Aries' Paul Mooney Impression | #GetSome Ep. 125

Gary Owen

12 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    Turns out Aries Spears only does his Paul Mooney impression for women, kids, and me!
    #GetSome Ep. 125 available now:

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    1. Andrew Flood


    2. Huncho Ville


    3. Maximus Prime

      Mooney should charge Aries for every time he impersonates him. Mooney is an elder and Aries is always low key talkin' sh!t whenever he mentions him or impersonates him.

    4. MrDiamondsMoney


    5. Marlon MOE Determined

      "The Hyrogliphics on the wall of comedy I wrote that shit -Paul Mooney, Lollll

    6. William Harris

      Best impressions!

    7. Tee Tee


    8. Lynda Royster


    9. Guttersnipehater

      Gary get over it. Paul is a OG comedian

    10. nellek970

      Aries is a a great comedian, but he has so much talent, but he stopped elevating. COULD YOU IMAGINE IF ARIES GOT IN SHAPE AND GOT THE JOBS HE DESERVED. He isn't just a great comedian, but he is also a great actor.... It is funny because he talks about Paul Mooney, but alot of the things he says about Paul Mooney is what people say about Aries...

      1. OldManNutcakez

        It was the same for Patrice O'Neal. He is not willing to owe that much. Entertainment & music industry are not a meritocracy. There is a rite of passage and a sacrifice to be made. The big stars do, in fact, sell their soul.

    11. G

      Gary is dope.

    12. Anthony Andrew Seward

      I was getting even nigga...lmfao

    13. Bert Ramos

      Break interview


      This is so great GARY😸😸😸😂😂

    15. evelino tiger

      Yoooo. My 2 favorite niggas together. Owen and Spears

    16. Brandon Sawdey

      I'm white an i fuck with Paul I enjoy comics who can make you reflect on yourself in a honest but funny way

    17. Shawn Matthews

      Its not "his truth", its THE TRUTH.

      1. OldManNutcakez

        No, it's his picked out truth, stop deluding yourself. He always omits any facts or truth that do not support his thesis.

    18. Donna Clayton

      I'm white and I like Paul. He makes me think. I'd rather have someone be truthful and make me laugh, than hide what they really think and feel.

    19. DEBO GREEN

      Gary Owen is hilarious


      I will never consume Popeyes ever again😂😂😂😂

    21. RileyCj


    22. Roblyn Clemmons

      Paul Mooney impression was ON POINT

    23. Akecheta Lahpay

      Who else thought he was gonna say, "and kids.... *"* *cause I can get some pussy* *"*...😀. I tensed up waiting for it...😄*

    24. Faith and Love

      When I hear someone say to me or anyone THAT'S YOUR truth. I take it as you just refuse to accept 1+1=2. Fyi that was an example. So even though what Paul Moony says is harshly true. We gone dismiss it as OH THAT'S HIS truth. Then turn right around and say. He is telling the truth. Which one is it. Lol. No shade but that annoys the fuck out of me. Just take a "L" And without any clap back or shade or etc. And say YES he telling the truth. Simple. Hell I know not all blacks are great people. But if you said nicca jokes I would be force to admit. Yeah that's how some of us are. Not turn around and say. That's your truth 😆. They say truth set you free. We all have a issue with the truth. That's why we try and dismiss it and say shit like. THAT'S YOUR TRUTH OR NOT ALL or etc. Dave Chapelle does same shit but more educated with it. He probably doesn't get same hate. Because how he says it. Goes right over majorities head lol. Us blacks get it the first time. Lol. Paul just blunt like a 2yr old who tells you your ugly or your breath stank lol. No lies your breath DOES STANK AND YOU ARE UGLY 😆. DAVE Says same shit. And you laugh it off. Don't even realize he just told you in your face you ugly and breath stank 😆.

      1. freddywayne

        Exactly! That's why I love Paul Mooney.

      2. Sean Compton

        It's called politics

    25. Felicia Vinson

      They Krazy ASS!!!

    26. Renee Jones

      Yooooooo but PAUL M!!!!!!

    27. Renee Jones

      Jazz hands for the bootie cheeks!

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    29. Broken Glass


    30. Beastmode4

      Seen Aries last night in St. Louis. He is amazing. If you have the chance catch him live!!!