Erik Griffin | #GetSome Ep. 128 with Gary Owen

Gary Owen

34 миӊ. көрүүлөр8

    On the latest episode of the #GetSome podcast, Gary chats with his guest this week, actor, comedian and host of the podcast Riffin with Griffin Erik Griffin! Listen in as they share stories of how;
    Eddie Murphy influenced them, Netflix not letting comedians own their material, How police need to create a community relationship and more.
    Comedian-actor Gary Owen has been leaving audiences with tears in their eyes for over a decade - in the best way, of course! In his podcast #GetSome, Gary discusses the latest and greatest in pop culture, sports, and live entertainment, with his own comedic flair. Laugh along with Gary and his special celebrity guests each week, and maybe learn a thing or two while you’re at it!
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    1. Darlene Lewis

      White skin is not the right skin, it's pigmentation deficit. How ignorant was that statement. Black people and their colorism... If Im wrong then dont cash app $Darlene360. Eroc has a complex

    2. Caz A.

      Have Sommore, Andrew Schulz & Karlous Miller on here

    3. Manny V

      Can't believe Erik didn't immediately guess that it was White people that Blacks embraced (though I would liken Gary to Jason Williams and Bubba Sparxx not Byrd and Em).

    4. Grant

      The two most iconic black lesbians

    5. friendwithin

      this podcast put the biggest smile on my face. Love these two

    6. Chidera Daniel

      Homie looks like Michael Eric Dyson all over.

    7. Raquel Dillett

      Really good podcast. Would like to see more like this. The chemistry, interaction and respect was very nice. Btw Gary, your guest is a Black man with mixed heritage as many of us are.

    8. Celeste Moore

      Gary, you & Erik are just great! Yes, you two are digging N2 the skin of each other @ times, but not so malicious. You two bump heads, but get back on track. You two just have great chemistry! Celeste, in the ATL 💐

    9. evil one

      These 2 guys should make a pod together weekly,they are so complementary to each others personalities.we need more of this..stay up fellas.

    10. Manuel Guerrero

      Great chemistry. Should be return guest.

    11. FunnyMannJ

      LMFAO Gary be having a ball

    12. Constance V.


    13. Louis M

      From white guy to white can’t put yourself with Bird and Em. They’re top 5 any color...

    14. Barkhad Yusuf

      love griff - love riffin with griffin

    15. Jerry Moo

      Held Up, classic movie

    16. rphillip 108

      Is he still with us?

    17. 82PeRK

      Eric is soooo fckin delusional

    18. Albert torres

      is that edward norton? lmao or that bird guy

    19. Elijah Pritchard



      Great podcast!


      I love short films! 😂

    22. Anthony Smith

      I REALLY wish these two would do a podcast together.

    23. Alfonso Ramirez

      Yooooo, they have hella chemistry!! I think if they have a podcast together, it’d blow up!!!

    24. spanky812

      They are amazing together. Brutal

    25. P

      I like when they clown on each other

    26. faizo kawuma

      Thanks Gary i always workout to ylur podcast

    27. Cameron

      This was a really great podcast and so was the one with Russell.

    28. fluvaluva

      Look at Gary rocking that NC A&T tshirt. Lol. Repping for an HBCU.

    29. nowii1982

      This one is one of my favorite!!!

    30. P

      That em pic

    31. Darryl Oliver Jr

      Lmao... Gary want Officer Friendly to come back. Many many... many moons ago.

    32. Ben G


    33. Caleb and the Salties

      Griff lookin slim

    34. ceb316

      Great podcast. Funny af

    35. dee scott


    36. Deneisha Ellis

      Love you two together I wish we could get 100 more of these. Had me rolling the whole time. Erik got him right away with saying "you ain't on our level" I was dying

    37. Yolanda Nixon

      I wear your comedy T-shirt all the time. Nice quality. I paid for that shirt so I’m wearing it ALL the time 😂😂😂

    38. Homer Evins Jr.

      Gary I see you!! Reppin the Aggies!

    39. matt summers

      This is "White people looking at you like....You ain't on our level".

