White guys give terrible pregame speeches before football games- Gary Owen

Gary Owen

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    Don’t let white guys do the pregame speech!
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    1. Mark McAllister

      this guy blows, not only does he affect a black guy's accent, but he is like the white Carlos Mencia, only funny to those with low IQ's and all about race. Mega Yawn.

    2. Unoriginal Name

      But like have you heard any of Drew Brees' pre-game speeches?

    3. Incognito Iguana

      I think the opposing team was doing a Haka, very scary. The All Blacks in NZ are very scary.

    4. Jeremy Marsh

      When a white man tries to cater to black people, but their are not a lot of black people in the audience.

    5. Marshall Mac

      Gary I had tickets to see you in Toledo. Show guess was cancelled and refunded my money. Then you had another one recently, that one was a bit rich for my blood but as soon as I can afford a entire table for four people I'm rolling to the show to see you bro!!

    6. Antonio Rivera- Garcia Junior

      Drew brees is mad rn and so I am lmaoo

    7. Adam Baits

      Why this guy always putting down his race ,always pandering to black people he's a spineless guy man

    8. Dono James II

      I would like to see him come up with material outside of racial humor, but Dang if hes not good at it

      1. Dono James II

        @D. L. where?

      2. D. L.

        He already has.

    9. capricorn demon

      Holy shit we're jumping dude! 😂✊

    10. Vishus Entertainment

      Dude, Gary, you fuckin rock. You the white Richard Cosby lol

    11. WorldComingDown

      Sounding like Dane Cook yelling...

    12. Al Mell

      Hey Gary,if anybody heckles you,just respondby saying, "hey dude ,is that your face or did you just block a kick"?.

    13. Journeys In This Crazy World

      😆 😆 u be all in yo jokes

    14. Journeys In This Crazy World

      Not barking 😆 😆

    15. Cindy _O

      I tried to drink water and I couldn’t make it😂

    16. Samuel Toniolo

      “Holy shit we’re jumpin dude” 💀😂

    17. Fokwa B. Babila

      "Coach they're not stretching" 😂😂

    18. Ron Harris

      When the nfl treated Kap like they did, i was done with their asses.

    19. J Howard

      I like Gary....be he needs new material..this stuff is so old

    20. Diablo III

      White people don’t speak or act like this. Wtf Gary.

    21. Edward Espinoza

      Oh man, this reminds me of when we played Dorsey high School back in 1989. Bunch of D1 players on that team. We were bunch of lil Mexicans. Bell Gardens VS Dorsey High school.

    22. ChicaGorilla312

      😂😂☠️ are you ruff ruffin Jim

    23. Ms. F

      Gary we love you from 🇬🇧

    24. J the Great Full

      This what I think of when I hear Pat McAfee talk about the good ole days lol. IDK dude were jumping!

    25. J.F. Kleezy

      What a sell out

    26. Anime Freak

      Bro!!! You are seriously every white stereotype there is. Lol 😂

    27. Kung fu Benny

      So it doesn’t bother anyone how hard he tries to sound “black”? He openly says he didn’t grow up around any black people so it’s not a product of his environment

      1. Imani Ife

        Don't be mad Brad, jealousy ISN'T attractive. 😒

      2. Kory Green

        Nah, it doesn't bother me, because that's comedy... we all do it...

      3. Sukot AF

        Damn bro @Christina Moss hit u with that reverse racism card 💀💀💀

      4. Aniya Raine

        Don't you have a kkklan rally(drumpf)to be at?

      5. Christina Moss

        Can you kindly explain what it means to 'sound black". I didn't know black had a specific sound.

    28. Br8king Tha Silence

      OMG Gary your are Funny AF dot com 🤣😅🤣🤣🤣😆 Wow!!

    29. iKratosx10

      Lmao Gary u dumb as hell bro

    30. derrick brandon

      Watching this early in the morning cracking up lol coach they growling at us

    31. butterizbeasty hardin

      Let’s go... alright... tonight... *growls* yeaaaaaaah 😂😂😂

    32. Stacey Winfrey-Hall

      Coach they’re not stretching

    33. Don P


    34. Sarah Shah

      OMG!!! Just discovered Gary Owen and tears are rolling down my face!!!

      1. Doris Acheampong

        Really Gary been around a long time. Gary is black famous around the world. His wife n kids are black.

      2. pinky aka AyannaJ

        Enjoy 😊💙💙💙🙏🙏🙏

    35. Cecily Cook

      Im STILL trying to figure out why guys need pep talks to begin with 🤣🤣🤣 reassuring the fact that no matter what they are doing or how old they are.... they still have to be told what to do 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. Kory Green

        Motivation, dummy.

      2. EliTheRealist1


    36. Mauricio Sanchez

      This dude started doing the ray Lewis 😂😂😂💀💀💀

    37. User Truck

      Dude is a funny brotha lol

    38. orimovuo

      Gary is just phenomenal, how he brings out the humour in ordinary events and things just cracks me up. I've watched this clip several times and yet I'm always laughing hard by the end. Kudos Gary!!! ❤️🇳🇬

    39. Stacy Melanson

      Omg, I always lose it as soon as he starts yelling.

