Jerry Ferrara | #GetSome Ep. 120 with Gary Owen

Gary Owen

20 миӊ. көрүүлөр3

    On this episode of the #GetSome podcast, Gary is joined by yet another member of the Think Like a Man family, actor Jerry Ferrara. One of the many joys of being an actor on television shows and movies is establishing close, loving relationships with the cast and crew. Gary and Jerry both feel the love for their Think Like a Man team and feel similarly about the other productions they’ve been a part of. These old friends also share a mutual love for sports - not the same teams, though! Since Gary is a die-hard Bengals fan, and Jerry a Browns fan by marriage, we’re lucky these two are such great pals. Listen along to gain some perspective on what it’s like to be an actor, and also to hear two goofballs passionately discuss their favorite sports teams.
    Comedian-actor Gary Owen has been leaving audiences with tears in their eyes for over a decade - in the best way, of course! In his podcast #GetSome, Gary discusses the latest and greatest in pop culture, sports, and live entertainment, with his own comedic flair. Laugh along with Gary and his special celebrity guests each week, and maybe learn a thing or two while you’re at it!
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    1. ty nechee

      Love this white dude reciting and interpreting fiddy lyrics.

    2. Paul Fermano

      Gary, is your ethnic background English or Irish, or both?

    3. Stephanie Drummond

      Turtle, Proctor!!!!!

    4. Genesis One

      9:06-12:08 😂😂

    5. Sharon Renee

      I need that list of foods & supplements that Mr. Romany gave you, Gary!!!🙏🏼🧘🏽‍♀️

    6. Iguana Lifestyles aka The Iguana Guy 305

      Here here at your show. I from Miami and I flew here to watch the show tonight here in Arlington. Table 45 baby. Come get some. My name is Harold Rondan. I want my picture with you again. This is my new channel. If u ever want a free tour my treat.

    7. hope jackson

      Would you interview Desus and Mero?

    8. Ruby Redd

      Gary you bring so much joy and laughter you bring to us!!

    9. Ruby Redd

      Love "Tommy/Joseph Sekura". What a great person and down to earth person, ah yes, amazing Gagster in POWER!!!!!

    10. Ruby Redd

      Enjoying your Podcast! Need a great laugh!! Love "POWER CAST". Keep them coming! Peace!!✌♥️✌ Stay safe Gary our brother!!!

    11. Loyal Smith

      I love how you feel that you need to translate the lyrics to us virgins .... 😂 😝 😂

    12. Antoinette Williams

      Jerry set up additional excitement for your interview with Romany. I can't wait to hear it!

    13. bmguninc

      I fkz w/ 👆 gary keep it coming

    14. Danna McIntire

      Are you going to interview the ladies of think like a man? Wendy Williams, Regina Hall, Taraji P, And Gabrielle And your work wife Wendy McLendon-Covey.

      1. Antoinette Williams

        That would be so great if he did!

    15. Nnamdi Nwaneri

      Someone make a gif out of Gary being on top @10:50 lol

    16. De Sava

      Interpreting these lyrics to bond with your daughter 🤯🤯🤯😱🤢 might want to rethink this.

    17. De Sava

      Doing everything but staying out of clubs and traveling like you will recognize the virus in the air. So people will be in an enclosed area laughing; breath travelling around the room. We can't get a handle on the virus because people won't stay still, won't wear a mask, won't wear a mask properly or think they won't get the virus. Just gambling with your life and other people's life...for what? Disappointing.

    18. AzariW8


    19. Rose Water

      You’re not trying to do everything to stay healthy Gary, you trying to still go outside and go to places to do any of you. Stay your butt in the house. That’s how you stay healthy stay home. Basically there’s zombies running around in your thinking well I’m taking vitamin D so the zombies and come fuck with me. Stay your ass in the house so that the zombies can’t get near you that’s how you stay safe and healthy. The zombies out here infecting each other looking to make more people zombies. The mask only is a layer of protection, it helps your little bit, but the longer you were out there with exposure mask or not your risk to the zombies will be higher. Urgent or very needed things only is why you should be outside. Limit your exposure by limiting being at the house. You are really crazy so it’s not like staying in a house with making you crazy. Also your selfishness to want to be in the comedy club to tell jokes you’re putting other people at risk because; they are not out there protecting them selves as they’re in close quarters in a comedy club. That’s a irresponsible, it’s just pure a irresponsible.

