Why They Call Her Superhead?

Gary Owen

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    Man Karrine Steffans made me want to quit comedy and become a rapper.
    #Lostfootage - 2009
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    1. JustEnraged

      yo real talk, who bootlegged this shiz on VHS back in 93?

    2. Cameron

      Who's the pepper lady in the video?

    3. msnannybean

      I have to admit that this was a little much for me. I didn’t know I was a prude, I guess I am

    4. Dawn Grisham

      Omg rolling!!!

    5. Chantelle Allen

      Sho you right

    6. Green Gatsby

      I discovered that video as a teenager and I too was like "wow!"... She really earned that name/title "🤔

    7. bigmoneynick14


    8. Yung Rome

      I'm dead! 🤣

    9. Sir Yayo

      Bruh you really funny as shit 🤣🤣

    10. Lambochaser

      Damn she say shaq got that Vienna sausage

    11. Orange Blossom

      He’s right. I saw that video. She definitely deserves that name.

    12. madscientist

      I wanna girl that can grind some pepper... LMFAO 😂😆🤣😆

    13. Edward Sanders

      I seen that video and she had Mr. Marcus running. Legendary😂😂😂

    14. Ironcity418

      Holy hell Im crying from laughing 😂

    15. Tony Pearson

      U petty for that Jamie Foxx clip👀😂😂

    16. YoungHappyM

      I had to find out why they call her superhead lol

    17. CALICOTV301

      Forget superhead, I need to find grandma at 1:54 she sounds like she knows damn

      1. RoonMian

        The video was shot on a potato but I think that's Sue Johanson: kgup.info/get/q6Cah6m0m5hiimo/video

    18. black bird

      what's worse, why the girl's famous or that there's room on television to talk about it? That there's a book she wrote with names and dates? That anyone cares? We've dug deep in the well today.

    19. illegal loil

      I can die happy now

    20. Ryan Hutchison

      About the same quality as my kindergarten graduation...that was '87 just sayin

      1. George Klimes

        Hey, at least you could get that recorded. When I graduated kindergarten, there were no VCRs...

    21. X.david Williams


    22. KB'S VLOG

      😂😂😂 revenge of the fallen ☠

    23. Isaiah Rodriguez

      who did the edits😭

    24. Kourkie De' Kreator

      Thanks Gary

    25. SMGxEnWHYc46

      Wait til he sees ash kash video

    26. It’s Lit

      Bro I don’t know why I laughed I hurt my self lol

    27. Aniya Dupree


      1. Buffalo Soldier

        Aniya Dupree 😛🤫

    28. Philly Oso


    29. raye

      The edits took me out lol

    30. Bretz Washington


    31. Wendy Shaw

      Mr.Marcus has AIDS now. Foreal



    33. Loudscreamo

      Hahahahaha I cant go to olive garden no more. I'm glad I never go there lol

    34. Tony Marselle

      This was almost funny

    35. WellBreadIII

      ROFLOL!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣AAAAGGGHHHHH!!! Why is this man SO STUPID!!! ROFLOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I can't with Gary, I need air to breathe and he leaves you hollering til you can't breathe anymore! If my neighbors ask what's wrong, I just tell them I'm watching Gary Owen's, and it's like, oh okay, we understand!!! 😅😅😅😅

      1. mion rughert

        And he's keeping the straight face 😂😂😂😂😂

    36. RAW TV

      Sunday night sex show 90 baby’s 2am flow 😂

    37. Richard Hill

      Well, when you can SUCK START A 747, life is easy in this business.

    38. Dick Tator

      1:40 bahaha

    39. YRS G Lo

      You so fucking hilarious😂😂💯💯💯 You really said she moved her head like she was doing a snake attack 😭

    40. Bridgette Maharaj

      ROFLMBO!!! I remember this one, one of my, "G-O Classics" ... "work the telescope" SLMBO! TFS! (HUUGS)

    41. Lynn Speelman

      Hilarious Gary I love watching your shows,old or new it's all good and funny! Love ya and God bless ♥️♥️💯🌟😂😂😂

    42. Drew Lewis

      Why this look like it was a vhs tape

      1. Jacarrius Nailer

        Drew Lewis I did

      2. Neurosis A.D.

        @Drew Lewis Gary Owen.

      3. Drew Lewis

        Who still had a VHS recorder in the.2000s?

      4. chris Will

        This is really old. I remember seeing this set long ago.

      5. Ceylon

        It is

    43. Ter Ri


    44. Yahru IsReal

      Spearhead is a trans and 90%of these rap guys and celebrities are down low, bet they won't tell you that.

      1. Dr. Phill

        Divine Eternally - he/she is making up crap. Notice he/she can’t back it up?

      2. Yahru IsReal

        @Divine Eternally it's called Male and Female anatomy, 90%of the population can't tell the difference.

      3. Divine Eternally

        How do you know that about her? This is the first I've heard that about Karrine.

    45. gun12 guage

      I seen that video , mr Marcus almost went early lol

    46. Tahira J.

      Mr Marcus probably got awful looking feet lol

      1. Brad Sutton

        🤣🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♂️😭shots fired

    47. Nvi Warren

      LOL I remember this!