    40. Naz M

      If name dropping was an Olympic sport, Gary Owen would win Gold everytime.

    41. soup dadoop

      The picture of Gary on the wall is crooked and its giving me anxiety.

    42. Joseph R. Hammond

      Gary, have you had your heart checked? The creases on your earlobes are many times indicative of heart disease.

    43. Kenny205

      The black face joke... Wasn't funny... Gary knows it... Next!😩

    44. kirbie johnson

      Again, you all had too much fun. I come here to laugh.

    45. Kimberly Biddle

      Loving this

    46. Byron Chambliss

      I saw The Sleep Over lol

    47. YouWhoKnowKnewNot

      Can we get a Gary and Erik podcast together.! If anyone agrees hit the like so they can see this comment and add suggestions for the name of the show below.

      1. Louis M

        For real. Gary stays pumping himself up and Erik is the best bursting people’s bubbles

      2. 82PeRK

        No one wants to do a podcast with Eric Griffin they can only handle so much of him . He gets annoying AF

      3. Alfonso Ramirez

        The Who’s More Black? Podcast

      4. DNYG

        White chocolate

    48. Candise Gross

      The ugly truth is hilarious and I’m bout to watch it again because I need a great laugh this podcast was excellent

    49. Candise Gross


    50. Robert Rogers

      Omg, this is so funny. Two comedians actually taking shots at each other but being cordial and freestyling off it to make it funny. They are trying to one up each other at every moment. This is how two people in the same profession, in the same space, should go hard. Funny as hell

      1. Chonëý Chamberz


    51. ternbug100

      Why does it feel like Gary is pissing his guests off lately. If this is his angle, it's working perfectly 😂

    52. Citric Crystalline

      Cops should've had mandated analysis, therapy and debriefing that addresses their trauma from childhood and just being a human. Definitely more positive immersion like Gary said into the community also should've beeen happening.

    53. 070719

      Delirious definitely stands the test of time it's just that Eddie Murphy was speaking to black people so since you really ain't live it it doesn't stand the test of time for you

    54. J Swartz

      The chemistry is better than his Joseph S

      1. J Swartz

        Yes I can’t spell his last name

    55. Savage 300

      How are there only 66 comments on this video. Y'all trolls are luncheon. Step it up mafukers

    56. Jake Hill


    57. Ashley Felix

      Y'all make my day! Thank you 😊

    58. O G

      Erik griffin! My brother you got fucked out of the Bobby lee podcast for a great reason you have a way better chemistry with Gary Owen this needs to be a pod this is pure magic tbh great shit boys

    59. Chad Funkhouser

      Always wondered if Erik laughs at his jokes before a response and I'm sold. RIFFIN WITH GRIFFIN.

    60. Joe K

      Fat Lando!!!

    61. Hopeful

      OMG Erik's response " looking at you like...You AIN'T ON OUR LEVEL" 😆

    62. Paul Hernandez

      Get Pablo Francisco on the pod G!!!

    63. lindflake

      Great cast! Real talk mixed in with some roasting among friends!

    64. Ian Armstrong Undercover parking ticket

    65. Booker Humor

      I enjoyed the bitching with Griffin podcast, so this should be interesting.

    66. Amun Ra

      Please hurry and get #mspat on and talk to her for like 3 hours. I love listening to her stories, she is so funny !

    67. M1R2S

      I don't think these guys have seen the full George Floyd video

    68. U R Dance

      Aye Gary we dont care if you told the story already we love your story's guy

    69. Pablo Picasso

      Erik def funnier than Gary

    70. Kia EZ

      I think you two should start a podcast, Ive seen you two on your own podcasts, it feels like like a job and you are going through it. But together, you have that ''time doesnt matter quality'' which is a sweet spot for podcast.

    71. STONETV

      You can try to hide racism in comedy but you can feel when it’s real.

    72. STONETV

      This dude really said that the mayors should tell the cops to stop doing this and getting caught on camera 🤦🏽‍♂️

      1. Naz M

        He's saying that even racist mayors have to stand up and notice because they can't ignore what happens when it's filmed and the whole world can see it. Even if you hate black people and approve of what these police officers are doing, everytime another floyd or blake happens your city/town is getting exposed and it looks bad on you (the mayor/politician). Erik's wondering why even these fools (racist politicans) aren't telling their police to cut it out because it reflects badly on them too.

