the “correct” spelling of a name should always be checked with the owner of the name.. From quora

      4. Mahu Mike

        michAEl :)

    24. The Ethers

      PSA: Alert ur family & friends that ur SO is of a different race BEFORE bringing them to meet ur peeps lol. My mother & her family are from the old school south (Georgia/Florida) back when blk ppl tended kept to themselves & so did wyt folks. One of those, non spoken, 'naturally' occurring, social self segregation kind of deals. To this day, I have no idea what my mother was thinking when she decided to introduce them to each other **without** informing her sister **beforehand** that he was wyt. My mother usually had better sense than that lol. As her sister's very noticeable shock wore off, my mother's sister said out loud (instead of just thinking it), 'Oh, u didnt tell me that he was wyt.' Awwwwkward. 😬😄 Nobody was expecting her to say anything like that. She wasnt mean about it or anything, just shocked/surprised. And plus, she already wasn't known for having good filters. 😬 So please tell ur peeps about that person before that meet. 😄 Also, I had a wyt bf once. We went to a cookout at a friend of his. I dont recall if any of them knew that I wasnt wyt. I think that the hosts did. But they were cool & everything so there wasnt any issues. However, later, my then bf mentioned to me that some of the wyt males had grouped off & were asking him about the same stuff that Gary was alluding to. I didnt even know that was a real thing. It was weird to know that I was being discussed in that way, tho. 😄✌🏽

    25. SwishWrap.

      I'm cool in the shade momma!!😂🙏💪

    26. Jeremie Jackson

      Haha. That’s good shit right there. Haha

    27. Marie Muckle

      You better like like it Gary! 😂😂😂😂😂you is black now😭😭😭😭😭just kidding. Like to sound American but I’m not.

    28. Paige Welch

      Love it!

    29. Deldrine Mattox


    30. nomqhele ndora


    31. Slim jim


    32. Jamila Augmon

      His wife is from Oakland 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. corey thomas

        no he MARRIED them so they can exploit BLACK people obviously SMH

    33. Gabriel Guerrero

      This dude is hilarious why isn’t he bigger

      1. Jamila Augmon

        That part

    34. Zen Tura

      How she met my mom

    35. James Walker

      How is this guy not a culture vulcher i think he only got the black wife for his act. I bet he wasnt born with that voice.

    36. Athenia Powell

      You are sooooo funny!!!!

    37. Grace Amagwula

      Super cringe and embarrassing. And this is the biggest reason why I'm very reluctant to date outside my race. Too much pride in myself.

      1. oyin ireland

        I was cringing the whole time 😫

    38. VS9050909

      At 2:50 I was done with Owen 🤣🤣🤣. A+++++ brotha☝🏽👌🏽

    39. denike

      Wait... so he went out with a black girl cause white girls didnt want him?? Wtf is that suppose to mean!?

      1. denike

        @JayReese15 or maybe was just going for the wrong girls that didn't want him till he met the right one that did irrespective of color

      2. JayReese15

        Black girls did🤷🏽‍♀️

    40. Glo.Sista

      Omg 😂

    41. shakie Pete

      Him and Bill burr got married to black women so they can do these type of jokes

      1. Skylar Jaxx

        @corey thomas i don't think white people are better. I don't think any race is better. Humanity always wins with me. However what I do think is that Gary is funny. so I will continue to watch and laugh.

      2. Tay Gen

        @corey thomas you replied to EVERYONE though dude LMAO how much more attention do you need? And here I am feeding the beast..ugh...Alright I'm gonna say farewell to your narrow minded ways. Good luck in life thinking the worst of everyone

      3. Teryn B

        @corey thomas 😂😂 I don't think white people are better than me but okay whatever have fun with your effed up logic.

      4. corey thomas

        @Teryn B he MARRIED her to exploit BLACK people. BLACK people do believe WHITE people are BETTER. LOL so it common sense

      5. corey thomas

        @Tay Gen LOL and you have time to reply HUH

    42. MsCathy42

      I love Gary.

    43. SunShine

      Gary... one of my favorite comedians

    44. Caramel Kisses

      Lmao 😂 this fool

    45. Russell Mania

      Omg Gary Ikr! Go with who likes you! If black girls like you then go for it.

      1. corey thomas

        no he MARRIED them so they can exploit BLACK people obviously SMH

    46. Tana Tekii

      I'm the opposite , rejected by brown and black..... love me coffee white..... Polynesian blood.....♥️♥️..... Perth Australia

      1. Ylnevaeh Stsoh

        @Tana Tekii God bless the lactose allergic. 😊 It's always a shame when people reject their own.

      2. Tana Tekii

        @Ylnevaeh Stsoh don't like milk.....i faaaarrken loove it😎😎😎

      3. Ylnevaeh Stsoh

        Just say you like milk. Coffee is too strong for you.

    47. DDank

      his wife met his mom

    48. Lady Bug

      “Gary , what’s it like” the way he said it I’m crying 😂😂😂😭😭😭

    49. Gabriel Conesa

      this jus make me uncomfortable

      1. Skylar Jaxx

        Yeah it's a thin line. I'm on the other side though he is hilarious.

    50. What I think

      You cute

    51. Andrew Walker

      Damn straight.


    53. Mike Schafsnitz

      bass boosted

    54. Bobbie Garrett

      Lmfaoo speaking of brown Jesus was on my side.

    55. blacksmith bones

      When he said his mom made brownies I literally thought he also made brownies though

      1. Undertale Girl

        Well he has kids.

