Bill Bellamy | #GetSome Ep. 129 with Gary Owen

Gary Owen

49 миӊ. көрүүлөр8

    On this episode of #Getsome, I am joined by comedian and actor Bill Bellamy! From his early days in standup on Def Comedy to hosting on MTV and then acting in films like Brothers and How to Be a Player we go over it all.
    Comedian-actor Gary Owen has been leaving audiences with tears in their eyes for over a decade - in the best way, of course! In his podcast #GetSome, Gary discusses the latest and greatest in pop culture, sports, and live entertainment, with his own comedic flair. Laugh along with Gary and his special celebrity guests each week, and maybe learn a thing or two while you’re at it!
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    1. Travis Blount

      @garyowencomedy The fact that you were mad but considerate of the structure is so white lol Good stuff man 👍🏾

    2. Avian Artis-Fleary

      Really enjoyed this interview✌🏾 you all have inspired me to go ahead and look for a show to attend! Haven't been out out since covid.and newborn baby 😄

    3. Ademola34 Adeniran

      Wow. That's a really solid Chappelle's impersonation. Bill Bellamy 🤙🏿

    4. Neicie Lee

      This is the realist podcast ever! True and straight from the heart. Love you guys

    5. dimples p

      Omg his Chappelle impression is dead on! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    6. Tracy B

      Yoooo his Chappelle is crazy!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    7. George Irby

      Yo Gary, the reason you thought Bill was in BAPS was that the woman that played his sister in How to was the same woman in BAPS.

    8. Two Glizzy

      Stop pandering every episode with black panther talk. We get it, u like black folk.

    9. jedijmg

      Was not expecting that great Chappell impression. 🔥🔥

    10. digital subliminal messages

      S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S I bet / hmm/ yeah it was definitely ,/ I thought it was B.E.T. / / that's a terrible chemistry/ assholes and rappers/ / / comics don't even like some comics-ish// / /haaaif you can bring both profiles ///

    11. GVH2008

      Loved Dev!! I'm from Cincinnati and he was such an amazing person. Cut my family's hair for years. RiP

    12. Big Sis Chris

      Met Bill at Maple House. I respected his space, and he generously offered a pic. Sweet guy!!

    13. Ricardo Ellison

      That beach house was the only reason I wanted to go to college was for spring break. They made it look fun as hell lol.

    14. syckindahead

      Awesome tribute to your friend, Devon Jounson. Dope show!

    15. Curt Williams

      Real talk if we ever get out of this COVID you got to see Bill Bellamy hands down I think he is one of the best story tellers of our time. I had a chance to see him in person yo it was lights out !!!! His jokes on point but his delivery is killer.

    16. J. E.

      35:56 Hands Down the best Dave impression I've ever heard in my life.

    17. DeAnn Epps

      Awesomeness 👏🏾👏🏾 I met him in his early years performaning at Terminal Ds in NJ Ooooh yes the Peppermint Lounge 😂😂

    18. DeAnn Epps

      Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying 😢

    19. Patrick Courtney

      I just seen Bill on video game documentary on Netflix called high score. They were doing a sonic competition at alcatraz

    20. Michael Stein

      I know black don't crack, but Bellamy looks like he's got a time machine. He literally looks the exact same from How To Be a Player

    21. Cassandra Best

      Thank Gary enjoy this when you and Bill coming to Jersey. Shout out from Jersey!!!!

    22. MissIToldYou Sooo

      I love Bill's energy❤he always comes correct

    23. Error Report

      25:00 Gary, I agree brevity is appreciated. But also remember preacher at a funeral should be trying to save souls. The person we’re remembering has gone on, but even if 1 persons soul gets saved at a funeral it is a joy. Unfortunately this person didn’t seem to have what was needed that day.

    24. Ms. Fran

      Great show !!! Best Chappelle impression ever Bill !!!!!!

    25. Bryanna Corsbie

      I was at the show this passed weekend at Tommy T’s. So much funnn Gary was hilarious

    26. dr k woods

      Bill impression make my stomach hurt...funny

    27. Kay Mogul

      I just love Bill Bellamy. I always have and I always will.

    28. Es Momo

      Love this interview B one of my best

    29. Charles Moore

      Man your like one of my favorite. Dude you make me feel good on a bad day. THANKS !

    30. Meemee Palmer

      Wait,what?!?! The voice on the radio in the movie waiting to exhale is Asian?!?!

    31. Lisa Binder Here's that riddick bowe vs holyfield fight parachute guy

    32. Imu Fekadeselassie

      It is so crazy . . .. I watched the guy blowing his head off on live TV. That gave me a nightmare for years. I still remember it vividly.

