Gary & Romany Share Military Stories | #GetSome Ep. 123

Gary Owen

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    This guy had everyone in his barracks believing in him, man.
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    1. syckindahead

      3:40 Recruiter's Assistance applies to the USMC too but with him being a reservist, it didn't apply, only active duty

    2. YouWhoKnowKnewNot

      Best message in 2020 real talk....just “be happy”

    3. Mav

      11:45 what Romany said about happiness is the realest shit 💯

    4. Dion Satchel

      Gary Owen looks like he should be Coaching high school football

    5. Chris Green

      Marine Corps did have "Recruiter Assistance Program"! It counts towards promotion to the next rank.

    6. Kimberly Pierce

      I served in the Navy from 87 to 97!! Thankfully my recruiter was honest with me and I loved every minute of my time. Choose your rate you choose your fate!!

    7. Earl Owens

      R.O.M. of College Boyz. Salute to fellow Vets

    8. liljb Boswell

      Thank you for sending me down the Tijuana Jackson worm hole watched everything on him I gotta say he could be the most talented talker of all time ya feel me!! Mr Owens lmao 🤣😆🤣🤣

    9. Tiffany

      Who knew Romany was so wise! He's a smart, thoughtful guy. I liked him.

    10. Joe K.

      This was awesome. Would love to hear more military stories Gary!

    11. D G

      That guy has a very extremely scary resemblance to a Living legend TIJUANA JACKSON 🤔

      1. A Jax


    12. ohyes151

      I be forgetting some of y’all comedians served in the military for a little bit, You should tell some more stories.

    13. Daniel Lowery

      Gary ain’t got no eyebrows. He always look angry/ surprised 🤣😂

      1. Nubiann Cahill

        Daniel Lowery not true.

    14. Patrice Garner

      The College Boyz days!👍Tijuana Jackson was great! Congrats on your success of the movie.🙌💝

    15. Video Archives

      Just finished "Tijuana Jackson" with Romany ... Loved it