Baptized In A Black Church

Gary Owen

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    Why does black church take so long?

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    1. Priscilla Smith

      HE IS NOT LYING LOL I'M HOLLERING LAUGHING!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    2. Moonhattre lyrics

      Then the praise dancers come out along with the regular choir, kids choir, and concert choir and trust I was a praise dancer that takes ✨forever✨

    3. abnrgr90

      He is so right on. My aunts church broke 1 hour for snacks then more.

    4. romeobravo

      This guy isn't funny


      Yo I remember going to a all black church for the first time😂 was fun

    6. Tanya Kasim

      A black comedian once said the thing about Baptist church services.

    7. JCWJ 38 Local rapper from Mobile Al

      That's why I dont go to the church!

    8. Gabriel Lozornio

      This guy wishes he was black.

    9. Saundra Ranel

      Where is the lie!! None to be found! The longest part of church for me was the altar call, my pastor would take FOREVER!!!! And dog on, don't let it be a communion Sunday on top of that, you ain't getting out till dinner time 😂😂😂

    10. Pepe Aguilar

      Am starting to think Gary Owen is racist like a fetish he own now a black women , he is always talking about his black wife and black people

    11. kim Rivers


    12. X L

      Best sleep you ever will get as a kid is at church or after you get Cho ass whooped. My gawd my gawd 😂

    13. Tashinga v

      Tempted to send this to my coworkers who don't always understand why I need every Sunday off 😂

    14. Mark McAllister

      yuck, it's weird when a white guy talks like a black guy

    15. Tinyy Twixx

      He not lying

    16. Arber Avdija

      Try Orthodox churches, we have to stand during the whole of Lithurgy

      1. Tanya Kasim

        I went to a baptism of someone's newborn son at a Greek Orthodox church in Amman in 1982, just before Christmas vacation started.

    17. MrCander000

      Man, he is telling the truth.

    18. 1969GrassHoppa

      Not reading. "IT'S MONDAY!!! I'M LATE FOR WORK!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤯💀👻👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍✌🙏❤

    19. Neptunes Fire

      Because of Trump being a N.a.z.i. - a WW3 is near ... Those who do not fear death will rise against N.a.z.i.s.m ... and the Christian church is the target for destruction ... Christianity wrote slavery into law in the 1500s - after painting Jesus white and deceived the World ... For the Bible makes it very clear that Jesus was born a dark skin, Middle Eastern ... For over 400 years in the USA - the dark skins were called the devil by those with Bibles and whips... The USA has spent 16 Trillion in systematic racism ... Hollywood - Religion - Corporate ... Christianity a good thing? ... REALLY? ... If a dark skin man today would go to a group of religious white nuts and say he is The Messiah - he would be hung - Just like a repeat ... Keep in mind that if you retaliate because of this information - please do not hurt any children in the process of tearing down the walls of religions that are underlined as N.a.z.i meeting houses ... Hey Google! ... who wrote slavery into law? Hey Google! ... what year did Christians sign slavery into law? ... Neptunes Fire... (Remote Viewer) ... the - .A.I.C - Mirror...

    20. ODD1019

      Mane dude deserves more recognition

    21. Candice Monique

      My church has service all day long. I only go to mid-day service. 1 hour, $20 in the plate and leave. I always get an earful from mom and aunties at dinner. 💁🏽‍♀️🙏🏽✌🏽

    22. whateverusay25

      Too funny!!!

    23. Charles Richardson

      He has got rich off of the black community, he is not funny at all

      1. Charles Richardson

        @songbird53 that is true my bad.

      2. songbird53

        Don't hate. Look at it this way --- he's ingrained within the culture because his wife is black and they have children together.

    24. Terrence Milton

      He ain't lying. 3 to 4 hours when I was kid.

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      S R B He said all the stuff I was talking about...../ O.k. , Monday, then

    26. digital subliminal messages

      S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S Haaa/ ...that happened/ ....they praising .../ Haaa/ no it be everything , and the meal by 2:00/ black churches , just past the devotional at 2:00

    27. Kimberly Divine


    28. Steven Gonzalez

      TALK ABOUT IT 😭😩😂☠️

    29. Bibi Roberts

      😂 😂 😂

    30. Machete Young Gifted Bosses World


    31. LifesGood

      Lol most def long asf 😂

    32. Nick Roark

      Gary you might want to get your subtitles looked at. At 2:17 it says you hootie over dick lol

    33. Leigh-Ann Blake

      Gary, this white girl just ugly laughed at this story 😁🤣 but boy, you want to go to a black church to prepare yourself for heaven 🙌👏👏👏🤣. It's going to be LOUD and last eternity.

    34. alwaysarcastic**

      Catholic Church masses are short but usually boring unless it’s Christmas.

