Snitches Get Stitches - Gary Owen

Gary Owen

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    I ain't no snitch! Snitches get stitches!
    #garyowen #standupcomedy #truestory

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    1. Frank Rivas

      Fresno CA !!!

    2. David

      I had a lot of those bathroom whoopings when I was a kid. I can relate.

    3. Ashton Crook

      I just discovered this guy

    4. K B

      That’s right! A real black child does NOT talk back to their black mother!! Don’t play that shit!

    5. Barn Crow

      Sunglasses, inside? Ok.

    6. Joel Smith

      WOOO FRESNO.....FML 😔

    7. frpl

      I found this guy a few weeks ago, he's awesome

    8. Jewel Joseph

      Omg I love you

    9. 2pu

      Gary been killing it!! Give the man a raise stop 🛑 playing

    10. S.I.P

      Please give him a Netflix special lmaooo

    11. Craig Lawrence

      top 5

    12. Loudscreamo

      It's fun being born in feburary when some blacks look at me like i dont have more african then my mom. Lol Yet every birthday of mine is also for black people. Lol. I love all types of people in the world. Tho I reasonably know I dont like most. But I love my g.f and her being black is okay with me.

    13. Geoffrey Okrongly

      This man needs to do a special. He has what it takes.

    14. InnerFaZeQT producs

      This man has a black mans soul

    15. johnasap777


    16. oneshot_me

      Enjoyed your video so I gave it a Thumbs Up

    17. unexpected vixen

      I'm mixed and I've never laughed so hard in my life!🤣🤣🤣

    18. Stephanie Oni

      Yooooooooo! You gon tell her? You gon tell her? 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

    19. KEE'S WAY


    20. Rashad Lonon

      one of the funniest white boys ever always been

    21. Poetyc Mystery Butterfly Campbell

      He really deserves more credit than he gets. Well most of them do!

    22. Edmund Zack

      dude why do you have a need to talk like a black. Youre not funny

    23. Dark History Untold

      Lose weight fast

    24. Dira Boddie

      "You don't get the whole month"😂

    25. LordBlkfyre Tully

      Gary ALWAYS makes me happy,laughing and Smiling.....hopefully when 'Rona over I can SEE HIM perform LIVE⚠️ #TeamGOwen

    26. Janise Johnson

      "You mixed you celebrate half the month, Valentine's Day that ish is over"😂😂😂

    27. Damnitjim 7

      Gary lookin hella swol

    28. Kim S

      Has to be my favorite joke he had. I don't know what happened in that bathroom..

    29. Michael RS

      Unless you're mayor Garcetti of Los Angeles. In that case snitches get rewards for snitching on people for covid rated related violations... 👇

    30. msgeorgiaannette franklin


    31. Sweet Lyfe

      I'm over Gary 🙄

    32. Able Sanchez

      Fresno ca will do that to a kid😂🤦

    33. Douglas Denhart

      Can we please get Gary Owen as a live guest on the 85 south show?

      1. InnerFaZeQT producs


      2. TheFoodieHead

        Literally just watched an 85 South Show clip before this one lol

    34. Brian Caruthers

      Just seen you on maury. Look on your face after you found out about dude getting hit with the brick was hilarious. Im a big fan.

    35. Kacy Addison


    36. Will Mallory

      I have this DVD and this is still funny!

    37. zach flores

      Man they need to give this guy a Netflix special 👌

      1. Tayler Fiona

        This deserves more likes!!

      2. Jewel Joseph


      3. jazzman5626

        Most def !!

      4. johnasap777


      5. Oliver Folarin

        she on Starz. I think he has 3 or 4. The last one is super funny

    38. KDR 1224

      It's a good thing to be a blessing to others. What a blessed man with a blessed family. GOD is good.

      1. Mark Edwards


    39. Tyrone Frye

      Gary Owen is dat dude funny as hell his kids told um snitches get stitches blk mama's don't play no cap lol BLM stay safe checkout The Main Squeeze🙏

    40. Valeda Shaver


    41. Clifford Bunton


    42. Patricia K

      Gary! Where have you been my whole life?!?! You are fuuuu-ney.

    43. Frederick Blackwell

      Snitches get Stitches is also a Rap song by Brooklyn Horrorcore rapper Necro.

    44. Scott Thompson

      1996 all over again

    45. Sherry Windham

      Waayment..dis he say his son looks "stolen" tho...🤣🤣

    46. Dominique Norman

      Don't tell mom

    47. King Mugg1n


    48. Dino Basilico


    49. Oldhead Deuce


    50. Kaizaro123

      Gary is underrated!

      1. The Washington Redskins

        Rated just fine

      2. Keminisha Sokoya


    51. Eric Nathaniel

      Man in Texas they get rewarded like ask Michael Garcia and his people down with snitch and ride with them in they car's SMH

    52. Frank V.

      Watching from Pittsburgh pa!!!

    53. Melissa Edsell

      I guess Jim Harbaugh didn’t know this! Glad Zeke let him know! OHIO!!!

      1. Beisha Bole

        Melissa Edsell thank you😂... cause I swear I tried to search it before I asked 😂😂

      2. Melissa Edsell

        Beisha Bole 🤣 so it’s a reference to college football. Jim Harbaugh was complaining about Ohio State football. Ohio and Michigan are rivals. Zeke is Ezekiel Elliot he went to Ohio State and plays for Dallas.

      3. Beisha Bole

        I’m completely clueless what you are referring to but I’m nosey. Could you fill me in?

    54. Durand Kent