Ppl thought I really took over Wild N Out.

Gary Owen

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    I can’t believe how dumb some ppl are. #GetSome

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    1. ファックオフ

      Bruh where’s the video

    2. yuh

      Pff they actually thought you were gonna host it-

    3. Wayne White

      Man Wild N Out is k8nd of played out now

    4. jayeee on 2k

      Yeah who else knew it was fake 😅😅😅

    5. TᴀʏʟᴏʀMᴀʀɪᴇTV !!

      Throw the whole show awayyy!

    6. Will we Ever change


    7. Christopher Uzomaka Jr

      Why would u post it in the first place

    8. Kristina Supa Hill

      Why was it when he mentioned Pauly D...that was the moment I giggled a bit....

    9. Capalot Go dumb

      Y tf would u post it then dumbass for some clout or sum shit wat did u expect ur the real idiot

    10. KingCrusher Games

      True some people did way to much

    11. Pop Oasis

      if it ain't Nick Cannon I ain't watching it 🌚😗

    12. zheavnly ́

      Fr I thought u was i almost cried

    13. takala hall

      for a fact no body stupid the only person is you and yo whole post so keep yo words in yo mouth asswhole never call somme body stupid dum ass

    14. Native American Swag

      Facts it's called the 2020 stupid 🤣

    15. Q Jack

      I’m glad u didn’t u would ruin the show

    16. 1solidkayyy

      don’t worry bout them gary we still love youuuuuuuu

    17. Angies Perfectly Imperfect Corner

      I knew it wasn't real but thought to myself he would be a fun/funny host 😄 😆.

    18. GT_CDNSway Xx

      And I still don’t like u

    19. Sienna

      Oh they took that joke seriously? Do they know your a comedian?

    20. Raycio Gaines

      I'm black and I got the joke. We love you man. Keep doing your thing. Some people will always be stuck on stupid ❤️

    21. Drip Nxgga

      This guy ruined the whole show just throw it away atp

    22. sushi n' tacos

      His joke had me dead and I was waiting for his response to it 😭😭😭😭🥴🥴🥴🥴

    23. Famous Baxter

      This not finna be funny anymore

    24. 《Boruto》

      Thought Gary was the other guy.

    25. Michelle J

      Thank god it not real

    26. Shayane Dorilus

      In already know 😂😂😂

    27. Shayane Dorilus

      Nooooo flavor

    28. Yaniel Soto

      Well if you say you gonna be the host of the show then of course people are gonna believe it’s true🙄

    29. RKJ Bust

      Shut ya bitch ass up

    30. Lloyd Martell

      He said *NSYNC 😆

    31. Uwana U

      You shouldn't said it. It's to earlier fool.

    32. Anya . Wavy

      yessss thank god

    33. Solomon Sanders

      Jitt then why did you say blue and white racist

    34. Janiya B

      I’m not stupid ur stupid k

    35. Dave Anderson

      I would totally be down to watch an improv show with you leading the way.

    36. Sleeze Torres

      Lmfaooo I dont even know who u are how tf r you about to be the host

    37. King Wilson

      But it was on the news??????

    38. Benjamin Leon

      Gary people are hurt about what's going on so everything is taken serious!!!

    39. Sup3rior01

      Yeh definitely didn’t think that

    40. King K

      people just nowadays believe anything that is on social media

    41. Prince Herod

      Stupid ass people

    42. Queen

      Gary you have been around so long that people should know you are more likely joking unless you say so... Lol I have loved your comedy since I was a teenager. My brother used to be your driver in Denver, CO a few times and got you to sign a DVD for me🥰❤️❤️❤️💌🥰🥰🥰 Always wanted to tell you thank you. Also keep making us laugh with the truths about this funny world. Much love ❤️❤️❤️ kisses to your wife because I know she has to be a strong Queen to deal with you sometimes lol

    43. bajanconcepts.com

      bahahahaha, I'm not even surprised, so many people are truly that stupid and take jokes serious yet serious things they blow off all day...smh

    44. Îris Wilson

      Hell, sometime ppl put shit out there for hair😳 ppl just gave you a joke back that's all. No you not,b/c we,not gonna support that shit😂😂😂😂😂 stop the dumb jokes.