    35. Kenneth Thompson

      First Baptist steppers!!😂😂😂😂

    36. Tre McRae

      Boy he aint lyin🤣🤣

    37. Helen G

      It's midnight. I'm late for work. 😂😂😂

    38. M. Jackie

      Really luv this dude, lol

    39. Jarrod Purifoy

      As a white man who goes to a white church BUT knows a lot of black Christians, this was funny!!! Bout to pass this around to all my friends like an offering plate

    40. Victor D

      Black but grew up Catholic so we are in and out in an hour, hour a d half of it's Christmas. First time I went to baptist church thought I'd die of hunger. There is no reason for church to take that long

    41. Hobostarr180

      See this is why you leave after the first service😂

    42. Jimmi James

      I am white and used to be a member of a black-full gospel baptist church....I will never go to church again. Fvck that shit.

    43. Debra Ross

      He give me a good laugh every time 🤣😉😉😉😉 but black folk can wear you out some time

    44. cray Smith

      😭😭That was funny. Very accurate lmao

    45. Adrian Bridges

      man this is too true, I still remember showing up for bible class before the actual service, then a 2-hour church service then using for 5-6 hours for the anniversary service, then a 2 hour drive home

    46. Linda Taylor

      Agreed ‼️‼️😂🤣😂🤣😂

    47. Alyse Jenkins

      I feel him! Lol

    48. justice 77 justice

      Black culture and content made him famous.

      1. Ezequiel

        And your point is?

      2. Donster16 Tosa


      3. Hobostarr180


      4. S k W

        He gives credit and supports his whole family with the money he makes.

    49. J Chambers AKA cowboys 101

      Wow they cut Jesus out

    50. K R AY N E

      That's exactly why I stopped going to church. It was always the older lady in the front catching the holy Ghost and the preacher gotta come over and do all this extra shit while Mrs. Shirley up there stomping around. I was like, "Oh noooooo! I gotsta goooooo". Took up the whole damn day cause Shirley trying to get her soul back from God. I didn't have the time for allat.

      1. Grâce

        😂😂😂😂 oooooh that was a good laugh. But please go back to church

      2. Grâce

        😂😂😂😂 oooooh that was a good laugh. But please go back to church

      3. mica L

        Go to a white church

      4. TheFilmbroad


      5. Hobostarr180


    51. Frank

      Does he ever joke about anything besides white guy in black environment shtick?

      1. Solo Tanba

        @Morris Branch not that deep he is just milking his swirl. Get money tho

      2. Morris Branch

        Yeah he does but his style of comedy is from a perspective that most people arent familiar with or an interracial family perspective that people are curious about. Its his strength and he can mine it for days and people are curious about what's its like

      3. Solo Tanba

        Literally just said that

    52. Purple and Gold Beauty by Cheia

      I love Gary church jokes.

    53. Lisa JustMe


    54. Gratuity 'Tip' Tucci

      Rihanna and a step team 🤣

    55. Nay Dorsey

      Zip it, focus, one more song and we're gone😕 ( his facial expression) lmao

    56. Oldhead Deuce

      monday night 😃

    57. Cele James

      Gary You are talented..I wish you th BEST. I can't wait til you come to Dallas Forth Worth Texas area. God Bless You. Be Safe. From. Cele James in Saginaw. Texas.

    58. Tyrone Frye

      Know it funny blk churches love wen dey get ppl dat aint blk know dey comin wit tide n offering respect his comedic gangsta no cap lol stay safe RIP RBG vote CB wakanda forever God bless BLM checkout The Main Squeeze🙏

      1. pinky aka AyannaJ

        Wowwww 😳😳😳😳💙💕🙏

    59. Alicia Artis

      Lol malnutrition is why all those church ladies keep candy in their purse

      1. Its Me

        butter scotch candy and peppermints👌🏼

      2. Alicia Artis

        @A Citizen those were my me become that church lady with werthers in my purse🤣🤣🤣

      3. A Citizen

        Gimme them werthers please and thank you

      4. Called Qualified & Justified

        Ey them peppermints kept me from passing out on several occasions...

    60. Ke Sa

      Hilarious because it is true. TOO FUNNY! "I am late for woooooork". LOL!

    61. L V

      too funny! had to ignore ugly stares once in my younger days when I walked out of a long funeral! my mom didn’t do all day services!

    62. D J

      At least you can't hear my growling stomach at Mt Zion church. Praising all day

    63. TribeeQueen

      If you got church on Sunday you don’t have any other plans. Like my friends used to make plans for Sunday and as soon as I said AI had church they’d be like “Oh, so come after” had to let them know after might just be 10 pm 😂 Never was I more happy on community service Sundays with my school because I didn’t have to sit through church that day.

