Mike Tyson's At My House?! | #GetSome Ep. 126

Gary Owen

6 миӊ. көрүүлөр1

    Who knew Mike Tyson would show up at Russell Peters' house like that?
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    1. Chris c

      Sound jus like Tyson

    2. Mitchell Brock

      Everybody does Mike Tyson's young voice. But this is the first time I've heard his current, older voice. And he absolutely nailed it! 🤣🤣

    3. You Wish

      If u go back and watch the buster fight mike won that fight

    4. Alpesh Joshi

      I think Roy outboxes Mike, Mike has nothing left in the tank;

      1. You Wish

        Naw I wouldn’t say that. But I would say this the last bit he got in tank

    5. earthpig5385

      Does anyone think Jones will give Tyson a problem at all?

      1. Alan Noronha

        He will

    6. Chuck's poke

      Listening you guys better than listening HBO Sport.

    7. Cee Cee

      Good impersonation of Tyson! 🤣 Mike needs to get that bag since he went through 700 million dollars! 🤔

    8. victor griffith

      Wow that Tyson impersonation is on point.

    9. stoner guitarist

      Glad to see they pussy can't hold they own nut but hide behind someone else try to scare someone like we not got fire arms like we never got 30+ hahahaha goofy ass

    10. stoner guitarist

      Like don't say Eric this or that bitch I not hang with u

    11. stoner guitarist

      Bro let's run this shit like we not good friends u not Len me shit

    12. stoner guitarist

      If u hide behind who u know u a pussy u through name out there like we scared like my brother u got to get ten bodies to be in my crew I the one the bless u in hahahaha

    13. stoner guitarist

      Like I don't care who u know if I feel like I I danger I shooter I got 30 + I good at what I do but regardless I know I am. Y'all pussy ya hide behind folk and n so I be ok let run that I not hide behind anyone I a killer y'all pussy hide behind me

    14. stoner guitarist

      Like it cool u got to hide behind who u know on the book that pussy

    15. stoner guitarist

      I don't care who u know what u k ow u call me out talk shit I run that shot

    16. stoner guitarist

      Say we need to run it this like I go what ever u want u talk shit about me. now like I don't give a fuck I a man u not disrespect me clown on me like nothing we going to run this shit man to man if u think u sly I cartel bitch am zetas we can run it how ever u want

    17. stoner guitarist

      Bro let's roll I go toe to and run I talk shit to my wife calling u out I don't care I hitta I shoota I go toe toe with ya I not need to talk shit master jackson taught me taekwondo master ashley Issac taught me judo master auther Maru taught me aikido we can run it I not need to call name I hold my own nuts battle field test I not grab the mic stand to catch a square I go toe to and win but I a soldier

    18. stoner guitarist

      Like they trying to say I know bla bla but I gut guns and I shoot people notice I not got any gun charge

    19. stoner guitarist

      They drop name like they gang but they get shot like gang we see who rocks with them

    20. stoner guitarist

      I got disrespect bus pussy clown but we can test the van bang I got 30+ bodies hand to hand let's see if I wolfing no need to sell ya how wolf tickets

    21. stoner guitarist

      Like I hide behind hanging with tyson I hide behind gang u pussy let go toe toe any pussy think am selling wolf tickets let's handle up and see they nothing but air and optunity pussy

    22. stoner guitarist

      Like I not going to hand behind my 30+bodies am willing to go toe toe with any opss u a man I am let's get it

    23. stoner guitarist

      And check out master jackson if u think I lied about breaking punching bag he taught me and I not a bully nothing am a goofy but I hitta

    24. stoner guitarist

      I got train by master jackson taekwondo and judo and ashley Isaac and master meru for akido jackson taekwondo and Isaac for judo and athor Maru for akido they all in the martial arts a fame

    25. Monica Jones

      Omg.😄😆 i meant Cicely. 😂😃 hella stupid.

    26. Andrew Cary

      So if you know Lenix real well then you know that gentlemen that gets innocent people out of prison. The guy was Lenixes manager and dear friend in life in general.

    27. Lambochaser

      Made my think about that movie you was in with Jamie Foxx. Held Up lmao

      1. You Wish

        I don’t care what ppl say bout that movie but that’s one of my favorite

    28. Ulisse 90

      11:20 THPINAL !

    29. Rockindaxmike

      Dude Russell got current Mike Tyson down

    30. stoner guitarist

      Hey like so that ya son on that movie with big warm

    31. Oldhead Deuce

      the meat part of the back 😅😅

    32. Oldhead Deuce

      Who saw the gollata/bowe riot!!! thats reaction worthy 🤣🤣!!

    33. God

      yo russell's tyson impression is spot on!! lol

    34. Ken Linebaugh

      Russell hits that Tyson impersonation perfectly

    35. Sharon Minter

      Nice job

    36. Oldhead Deuce

      outstanding convo

    37. Donte' Dunnagan

      Am I possible the first comment lol?!