Romany Goes Off On Sugar | #GetSome Ep. 123

Gary Owen

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    When Romany Malco said "masticating," I thought I heard something else... Check his new movie out at!
    #GetSome Ep. 123 available now:

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    1. M

      He should be more specific, almost all food turn into sugar in your body, surely he should just be talking about added sugar. 100% of carbs inculding fruits and vegetables turn into sugar, 60% protein and 10% of fat. I dont think sugar is the problem, moderation is

    2. tarious08 Fortnitegod


    3. Gannon Moseley

      Romany is a beast on that knowledge drop. Gary dumb as hell for a white dude.

    4. A Jax

      🤔 I thought he was talking about master- batting with bread 🤔. He'll have to show me how to do that in our next "home XXX movie." 🤣💪💦

    5. Natural Mystic

      Romany dropping know the ledge.

      1. Natural Mystic

        @Tiffany knowledge. Know the ledge

      2. Tiffany

        Lol. Dropping whaaa?

    6. Angela Hamlett

      I never thought I would be a vegan. When I eat a steak, I wanna cry. When I eat sugar, Pasta, bread, rice, I gain 5 lbs over night.

      1. Tiffany

        Same here with the pasta, bread, rice, cake, cookie thing. Its not fair, really. My husband can inhale allthatshit and not gain an ounce. I just smell the aroma of it and gain 5lbs. So not cool. 👎

    7. Akecheta Lahpay

      I have NO problem with learning. *And I have been taught something new just now...👌*

    8. angel gift studio

      Study has shown that sugar is more addictive than heroin😲😳😜

      1. BR

        And cocaine. Research the rat study on sugar

    9. St. Maurice

      Is this the same Romany Malco that tried to shame “Trayvon Martin sympathizers”????

    10. BlackMaggie

      #tijuanajacksonmovie 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

    11. Freda H

      Enjoyed Tijuana Jackson!

      1. Tijuana Jackson

        YOU have amazing taste!