N-Word Card - Gary Owen

Gary Owen

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    I heard the kids got a hold of my business idea back from 2008!
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    1. Falcon Playz

      Wasn’t there one black kid who made 1000 dollars selling N word cards at school or something

    2. Geoffrey Okrongly

      A good idea, and hilarious.

    3. LC Thatsit

      I guess you had the N word card on that previous video when you said it huh?

    4. Jazzy Kathy

      Ok, your wife needs to sell them. Tff. Lol

    5. Go Segoman

      Bogus.., try again pimp..

    6. The Gentleman

      I thumb this shit up 👍 while the Ads still running Gary !! We be waitin for it 🤣

    7. Stephanie Jones

      That word is degrading it was used in slavery to degrade belittle and humiliate blkpple it is hurtful its attaches to slavery no one should use it you . Blk pple refer to each other as the n word as a term of endearment but it's a part of slavery used to humiliate blk pple bc of the history of the word you should never use it it is not cute its hurtful. It's not cool to use it.

    8. Pharaoh Akhenaten

      Black people will become Billionaires one generation with that idea lol

    9. shapen360

      Fuck, I had this idea, Gary beat me to it.

    10. mdj300


    11. dai

      This was way too funny to not be laughed at

    12. Shamara B

      Low key a good idea 😂

      1. Blessed CrayoTheWarrior

        King Hustle not that it really makes it much better, but he said $25 each time

      2. King Hustle

        I’m a fan of this man but, that’s dumb as fuck! $20 for 5 “n” bombs! That’s lets than $5 each time someone disrespects our culture!

    13. Alexei Passmore

      This dude isn't funny

    14. Cool tha Underdog

      In what world is a dude gonna ask for permission. Say what you want. How I react is on me.

    15. lil zakar

      This is genius

    16. Todd Higgins

      White Privilege it has electrolytes

      1. Todd Higgins

        White Privilege and Santa Claus live in the minds of people who choose to believe in them. If you understand the definition of the word privilege and know who has the privilege to use the Nword and understand that affirmative action is a verifiable fact and saw the movie idiocracy then you might understand

      2. Todd Higgins

        Alexei Passmore idiocracy

      3. Alexei Passmore


    17. Chico Dust-E

      This was a good bit. It's a shame he didn't upload the whole thing but Gary is killing it.

    18. Aleisha Adorni

      No one should be using that vial word!!

      1. Ally Gurngemoeder

        Nobody asked you

    19. Trucking Local

      Not funny

    20. stay.Quavios

      Why are white people so pressed to use the n-word?🧐

    21. 323guiltyspark

      You know this business is going to start sponsoring podcasts. You'll get one card for free if you sign up with the promo code.

      1. Rocks D Xebec

        Jada Williams oh no 💀

      2. Jada Williams

        Enter Promo Code Slavery for free expedited shipping.

      3. thundatime7


    22. Angel Anna Prophecy Watcher


      1. TayDeezy 408

        You think he's number 1??

    23. rochelle Crump-mcnulty


    24. Mercenary 1914

      Shelly done used up all the N-words allowed on the card though.

      1. Marc Touss

        hahaha.. nice..

      2. KD Customs


      3. Nick Sewell

        This would be a bit all in itself. She shows up. It got punched in by the time she got there.

    25. Grace Hampton

      Idk why I thought he was George Lopez in the thumb nail

    26. Neander Doe

      Unfunny. Take this down. This is your worst joke yet. Can’t believe people paid to hear this. It’s just not funny. You know that. Sad.

      1. Cyber Avenger

        @Sovietè Treè sjw

      2. Sovietè Treè

        Someone is butthurt

    27. Tyrone Frye

      N word card dis shit is hilarious no cap 🤣 checkout the main squeeze

    28. Charlie Matthews

      Gary owen can only comes to minority cookouts because his jokes make racist people feel bad... thats how you know he married to a black woman. 😎😎😎 its actually sad how many messed up people there are, but god bless you gary owen for helping break barriers. P.s. (please shout me out 1 time)

      1. Justin Montalvo

        It would help break barriers if everybody just stopped bringing up race so much but he wants to cringe jokes about it.

    29. Charlie Matthews


    30. Ann Yes

      $100 each time it is said and a good old fashion ass-whoopin'. In other words, DON'T. FUCKING. SAY. IT.

    31. adrian mixit

      Great idea

      1. Justin Montalvo

        For beta males

    32. Cole R.S.

      New material please. Been using this same mess. It's not cool 😎 STOP. please go talk to your wife and her side now is not the time. A joke literally

      1. Mercenary 1914

        @groalerable And he said Michael Vick...I think that was when he played for Atlanta too.

      2. TayDeezy 408

        Damn, you a sensitive little wokeflake ain't cha?

      3. Neander Doe

        Aniya Raine you clearly enjoy it up yours.

      4. groalerable

        this is old you see what he's wearing

      5. Aniya Raine

        Get the stick out of your ass.