    45. Lambochaser

      I saw that and immediately burst out laughing. Just when we thought we had a white brother. Black people started bashing you. Smh.

    46. Marlon Nonya

      Once again another celebrity getting mad at us for having an opinion. Love to get all the love but act like people aren't going to say nothing negative about you too. They crucified Jesus for doing nothing but the right thing and here you are acting like people aren't going to say anything negative about you. 99% of people love you so f@*K the rest. Look at your face, your going to get stretch line playa

    47. Bern baby Bern

      Co-workers were going in on you yesterday, got heated as they swore they'd never watch the show again. R right now they're feeling kinda dumb but acting like it was real and everyone being mad made them change their minds.

    48. ratchet elsa

      Lol I love him , internet is always taken too serious to people who never think 🤦🏽‍♀️ I like buddy 💯😍

    49. Allegra Williams

      No one can take over Wild n out as it will never be the same.

    50. Cookie Drake

      This was a ploy for you to see what kind of response you would get so the Viacom will look at you for the next guy for the show. SMDH! My question is if they offer you the job after this would you take it??👀

    51. Ray Burnett

      Not the real time!!!! Lol!!!

    52. Ray Burnett


    53. XiON

      ROFL 😭😭😭

    54. Ran Chan

      Gary should have just kept feeding the flame lol, see how far he coulda took it 😂

    55. Absalon White Jr.

      Yeah people were trippin high key. I was like "it's Gary Owen" 😂 lighten up

    56. WIL C

      We not turning against Nick, we are just mad as hell that he did this, then did a 180 on us, We was ready to support him cause we thought he was in all the way with saying F THE MONEY, TRUTH MATTERS AND IS WORTH MORE????? Then he did a 180 and left us hanging, not only that, his actions cost a lot of young people their jobs, not cool Nick. If your gonna do this you better mean it.

    57. Angelo Robain

      That post had me rolling 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 the creativity on the pic and the features were hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. Angelo Robain

        I saw it on Facebook one person who shared it thought it was real lmaooooo

    58. Karen Daniel

      Lol, some people are just sad. Gary they need prayer.

    59. Kennedy Smith

      I came from Tik tok. I so glad this isn’t true. Thx for making this video

    60. Hearts

      We know you Gary.. And we know it's fake but.... We know how it would be if it was true.. You wouldn't let us down

    61. victor torres

      eminem is actually gonna take over lol

    62. S Rogers

      Hey Gary we got alot in common white, funny, and we both love them melanin sisters. 🙏 Just discovered you and love your shows you're funny AF!!!

    63. Nick Michael

      Perfectly fine for someone black to say something like, "just like white people...to take things over....," but in what universe could a white person make those remarks about black people and not be called a racist?

      1. GHØŠTŸ 141

        Nick Michael well you don’t see blacks taking over white people shit anyway

      2. Nick Michael

        @ISObuggy_ yt my daughter is half black. I'm at the end of my wits with racism. People need to be extra careful on how they word things or it's all going to be for nothing. It's just like the white voice actress who quit because she thinks her black character should be played by a black woman just because the character is black. What she's saying without even knowing it is in return all WHITE characters should be played by WHITE people. Because that's equal. Or else it's blatantly obvious that there's something wrong here.

      3. ISObuggy_ yt

        Yeah im black and i say he shouldn't keep lying but yeah i get it

    64. Louis PTV

      You keep saying small subliminal shit..I hear you bitch, say how you really feel boy...all this cap'n & YAPPING!!!! I can hear you words unspoken...my only question is wtf is your problem!? I THOUGHT YOU WAS COOL DUMMY?! AM I WRONG?? ...for the nosey "see more's" soundcloud.com/louis-author/dear-martin?ref=clipboard

    65. Femdivine Mind

      "DJs gna be Pauly D" 😂

    66. Stephynuts

      Honestly, it's probably people who don't even really know you or your comedy. Seem like they got bit by the ignorance bug as well.

