Aries Spears | #GetSome Ep. 125 with Gary Owen

Gary Owen

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    This week on the #GetSome podcast, Gary talks to Aries Spears, fellow stand-up comedian and MADtv legend. Watch as they flow through the art of stand-up comedy and reminisce about old comedy club stories. Then, they dive deep into topics such as the harsh realities of Hollywood, and the differences in perception when it comes to being on-stage comics and off-stage podcast hosts or interview guests.
    Comedian-actor Gary Owen has been leaving audiences with tears in their eyes for over a decade - in the best way, of course! In his podcast #GetSome, Gary discusses the latest and greatest in pop culture, sports, and live entertainment, with his own comedic flair. Laugh along with Gary and his special celebrity guests each week, and maybe learn a thing or two while you’re at it!
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    1. Lorenzo Van Matterhorn

      Aries, funniest fucker out there. Wish he had a podcast

    2. BigZo TV

      Dope dope dope episode

    3. Carlyne Sainphor

      It was Dane Cook, no?

    4. Nichelle Bar

      I've seen aries and he is the best show I've ever seen.

    5. Arjay 82

      Wow a white guy saying he's "not offended by anything", what a surprise. Of course he then goes on to cry about not being able to type "the n-word" and how Paul Mooney hurt his feelings.

    6. Marquis Watson

      I can tell Gary was in the military. When he explains something that pisses him off it’s exactly like a first shirt type of response.

    7. Ty

      When Aries spoke on Key and Peele I never felt he was being a hater. I did have a problem with being "that" platform.

    8. Jose Sosa

      Love these podcasts!!! I saw you at Famu Homecoming 2k14, it didnt go so well for ya there. Still love ya channel!!

    9. DodgerCityLos

      Great fucking Podcast

    10. J

      gary is such a good person it shows

    11. Simply Rob

      Good fucking podcast

    12. Anthony Guerra

      aries on tiger belly would be epic.

    13. dr k woods

      This was a good watch

    14. Fernando Vergara

      Mad tv raised me to Aries is one of my favorites. Also he's not cocky or arrogant he's just a man being himself and not letting others change him.

    15. יהושע העברי

      Aries is smart enough to not need comedy. He could pull a desus and mero and have a KGup talk show.

    16. Mr. Simon

      Man aries is cool as fuck, people need to get over it and let him do his thang

    17. Trainer pool

      He needs to collect the area spears podcast because spears in Stein Berg does not sound like something that I want to listen to

    18. Alex Montanez

      “I was getting even nigga” Rolling!! 😂😂

    19. Serg S

      New fan Gary!! Came here from TFAK

    20. riccccccardo

      Aries asking about the pictures on Gary’s wall reminded of the scene in a Spike Lee film Italian takeaway scene for those that old enough to remember.

    21. Son1UPTu

      Aries is funny as fuck ....and glad you said that interviews are different than being on stage that’s real my nigga ! I want to see you in more shit !

    22. Tj Umar

      Gary & Aries, is the kind of dude's that you would love to meet in person. I bet if you had the opportunity to kick it with them both. It would be Super hilarious, awesome chemistry, and surprisingly "knowledgeable". Big respect to you dudes , keep up your amazing spirit 🙏

    23. Michael Trapp

      You want to hear a funny Paul Mooney but nobody gives a f***.

    24. Michael Trapp

      listen to Gary follow protocol nobody wants to f*** with you Aries it's fine there's millions of people that fuk with you I'm one of them just listen to Gary this is more of a therapy session than it is a podcast trust me.

    25. Michael Trapp

      I just watched the spot podcast tell me why my favorite f****** comedian Gary Owen the only white person out there I'm white to begin with to thanks like me acts like me talks like me even likes the same women and does the s*** that I like and I'm younger than him so I guess I do what he likes tell me why my two number f****** three favorite comedians in the world and I can't see Aries Spears and I f****** movie and I haven't seen Gary Owen in a movie in a long time and I'm so goddamn tired of Kevin Hart it's not funny get another political f****** dude on there that is any other race than the one race that can't be made fun of for can't be talked about because all of a sudden you're politically incorrect tell me why Aries appears and Gary Owen isn't in more movies and more top movie comedian Stars why the are they not doing that my opinion sorry but I love these both these are both of my favorite top three two medians

    26. Breezy Phontain

      This wasn't an interview, this was therapy. I love this

    27. Marx Huidobro

      GARY, tell Aries BOBBY doesn't reply to ANYBODY most of the time and he runs from confrontation......He has said on TIgerbelly,, he would definitely hash it out.......Aries just doesn't need to take it to personal....... You be the middle man !!!!..........Cool episode!!