    33. Chevyboi 600

      Fucking hilarious

    34. Waldo Bmc

      Lmao Gary u have me crying laughing yo. My homie use to say. Why cant white ppl say it they made it up? Lmao.

    35. Pumpkin Head Moto

      Cringy adaption of a Chris rock joke 🤦🏿‍♂️

      1. Laurence Fishburnt

        @Mercenary 1914 True ✌🏾

      2. Mercenary 1914

        @Laurence Fishburnt ok. Cool. He may say 2008... but he delivered this joke before 2008 at least...because Vick was charged in 2007 for dog fighting.

      3. Laurence Fishburnt

        @Mercenary 1914 in the description it says it's from 2008.. chris rock did a similar bit from his special "kill the messenger" which also released in 2008... but I don't know who did it first.

      4. Mercenary 1914

        This joke was used when Michael Vick was in the league..sometime between 2001 and 2007. When did Chris Rock use it? i never heard it.

    36. Tamara Shawndeal

      The audience didn't know if it was ok to laugh 🤣 That was a good idea and funny

    37. Santino Vergara Castro

      This is a nice piece of white chocolate, yummy !!!

    38. Lily Rose

      Hey handsome. Love ur comedy

    39. Richard Cook

      You sure this is the right time to release this material? Also, if you don’t have the balls to say a word, don’t fucking talk about the word. We all know what the word is. Have the guts to say it or leave it alone.

    40. Cecily Cook

      Waste of money, price will continually go up like everything else. For a word.... 🤣🤣🤣 nah, no thanks!!!

    41. Crystal Smith

      I can't even with you Gary!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    42. Donnie James


    43. killa icy

      More like the infamous from the memes "N-Word Pass"

    44. LordBlkfyre Tully

      Lmfao "SHHEELLLEEYYY! GET the F OVAH HERE!" SMH LOL #N-Card haha

    45. Clifford Bunton

      I'm cool with this, but it's gotta be WAY more than just $20 to say it 5 times lol. It should be $20 every time they say it, and each card allows for 5 times then they have to renew it. The renewal price is also $20...

      1. Cyber Avenger

        Wtf these comments are outta control on pricing


      Yea, let me degrade you dumb Nikkas for a few buck...wow, look at all the silly c👀ns that are willing to sell their dignity.

      1. Barbara Richardson

        Can't sell what you don't have.

    47. Tunika Okeneh

      This was too funny. The audience was dry af.

      1. Justin Montalvo

        It's so funny I forgot to laugh

      2. Momma Z Cares

        White people afraid to agree. 😆

      3. CeezyThaGod

        Wrong crowd

      4. The Troublesome Token Black Guy- Atratus

        They were white.


        The joke is dry af

    48. Yessi is Control_Saibot

      Hell yah bro I’m jumping on that ideal don’t worry guys we all gunna get paid 😉

      1. Yessi is Control_Saibot

        DYNAMITE DJANGO haha i was just kiddin but since your broke ass wanna comment “ you so broke you went to jail for stealing free bread” 😂 jk bro it all fun an games 💀👍

      2. Clyde Taylor

        @Yessi is Control_Saibot...if you dont then I will...matter of fact lets get together!!...!...


        Sounds like a broke azz sorry excuse of a black man

    49. Journeys In This Crazy World

      😆 😆

    50. Swishak t

      can somebody please send me 5 bucks for something to eat? I'm hella hungry $smellman

      1. Camel Hump

        @Pete Poteet LMAO

      2. Pete Poteet

        Swishak t holy shit bro I see you in every video I watch. If you spent as much time working as you do on KGup you’d be ballin😂

    51. MC

      Shelly 😂

      1. Ryan Styles


    52. SSG Gilda Wright

      Blessings From Texas 🤠

      1. SSG Gilda Wright

        DYNAMITE DJANGO Umm...What excuse? 😕 And...Who’s black? 😒


        Blessings? Poor excuse for a blk person......wow

    53. Brandon Woodham

      Not a bad idea but 20 for 5 is cheap .100$ minimal per one time . And only in decent context .

      1. KD Customs

        I'll take my chances..

      2. Dallows

        You’re forgetting about inflation.

      3. pancho perfulcro

        @TayDeezy 408 yeap, you are most likely right. As I said, it always baffled me the division that word generates. And that some people still today, can justify calling someone racist or beating them over just the utterance of just one word. I do not understand why context gets thrown away.

      4. TayDeezy 408

        @pancho perfulcro Don't pay any attention to that guy. He probably takes himself so seriously that everybody he knows irl thinks he a joke.

      5. pancho perfulcro

        @DYNAMITE DJANGO Can I ask you why he would be a sell out? I am not from the US, so this problem with the word is a bit baffling to me.

    54. Tommy Hillard

      Sell racism.. Good idea.. Beat that @ss take ya card n money

    55. Favor aint fair

      Gary ass a fool 😂😂😂

    56. kimla46


    57. C A