    48. Waddup Mayne


    49. Everything Kash

      Sunday Night Sex Show?? #CanadianClassic 🍁

    50. David Britt Affiliates


    51. Chris Hamilton


    52. GMANKOOL23


    53. Jenelle Griles

      He is a complete fool, smh :D #Hilarious

    54. Kimberly Divine


    55. Hitler’s Missing testicle.

      I’m a simple man, I see Gary Owen, I click.

    56. Aniya Raine

      In her first book she said she got the nickname because she made dudes grab their ankles and hold em in the air....I won't say the name of the dude that started it Y'all gotta read her book.

      1. Orange Blossom

        I thought Ja Rule gave her that name...

      2. ronda allen

        that's not why she got the name. i read the book too.

    57. Bruce Leeds

      The name came from a line on the Jadakiss song *Blood Pressure* "I got a bitch named Superhead, she gives super head... She even gave the super head." it's worth noting that Jada did not base the line on any woman in particular.

    58. YayoVision

      This was the joke that made me a fan when I was a kid

    59. Orlando Outlaw


    60. madhousenmich


    61. Mercenary 1914

      ..y0 1:50 g....I am dead

    62. RiskTakers215

      Classic Gary 😂😂

    63. Cameron

      Adjust the telescope, bring it in to focus lmao

      1. Cameron

        Grady McKinney No you said it because you're young and ignorant. You sound like a nigga born in the 2000's. It's not the remotely same. That's like saying Cassettes and CDs are the same. The quality of them aren't even comparable. Nigga have you watched a dvd before that wasn't bootleg? It looks nothing close to this. DVDs had Menus with scene selections, deleted scenes, Directors commentary, and were HD. Vhs tapes had none of that & you had to rewind a Vhs every time you watched it and they had scan lines like the ones in this video. Apples & Oranges. Just say you misunderstood my original comment and keep it moving instead of trying to justify a statement from ignorance.

      2. Grady McKinney

        @Cameron i said vhs dvd cuz its all the same.. Old shit. Nobody watches vhs dvd ..we got phones n streaming. U act like u never had a vhs dvd tv . i kno its bout the blowjob joke. IDC. Im speaking on the look of the video. Its vhs dvd quality. I grew up when ppl would record vhs to dvd and shows off tv to vhs.

      3. Cameron

        Grady McKinney no you said vhs dvd, there's no either or this was a vhs tape forsure. As for my original comment, I was repeating his final joke not referring to the quality of the video. I grew up on vhs so I already new this was obviously ripped from a vhs tape.

      4. Grady McKinney

        @Cameron i clearly said vhs .. Thats my point.

      5. Cameron

        Grady McKinney Btw this is clearly vhs not dvd. DVDs don't have scan/glitch lines smh.

    64. Eric Williams

      Kiss said .. I met a **tch named Superheard,she give Superhead..just moved in the building, even gave the Super head

    65. Wendell Kirton

      Gary I am going to look for that

    66. Loretta Toombs

      Lmao Gary crazy as hell😂😂😂😂🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️

    67. Jeff ro

      Hopefully this doesn’t get taken down cause that shit is fucking hilarious

    68. Celia Shen

      Oh, and yeah, Mr. Marcus... I know who you're talking about. I can't even with those socks.

      1. OSU92

        @loki2240 🤣🤣🤣

      2. loki2240

        I think we should be more tolerant. What if he suffers from ashy ankles?

    69. tyrone williams

      KGup, BORN GOD Character of a Man, CHECK IT OUT

    70. Celia Shen

      Omfg, the clips... X'D SUNDAY NIGHT SEX SHOW? Is that still on?

    71. Janika Brown

      Freaking love this guy man!! He and Kevin Hart need to throw down together. That shit would be epic!! 😂

      1. im baby.


    72. Mallory Lauve

      Holy shit. I'm dying

    73. CBWAVY

      1:51 This vid gonna get demonitized lol

    74. Justin Walker

      You are the greatest! That porn video is a classic!!!!!

    75. Joseph McDonald

      Her mother has to be oh so very proud.

      1. Jess

        @REE H. you and me both. My husband is a software developer, didn't find undergraduate, got a certification, making 6 figures. I hate him so much right now.. lol

      2. REE H.

        @Jess don't feel bad. I got my MBA and still broke. Maybe i need to read the book LMMFAO. I'M JK 😆

      3. Marcus Felton

        I noticed I lot of girls in this error doing sexually Acts on line.i am like who Raise you. L😃l I think a lot of these morther have fall these girls.and was most likely Hoes them self.with no daddy.i am surprise.how many females are cool with their teen age doughter having boy friends.

      4. Omejia M.

        @Aniya Raine Really!? Well Damn!

      5. Aniya Raine

        Her mother was jealous of her,was a hoe&treated Karine real badly for no reason other than she was jealous of her own daughter. She sold Karine to a pimp Josephine owed money to. This is all in her first book.

    76. Adventures with Mike jones

      Just grind pepper grind the Pepper

      1. khamill hill

        He got me there😭😭

    77. Chocolate Bubblegum


    78. Tone Riggz

      ...cause she give super head, just moved in the building, even gave the super head...

    79. Marjorie Douglas

      I. Am. Dead.

    80. InnerFaZeQT producs

      Love this man bro