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Gary Owen

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    The real reason I joined the Navy

    күнү жарыяланды Ай мурун


    1. SSJP96 customs

      Man there isn't any ads on this anyway please uncensore it

    2. Felipe Bernardes

      Funny how the Air Force doesn’t even bother trying to recruit anyone, lmao.

    3. Dan Roffee

      Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.

    4. Trolley The Troll

      This guy sucks

    5. John Sparks

      My first check in the Navy was three hundred and something but that was back in the 1980's. I still got some clothes, three hots and a cot and got to travel much more than the dudes back home. I hated the Navy at the time but when I look back, it wasn't all bad. I kept the Navy reputation: No one gets drunk, screws or gets in trouble like a sailor.

    6. Max Power

      this is some bland shit unbearable unfunny tbh

    7. tnizzh32

      I can relate, but I joined the Army. Lol

    8. Philip Bacani

      What would the Airforce Recruiter do?

    9. Randall Wilson

      hey Gary,, i earned 66.00 every 2 weeks coming out of 13 weeks of Basic Training. Ithought i was rich back in 1969.

    10. no Smoke

      How much u get now

    11. aRandomGuy

      02:10 LMFAO "Oh Shit GRENADE!!!!" ... ... [Kicks with his foot] "Chris? Chris?"

    12. Brian Nesbitt

      That was weak from a mil stand

    13. Matt Gibbs

      there's a "Camp Garry Owen" in Korea.

    14. Sol Art

      Do yall say splash instead of hoorah

    15. Vtard1

      24k a year isnt that bad if you dont have to pay rent or bills. My daughter is in the Army and she is able to save a hell of a lot more than i can.

    16. Cold Hardtruth

      so true!!!!

    17. Abe Lee

      notice how air force isn't even an option :)

    18. Thomas H

      POS. This guy's as funny as adenocarcinoma

    19. redbeams75

      2 funny

    20. CX91

      I saved a shit ton of money while active duty. I didn’t go out every weekend and I only ate at the chow hall.

    21. Andrew Thies

      Bruh in the end u really did something with ur life.stay funny bros.get some!

    22. none of your business

      The fuck? He got paid 24k then? I'm getting about the same in the army now! Does the navy just pay better?

    23. skip davis

      i can so relate! i joined usaf in 1982. did my hitch then went ang. if i'd known the reserves was so much better, i'd have started there. ang has commanders that have a day job, so they get it.

    24. Mike Tayon

      Damn sign this guy up for the next USO tour overseas!!!!! 😂👍

    25. Michael Mikenas

      Bro, ur name is Gary Owen. How did you not join the Army and request to be in the 7th Cavalry? Nickname of that particular regiment? F***in “Garry Owen.” I sh*t you not.

    26. Devin Udy

      Marines: First ones in, last ones to know

    27. Mr Skidog

      Navy is our first line of defense

    28. tasia thomas

      Damn!! Wish he was single !!

    29. everett lunday

      Gary Owen really?

    30. Smooth Flight

      Marines 💪 Devil dogs! Hoorah

    31. 92laird

      ALL terrorists

    32. Monique Gordon

      Too Funny 😂 😂😂😂

    33. Isaiah Youngbrown

      First comedian I've seen talk about the military and not use boring stereotypes

    34. eric kitchens

      Yo this is the same thing, I was a corpsman.

    35. John Cowan

      Well, he's not lying. USN

    36. mylifeisJDM


    37. villen

      I'm genuinely surprised that people find this funny

    38. Fred Behrend

      My city but I’m not stationed there. :(

    39. joe vise


    40. D Legionnaire

      THE MERCENARY 2020 NOW ON DVD AND FREE ON AMAZON PRIME ..............................MARCH OR DIE

    41. mchume65

      My starting pay in the Navy was $321 a month before deductions in 1973. I think my biweekly checks were about $125. But I grew up on a farm where I did get any money, so that was a big step up.

      1. Michael A.

        Base pay 1969 E-3 over 3, $28.72 a week, whether ya needed it or not ! Then i made E-4 and a whole $7.00 more, whew !, where do i spend it all?