    64. Whirlwind Production

      HA.... The church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints services used to be four hours.... and home teachings and assorted events all week. Being a Mormon is not a Sunday event, it is a lifestyle.

      1. Cassandra-lynn Daviea

        Amen to that 🙌 😂

      2. Moscow Madness

        I feel that.

      3. Hobostarr180


    65. CrazyFolk

      Brah he is not lying! Benediction be going all day!

      1. Called Qualified & Justified

        Slide out after announcements, beat the traffic jam in the parking lot...

    66. BLACK G

      Man u the funniest rn u need to do more stand up comedy and more movies bruh the world need someone that make pplz laugh a lot

    67. C Taylor

      My man got stuck at a revival service...😂😂😂

      1. Divine Diva

        I just holla'd sis! He cryin because he ready to go and they think he got the holy ghost! 😂😂😂

    68. Solo Tanba

      Man's whole career is his relationship to his chick

      1. JayR P16

        @Solo Tanba ur mama funny too 🖕🏿 bitch ass nigga 🖕🏿

      2. Solo Tanba

        @JayR P16 ur reply is funnier than the actual vid.

      3. JayR P16

        @Solo Tanba shut yo bitch ass up and dont watch it then goddamn quit complaining 😒🖕🏿 u dont like it move on bitch

      4. Solo Tanba

        @OSU92 Good for him maybe that's why he low tier comedian scared to do something different

      5. OSU92

        Well Solo...there are other white comedians you can tune into... As far as Gary Owen..."don't fix what ain't broken." This has been his comedic angle along with talking about his military days and growing up near Cincinnati. It's paying the bills for his family...don't think he's going to change up in the 9th inning. I wouldn't. And by the way, that's not his chick, Kenya is his supportive WIFE of over 15 years.

    69. Dominique Norman

      lmao so true you basic going be there mostly all day so cancel your plan that day

    70. Beastmoode00 Gaming by josh

      he not lying at all lol

    71. Darrell Hanson

      He ain't lying

    72. Silent Night

      He's so right. And the African race has taken man-made Euro-centric religions to the extreme.

    73. Daterigal

      He ain’t lying I went to my neighbor’s church when I was a kid and we didn’t leave until 3 AM 😅

    74. Masala Bk

      Wasn’t prepared for you

    75. iCatchPokemon—

      His White Guy Impersonating Is On Point( I Know He’s White But...... BUT Is He Really Though ).

      1. Meow Meow Meow ThisIsBatCountry

        I feel his struggle I got the same thing, I’ve been asked if I’m sure I’m white😂😂🤣🤣

      2. one piece is the worst anime I've ever come across

        @AcTroop I don’t even understand skin color anymore

      3. AcTroop

        He's ginger

    76. Mike B.

      I miss Sam Kinison

      1. Jermaine Phillips

        Don’t. He’s screaming at The Lord for letting him drive drunk and making him laugh about it 🤣 Let the man finish.

    77. Shadreka Scott

      Hilarious but true

    78. Yep! I Said It

      *Yep...Basically, Cancel ALL yo weekend plans for that mess!* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    79. Mariotoogood

      Good morning 🌆 To my queens 👸🏻 and kings 🤴🏿 check him out . Thanks love 💕 Mariotoogood 🤫🍷🦾🔑

    80. Charmaine Nyasha

      It’s kinda disrespectful not to say something whilst the preacher is preaching at a black church 😂

      1. Eagle

        @Daniel Haynes Exactly. Pentecostal

      2. Eagle

        @Nakia They say aww ain't nobody talking.... They want you to talk back.... aww it's quite in here.

      3. Daniel Haynes

        I was about to say this. I grew up in the south in a black church. You best say something or you're being rude. Better let than preacher know he is touching your soul and you feel everything he saying. Amen

      4. Preeminent 88

        Stay saying "Can I get an Amen?!?!" or "Ya'll must not be hearing me".

      5. Nakia

        Ya it is! Betta say somethin

    81. ChicaGorilla312

      Stop passing this plate around. 😂

      1. CrazyFolk


    82. Lez Moore

      Yep! That pretty much sums it up!🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. Mariotoogood

        Good morning 🌆 To my queens 👸🏻 and kings 🤴🏿 check him out . Thanks love 💕 Mariotoogood 🤫🍷🦾🔑

    83. KRY TV

      Netflix give this man a special

      1. Politicalhipstersmustdie

        Netflix is too "woke"

      2. LaChelle Nicole

        Ik I'm waiting on it too

      3. Jeffrey Harris


      4. Oliver Folarin

        They keep turning him down

      5. Big Daddy Creme Cheese

        I think he said in an interview how he does his specials is he prefers to use his own money to finance them then sell the specials and Netflix didn't want to go that route.

    84. Watz YourSign

      U are so dam FUNNY!! I just love me some U!! GOD BLESS & Safe Travels