The Truth Behind Cedric the Entertainer | #GetSome Ep. 131 with Gary Owen

Gary Owen

9 миӊ. көрүүлөр1

    Me and Tony Baker expose the truth behind Cedric the Entertainer on this week's episode of #GetSome.
    Watch the full episode here:

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    1. thadudejrify

      If you know anything about Gary then you already know it was fake

    2. J Ferg

      You got me!!!! 😂😂😂😂

    3. Teddy Bear Photography

      I was about to go off! Lol

    4. MrFlakko30

      😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅😅🤣🤣🤣😆🤣😆 ya'll too much yo

    5. Quick

      ay garry im from toronto and i fuck wit you

    6. Kryssay

      Omg! Okay. 😑😐 I was like, unh unh, wtf is this crazy 💩 they’re talking about Cedric?! Crazies! 😆

    7. darion blue

      Cedric better than y’all lmao 😂

    8. jimmy neutron

      This was brilliant. Lol. Got me on Wikipedia and google fact checking LOLOLOL!!!! This was so good

    9. Janise Johnson

      I was about to say "NOOOO" I love Ceddy..good one

    10. Crystal Williamson

      You guys are WRONG LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hilarious

    11. A Jax


    12. Lollipop lala

      Oh man I didn't look, at the title. autoplay' was on. vacuuming the carpet, and this video came up I didn't know it was a noke. oh my goodness, I thought Gary had changed. Invasion of the Body him. .when they started talkin about Cedric💔. I almost fell out in the floor, I was shaking and trembling and sweating.. No no no not my Cedric. Until the end. It's hard to come back from that type emotional shock. Y'all need to quit playing. And they go for Cedric to.🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️

    13. MsTiffanyChanel


    14. Cameron

      "I'm not gone say how I know... I had a conversation with Bernie."

    15. 070719

      Gary is friends with all the coolest niggas

    16. Aight We'llSee

      Steve Tainer. He just added "The Enter" LMAO

      1. Dose of Mousa

        I’m so mad that got glossed over

    17. Dj Dupree ENT

      Man these dude almost lost all the cool points... until I got it. 🤣🤣🤣

    18. Eric Cummings

      Who Is Ratchet Raccoon I Never New Of Him 😀😫

    19. Tiffany

      😲 Wow! Im only half way thru this video and I'm thinking WTF, why they clowning on Ced...did I miss something?? 🤯 I though Ced was coo with everyone. And for Gary to talk shit, I was like whaaa??! I had to check out these comments, see what was up. Glad its a joke. 🙂 Ill continue the video now.

    20. Patrick Brady

      They got me...I was checking Cedric's wikipedia for his real name. Too funny!!

    21. Latisha Saunders

      Quack Quack....boy taking me back

    22. Qwattie

      Shit, nekka, you got me!

    23. Meemee Palmer

      Hey,I was bout to go at y’all necks!!!!dont play like that bout Cedric the Entertainer!!!!!

    24. Valerie

      I was about to put you guys on time out 😂

    25. BENYJOSE1

      D.L. Hughley is the worst, but Cedric the Entertainer isn't much better... Really, Bernie Mac (RIP) and Steve Harvey were the only reasons to watch Kings of Comedy...

    26. SSG Gilda Wright


    27. ScootzBronsen TV

      😂😂😂😂😂😂 I know CTE is crying right now! This is how you pay homage as a comic!!!

    28. ScottHires aka LennyGlobal

      Zero Thumbs Down is Dope!!!

    29. Lifelong Student

      SMH....I knew this was a joke cuz Gary don't talk about once they said Cedric wasn't funny...I knew deh was clownin

    30. banx757

      WATCH THIS VIDEO TO THE VERY END!!!! Some of yaw jumping straight to comments after a few secs and talking foolish without finishing vid. Do yourselves a favor and watch to the end.

    31. Figs3

      Tony!!!!! I love Tony Baker.

    32. Terrence Duncan


    33. clutch garbage

      It took all the L.A comics getting cancelled and the new york ones arguing about spotify deals for me to find this podcast but im subbed now lol

    34. Amber Williams


    35. Ralph Tribie

      This was hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

    36. Ramiro Quijano

      You sure Steve wasn't?


      WHOA!! it's like that

    38. Solar da Poet

      This is what trolling shd be...everyone laughing at the end😂 not only 1 person laughing & everyone else mad

    39. Opt1mu5Pr1m3M9

      The guys and the girls lol

    40. anitagu21


    41. Yoshi STX

      Idk if they're being sarcastic or not.

      1. Yoshi STX

        @Cameron *I didnt know (idk) ... watched full interview time of post. Ass u me

      2. Cameron

        Yoshi STX which is why you should alway watch the full video before you comment.

    42. Wightaroundyo

      The joke is they’re not lying. most of what they said was true it’s just not about Cedric.

    43. GlamMa B

      Hilarious 😆

    44. Antonio Booker

      I am so glad I stayed until the end! I was two seconds away from boycotting all things "Cedric the entertainer". I mean "Steve"! Lol

      1. Johnny Purpsmoker


    45. Johnny Purpsmoker

      boy I was ready to type all types of shyt it in the comments. Lool. I guess you really should always watch the full video

      1. Erik Hayes

        I know right!🤣😂🤣😂

      2. Bryan Howard

        I was thinking it was gonns be positive lmfao they ripped ced up then he walks out... Lmfao

      3. Just Me

        Yoooo I was on the same thing!!

    46. john doe

      Lol them folks stupid 😆🤣🤣🤣🤣

    47. D.C. Constant

      At first I’m like...aye yo why they talking about my guy Cedric like that??? Are they joking??? Then Cedric showed up...too funny 😄 😂😂😂😂

    48. Ashley M.

      🤣🤣 “I did take the homeless dudes change”.... Y’all play too much!!!

    49. willie brown

      Gary is to comfortable

      1. Lambochaser

        Guess you saw all those "too comfortable " comments on that comedy hype video. Y'all need to leave Gary alone.

      2. Alfred Punter

        Did you not see Ced come in at the end? It was a joke smh

    50. Ephraim's Corner.

      I fell for it hands down. Yall got me on the floor when Cerdi showed up. I was like now this is comedy. Thank you so much Gary Owens you got me me laughing today. Much appreciated.

    51. crescian medston

      Hilarious! I wanna see Ced reaction to this. *edit lol even better, i thought it was just an inside joke between them from being on the road or something, the fact that he was there seals it.

    52. Kbiggins1978