Terrence J Used to Work on a Farm! | #GetSome Ep. 118

Gary Owen

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    Terrence J‘s small town experience got him to where he is today! Listen to his full story on the #GetSome podcast right here:
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    1. The Tube

      Hey Gary. Love the podcast. I have been listening since episode 3. By the way, when you are trying out new material on stage try using a digital recording device to record your bits. Other than that, you can also use an iPhone or any Android phone. This way you are always sure the material is secured. Just an idea.

    2. Jazz Critic

      Terrance j an introvert?! Thats crazy

    3. Tajesworld Scott

      I heard Terrence j tell this story before

    4. Mary Thompson

      92.1 radio station

    5. Gannon Moseley

      Working on a farm is the best thing for people to do. It builds self reliance, confidence, respect for nature, appreciation of people and hard work and it also provides the groundwork for being a really good person. Besides everything that we have in America was born on a farm! Everything!


      Good Morning from New Zealand

    7. King Charles

      I think that Terrance J lived in Rocky Mt....I lived there for a minute.

    8. Jacquie Boston

      Hi Gary !!