    67. Yogirlkenken PERIOD POOH

      Yea everyone in the comments know they were stupid and thought and I’m saying it about my self to I thought 🤣🤣🤣

    68. Wayne Rembert

      I understand what Nick Cannon was trying to say; But, fighting prejudice with (anti-Semitic/anti-white) comments just reinforces more hate.

    69. Wayne Rembert

      It's like supporting Kaepernick after all his lies/misinformation and hypocrisy.

    70. The Baby Shower Place

      No one thought you were the new host of Wildnout. Nick Cannon can’t be replaced.

      1. Amari Wright


    71. Lamont King

      I wouldn’t been mad if u took over WNO but anybody else I’m good on

    72. Melanated Melon

      man this made me laugh the title

    73. Tiwana Johnson


    74. blasaineditz

      How are we supposed to know cause we want to know who the host was like that Fr sounded real 😒🙄🤦🏽‍♀️

    75. tye l jackson

      Gullible as well. Those are the ones whom got left back in kindergarten 🤣🤣🤣😉

    76. Iris Cox

      Gary you are a comedian? Wild N Out are jokes. No common sense in this world to be that DUH 🙄. I am sorry about that.

    77. tyrell bradley

      You should not be playing like that, especially when it comes to wild n out people are mad that Nick Cannon is not hosting anymore, the last thing we need is you playing around with wild n out, and lastly it not stupid to believe the tweet you posted if it sounded so real

    78. Junior Reyes


    79. Monika Gaines

      Cuz they slow 🥴🥴🥴

    80. Southern Fun

      Everyone in here is acting all "it wunnd't me, Gury."

    81. Boxing Baked

      Gary trying the lighten the mood up and gets attacked lol typical times

    82. Shane's Hip Hop Channel

      Nick didn’t say anything wrong. I stand by Nick

    83. Anthony Robinson

      Double wide

    84. black polo 715

      Smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ LoL 😂🤣😂🤣

    85. boss girl

      It's ok gary we know you black on the inside so I dont even kno why people tripping

    86. Crunchy Onion rings

      OK but like 😶 Calling people stupid is honestly uncalled for especially when you explain that it’s all a joke There are many ways to do it but now you’re really going to get canceled or attacked because you’re coming straight forward rude like not all of us know it was a joke. If you constantly told us over and over again it was a joke and we did not care and kept going then you could get upset and start cussing at us but This is unprofessional. Imagined somebody Telling you something like someone in your family that’s really important to you died and it was a joke of course you’re gonna be all pressed 🙃 so..

    87. Rah Phiel

      They have the attention span of a walnut. They didn’t even read more than the headline.

    88. scottieroc4eva


    89. Blessed everyday

      Fuck you Nick, lebron and everyone else🤣🤣🤣

    90. paulettie mwami

      Welcome to 2020

    91. GodlessPeaceSign

      If you had it might actually be funny.

    92. Mohamed Jama

      If you get it that job it’s ok

    93. Sirsmoke Alot8


    94. Keepin It Real

      For all the dumb people out there there is no new hosts the show is CANCELLED DONE OVERRRRR THERE IS NO MORE WILD N OUT

    95. Tee Shakur

      “ this not the real time “ part 💀🤣

    96. Marley Janim

      This is definitely 2020 type event

    97. Anthony Flores Jr.

      Lol your fuuuuunny

    98. Anthony S

      That Lakers comment is spot on!

    99. JeanLuc Couture

      Hey Gary....just so you know: I've known you since them days...and i will never forget "olive oil" (your mute deaf gf)

    100. JeanLuc Couture

      OMG...the clock in the b.g. looks like horns coming out of your head