Welcome to Sudden Death | #GetSome Ep. 132

Gary Owen

4,6 миӊ. көрүүлөр0

    How I got the part in Welcome to Sudden Death with Michael Jai White
    Welcome to Sudden Death now available on Netflix
    Watch the full episode of this weeks #GetSome podcast here: kgup.info/get/YoyHY6aqmZhiaqk/video

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    1. Jeffrey McHenry

      Yeah I haven’t owned a DVD player in like 10yrs lol

    2. Mitch G

      I like both of them, but the movie wasn't very good😇

    3. Tiffany

      Ugh. I hate his hair. (MJWs)

    4. Zene

      Wtf guys. That movie was rushed and had sub par acting. And this is coming from a fan. Well hope you had fun at least.

      1. Parallax Peak


    5. thomas

      what's the name of that kubucha??

    6. NemosPodcast

      The 29th that’s my brother and I birthday I just saw the movie. It was very different than the first one vibe. I really liked fight scenes in the movie you guys all did a great job. Marrsse crump is a bad ass My bro and I were waiting for that fight! The whole movie. Michael Jai White is one of my favorite martial artist. Gary you’re one of my favorite comedians. One day I will work with you guys! #PositiveVibes

    7. DJSD10

      kgup.info/get/Ymmom3zRqIN5jH8/video Slow Jams Mix!

    8. Kevin Eakins

      Gary Owens is the only celebrity born and raised in Cincinnati Ohio that says he's born and raised there thanks Gary from one Cincinnatian to another

    9. q frazier

      Am i trippin or are those extensions?🤔

    10. Niles Knives

      This one was awesome and hilarious.

    11. Demetrice Ridley

      Your butt was funny great job both of you