    20. db boss

      I know this conversation is long but this was great all Gary podcast are dope you can tell ppl like him thats why he gets big ppl to come talk to him

    21. db boss

      Lol jerry wanted to say Dinero lol a actually movie and Gary pick up on in read it quick that's chemistry

    22. db boss

      When the eagles won the superbowl I shed some tears I was so happy you have no idea

    23. Chance Vlogs

      Turtle was my favorite character on Entourage and Entourage is my favorite show. Proctor was one of my favorite characters on POWER. His death scene was crazy!! Great interview Gary! Thanks! What character do you relate to the most on Entourage and Power Gary?

    24. ceb316

      Jerry not slick with that Medellin poster behind him. Sweet Entourage call back.

    25. Tera Carter

      Gary, you need to share that list from Romany!

    26. Steven Pena

      Listening to your podcast makes my time at work zoom.

      1. Antoinette Williams

        Mine too!!! I listen and laugh every day!

    27. PumpkinC CKH

      Eye candy Whew Chile!

    28. Banele Kenqa

      Gary your intros suck 😂 you always spend an 1 hour speaking trash before introducing your guest

    29. Wy WY

      Great interview 👍

    30. SchreckJ 78


    31. epiphanyloa

      Man I hated when they killed Jerry's character off on Power. I liked his off center part on the show.

      1. Shalon Rivers

        His death and Opie from son's of anarchy...deeply effected me LOL.

      2. Taquan Coleman

        It was cold he never got justice for Tommy killing him

    32. SpontaneousJade

      Gary gets so excited about football, he clearly broke wind on air! Lol! 1:00:35!

    33. Southerngirl225 Louisiana

      Hey Gary you really need to get a syndicated show. Man Jerry is my "GUY" . I'm a Mass Comm major so interviewing is my thing. You are a beast. This content will be great to have once we are finished with this pandemic. Hopefully you can shop these interviews and get a deal. You would 100 percent deserve it. Please keep good interviews coming. #GETSOME

    34. I am JopauL.

      Gary, absolutely love the new venture with the podcast...fucking awesome man!!!!

    35. De Sava

      So the Arlington Improv is advertising Gary Owen will be in Texas next week? Really LOL Is this a joke😱😱😱😱

    36. George Houston

      Jerry Ferrara is the luckiest man in show business. This dude has nothing but hits under his belt. Entourage...Think Like a Man 1-2 and Power....that's a fucking resume!

    37. Alexandra Robinson

      Do anyone know for sure if his Atlanta show is cancelled or not?

    38. Bruce goolsby jr

      Lmao loved this podcast.

    39. lisa lee

      Damn Jerry Ferrara is FINE!

    40. zach jones

      Love Gary and Jerry great podcast

    41. Sara Lopez


    42. Error Report

      I love these TLAM interviews all the guys have been so cool, the best, most comraderie. Jerry seems like a great guy, congrats to him. CANNOT WAIT for Romany my Trini fave. 🇹🇹

    43. LetsBeClear

      🐢 !!!

    44. hasmanking

      i just want them to make another think like a man they so good why not make another one

    45. Dee 972

      You're a funny dude Gary! You don't know the history of July 4th😂

    46. Janeen Hamad

      Tommy...Joseph from Power LOL 😆

    47. Shaerika King

      He is Turtle and now Proctor 🥰

    48. n2meuc2

      By the way... how is your Dad, and newly married sister(s) doing? You haven’t mentioned them in awhile...❤️

    49. n2meuc2

      Great interview! (As they all have been!)

    50. MzoArt

      "WHAT TIME IS IT?! WHAT TIME IS IT?!... ANY DOGS IN THE HOUSE?" Ray Lewis as Gary Owen as Ray Lewis in Think Like A Man 😂

    51. Izzy P

      I love you and your stand up but duck it’s hard to sit here and listen to you you are all over and you don’t ask nothing good to your guess just things about you to boost you rep.. get in to a real convo

    52. JBDaKing 1210

      Damn intro Long af

      1. Error Report

        Ngl I usually skip straight to the interview.

    53. S Polanco

      Love me some jerry Ferrara Aka Turtle 🐢☺️

    54. David Carrillo


    55. anne yaque chavez

      brea and ontario imporve come there. meet n great too plz.

    56. David Carrillo


    57. David Carrillo


    58. R thirteen

      Jerry Ferrara saved the Gary Owen show.

      1. Mark Edwards

        Breaking down 50'S LYRICS.BOSS MOVE

    59. Mike Paul

      Who will always think of Jerry Ferrera as Turtle?

      1. Jerald McClain


      2. Mercenary 1914

        NGL....for me, he was always Turtle...but he did a heck of a job as Joe Proctor on Power made me open my mind.

    60. TMD6194LIFE Hess

      G, when will you come to San Diego? I want to come to ur show!!