    28. Eric Wood

      “We mad we had to pay to get in, you forced us buy two drinks, n* bring it” Aries spears with a classic line 47:25

    29. Sarah Simpson

      Aries I love your views. Gary always loved your views but this is the first time hearing Aries. I'm not from America so only just discovered Gary in the last few months and Aries just now. :)

    30. Metaphors R'us

      5150 nigga

    31. Ramon Martinez

      You gotta get my man Godfrey on your podcast yeaaaa shunnnn

    32. Daddy Alex

      Damn Gary u r giving me advice for my own life. Thx.

    33. Kadeem Gaines

      Gary got Aries to really open up & be relaxed. This was a dope interview!

      1. Avian Artis-Fleary

        Yes! He really did

    34. Debbie Wages

      Aries was great, definitely gonna look up podcast. Very cool 😎 episode.

    35. Lesly Vee


    36. Sweets Hunni Bunni

      You seem Cool Gary, but I'm giving you the side eye based on how you use stereotypes to your advantage and then portray to utilize critical thinking or logical reasoning to understand however I view it as corny when I sense you are using your white ignorance as a weapon. But, hey that's my opinion, and I'm no one, however think it over unless you're corny in general. Then I can appreciate you more!

    37. Oneil Stewart

      Can't believe Netflix gives specials to anyone and Gary Owen who deserves one, CAN'T

      1. riccccccardo

        True we need an Aries special ASAP.

    38. Federson Witcher

      Kevin Hart was “Kill It”😂

    39. Isis F

      The mannerisms and blinking for Paul Mooney was perfect 😂😍

    40. Built Electric T.V.

      We need a part two Already lol Dope interview

    41. LaVar Walker TV

      Black rooms have a certain fast beat cadence. A lot of times comics that kill black rooms can’t kill mainstream rooms and vice versa. The sweet spot is in being able to do both.

    42. CRM0227

      It was Eddie griffin or Jamie foxx

    43. Cameron

      Also tell Aries to Film his podcast and put out clips. It will draw more viewers to his other things.

    44. venusfox14k

      This interview turned out better than I expected. Not really a fan of Aries and I just know of his reputation of getting in beefs with other comedians. However, I have a better understanding of him after this interview. But Gary, don't you dare listen to this man about using the N Word, it's not your style and you don't need to say it for emphasis.

    45. Channette Ingram

      Great interview. Its been a long time since I sat and watched a whole interview lol funny , the truth and entertaining

    46. Kat Alday

      What Aries Spears has to say is so entertaining & important, you both have great chemistry together too. It was great seeing Aries Spears again! Kevin Hart doesn't hold a candle to Aries Spears. Spears is such a hilarious comic!

    47. victor smith

      I hate how Aries gets the "mad comedian" title when he simply speaks how he feels and doesn't hold back...its like these guys nowadays made it cool to kiss ass and dick ride. Aint no more real ones left😔

    48. AnubiS7 King

      Aries u gotta expand the brand Brother. Like that shirt u were wearing, I remember that joke and instantly bursted out with laughter. U gotta do your own skits and whatnot.

    49. AnubiS7 King

      I love Aries Spears interviews

    50. Imani Whidby

      I tried to message you Gary. Kept crashing. But.. I wanted to invite you to my show. It's online I'm streaming it through zoom. IMANI WHIDBY a.k.a Imaniwhidby LIVE in Second life :🎸Where : THE MUSIC HALL OF FAME🎸When : MONDAY 8-10-2020 @ 6PM -8PM PST/PDT/🎸 Doors open at 5:30pm SAMPLE: 🎸ZOOM ATTENDANCE. Meeting ID: 869 3330 2473 Passcode: 447190

    51. Mac Holdon

      Bruh, i clicked on this episode just to say that u need to get on the jre podcast. Id watch that episode as many times as ive watched bert kriesher and tom segura on that podcast. Love ur comedy bro, keep posting ur hilarious views.

