Promoter ripped Gary Owen off. So he thought.

Gary Owen

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    Gary tells the story of a promoter trying to rip him off on a military base 15 years ago. But Gary got him back.

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    1. J Shapiro

      Sounds like something fort benning ga would do lmao

    2. TKSSA

      Fuck that guy. I would’ve taken the money then tell him to fuck off, you’re opening for me you punk bitch.

    3. jake schemmel

      The 501 with interest killed me. I do that shit

    4. Carlos Ellis

      It’s Fort Benning Georgia. It’s 2 hours Away.

    5. Zach King

      Why I feel like this TK 😂

    6. Dion Francis

      Dont cross Gary Owen

    7. brianhigginsphoto

      Fuhhhhnee man. You should do this for a living. How much...would you have paid to see his face when you hit him with his own BS line..? I'd give a Hun...right now.

    8. Sike

      Amazing! 😂

    9. Shawn Bailer

      Gary please upload your skits about barney an Arnold Schwarzenegger an snoop dog. It was the first skit I ever seen back in the day. Do it for a Covington dude.

    10. LetsBeClear

      I love that you recap. It’s a verbal TLDR


      only millionaires are on "lock down" regular folk...we're at work

    12. Jeremy Dowdy

      Ft Benning

    13. Daniel Velez

      Funny shit. I would do the same thing. Good Shit, dog.

    14. keyman1969

      Big Jay Oakerson? Just a guess.....big dude

    15. NickBreedlove95

      Them great white boy eyes tho

    16. sunny soto

      Great story.

    17. 01 02

      you got him good, very smart!..but should have told EVERYONE how he ripped you off anyway - to warn them..because you KNOW he did it to other people [who have their own stories about that yahoo] and what if he has challenges later? maybe hits hard times in the future? or gets angry at someone?..would he not rip others off in some way again?..and maybe he's still doing other dirty things he thinks he can still get away with anything [like that other comedian, Russell Peters, who directly ripped off some of Gina Yashere's jokes - before she was better known..but AFTER he was already wealthy! [I immediately lost interest in his work after I found that out - and he used to be one of my favorites..but just couldn't see him the same way.] but this guy who ripped you off..would you trust him to do your kids and wife right in business today?? IF an opportunity happened? if so, yikes!! bad decision..he's a criminal who obviously had no fear of getting a bad rep..and later ONLY admitted it to that guy and paid you back because he got CAUGHT and is now trying to save face...because he has MORE to lose, publicly and financially..NOT because he is suddenly a *good person* "in a different place." and this is also for ANYONE who chooses to keep reading: you can forgive him if you want but forgiveness can be overrated...also it's a good idea to know EXACTLY what 'forgiveness' means to YOU [not necessarily what it means to others and not just what the dictionary says]..because it turns out that when polled, most adults do NOT even have clarity [even many religious people] about what it *exactly* means *to them* when pressed for an, be clear, think for yourself, people..and if you DO forgive him/anyone re: your own meaning of the word, doesn't mean you have to fall for the person's 'new act,' no pun intended. personally, I NEVER want to pay to see someone perform who is like that - because to me that's a form of support and an's a character issue and that guy wasn't a child but an ADULT running a business and he didn't give an 'ish about how obvious his rip-off was, like he was throwing it in your face with those $1 bills and, 'so what?' was his attitude..that's just grotesque..and people like that can almost never be trusted later in Life, short of 'Jesus laying hands' because real change for the better, *during adulthood* is rare. and I know it's hard starting out - but better to work with a trusted manager as soon as the comedian/actor can afford it..AND only deal with business checks and/or direct deposit services under the promoter's/manager's/agent's name/business name...we have only a handful of friends in the industry but yes, every single one of them - early on - had to learn some very hard lessons..but to those working to get their come ups, they give out *great* advice today.👍

    18. Michael Mendez

      I bet it was tk Kirkland...

    19. teague504

      Fucc it I want to know who it is now

    20. Kicks The lifestyle

      Good move ❤️

    21. Dien M

      Well 500 bucks in 6 years....lost their value...he should have given you more

    22. slim smoothv

      You lie like Nan nother say his name then.

    23. benjaminsx1

      Omg I love it soo clever I would do somthing like that if u cant hurt em physically or mentally get them back financially

    24. Manu The Great

      Lmao good one ☝️ real niccas do real things

    25. charles umeh


    26. Yamydoodle 1469

      He should’ve ordered a shit ton of room service

    27. Domenic tv

      Do now you have to make it right with the hotel bring them back they stuff!!!

    28. Bobby Reece

      You got to say names Gary

    29. Kaizen Kay

      Fort Benning

    30. Paul V

      Hey ... TURN YOUR PHONE when you record video. Get a pocket Osimo. Love ya think your petty funny sometimes too.

    31. Fernando Pineda

      Sounds like something joey diaz would do back in the day lmao

    32. sidmar23323


    33. Zannie Holmes

      Moral of the story is that you never know who you might see again, or need in the future.