      2. Bobbie Garrett


      3. AD 27


    56. Yeung Suisse

      Corny af

    57. Sonja Kennedy


    58. Nona Perry

      I know thats right, love who loves you Gary❤

      1. corey thomas

        no he MARRIED them so they can exploit BLACK people obviously SMH

    59. Cecilie Noble

      Gary, has always told the best jokes! He's hilarious! Yep, I'd be cool in the shade too!! 🤣🤣🤣

    60. stringTheory80

      in the "Park"

    61. Debra Ross

      I don't care what this man says he is FUNNY 😂 I crack up off of him 🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋

    62. ColdChills01

      😂 😂 🤣 😂 🤣

    63. Lavonne Thompson


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    65. Steven Phelps

      Gray cracks me up man.😆😅🤣

    66. Kimberly Divine


    67. Bridgette Maharaj

      Yah, I SO WISH I had the wisdom to figure that out at 17 instead of 40 coz I'da hadda LOT more years of good love! I loathe the heat and LOVE the shade! LOL! (yah, best line, EVER! LOVE dem brains o' yourn! LOL!) Love livin my broke, happily ever-after. TFS!

    68. Mln MZ87


    69. Mwadjuma Mukamfizi

      ❤️❤️❤️ Hahahah they don’t go well 😂😂😂

    70. Momma Z Cares

      In the park. Im done! 😂

    71. ytjhhh

      So you just married a black woman because your own race rejected you. In a way she was a good Samaritan who picked up a trailer trash boy and cleaned him up

    72. John Lunyamila

      I hate the new style of ads. Can anybody help with this?

      1. Meditative Destinations

        @ John Lunyamila Yes! Fast forward to the end. Then replay the video. It gets rid of ALL those annoying ass ads😉.

    73. Teria Robinson

      He's HILARIOUS!!

    74. Kim Kardashian

      True true

    75. keia38


    76. Miss Elmyra

      He kept me laughing when he was on Comicview too!!🤣

    77. airen iruluma

      "Come to the light" 😂😂😂😂

    78. Cassie the Virgo

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 I went through something similar with my mother in law, who is whyte🤣🤣🤣 its was rough at first because I'm from the south where we are taught to respect yo elders...but....this lady pushed my damn button off!!🤦‍♀️ I finally couldn't take it no more and told my husband it's either me or his moma because I refused to let her be rude to me for nothing! Needless to say he sent his moma home and we got married🤷‍♀️ Now me and her got the absolute best relationship, she trust me more than her own daughter, plus our birthday is on the same day 8/28, what are the odds!☺️ I normally don't apologize to people but I had to because I cussed her out for being rude🙊🙈 #swirlLife

      1. Honin Akecheta

        @Skye Griff ❤️👍🏽

      2. Skye Griff

        @Honin Akecheta you’re right it is my life, and me and my HUSBAND will live it how we see fit. Worry about you and yours.

      3. Honin Akecheta

        @Skye Griff and what you said was utterly stupid. But hey, its your life not mine lol

      4. Skye Griff

        @Honin Akecheta I said what I said

      5. Honin Akecheta

        @Skye Griff tf are you talking about??? No grown woman is going to speak to me like I’m trash, idc if she’s mother Mary. People shouldn’t apologize for defending themselves from a bully.... I understand reconciling and making up, but it’s toxic af to apologize when you weren’t even in the wrong. Also, idk about y’all, but if my husband or lover etc is just sitting there like a coward not speaking up for me or our relationship when their parent is being unfair/needlessly cruel.... then I don’t want him or her. Parents need to EARN respect just like everybody else... because they are imperfect people just like everybody else.

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    80. OlNoName MyNameYoName

      White Mero wo the beard

    81. sinzi jule

      "f who I like" who likes me?🤔hhhmmmmm hmmmmmmm🤔 WHO.I.LIKE!🤔HMMMMMMMMMMM

      1. Jay Something

        Are you trying to say something?

    82. S. W.

      Thank you for making me laugh. I hope you have a blessed day.

    83. Autumn Everlasting

      This one was dope actually

    84. Simone Simone

      Yasssss that DC life ...okkkuurrrrt

    85. Kese Spotem


    86. Oldhead Deuce

      curlt up

    87. Sonia Yancy

      "In the Park"🤣🤣🤣🤣

    88. H H

      Rate this guy hes always funny

    89. AnxiousTv

      I swear me and him are like the same personality

    90. Danielle Howard

      Great Story !!!

    91. Barbara Mar

      He is beyond funny 😂

    92. Carmen Greer

      So, funny!

    93. Puia Sailo

      I kinda have a crush on his wife...she's absolutely beautiful.

      1. Chris Hansen

        Knock the bottom out that puhseh

      2. Miss Honey Never Came

        Very pretty lady indeed

    94. Miss unapologetic

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣soooooo damm funny

    95. Jenelle Griles

      Love Gary Owen....He is a COMPLETE fool!!! lmao


      Just watch the movie “Welcome to Sudden Death” , Gary....or should I say Gus, is hilarious😂😂😂😂he definitely put the comedy in that action comedy film.

    97. Terry Baker

      He’s handsome

      1. corey thomas

        no he MARRIED them so they can exploit BLACK people obviously SMH

    98. Shannon Reeder

      He's so funny

    99. malcolm adderley


    100. Truly Bless

      This laugh is just what I needed today, thanks Gary, take care bro, and keep doing what you do, fan for life!!!!!!