    42. Bruh Moment

      Gary Owen is 100% black

    43. Yuri Bezmenov was right

      Tommy from Power

    44. Barnabás Egri-Nyári

      This guy is good!

    45. Confector Tyrannis

      Anyone else find it humorous a man named Gary effin Owen went into the Navy? That just hurts man, for real

      1. Daniel Hammond

        I lmao cause I was 19D Cav Scout and Gary Owen was the soul of cavalry!!

    46. Segen

      He is white but talks like a black man.

    47. Ronan Mc Auley

      The more I see this guy the more I think you have to be amarican to get him.... Dont feel like that about Bill Burr

    48. Paul Pflaum

      The guy is a wanna be.............

    49. fame130

      😂😂😂 Ooorah

    50. Michael Fields

      I don't know how you were getting $512 every two weeks. I still have my check stubs. $285 twice a month.

    51. jameskbarron

      He literally just told jokes about being a loser and a coward.

      1. Confector Tyrannis

        Ahhhh... Net tuff guys 🤣😂 Never change cupcake 🧁

      2. That One Jedi

        Yea let the special ones do the killing I will join the others that are not bullet sponges o respect it tho

    52. Necesito SomaPorFavor

      I was an ET attached to a SEABEE battalion. They told me "They're Expeditionary... you know that, right?" I said, "What does that mean?" "They are boots on the ground..." I said, "Where do I sign?" Oorah SEABEES!

    53. Lena McGee

      I lucked out with one of the honest army recruiters...and then held out for a month for the job I wanted. I got it.

    54. Nathan Smith

      I joined the Marines. We are a bunch of screwed up fuckers but we love it lol

    55. CJ

      This dude is hilarious! So true though, we Marines love intensity! 5 mile hike or 5 mile run any day of the week

    56. JA9669

      I find it funny that everyone thinks the Marines are the first ones in when thats not even true.

    57. korbell

      Why the hell didn't you join the army, you would have been right at home in the 7th Cavalry Regiment, because that unit is full of Garry Owens!

      1. none of your business

        @korbell Damn straight! Keep your head down, especially if you are taller than the DS!

      2. korbell

        @none of your business ooh you're right! I hadn't thought that one through. It doesn't matter what service you go into or even what country you serve, one of the first things a young recruit leans is DON"T STAND OUT!

      3. none of your business

        I saw his name and thought it was fake! He wouldn't have survived through basic if he had DS' like mine though! Would have smoked him hard with that name!

      4. Bullzeye 1000yds

        That song is Great!

      5. pfdrtom

        Cool comment. You know 99% of people who watch this won't know that!

    58. JimzAuto

      ‘Kenny G rasslin match’ LOL

    59. Marquis Cary

      Now that was funny

    60. Gleamer's Motorcycle Painting

      He's funny but he has such an unnecessarily foul mouth it puts him in a different group.

    61. Critique My Technique

      As a sailor and wrestler this was awesome

    62. The Last One

      Hahaha I remember getting those paper checks back in the day, shout out if you remember club Metro

    63. Drew Donovan

      Butter on popare

    64. Dev

      I can’t remember what I got paid, but I think it was somewhere in the realm of $300 a check. Still remember the first time I got paid though in basic. I was smiling so big the guy behind me at the atm was like “first time you see that much money in your bank account?” Just couldn’t believe they were paying me to fulfill my childhood dream. I would’ve did it for three hots and a cot. Didn’t know we were gonna get paid too. I was young and dumb, what can I say?

    65. Will Kels

      Air force guy had me convinced to join, till they looked at my grades and test scores. Told me I may be better suited for the Marines or Army.

      1. The Lost Cosmonaut

        Airforce Rejected Me Yesterday

    66. OShaughnessy ROF

      The navy just ain’t got that brotherhood to the level of the marines

      1. Mr Skidog

        remember the marines are a sub of the navy

      2. operator0

        Yeah, but we have three hot meals a day, don't get rained on. hot showers and air conditioning. Also, we don't have to worry about getting shot at.

