Gary's Twitter Controversy | #GetSome Ep. 125

Gary Owen

6 миӊ. көрүүлөр1

    Discussing the differences between saying stuff on-stage and saying things on Twitter.
    #GetSome Ep. 125 with Aries Spears available now:

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    1. Solar da Poet

      An all round warm and decent person who certainly knows how to read vibes plus he’s funny👍🏿

    2. Andrew Cary

      Come on man Gary is black. Str8 up.

    3. Andrew Cary

      That got awkward fast. Lol!!!

    4. Loren Stickler

      4:36 and i thought i was a Stickler...😂😂

    5. Adrianne Smith

      For me Gary can say "dat nigga". I'm good with it. I never use the letter N. It's niggaH. I'm not offended. It's comedy.

    6. Tiffany

      Hey Gary, u said NOTHING offends u. Wife, kids, nothing. What about if someone rips on Dallas, ur brother?

      1. Brian Price

        Then it would anger or hurt him, that's not offended.

    7. Tiffany

      The issue is what one person thinks is funny, another person thinks its offensive. Comedy is subjective. That said, I too am very rarely offended so I can laugh with the rest of them.

      1. Mercenary 1914

        I agree with this...that's why I sort of didnt agree with Aries when he said you should be able to say it if it's funny....Not everyone will find it funny. You should be able to say it, if the context is where you are attempting to be funny, or it's part of the completion of the joke.

      2. janet b.

        That's usually what happens. I think it's how they say it. I don't offended about things that maybe others might. You're right😁

    8. Yawdan

      I agreed with Owen and disagreed with Spears on this one.

    9. Brian Caruthers

      What's up with some more step dad stories?

    10. A Jax

      I don't say it because I just don't like the word. Even if it was ok to say, I still would't . I don't allow any of my daughters to say it. My 2 adult sons say it many times a day it's natural to them because most of our lives that's who we love being around.

      1. janet b.

        Being white, my daughter was mixed, pretty blended family, growing up and things that have happen to me, i hate the n word. True meaning of that word- dirty person. That to me says, black, white, Mexican, etc.. Can b filthy person and b the n word. I hate to hear people saying that. Anyways, I'm agreeing with u 😁✋❤

    11. A Jax

      I think Imma bout 2 start a riot over Me not being asked to be on your pod cast. I shoulda beeeeen the FIRST CUZ!

    12. CherokeeRedman27 !

      So my black friends say to me that there is a difference between the word nigger and nigga when you say it. Nigga is OK in among friends.... nigger is highly offensive! But my real beef is why should anyone race be "alllowed" to say it. If you black it's ok? No. Stfu. Black people didn't invent the word nor did they start saying it. So why all of the sudden black people own the word. Screw that bs attitude! If you don't want to hear white or other races saying it then YOU don't say it weather you black, white or purple. No single race gets to say it and it be OK unless WE ALL CAN. All lives matter!

    13. pornanyone

      I can see the difference It was funny when he explained it The tweet by itself wasn’t funny

      1. Mendes 007

        @Mercenary 1914 Thank you :) I appteciate the reply. I'm from South Africa, so I'm not quite in tune with the racial dynamics in America.

      2. Mercenary 1914

        @Mendes 007 I don't think it is offensive. However, I know some old school people both black and white who think the word is offensive no matter what. Spelled with a or er, they still find it offensive. Especially if someone white uses it. Once again....I personally would be OK with Gary saying it with an a....and even with er.. if he is trying to tell a joke.

      3. Mendes 007

        @Mercenary 1914 Hi, I was just wondering how it is percieved as offensive. If he typed the word or put *** after n, then I understand. But he only reffered to it as the n word. Isn't saying "n word" the most politically correct way of referring to the word? I'm debating the offensiveness behind the n word. We can all agree any non-black person cannot say it because of the meaning. I just don't quite get how this is an offensive tweet. Is it implying that he says it? I am a bit confused and would appreciate the help, so I can grow from ignorance. :)

      4. Mercenary 1914

        I agree and disagree with Aries.....You should not get a pass if it is "Funny" should get a pass if the intent was to be funny or complete a joke. The reason I say this is, because not everyone find the same shit funny. Take for example the tweet....I do find it funny, but it is not AS funny as the way he told it.

