My Ride or Die

Gary Owen

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    The only time I called my wife a b*tch in my whole life

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    1. HAARP

      Why’d they bleep the first time he said “bitch” but when he said “you my ride or die bitch.” It didn’t bleep it? 🤷🏻‍♂️ I’m sure I’m the only one who cares! Oh, well! 💁🏻‍♂️

    2. VW5767

      I dont know how I never knew about this guy.. Funny as F***!!!

    3. Rensune

      Gary Owen is Blacker than Dave Chappelle And Chris Rock (Not just obvious ones like OJ)

    4. Ann Yes

      Gary had better facilitate his meds. They're wearing off!

    5. darlene Bolton

      Gary you is stupid 🤣🤣🤣

    6. Ronan Mc Auley

      I don't get it...

    7. Tha Taurus

      People complain how he always talk about his wife and her being black hmmm well damn how many times has Kevin talked about his parenting skills and his ex wife? Bill Burr does the same thing that's their thing

    8. JstHayleyM

      That's how Oakland women roll okay! Those circles run small as hell out here lol

    9. Larry Leg3nd

      Breaking bad go hard lol

    10. Demetri Azard


    11. OM


    12. Some Guy

      My chinese gf told me if she was Skyler she would invest that money to earn more money...

    13. Katherine Jordan

      Look. If my husband was bringing home that much money I wouldn't be asking very many questions. Shut me up with that Louis Vuitton. :D

      1. Robin Corprew

        LMAO 🤣🤣🤣

    14. Tonja Robinson

      That was some funny stuff right there. Boi watch out there...lmbo🤣🤩🤣😂🤣😂

    15. MAHDEMO LiA

      i will never write that word again without laughing.. i can't unhear...and forget it.. facilitate

    16. Contrell Beal

      Lmfao, this fool said F-A- CILITATE, IM IN FUCKIN TEARS SMH

    17. Ralph Harrison

      We gon give him a Netflix special or what?

    18. Shawna

      Can someone tell me what he was doing with his hand when he was F A Cilitating that p****!?!?? I’m intrigued!

      1. Yabo Bayo

        Shawna Screwin da nail in the upper hole..? 😬🤔

    19. Question Your World

      Gary is a black man who happens to be white.

    20. Adan Wario

      I didn't think I'd laugh this much! His stupidity is toxically funny

    21. Nadine Hall

      Gary you're a hot mess! lol

    22. YONCE 8701

      SLEPT ON!!

    23. Crim3 Pays

      Tommy from Power got jokes 😂

    24. Goddess Imani


    25. leimoan800

      I'm from Oakland, I know how to facilitate the deal 🤣😁😂🤣😜😎😁

    26. Taylor Logan

      😭 i can't breathe!!!!

    27. Young Ruun new music from young ruun

    28. Silent Night

      He's really likeable despite the naughty jokes.

    29. Sharon DolanStyles

      You're so so sooo funny Gary!!! I love youuuuuu You're blessed🙏

    30. Dorji Lama

      Damn u the man Gary jus made my day

    31. Maxwell Romeo

      Make this guy host the Oscars or something. He is too funny to be sidelined...

      1. Hakeem Dom-martin


    32. LEAH GIBBS


    33. Ana Lozada


    34. Nvi Warren

      ROFLMAO... Facilitate!!!

    35. NuttySophia


    36. MrBuliths

      that is a bs VAGUE af answer...

    37. Beatrice Wasonga

      Facilitate got me dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    38. Class tilton

      His wifes reaction to this joke tho 😂🤣

      1. Class tilton

        @Angelique Skyë yeah you know! Haha his son snitched on him quick 🤣😂🤣😂

      2. Angelique Skyë

        Class tilton she was pisssssed lol

      3. Class tilton

        @Lady Di u obvioisly havnt seen his tv show where she gets angry about it then 😅

      4. Lady Di

        Betcha he ran it by her first. B/c she's from Oakland.

    39. Rosa Keola

      Lmao 🤣 he is funny but I think 🤔 his wife was piss about the top 10

    40. Che Nieves


    41. Anthony vlogs

      Woke up the family with my laughter. Thank you

    42. Luna Sea

      "F-A-cilitate that p---y!" 🤣🤣🤣

    43. Lady M

      He's just too damn funny!

    44. Jesse Lugo

      Gary your jokes NEVER LET ME DOWN

    45. Youtoo22


    46. Dale Holy Diver

      He looks like bad luck brian..

      1. Hobostarr180


    47. Chrissy b

      Why im in my room hollering 😅😂 this dude is funny as hell

    48. Deborah James


    49. Sunshine Scorpio


    50. gravitatingaway

      This been one of childhood comicw..and he STILL consistent

    51. Maureen Karkos

      You are not right in the head Gary!😂

    52. john christianson

      My life is in a shambles right now literally. I'm in the bottom of a very deep dark well and I can't get out I'm praying for God's intervention. As self destructive as I'm feeling right now. This guy's making me laugh . God-bless this man. You've given me a reason to make it one more day🕊😎

      1. Sarahël Vetral

        Hello John ! How are you doing now ?

      2. Camera Patrice

        Hang in there! God got you!

      3. T-CATT

        Stay strong, John. Its a test from God and he will see you through. Praying for you.

      4. Stay Real

        Just take one day at a time. It will get better.

      5. Francine Vyfhuis

        Ik that feeling going through that right now

    53. Dan F

      Dying laughing here lol

    54. Morris Branch

      Honestly one of my top 10 favorite comedians of all times!! Way too underrated!!