    52. DbestKillaman

      Rooting for you spears

    53. ronaldmcdonald1977

      One of the best interviews ive seen in a while. Some real convo going on here. Props Gary, new subscriber.

    54. lilgail02

      OMG.... Aries doing Paul Mooney... I'm in tears laughing.

    55. bobby cole

      i respect gary even more for admitting he uses the n word! but with gary, i know it wasnt in a ill manner when he did, i guess

    56. DrieaLove21223

      Love that this happened ! Gary you are a great mentor. I love Aries and he def needs to be at the top again. Thanks for taking the time to give him tips to get back.

    57. Alan Zen

      I got gang banged by def jam...😂🤣😂🤣

    58. ThaWorldFamous BELLA BALLA

      Oh yea i like my own shit🤭🤭🙊🤭🤭

    59. ThaWorldFamous BELLA BALLA

      This feels set up.. like b4 the show they were like" ok , ask me a question bout vlad tv,,," yea and u ask me a question bout the N-word".. brilliant

    60. ThaWorldFamous BELLA BALLA

      The reason why slick rick, ll cool j , & Rakim dont rap new shit No MORE.. your past your prime.. give it up yo

    61. ThaWorldFamous BELLA BALLA

      Its Aries spears show now... Keep white people on the wall 4 him

    62. ThaWorldFamous BELLA BALLA

      Nah, u aint a fighter🤭🤭🤭🤭

    63. ThaWorldFamous BELLA BALLA

      Maaaaan, im 40 ive seen Aries start on def comedy... I seen almost all his werk on tv or dvd.... Im feel me... HE IS CORNY IF HE NOT DOING IMPRESSIONS.... CRINGE WORTHY.. HE AINT THE SAME AFTER GETTIN HIS ASS WHOOPD ON KGup YO🙈🙉🙊

    64. Emmanuel Tyavyar

      You two went in on Chuckles hard. 😂😂😂😂

    65. Oedipus_Tex

      This is the first time I've seen Aries in public since he got his ass kicked on the 5150 show like three years ago.

      1. Duane Donovan

        Nah he was on drink champs.

    66. KO TheGÔD

      Aries and Gary needs a whole show together

    67. EqualFoundation

      Man, Can Aries do a interview without 5150 goons bringing up that fight...

    68. Jamal Daniels

      I want that shirt where can i find it

    69. K. lamar eye v

      Aries is one of the funniest comedians alive but yet he gets overlooked by mainstream media and less funny comedians "like Kevin Hart" gets more buisness. Most of these entertainers don't know why.. the answer isn't respect, knowing your place, or waiting your turn in line, its your personality first and foremost, and then your look. K hart has an incredible personality. Same as Dave Chappelle, Eddie Murphy, Charlie Murphy etc. These guys can sell bc people can get behind them with out second guessing them as a person.

    70. 48 Laws of Youtube

      1:17:15 😲😲😲😲

    71. Tyler Grant

      1:32:37 it aint on soundcloud tho

    72. Lyrics and Lies

      Good job Aries. I love seeing you do interview. I love seeing real dudes and very passionate about your art.

    73. Kenneth Graham

      5150 nicca


      Out the gate racism. “All black guys look the same”


        And he’s trying hard to make it stick

    75. Spencer Wesley

      Aries’s ego won’t let him be entirely humble or personable. It has his career in a chokehold. Sad to say he’s probably stuck in his ways. It’s hard to shake the title “angry comedian”. It’s like trying to change the heart of the president, it’s may be possible, but unlikely.

      1. Steph Dee

        NEVER heard Aries was " angry"............🤔🙄...... He's got a podcast....