      3. Lord4766

        This is a bullshit statement i served in the navy and still have brothers and sisters that keep in took 10 years later

      4. Subguy686

        You have obviously never met a Submariner. I got out in ‘89 and still call my shipmates Brothers.

      5. AT2 Productions

        Must not have been aviation side. Navy does have bonds of brotherhood, and that even includes my green boys supporting the air wing with me.

    67. Jeremy Dickenson

      Love it ,been there done it lol great

    68. ta2dmacabre

      Apparently, he is pandering to a predominantly black audience.. his material sux

    69. job ledesma


    70. Brianna G

      Bruh, San Antonio was nice but hot as hell!

    71. monkey6424

      Gary owens has a gift that no one posseses and that's he is the realist brother out there black or white keep blessing us and show us how to Love one and other

    72. TrapperVZ

      My first year in the Marine Corps, I made just under 9 grand.

      1. jonny o

        Got out of the Marines in 1970 as e5 made only 5000 in 4 years.

    73. Shelby Elwin

      Can't stop 512 every 2 weeks😂😂😂

    74. Scorpor Supremacy

      It’s true...Army recruiters are liars 😂

    75. Shannon Tyus

      Them military checks WAS whack back in them E-3 Days! LOL

    76. Kamil Portasiński

      24k $ a year? Damn, in Poland, working in state-owned company (Post offioce) i earn around 22k PLN=6k $ after taxes..........a year!!

    77. JOKATOOB

      Hilarious the" way" he talks thru this. Due to the audience... cause if you search any other of his shows he talks without this odd "ebonic" accent.

      1. That One Jedi

        Yea we know

    78. djbenzo

      Why are there English subtitles?

    79. Vic O

      Back in 1969 I made $123 a month as a E-1 in the Marine Corp. A year later as an E-3, I made $155 plus combat pay was another $60 a month. I kept $20 a month and sent the rest home to my parents.

    80. 1969GrassHoppa

      Not reading. 1987 My base pay was 756!👏👏👍✌🙏❤

    81. Chase Magness

      They are sooooo cocky

    82. Chase Magness

      Watch out for Lackland afb

    83. DJ_Alax909

      By far the most accurate when it comes to enlistment.. straight dead.

    84. Big T

      I would love to hear honest feedback on the Air Force or military? Thinking about it

      1. Project C.J.J

        Lol and also the gyms are really good on bases

      2. Project C.J.J

        @Big T yeah bro commissary is the store on base, the px is kinda the mall on base with like fast food and other stores inside. For like big restaurants or other like other big activities u would probably leave base, but usually bases are connected to another city anyway. But it might be different for other bases.

      3. Big T

        @Project C.J.J they have everything on base like malls and restaurants so you don't have to leave? How was your social life? Sounds cool thanks for your response

      4. Project C.J.J

        Idk I’m 16 but my dad was in Air Force. We lived in Buckley Air Force base near Denver. It was a nice place to live and I know my dad was happy too

    85. Rick S.

      "Who's third?" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    86. Unapologetically Niqueee


    87. Sunshine Scorpio

      😂😂😂😂 I don't think I've laughed so much in a long time. Hilarious

    88. TheAcbro357

      This dude is funny to me.

    89. David S

      He talks like he is black.

    90. Val Barnes

      Gary math horrible. $512 every 2 weeks ain't 24k

    91. adibee88

      Straight up! Gary speaking TRUTH for real! 🤣😂🤣

    92. Felix Hernandez

      Its either voluntold or volunteer the drill instructor said. I never stopped raising my hand.

    93. Felix Hernandez

      I see a grenade ooorahh i see a cockroach i go iiiaahhhh

    94. Bronson Rodriguez


    95. MidNight DarkChocolate

      Air Force recruiter did everything in his power to avoid this man

    96. Jeremy Marsh

      Became a Marine in 97', we do have the best looking uniforms, and I wasn't making 24K a year until I was E-5 and had 4 years in service.

    97. Chase Forestello

      Military city baby

    98. heartbreakj 13

      Fa real. Should have joined the third

    99. Sanity Est

      boi I joined the 4th in the line

    100. Jason D

      That made me cry laughing.