Gary Owen heckled by Dru Hill.

Gary Owen

71 миӊ. көрүүлөр9

    Dru Hill tried to heckle me ....bad move. #TellMeWhatYouWant #lostfootage 2009 #druhill

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    1. redbeams75


    2. ΒΞΔΝ

      Gary has always been hit and miss with me, but damn if he isn't one of the best at handling hecklers.

    3. Keonne Williams


    4. Dank Bob

      I almost pissed myself laughing so hard

    5. Ikonik_

      Gary dont fool me , he got a funny laid back side but i feel like he'll turn up on somebody 🔥

      1. Hayden Taylor

        Fr I wanna see him in a roast if he hasn’t done one already

    6. Jessann Reece


    7. Ghost Rider

      I ain't worry about you lol I'm worrying about my wife lmaoo

    8. Something To See

      Bro Gary I love you, like your comedy I been loved but foreal this is the funniest I’ve ever seen you I chocked on my blunt like 4 times. This is the definition of real comedy comes from pain. Keep it up. Not the pain tho I wanna wanna see you do good lol

    9. 01 02

      it would help us understand the video better if the backstory about what happened re: the money was included in the description..otherwise, it's not really easy to laugh along with those who were there.😐

    10. Barn Crow

      How much

    11. Mikki Austin

      Too funny

    12. ALW Anthony

      Dru Hill At 2:54

    13. Rachel Gibson

      I remember him crying that night!!!😂😂😂

    14. Spydee Sinsez

      3:08 🤣🤣🤣 Stick a fork in me!!!

    15. Frank Daily

      He just plan stupid!!🤣🤣🤣🤣💯💯

    16. Tommy Bunns

      This was funny..Thinking about doing Comedy Now

    17. unexpected vixen

      Wtf happened?! I need the back story lol

    18. Choc Frisby

      Ayoooo Im Ctfu 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    19. Tanya Watson

      THE HILARITY 😂😂😂😂

      1. Tanya Watson

        @L C lol you need some Clarity? 😂

      2. L C

        Isn't that a charity

    20. 1969GrassHoppa

      Not reading. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏👍✌🙏❤

    21. Drunk Unc

      Gary is 5150

      1. IsmokeHiphop Live


    22. judeetiennejr

      Funniest shit I’ve seen all week

    23. Kimberly Divine


    24. defAngel

      The blackest white comedian of all time. Lol

      1. Giovanni Collazo-Cruz

        @Revolt Against nah... nia renee hill... she black bruv

      2. Revolt Against

        Giovanni Collazo-Cruz His wife Asian....

      3. Giovanni Collazo-Cruz

        @defAngel his wife black?..

      4. defAngel

        ching ching ching ching Bill Burr is literally one of the whitest comedians ever but ok.

      5. ching ching ching ching

        Bill Burr exists

    25. Sharonda Lewis

      "you better watch it!"

    26. Robin Redbreast

      I am laughing so hard and I don't even know what the back story was.

    27. holysinnerxxx

      I need to know the backstory!

    28. Pdubbed

      “I’m broke. I ain’t got nothing to lose” 😂😂😂

    29. Youtoo22

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 i’m scared of my wife, I ain’t worry about u. U know u wasn’t jumping😂😂😂😂😂


        Such a G thing to say!

      2. judeetiennejr

        That had me rolling 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    30. Carl Adair

      im DYING !!!! GARY WENT ALL THE WAY IN!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

    31. Kourkie De' Kreator

      Gary Gary Gary!

    32. Annabelle nolan

      omg that MC tho 🤣🤣🤣

    33. Lynn Speelman

      Hilarious Gary 😂😂😂🌟💯💫❤️😂😂😂

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      3. Tim Miles

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    35. Michael Carroll

      What Jay z song is that?

      1. Haddingtonian GCP

        It's the song where he said "put me anywhere on God's green earth and I'll triple my worth, mother...." and I believe him. That man is a business, man.

      2. D. Vey

        JAY Z - 'U Don't Know' off of Blueprint

    36. Mitsuo Mits

      I might have to read the comments because I have no idea what's going on 😅

      1. Cory Saint

        Lmao got eem

      2. Ghost

        @Ikonik_ Congrats on looking like a loser calling out 2 people who aren't familiar with a complete strangers personal life.

      3. Ikonik_

        congrats on both lookin like morons you bandwagon fans 🙄

      4. Ghost

        @Cory Saint I didn't either until I did the search and saw all the links about her LOL.

      5. Cory Saint

        @Ghost didnt know that lol

    37. David Strange

      I need to know how much he gave away to make him cry like that lol

      1. madhousenmich

        I know I feel we need a back story

    38. Journeys In This Crazy World

      😆 😆 heck no 😆

    39. Trois Caniche


    40. Debra Ross

      Man I Trip off of u u r harilous 🙋🙋🙋 u my man🙋🙋🙋

    41. Tanya RI'CHARD

      Gary had to answer for this one. 😆 🤣

    42. Gordon Pinderhues

      I didn't know that they didn't even have standard definition in 2009. Terrible footage...

    43. Doc BBC

      🤣😂🤣 I'm on the floor 😂🤣😂

    44. Valeda Shaver

      Gary is funny, donated until it hurts and he did now Kenya

    45. Shiv_Nath

      funny af

    46. Jeannie Presley

      I love your love of laughing you make always hope it is worth it

      1. Justin Santos


    47. Brad Behney

      Yo I Wana see the clip of him crying the night before. Bc I'm crying laughing at this clip 🤣🤣😂

    48. toyamwarr

      I remember hearing about this incident on The Tom Joyner Show after it happened years ago. My mom was angry at Gary like it was her money he gave away.

      1. unexpected vixen

        @toyamwarr Thank you! I've been going crazy trying to figure out the back story

      2. 01 02

        @toyamwarr oh, thank you!👍🙋🏾‍♀️

      3. Swagger Cre8ion's

        toyamwarr omg that makes so much sense now, I was confused why they were making fun of him crying. Didn’t make too much sense why people he would tease him about crying about the money. Him crying about a touching story, then giving up the purse makes so much more sense now. Just re watched it, your spot on 👍

      4. toyamwarr

        What Swagger said. Essentially people were giving money to the historically black college fund that Tom Joyner founded decades ago. There was one story from one of Tom Joyner’s recipients that moved everyone to tears. People in the crowd were so moved by the story that they gave more than their original amount. Gary was so moved by the story and everyone else giving that when he got on stage, he said he was going to give his whole check from preforming that weekend to the Tom Joyner college fund - basically saying he would work the cruise show free and all his tips would go to the fund as well. That was day two or three of the cruise. There were still 3 or so more days on the boat. What was his plan for the rest of the cruise? When the show came back the next night, everyone had be clowning Gary about losing all his money just because he started crying.

      5. Swagger Cre8ion's

        MikeOuttaphone sounds like he gave up his performance purse.... the only back story I know from this is he was getting drunk with famous people donating to a charity on the Tom Joyner Cruise.... sounds like he upped the price on donations...

    49. Finesse Fine


    50. Hazel Eyes

      My favorite comedian 🥰🥰😂

    51. TMD6194LIFE Hess

      Wish you would come to San Diego brother. I’m a fan & I can’t travel far.