    33. Makell Bird

      7:55 The only thing that disappointed me about Pac… after he died… Gridlock'd and Gang Related were very mediocre films. I don't blame Pac or the cast per sé, but the script was basic and the execution of the films themselves could have been better. Poor direction or poor subject matter perhaps. -- But the music Pac recorded that came out after he died was astounding! He was REALLY in the zone in 1996! --

    34. Makell Bird

      I remember being 12-14 years old, watching all these people in bathing suits and bikinis, partying at the beach and in the pool, bumping all the latest dance and Hip Hop hits. I wanted to be there soooo bad… but I was underage… and, by the time I became an adult, that shit didn't exist anymore. 1990-1996 = GREAT ERA!

    35. Ms. Ebony 757

      Bill hosting early MTVJamz was everything 🔥 #80sBaby

    36. New Cotton Fields LLC

      This is classic! They tell the best stories.

    37. condohatesme

      This is the nicest set I’ve see on a podcast.

    38. Ruby Steele

      Love love this..I thought you and Luenell was awesome and hard to beat but you need Bill back with his impressions

    39. Joe Rod

      Good shit!!!

    40. beatswork

      If Gary was smart he would put up a clip with Bill Bellamy Doing Chapelle impression because that’s hilarious. That’s how stuff goes viral

    41. Daniel

      Man... I miss Bill Belamy. I Forgot how funny he is. Gary has such a great genuine convo with all these guests, keep it going!

    42. ROOT LADY

      Life has been a little easier to cope with engaging with both of these guys talent..gratitude&BIG UPS to both!💓💓

    43. Anna K

      I enjoy gary owen💯

    44. DroneGuy

      Bill eased up on the S curl a bit. Went from “S” curl to “s” curl.

      1. ROOT LADY


      2. ROOT LADY


    45. youknowasuprite

      I love what Gary is doing. He has carved his own lane with this podcast. I liked him before Covid but his daily updates during Covid made me fall in love with him 🙌🏾

    46. Pea Hop

      Omg! His impersonations! 🎯 🤣

    47. Skip Lou

      They talked about Theo von ???

    48. pipimp100

      Murphy is the most overrated comedian of all time!!!! Just like people putting Biggie in their Top 5 with only 2 albums. GTFOH!!!

    49. NewGardner

      @42:31 Although Gary has a memory like a computer chip, he reminds me of how white men document and record everything because you never know its future value. This explains why black history was hidden then resurfaced on the internet for us to learn hahahha ; amazing.

    50. NewGardner

      @42:31 Gary reminds me of how white men document and record everything because you never know its future value. This explains why black history was hidden then resurfaced on the internet hahahha ; amazing.

    51. Guhaad 651

      Bill was awesome in Love Jones. I think I saw 95% of the movies he’s in.

    52. Darrell

      Ya'll reminded me about Theo and I went google hunting for anything about him. NOTHING!! If by chance anyone has anything about him, I'd love to see it. Theo was the shit back in the day. And Bill, uncanny impression of Dave C

      1. MissIToldYou Sooo

        Update: This was the only thing I found, still not recent just a bunch of other ppl looking for Theo lol at least there's pics tho

      2. MissIToldYou Sooo

        Same!😭I can't find anything

    53. MrAlex3132003

      Damn! Bill's Chappelle and Witherspoon's impressions are on point!!!

    54. priscilla carter

      gary and bill i enjoyed this so much i was cracking up

    55. A Frank

      I had the biggest crush on Bill Bellamy when I was younger. He still looks good, but he always had the best sense of humor. His personality is his best asset. Luv this dude. Gary, this was an awesome conversation. Thank you for bringing him on.

    56. Patricia Crawford


    57. Brenn McDaniel

      Damn Bill's still got it....💪💪💪💪

    58. Kevin Moxley

      He blew his head off on the 105 fwy on-ramp by LAX. Crazy shit.

    59. fluvaluva

      Really enjoyed the energy between Gary and Bill. You can tell there is a genuine friendship and chemistry. I would love to see him interview Sommore.

    60. TheLastDragon5

      Bill Bellamy and Jamie Foxx are the same person

      1. Tracy Davison

        😂😂 nope

    61. Kathy Bastian

      Gary is getting younger and Bill Bellamy hasn’t aged.

    62. Gerald Joseph

      50:15 The Green Room Trashing 56:00 The Importance of Riders

    63. Warren Wiggins

      To whom it may concern. Gary Owens thank you for bringing one of our Legends to your broadcast. It was an honor to listen to your broadcast with Bill Bellamy. I remember him from being on Def Comedy Jam talk about a booty call. Please continue to keep giving out kings and queens a seat at your table give them their flowers while they can see them while they can smell them while they can appreciate them. Please continue the good work. You're definitely a good comedian yourself I enjoy watching some of your shows on KGup. Once again thank you for doing what you're doing we all need the laughter and I'll lives. In the beginning I heard you and Bill will giving a friend his honors about how good of a friend that he was to you both. And how so many other people he knew and the type of person that he was. Like you guys say sometimes you just have to reach out and say something good about each other because you never know the time or place. If you're going to see each other again. God has a way of sitting people down and showing them what family is all about what love is all about. It's not about color it's about being human. Because God is not liking what he is seen with his people that he has created in this world. We look at so much negativity about each other that we become numb about what somebody does good. We drive and hurt people sometime when we look at the negativity of something that somebody may have done it may not meant to do that. But continue the good work please be careful may God bless you and your family and may you guys keep on giving people good laughter good love. Because you guys are human too so you going to have bad days you're not always going to wake up wanting to do comedy. But comedy is everywhere you turn or look some time with your family sometimes with your friend. Or life itself so stay safe thank you

    64. Matt Blanks

      Sounds just like Chappelle

    65. Wrench Worth

      Chappelle imitation was SPOT ON!!!

