Comedy Headliners/Openers | #GetSome Ep. 125

Gary Owen

2,5 миӊ. көрүүлөр0

    Talking all things headliners and openers with Aries Spears.
    #GetSome Ep. 125 available now:

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    1. Bruce goolsby jr

      Man just listened to your entire pod cast on Apple podcast. Made my day, in so many ways. I moved up here to Colorado last fall I was ready to move back to Texas . and you Aries “you can’t give up” and it was you were talking to me. Man keep up the great work these pod casts keep me going

    2. Michelle Gera

      Love you Gary. You soo funny...and I love the Larry Bird pic..I'm from Boston. Miss him and Kevin McHale playing..Im showing my age, but thats them. Much respect Gary..when this Covid shit is ova please carry ur ass to Oregon, been here 2 years. Would love to see you come here or seattle. ❤

    3. Mello - D