    55. im baby.

      Bay Area rep.

    56. Lynn Speelman

      Gary is crazy ass hilarious 😂😂😂😂 Love ya Gary ❤️❤️❤️ God bless ❤️❤️🌟🌟🌟🌟💯🔥😷😂😂

    57. Torrey In New York City

      Love you Gary!!! You are funny as hell! ❤️

    58. Andrew Drescher

      Right there with you Gary. I grew up in 2 villages in rural Pennsylvania surrounded by farms. First 4 years of my life were spent living over a bar, that my Father ran. I had free run of the place. Pool table & darts. After the bar closed, we moved into a house in the next town over, 3 miles away. Hardly ever saw any POC. But as a teen, I realized that I was most attracted to black women. But by some miracle I met my beautiful wife 3 years ago, and we were married 6 months later. She’s Nigerian, and we have a beautiful 14 month old son.

      1. cane sugar

        Congrats. You'll be well taken care of.


        I see you went straight to the source!

      3. Hobostarr180


      4. im baby.

        Oh my gosh I’m so happy for you!! That’s a beautiful story 🥺 Yall are gonna be great parents.

    59. mdj300


    60. Sandra Aviles-Wilkes

      Lol....I just started watching Breaking Bad and I HATE the wife, the character is just an annoying asshole.

    61. 50gzup

      Man I almost spit my Modelo on the gotdamn floor!!

      1. Julissa DC

        uuuyyy beer

    62. Jennifer Coleman

      I love this one. So funny

    63. Janna Herd

      Thanks Gary for another great laugh 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    64. Renee Mo

      You ever laugh so hard you can't hear anything 🤣😂😂😂

      1. Chrissy b

        In tears 😂

    65. Matete Payc

      Gary is funnier than his level of celebrity. He deserves more recognition

      1. Kale Khalili

        He will for sure facilitate that recognition F-A-cilitate it

      2. RJ 00

        Netflix special ... something.

      3. Original J

        It’s hard for Black comics who don’t go thru SNL.

      4. Ralph Harrison

        No Netflix special? How Sway?

      5. Judth Chrismon


    66. Robert Roy

      Facilitate 😂

    67. M Brr

      That is so cute. You all F-A-Cillitate that relationship. 🥰

    68. Felicia Vinson

      Gary crazy ASS HELL . DAM keep the joke coming

    69. jams4041

      Hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    70. Patrice Garner

      2Funny G.O.😁

    71. samira el

      Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯

    72. bleu eggos

      Funny as always Gary Top ten at least you made the list 😂

    73. Niepi

      The subtitles were unnecessary for me as a foreign uneducated guy who has English as his maybe 3th language? Can't talk for the blind though. Just a random comment.

      1. Niepi

        @pop tart Awe yeah. The deaf. I forgot about them.

      2. pop tart

        What about the deaf? The subtitles are not just for you

    74. Oldhead Deuce

      oh yea, she' a keeper 😃😅

    75. William Fernandini

      This is skittish his wife didn't want Gary to do bc he talks about her number of partners. It is a funny skit but I can see her being pissed about it it's from a man's perspective paints the women in a poor light

      1. Swagger Cre8ion's

        trackman411 there’s a video of him talking about it...

      2. trackman411

        How you know she didn't want him to do it

      3. Swagger Cre8ion's

        His taking care of her first child with someone else and there both cute AF together.... she’s not to worried what other people think, she knows that’s her ride or die man...

      4. Mercenary 1914

        @The Worm lol....could still be part of the act...but I feel you Big Worm! Edit to Add: I always wanted to call someone Big Worm! good looks

      5. The Worm

        Mercenary 1914 no lol she got mad at him telling this it’s on KGup he told her it’s his comedy he’ll tell what jokes he wants

    76. Nievas

      Why is nobody reacting to him as often as bill burr

      1. Spencer Hudson

        @Dee Yeah, Burr talks about his kind of funny old fashion view of women. But he doesn't go into detail about his sex life.

      2. Dee

        @Spencer Hudson Not only is it the other way around, but they DO NOT say the same things. Do you even know who they are? lol

      3. Original J

        Bill Burr is white that’s why

      4. Hobostarr180

        @Spencer Hudson I saw, it was pretty okay

      5. A.R G

        @Spencer Hudson I'm sure it's the other way around

    77. Kimberly Divine

      😂🤣😂F-A cilitate on the floor!!!!🤣😂🤣 🙌🏽💯💎👑

    78. Mitsuo Mits

      Ok, already I had almost no more oxygen (laughing so hard) and then he started spelling 😆😆😆😆😆 💀💀💀

      1. Mitsuo Mits

        @the king of it all Oupss!!! Thanks...😅

      2. the king of it all


    79. Invisible Triangles

      This is gold!

    80. tgm willy


    81. Shadowcub69

      I love stories about Gary and his wife, they seem to be a freaking awesome couple. Props on the beautiful wife and family Gary.

    82. Deke King


    83. Mercenary 1914

      Gary knows how to F A cilitate them jokes! Have a good weekend Everyone!

      1. Mortimer Rockwell Wolffkelly

        that one killed me

      2. Hobostarr180

        U 2 lol

      3. April May


      4. holysinnerxxx

        you too bro

    84. Valeda Shaver

      Gary you’re silly

    85. young ISO

      Before 1k ticket here

    86. Nate Hammock