    66. Michelle Watkins

      Okay Gary I see you stepping your fame up with the podcast! Keep it up🖤💯🤍

    67. Dana Carter

      Man I wish I could have seen that cosmic moment....all of them together with all that energy....yassssss

    68. 01000010 01100101

      Blows my mind how many people slept on the 2010 Black Panther animated release featuring Djimon Hounsou as Black Panther.

    69. L Bridge

      This was another great episode! I love the mix of people you have on and the way you engage people. Congratulations and I look forward to more!

    70. Heather Hopes-Mars

      Peppermint Lounge in the House!!!

    71. tclemons469

      Love this Hey Bill. Or Gary.. can you produce my podcast.. I got some ideas

    72. igfromthe323

      @3:40 His name was Daniel V. Jones. I was in 5th grade at the time watching cartoons after-school. Breaking news intervened, a lot of kids were home and saw this dude blow his brains out on live TV. I'll never forget that day.

    73. Eric Williams

      Did you smash Idalis???

    74. Eric Williams

      Bill's sorry ass was at the Seton Hall Prep alumni game vs my Grey Bees back in the 90's..remember that ??Huh?. BOOLAH BOOLAH BILL!!!

      1. Tracy Davison

        Smh you need attention?! Here you go🖕🏽😂

    75. Eric Williams

      Bill's pops is my Bro's mechanic. I just saw showtime at the appolo with Bill on.

    76. 15heartz


    77. Dennis Graves

      Y'all do stories so well. I wish y'all would do D'lai show.

    78. Cosmos Coach

      Bill Bellamy is the epitome of "black don't crack". This brotha looks the same as he did when he started on MTV... And thank you for the tribute Gary. R.I.P Brother Boseman.

      1. Samira Ali

        How is someone a epitome of something that doesn't exist only because it rhymes and sound good its made up lol

    79. Christina Rice

      Great interview! Cincinnati stand up!

    80. Adam S

      G Owen is a beast.

    81. ALIENOISE !

      Love the podcast... once i seen it was bill Bellamy definitely had to click play

    82. Antoinette Williams

      Wait is there anyone he wants to work with?

    83. Antoinette Williams

      This interview was epic!!!

    84. B

      Why didn't Gary ask him what actor or producer that he wants to work with 🤔

    85. Pinku Style TV

      This guy dont age

    86. Cameron

      If you can you should try and get Godfrey & Pierre on.

      1. Darius Davis

        Cameron they start off by talking about it so you don’t have to watch the whole hour . But just fast forward until you see Pierre come in

      2. Darius Davis

        Cameron hell yea here go the link he talked about it on Corey holcomb podcast

      3. Cameron

        Darius Davis forreal. Was it public?

      4. Darius Davis

        Him and Pierre got a lil beef

    87. malcolm adderley


    88. Lynda Royster

      Bill is so engaging!

    89. hendersoncnc

      Damn bill still look the same

    90. Brandon Bell

      This Is priceless.. love both of your work... have an idea for what u guys are talking about...

    91. ceb316

      Damn you forgot to ask him who Bill wants to work with that he hasn’t.

    92. Corven Mortes

      I love your comedy it is awesome i also love the pod cast keep being awesome. You went to Killeen that is awesome when you coming to Buffalo?

    93. Reticeō Vespillo

      Brugh that clean as Chappelle impression!

    94. A Jax

      This was great. Thanks guys !

    95. ronaldmcdonald1977

      Best Impression Ive ever heard of Chappelle. Actually the only one. Bills a gem

      1. Avian Artis-Fleary


      2. NoobishBananaOffical

        Look up jamie foxx he kills it to

    96. venusfox14k

      I liked this set Gary with Bill. Great stories were shared that were hilarious.

      1. diatammy

        Gary - please find Theo Mizuhara. He is so missed in L.A.

    97. Eboni

      I just asked this question weeks ago: WHERE THE F IS THEO!? 🤷🏽‍♀️

    98. Nikki Daniels

      Imma need Gary to get a better picture of Eminem to put on his wall!

    99. Che Nieves


    100. Jason Freeman

      Jamie Foxx and Bill Bellamy do the best Dave Chappelle impressions.