      2. BillyBob

        You missed the point

    73. Natural Daily Living


    74. Natural Daily Living

      Damnnnnn y'all need to make a show/podcast together cause I could listen to you two all day, y'all work great together and keeps every min interesting n funny !!

    75. lapulapu54

      Erik diggn at Gary , it's all good though , 2 really great stand ups.......

    76. Carol Winters

      Man i disagree with Erik Griffin about Eddie Murphy's standup but I like him and his podcast though. Also disagree with Gary about consulting comics on who should get a special. There are some comedians who are jealous and don't want to see others win. This was a great episode.

    77. Kees Kees

      Dude american IS THE MOST RASCIST country in the world ..its a mix between apartheid south africa and nazi germany ... that is what it looks like fromghe outside the poor should be able to seek asylum in a developed country ... i would not even want to be a multi miljonaire in the usa ...i rather be homeless in europe .. being rich in the usa is like living in a luxury hotel made of shit with suffering peoplen all around you

    78. Kees Kees

      In europe the police dont kill BLACK people or incarcerate them for profit .well the list GOES ON ..yeah fooatball hooligans use rascism to enoy the opponents.. can travel but still be ignorant apparently

    79. Samuel Williams

      You scrolling by, Have a nice day.

    80. moorebounce

      That dude cut in because he was thinking by saying he owned a restaurant he could get her attention away from you.

    81. John Aquarius

      Yo Griffy

    82. L H

      *Peep how his wall portrait is crooked. My OCD has me noticing it for weeks now. It's bothering me. Lol*

      1. Esteban Garcia

        messes with me too

    83. KingCo Anderson

      They throw bananas, over here they shoot bullets. No comparison.

      1. Jason J.

        in NBA arenas?

      2. Jones

        word thats what i was thinking iam from europe the Netherlands and its quite racist over here, and the racism here is not always hidden so thats a plus too. i like my racism straight up

    84. golfgod68

      Yooo Gary and Erik! Fan of both for longtime!!! Thanks for the Fun and RELEASE!! Keep doin it !!

    85. Alan Hernandez

      Erik is lowkey my favorite comedian! lol

    86. Eddie The Blasian

      I think this was the best ep for me thus far!! #GaryOwen. #ErikGriffin.

    87. Eddie The Blasian

      Finniest primis in awhile @21.39

    88. Priceless Soundz TV

      They wearin my shit

    89. Eddie The Blasian

      Erik Griffin is every race of human squeezed into one person.

    90. passpace10

      Y’all need a podcast or something. The chemistry is perfect. Way better than bad friends

    91. john doe

      Erik is way more funnier then Gary in this podcast

    92. ComedianAndre1

      Love your podcast!!

    93. Herbert Buttersworth

      Gary been killing it, glad I found this podcast

    94. Cheryl's Way

      When Eddie Murphy started doing stand up before social media. I think he was on the circuit but most of us were either not born or too young to even go see him. Just a thought.

      1. Hannibal Grant

        Yeah if you listen to his interview with Jerry on Comedians in Cars he did standup at the clubs, he even first performed with Jerry on the same show. So he was doing the club stuff. But it was the 80s you woudnt know that unless you went to comedy shows.

    95. Jafell Me

      The Slept KingDom!!! Has Arrived for Erik Griffen!!!!!! Great pod guys

      1. Sean Compton

        Tigerbelly for life

    96. Always Slapping

      They need to do a podcast together

      1. Dion Satchel

        Check out when gary was on Erik's podcast #HILARIOUS

      2. passpace10

        Always Slapping I know, I want episode #2 with Gary and Erik

    97. hunited

      Nosotros papayas!!

    98. Christopher M Taylor Christopher M Taylor

      Eddie was 22 on Delirious

    99. abel romero

      Start Off With such a Hard Roast

    100. Tiberius Kirk

      My new favorite podcast... great vibe.