    40. Anwar Scott

      “That Guy Fucking Sucked Man” 😂 I’m ☠️...I’ve been a fan of Gary since his days on Comic View.

    41. Steven Gonzalez

      Are you ruff ruffing lmfaooooo

      1. Steven Gonzalez

        Donnell Vanhorn lol 😂

      2. Donnell Vanhorn


    42. shaniquapminajxoxo

      Lmaoooo hesss soo funny

    43. Chencho Matapuerco

      Gary went sissy for the blacks!

      1. Chencho Matapuerco

        @Imani Ife Human lover!

      2. Imani Ife

        Jealous much? 😒

    44. Shiv_Nath

      😅😅😅myyy n!ggaa 🤣🤣🤣

    45. Al Ales

      not funny man i try to give this guys a chance but hes not funny!!!! actually horrible i guess you have to be from the south or something 👎🏼

      1. Imani Ife

        Bye boy! U won't be missed. 😒

      2. Kory Green

        He's okay... he gets me to smile more than laugh.

      3. Aniya Raine

        Only whites don't think Gary is funny. Go waaaaayyyyy over there dummy👈👈👈👈

      4. 2Stoned 2Care

        I've never giving a thumbs down vote before.. Sir you are my first.

    46. One

      Holy shit we‘re jumping dude!🤣🤣

    47. Judy Smith-Randle

      Gary...you are black famous. Be Well..

    48. Jmedley Musik

      😭😭😭😭😭 the title alone had me in stitches before I even watched it!!! 😂😂😂😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    49. p cam

      Gary you are black famous all around world. Love from Australia

      1. Emmanuel Tyavyar

        Even in Africa. 🤣🤣🤣

    50. UltimateHibz

      Lol his pregame speech reminds me of Thad from BMS

      1. Matthew Hernandez

        Party at the Goat house?

      2. GeeNiiKayy

        Right ! I was sayin the same thing

    51. Carlton Davis

      Did anybody else think about that team captain nobody voted for?

    52. Ahad Sajid

      Gary Owens is sooooo UNDERRATED man. It’s sad. 💯

      1. Alozie Chibueze

        @Al Ales you are out of your mind man

      2. Ahad Sajid

        Al Ales Then don’t watch his videos and don’t go the comment section bruh.

      3. Al Ales

        hes NOT funny

    53. Mark Edwards


    54. Mauro Villarreal

      That dance at the end is on point🤣😂!

      1. 157dodgers

        i was gonna say he kinda hit that lmao

    55. Lynn Speelman

      That was freakin hilarious! Thanks man!

    56. Anthony Hall

      Where is The Voice

    57. knight felix

      Who else is a fan of gary don't lie BTW read my name

    58. David M

      Coach their growling at us.. 🤣🤣🤣

    59. Ellen Degenerate

      Why do you say White guys? Are you afraid to say black guy ridicule jokes?Be the sheepdog not the sheep.

      1. Kory Green

        You must be new to Gary's comedy. He makes fun of everybody and he did make fun of black guys here. Was it not racist enough for ya? I don't understand your complaint. Should he have dug deeper in his stereotype bag?

      2. Carol Waller

        @Rodney Moore oh that says it all right there

      3. Millie 2018

        It's Wendell, yep just looking for some attention

      4. Rodney Moore

        @Carol Waller it's just a racist troll, look at the name

      5. Mauro Villarreal

        He's just trying to describe the story in our heads by using detail! Which works because I've seen this in our schools 😂🤣

    60. Adirolf Duval

      I've watched this bit over 20 times and I'm still laughing

      1. Sukot AF

        Have you really? Good for you mate.

      2. orimovuo

        Same thing! Gary is crazy!!!!

    61. Tyrone Frye

      I gave all our get hyped speeches

    62. Tyrone Frye

      Blk on da team we goin to state Gary Owen funny hell no cap lol checkout the main squeeze

      1. Sukot AF

        Please speak the traditional american english and not whatever hippity-hoppity-im-a-minority language youre speaking.

    63. Nvi Warren

      Lol One day at Boot camp they told us to bark!! They regretted that when they heard my chuwawa bark!! Loud and high pitched!! Bravo!!

      1. Emmanuel Tyavyar


    64. Kia Bobia

      Funny guy.

    65. Curtis Stapleton

      Datts hilarious 🤣

    66. TemitayoMiyoshiSeun Jemison

      I LOVE GARY O. He da truth! Let me know if your wife ever give you a Hall Pass I would love to play sing-a-long with our favorite 50 Cent song Candystick lol just kidding

      1. Kory Green


      2. orimovuo

        Na wah for you oh! Second base joor!

      3. Laurie L.


      4. Jason Jones

        Just gross lol

    67. Sandra Kelly

      Love your comedy Have A Great Day To Everyone STAY SAFE AND HEALTHY

      1. pinky aka AyannaJ

        Same to you 💙💙💙💙🙏🙏🙏🙏

      2. 2Stoned 2Care

        Thank you.. you as well.

      3. V P

        Thank u. Same to you!😊