    34. Guhaad 651

      Comedians have the best stories and Gary happens to be a good story teller.

    35. ExotikZBoy17

      Don't be surprised he got ripped off by a promoter, too.

    36. ReiTheHereticalWoofer

      I think you might be talking about Fort Stewart?


      Did you confess and pay back for the furniture?

    38. Robert Ross

      whats up with the forehead is distracting lol,,stilll love ya gary

    39. Moneybagshawn


    40. Dan O

      Its happend to me before....learned from that....

    41. Donae Morrow

      Dante Nero?

    42. Kalico Jones

      Fort Benning GA

    43. TheDrewgutterz

      I dunno...did he really take the stuff?

    44. Ask For Quentin L

      That was a good one

    45. James of All trades

      Lol did you give him back the hotel stuff...... 🤣😂

    46. Unique

      Ummm did you pay him back lmao or was that interest too?

    47. Ghost Face

      Good shit!

    48. Paul Fickes

      was it coco diaz llmaoo

    49. J T

      Hey what’s up ketchup mustard


      🤔So Did U Pay The Hotel Back🤣

    51. Rukiddingme?

      That is a good one! Karma!

    52. justin crawford

      Did you say 8 thousand a night? Wtf

    53. justin crawford

      "It wasn't anything special " Gary are you royal

    54. JoeNathan1938

      Ft benning

    55. Rob M

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂THATS hilarious

    56. Michael Capps

      Yo Gary, pretty sure that promoter was Brett Vincent. Am I right?

    57. Michael Capps

      Real good story ☺️

    58. Van peter

      You got ripped off from a USO gig? That should not have happened. The USO pays the promoter on the spot. You should have called USO.

    59. Cliff H

      that is dunny shit. lol take the stuff from the hotel haha. you a boss

    60. Christopher Moore


    61. Che Nieves


    62. Che Nieves


    63. Beverly VanTull

      Wow that was GREAT quick thinking. You on!y got to get burned once. So glad he made things right


      Great 😂

    65. Cellis313

      It was level Crawford 🤣

    66. Sal Harris

      He didn’t say anything about the hotel😂 imagine u both payed each other that night lmao

    67. Nic Andrews

      I still wanna know who it was tho

    68. Chase Buckner

      Garyyyyy u a fucking og😂😂😂😂😂😂

    69. GDGUY4LIFE


    70. Ben Hatfield

      Fort Benning Georgia

    71. ed ubinas

      Great story!

    72. Nick Ahhh

      Fort Stewart? Fort Gordon?

    73. castine bridges

      That shit was hella funny lmao 🤣 what he say when y’all made right about u taking the hotel stuff lol

    74. castine bridges


    75. Blessed Ones

      Love it hahaha!!! " It was their when I left it" lmao love the come back 😂😂😂

    76. I am JopauL.

      lololol this was freakin classic!!!!!!!!!

    77. Steven Phelps

      😆 🤣 😂 too funny bro! Good for you Gary.

    78. WolCowboi

      Dont ever record vertically again

    79. Ende

      What you should of done is signed a contract for the gig and sued him afterwards saying you got no money. He would of had to prove he gave you money and with it not being a check he would of been screwed. but who the heck wants to have to go through the leg work on that one.

    80. Jackie Schuler

      Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia.

    81. LMFAO

      Lmfao keeping it 💯

    82. Son Of Thunder

      😂😂😂😂😂 great story

    83. Deerslyr81

      2 hours from Atlanta could be ft. Gordon or ft. Benning.

    84. Justin Rojas

      My man 😂😂😂 More than one way to skin a cat .

    85. StrawberryQwik

      Good story, Gary!

    86. francine cannon

      That's right Gary, don't let nobody chump you.

    87. Tre L

      He always weirded me out with his fake ethnic accent to win over the black crowds as u can see here it's not the way he talks

    88. tanberetO

      Ft. Benning probably.

    89. Trill_side #I'mAlwaysrite

      Haha dope story for sure. Fuck that nigga tho 💯

    90. Tj Umar

      Love the transition, awesome come back. You can not do Gary Owen dirty like that. The dude works hard for his success, and I'm pretty upset not seeing his comedy stand up on netflix.

    91. Larry Turner

      Bruh the setup was perfect. Folks be playing the short game. He should have saw he was opening for you and reached out with an apology and the funds. Would have been hilarious if you pranked him back and his money was short after performing!

    92. glenn doleberry

      Damn! Why BRUCE BRUCE do you like that!?🤣🤣🤣

    93. Roberto Martinez

      Fort benning?

    94. MIKE SMITH

      You gotta tell us who it was

    95. 9OrangeKush9

      Sounds like Joey Diaz lol

    96. Sarah Gilbert

      Good story but the promoter should have paid proper interest on the payback.

    97. Darryl Banks

      You can pay me now... Or pay me later

    98. Dangit Alex

      shouldve turn the tub on and and put the drain over the the hole and left the room

    99. Suade Legend

      That had to be T to the mothafuckin K

    100. Don Ranes

      That's phkn awesome man