Gary Owen on White Statues being taken down.

Gary Owen

16 миӊ. көрүүлөр3

    Gary Owen & Big Tigger discuss statues being taken down, BLM, and the NBA Bubble.

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    1. Nino Dean

      Much love to Big Tigg. I thank you for the basement. It was a big part of my childhood. I appreciate you good brother.

    2. Plfj Aa

      The 10 dislikes hate hate white folks😂😂😂

    3. Southerngirl225 Louisiana


    4. plushpuppy32

      I'll take the vaccine right away

    5. trustory83

      Gary the DMV needs to 🤣 🤣 🤣 , We Need the Basement to Return have momma fix us a plate Real Hip-hop 🎙 🎙 🎙🔥 🔥 🔥

    6. I YAM WHITE

      Big Tig made me laugh when he was in the basement with E:40, when 40 was doing Yayo College Where I Gets My Knowledge rap. E40 said while Big Tig was rappin "Ay. I didn't tell you though?" Then big Tigger said,"what? Uh oh!" And got out the way for the big fella to rap. It was so funny to me.

    7. Iris Cox

      Gary you make me laugh out loud. Thumbs up 👍🏽

    8. Emma Mccoy

      This was a great interview/conversation 😆😆😆😆 If I was in ATL I'd come see ya Gary

    9. Debbie Wages

      This show was hilarious!!

    10. Patrick Martinez

      How many times you gotta nudge your hat for barely move?

    11. Latanya Rhodes

      😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 dis fool. Gary you are a trip

    12. LAMusicSound California

      Tig da only never to be clowned bout living in his mothers basement.

    13. EBONIQUEEN 3447

      Most black people have a vitamin D deficiency. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    14. Bob Hannon

      I don't have issues with the statues or rags(flags) I'm not for tearing down history but I am all for adding to it. If anyone wants a statue erected or dismantled there is a process for that...

      1. T Wright

        @Colleen Mardis I wouldn't expect you to understand 🙄

      2. Colleen Mardis

        @95alive Our parents made choices that didn't work out. Things happen. And sorry but south side of Chicago had middle class black kids. Their parents made choices and it worked out. My parents got divorced and we ended up there. Life happened. They didn't plan that or want that. So many reasons we end up in the projects. But life is just because I see kids that had easy childhood and had it rough later on. I truly see everyone has equal troubles just not at the same time. I am glad I had mine first so I could get it over with. I worked in a nursing home and heard do many stories that taught me life is fair if you look at it from birth to death. I also am so grateful I learned how to fight and face my fears. It helped me to not be scared as an adult. I had a kid put a gun to my head and pull the trigger because I wouldn't join his gang . It didn't work. The boy freaked out and ran. I knew I was going to heaven. I also learned not until God said so. Lol so many times I should of died yet here I am 😃. I'm glad you made it out and are happy now. What you learned I'm sure is helping you today. You had to be stronger to get to the good part. And you are braver than most because of your childhood . And have compassion because you saw a lot of different things growing up. Maybe you will think of a solution that helps kids. I'm in if you do.

      3. Bob Hannon

        @95alive who exactly is the one triggered? Go in peace you new era hippie.

      4. 95alive

        Bob Hannon it’s amazing how that triggered you so fast 😂 the reason I brought up George Floyd is because you said that the things we are protesting are from the 70’s but I guess your anger made you gloss over the fact that I was just responding to something that YOU said. It’s amazing how you’ll type about accountability yet when someone asks for it from cops then you go with the “People hate police” narrative. Another thing what does Mr Floyd’s mindstate have to do with a cop sitting on his neck for almost 9 minutes? As usual when unarmed black men are killed there’s always this hint of doubt in every argument that gives the police this benefit of the doubt

      5. 95alive

        Colleen Mardis this Utopia that you’re describing sounds good but how does it work if the neighborhoods that you’re living in are falling apart, you have no after school programs to help you to tap into what you may love and the schools don’t have the proper books and utensils to help you learn. I’m never making excuses just speaking reality because I grew up in the middle of East Baltimore with crime all around me and still was able to get a career but as I got older I saw that the obstacles that I had to overcome weren’t the same for certain other races. You began to realize that these things aren’t done by accident but were actually systematically done to black people.

    15. Lola Asar87

      That nigga Tig freestyles on 'The Basement' used to be dope as fuck!✊🏿💪🏿

    16. jimmy neutron

      You nasty Gary, you nasty

    17. James Stanford

      Man I haven't seen Big Tig since The basement! Didn't even recognize him until he smiled

      1. Lisa Danielle

        I swear he looks even better now!

    18. Stonewall Jackson

      Excuse me if I'm wrong but did Big Tigger get caught with a Gay dude before 🤔

      1. Yawdan

        @Stonewall Jackson yes- Karrine Superhead Steffans. I didn't read her book though so you may be right if she did say something about Big Tigger, as I wouldn't know about it lol. Side note- there was a guy that made a book exposing Black entertains that were apparently down low homosexual.

      2. Stonewall Jackson

        @Yawdan remember there was a chick writing a book on the Rappers that spilled the beans, I think 🤔

      3. Yawdan

        No lol. You might be thinking of Mister Cee.

    19. Joesph Clark

      This was hilarious, the whole thing had me laughing

    20. scottieroc4eva

      i miss big tigger and the basement!!!!! bring that shiet back son!!!! lol

      1. LAMusicSound California

        Didn't his momma sell the house so the basement went? but that would be dope if they can recreate the basement. This one hits

    21. Ceddryc

      Gary wildin

    22. Ceddryc

      A yo! It's big Tigger!

    23. Building 9

      Okay..okay..OK!!!..I KNOW the city of Akron kinda sounds like ACORN....but PLEASE find some time to do a show here..WE LOVE U HERE!!..wishing you and your family much favor..

    24. Dionne Snorden

      the statue jokes and the ho hotel are so funny

    25. Eric Cummings

      His Beautiful Wife Kenya Owens We Both Went The Same School Here In Oakland. CA 💯😀

      1. Uber Steve


    26. Andrew Cary

      Im am a huge fan of the underrated Gary Owen. But im white so i dont think he would like me to much. lol jk

    27. Keith Calhoun

      It's 13 minutes into it and they have not even talked about what the titles named

    28. Eric Cummings

      Good Morning Oakland.CA In The House 😀

    29. Glamazon Gigi Valera

      😂😂😂I love the jokes

    30. Jeff Scott


    31. ProwLnCougar Pruitt

      Gary is a whole fool he never disappoints 🤣🤣🤣 not the big dick white statues🤦🏾‍♀️😂😂

    32. S K

      Looking good Gary. You can tell you're taking better care of yourself. Keep it up! You're hilarious man.

      1. T Wright

        Taking better care of himself???

    33. Uber Steve

      Big Tig! Kick a freestyle right quick

      1. TruBlacKing 85

        Yo that's crazy cuz I'm sitting here tripping like is that Big Tig or my just like tripping I ain't seen Big Tig in a minute

    34. D Taylor

      Dammit Gary lol 4:50

    35. Anthony Allen


    36. Hazel Eyes

      Gary u put a smile on may face Everytime I watch u

    37. Tony Searight Investment Education For Youth

      Alright Gary....

    38. steven estime

      Yo can I get an autograph

    39. Big Loxx

      South Africa representing

    40. Sheron Carter


    41. T.R. 910

      Man I was like Gary got a mean Tan 🤣🤣

    42. steven estime


    43. DEBO GREEN

      Let’s get some Gary!

    44. Glamazon Gigi Valera

      Hey he ain’t Gary 😂😂