    76. ternbug100

      My wish for Arie's Spears is that he outgrows the use of the N word. I hope the taste of this word coming out of his mouth is as bitter as old Boone's Farm wine. I particularly wish he could have more discipline in the company of Caucasian people. 😑

    77. Dick Tator

      I fuks with it Gary ARES def one of the best and one of the originals of the def comedy JAm

    78. Steve Johnson

      Really enjoyed this conversation! I hope to see more success out of the both of you!

    79. Oki TheOne

      Aries looks like something is attacking his immune system.

    80. ty nechee

      Aries manners are similar to Patrice. Wonder if he's listening to Patrices O&A commentary??

    81. Shempasaurus !

      Love Aries' material/impressions.


      Damn man them drugs show why you shouldn’t do them makes you appearance ugly skin etc

      1. Derek Beck

        Which one are u talking about, Aries?

    83. Carl Lee

      I had the chance to work with Gary at the Virginia Beach Funny Bone. Love his writing and sets! His military homies came the that week and we all hung out. Great time! I got the chance to chat with Aries at the Hollywood Improv. He was not the arrogant and cocky guy people make him out to b. The cat was hella chill and engaging.

    84. RYAN


      1. Shadai Richardson

        RYAN lol. Hahah you’re right, I sweat wiping. And Paul Mooney is the furthest thing from a white guy lmao

    85. Dougieo DJ


    86. Christopher M Taylor Christopher M Taylor

      This was a real interview! Aries Spears needs to understand that he is a good comic but he has alot of competition and the world is just not fair! I like Aries Spears! He is funny but his type of comedy is outdated now! You can't say what he says on TV like you use too!

      1. Steph Dee

        @Christopher M Taylor Christopher M Taylor MAINSTREAM is majority old White folks, THAT ain't where it's at.......... BLACK folks are tired of entertaining that demographic...............🙄🤔

      2. Christopher M Taylor Christopher M Taylor

        @Freddy Calipari I agree! I just mean mainstream! He is funny as hell!

      3. Freddy Calipari

        nah theres still a lane for aries comedy. you just won’t be a household name but there are people who will come out to see you everywhere

    87. Isaac H

      *Zo Williams entered the chat*

    88. RYAN


    89. stephanie white

      I freaking LOVE GARY!!!!!!!

    90. Paul Carson

      Episode cut to short

    91. Korvus

      I dont get why Aries always wears hats. This nigga be having the crispiest lineup when he gets a cut. Lol makes no sense

    92. Anthony Crawford

      Host:I saw you audition...., Aries: Nah that wasn’t me, Host: I saw you do Micheal, Aries: Nah...that wasn’t me, Aries Thinking:..dude must think we all look alike.

      1. Sana Bensinner

        Anthony Crawford no that’s just you assuming things

      2. Anthony Crawford

        Sana Bensinner just because he is In an interracial marriage doesn’t mean he can’t mistake two people of the same race. Even if that race is the same as their spouse.

      3. Sana Bensinner

        No not him ,, his wife is black

    93. Ian Armstrong

      Wow! I had to look that up a young Aries Spears in South of

    94. Levy McLain

      9:23 “I tried boxing.” Should’ve tried harder, maybe Zo wouldn’t have beat that ass! #5150

      1. Damii Carlos

        Well technical ..none really connected.

    95. Triene Phillips

      U wanna talk about being funny from beginning to end watch Aries stand up look Hollywood im smiling and comedy blueprint dude is a master

    96. Johnnieblaizz

      Good interview and think the wall is DOPE!

    97. Brownie S

      56:50 "They had it rhyme? Ohhhhhh" 🤣

    98. Justin Singleton

      Aries had to change the subject and say let me do the Paul Mooney impression when Gary was telling him maybe if he changed his attitude and brought a better energy he would get parts, either Aries didn't like that or he was thinking why is that white man telling me what to change about myself and giving me examples from his life knowing that black comedians have to work harder than whites to get parts, me seeing enough of Aries stand up it was either those two things that was running through his mind but he didn't speak on it, the new Aries, Lol

    99. Reddlyte district

      Heard that...💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    100. justin marin

      I like thee advice that Gary gave to Aries , seem so sincere 🙌🏼💪🏽❤️