    14. joyce taylor

      Gary we love you we know you didn’t say the n-word I’ve been watching you to long and black comedians say cracker and honkey all the time keep doing what you are doing making us laugh thumbs up 👍 to your marriage and your family

    15. jay green

      All of that was just a personal opinion, we all have our own some we share some we don’t i get it

    16. jay green

      Comedy is great you should go see who you like and if you don’t like it don’t give that comedian your money. COMEDIANS however need to stop using “comedy” as an excuse to be hateful and mean. Dave Chapelle once said he knows some comedians are racist they tell their jokes and it comes across as funny BUT they mean what they are saying. “It’s comedy” can’t be your excuse to spew vile words and then complain people don’t find it funny. Freedom of speech means freedom to say whatever you want but it isnt freedom from repercussions

    17. Faith and Love

      I agree. But for Gary if he was going to do that. He should've started that in the begining. He can't come out now starting say the word. It has never been part of his MO. Like Aries said. When you go see someone's show. You should know what they are about. Gary has never been on that. So to say it now would ruin his career. Example. I don't take no women with me to see 5150 dude Corey Holcome I think his name is 🙄. The guy who makes abortion jokes and side chic jokes! That guy I only go with the fellas. I've been to. Too many shows and see relationships and lmao. 😂😂😂 Dudes laughing and there woman looking like. Wtf. Take me home its over lol. 😂😂😂. So yeah Gary can't start now with the b.s. lol. No white person period really. But POINT is. Gary should continue to do what he been doing. Aries is not the Black boss man. Dont let him lead you to lose your career lol.

      1. Faith and Love

        @Jwda thefax cool beans

      2. Jwda thefax

        Peace and Love Happiness - Also I said in my comment that it wasn’t the same as saying “Nigga” so you’re actually the one failing to comprehend. Don’t know if any of this sounds aggressive but just to let you know, it’s not.

      3. Jwda thefax

        Peace and Love Happiness - And I’m sayin “why not?” You’re just not comprehending what I’m saying. Just cause YOU think you know what he’s “about” doesn’t mean someone else does. He’s not performing for just you. If you would’ve understood my Corey Holcomb example, you would know what I’m sayin. But to make it’re first time seeing Corey Holcomb could’ve easily been his first time using that type of material. How would you know? 🤷🏼‍♂️ No comedian likes it when fans try to tell them what type of material they should do. Sure they each have their own style but telling them WHAT they can talk about is what bothers them. And that’s not what this video was about anyway so I don’t understand what made you say that in the first place.

      4. Faith and Love

        @Jwda thefax plus if you read what I actually said. I clearly said he can't start now. What he actually said is NOT the same thing as actually saying nicca. Im going to need you to read to comprehend before making accusations. One black man to another. No shade its all good. Maybe you missed that part in my comment. Now you know. Lol

      5. Faith and Love

        @Jwda thefax speak for yourself. I knew what it was before I went to see him.

    18. hunited

      But how about Louis CK? Forget his current situation, he said the n word so many times on stage and i can't find what his comedian friends think about it.

      1. Booker Humor

        Louie CK discussed it with Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, and Ricky G. They didn't care.

    19. American Outside

      If they say the N-word 50 times a day, they can't be offended by who says it. I love that you're funny and relatable without having to say it. It's sad that comics have to say it to be funny when it's nothing but a distraction when it's said as if the story they are telling isn't enough. Are the mainstream guys paid more to say the N-word because it's edgy? Or is that who they think we are or who they really they are? Anyway, I like your work, for an Old Navy guy, you're funny!

      1. Jwda thefax

        janet - I was being sarcastic but in general, it’s mostly other races that would find the use of that word an “add-on” to a joke. (Unless the joke is specifically about that word) For a lot of black people, it’s just a word we use on the regular, so it wouldn’t add anything to the joke for us.

      2. janet b.

        @Jwda thefax u were doing fine til the end, only white people..thats not true, just my oppion.

      3. Jwda thefax

        Just so you know “they” say it out of habit more than anything. It’a not something that makes a joke “better” and I don’t see how one word would. Only white people would think that word is part of the joke.

    20. T 412

      Gary has some white blond spots smh 🤦🏿‍♂️

    21. Valeda Shaver

      Gary is always honest when it comes to his podcast

    22. terry Burnett

      Twitter is a known cesspool of fuckery.

    23. Felicia Vinson

      Gary always keep it 100. He knows how to keep it real.

      1. Valeda Shaver

        Yes he does