Hotel security made this guy put on a mask.

Gary Owen

14 миӊ. көрүүлөр5

    This guy ran from security. They finally caught him & made him put on a mask.

    күнү жарыяланды Ай мурун



      Come on..... more left handed masks please😂😂😂😂😂

    2. deleted profile

      I never wore a mask to protect my scared self from the flu before, no I let my immune system do what it's intended to do and get stronger by fighting off bacteria not by covering up my mouth and staying inside all day . That only leads to eventually you having a weakened immune system. I wonder if anyone understands that there's a war on information and what you believe to be true may not be the reality of things

      1. deleted profile

        It must suck to not be comfortable with your own thoughts. I wish all of you gullible people the best of luck

    3. In The Mind of Matthew

      I really can't with ppl this dude ask a dumb question the bolted. Like what was he thinking

    4. Oksana Kurylenko

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    6. MiT Lei

      Fuck the mask!

    7. Kevin Palmore

      What a piece of trash!

    8. Get Those Nuts Away From My Face

      The way he ran 😭

    9. Jeff Jordan

      Mask Zombies

    10. I’m from the future

      These skits are fueling the anti-mask movement 😷 shits weak Gary

    11. Ya Ya

      Now he 8s just capitalizing on the 15 minutes Gary is giving him. He is a funny, little man...

    12. I Am Xavier

      Lololol. Gary gives *zero* fucks and i ain't mad at him. PSA: WEAR YOUR DAMN MASKS YOU MOUTH-BREATHERS!!! 🤬🤬🤬

    13. rushil jalnawala

      Damn Gary went in on that Karen fool lol 😂 😂 Gary you my hero man. I mean it’s just a simple mask man come on guys.

    14. Cee Cee

      LHM vs. RHM 🤭😆😂🤣

    15. Nvi Warren

      Lol is this a bit!!

    16. RandomLapse

      Come on man, for real? This has to be a joke

    17. Korben Boombastik

      Dude's fast though haha

    18. Demetrious Moore

      Left handed mask right handed mask@@@ these stupid people lol

    19. Darius Dixon

      He fast!!!

    20. Joey Rivera

      LMAO Thank you Semper Fi

    21. LongLiveHIM666

      LOL that run tho!

    22. DJ Coma

      Lol this gotta be his road manager or personal assistant

      1. Devin McNulty

        01 02 you’re unhinged because you don’t understand what a skit is.

      2. DJ Coma

        01 02 It was obvious this shit was staged when he was wearing the mask backwards, said they gave him a “right handed mask” and then sprinted away. This guy is some other comedian named Nate. Of course those nutty anti-maskers exist but they don’t wear them backwards and think there’s a left handed and right handed mask. That’s obvious satire.

      3. 01 02

        what are you, new? Gary's people are in a lot of his, unless he's been hiding that guy, saving up for some stupid, dangerous and illegal non-joke [which, if he was that dumb, the hotel could have called the police for and also kicked them BOTH out of their rooms for, btw]: otherwise, that was some mentally unwell nut and probably a trump supporter...a lot of them are like that..but a fake video event or not, to see more of them, if you're bored enough: just check out the *TYT [The Young Turks]* flagship News channel and/or on the *TYT Network* companion channel show called, *The Damage Report.* ...or the *TYT Politics Rebel Headquarters [HQ]* channel. they've interviewed several of these dangerous fools, even recently, to remind the public just how dangerous and unhinged they are.

    23. Baked_Gemknight

      Its not being a Karen if you troll to save lives lol

      1. 01 02

        the OTHER guy is the "Karen-ish" one, being selfish, putting other people in potential danger on purpose when THEY are the one 100% in the did you get that so confused??🙄

    24. ShaunandShawn


    25. Positively Angela

      We have exemptions to the by-law. Since when is being a vigilante ok? Leave him alone. You’re wearing your mask, you’re protected. It is really unfortunate that we harass each other. We can never understand someone’s life or the trauma they may have endured. What we may interpret as non-compliance could be a life threatening situation for others. Be kind! I still encounter people who are wearing masks yet leave the washroom without washing their hands.

      1. Positively Angela

        DJ Coma where we live, our by-law comes with exemptions. Exemptions are not the same as immuno-compromised. All I am saying is that staged or not people in our communities are being bullied for not wearing masks, when we do not have all the information as to why they are mask less. So it is very poor form to bully, belittle or confront someone because of fear. That is the true reason why some of us act the way we do. We’re afraid of catching the virus so we lash out at anyone who we see as putting our health at risk. That is the behaviour I’m addressing. Don’t people think that if someone is mask less that they are not worried about their own health?

      2. DJ Coma

        Positively Angela you should be aware that this video is a skit/staged. There are very few legit reasons a person can’t wear a mask and if they fall into that category they shouldn’t be in public during a pandemic for a respiratory disease for their own safety.

      3. Positively Angela

        DJ Coma in my original comment I said that not all people are able to wear the mask. It is not up to us as individuals to be vigilantes because we do not know the others business. Thus weshoukd not harass them. If you want, you can cross the street to avoid them but bullying is not acceptable

      4. DJ Coma

        Positively Angela watch this, it will explain better than I can

      5. DJ Coma

        Positively Angela I understand why you are confused, but this has been discussed over and over since the pandemic began, read any article on the subject. The mask helps to contain the spray/spread of droplets from the mouth/nose of an infected person. Oxygen masks are completely different from cloth masks. Oxygen masks don’t protect you, they provide you air to breathe. And don’t let outside air in.

    26. Valeda Shaver

      Left hand mask hilarious

    27. olivia_ twyst

      🤣🤣🤣 you soo crazy

    28. Paula Watson-Dryden

      What a selfish jerk. The only thing, I can think of, is that guy is starved for attention.

      1. Johnny Purpsmoker

        Issa joke fool

      2. Josh Marshall

        01 02 wow you need a new profession if you can’t see this was staged. What’s worse is people like you ARE actually considered professionals

      3. DJ Coma

        Thomas K exactly. I don’t know how people are actually thinking he was wearing a backwards mask and referred to it as a “right handed mask” is anything but a joke. First one had me fooled but this one made it obvious

      4. Thomas K

        Jay Jackson Gary Owen is a literal comedian, the first video seemed real but this looks pretty fake🤦🏾‍♂️

      5. Josh Marshall

        Or......hear me’s a set up joke. The person filming is a standup comedian. There are some people in this world who like shedding light on darkness instead of being serious all the time. Turn CNN off and live a little

    29. Matty C


    30. David Ngure


    31. Matty C


    32. Conner Murray

      Be even cooler if the guy didn't look weak as fuck intern making you look weak as fuck

    33. KingCo Anderson


    34. Lynn Speelman

      Get him Gary!❤️❤️😷🌟🌟🌟💯😂

    35. The Dot

      Bro this crazy lol.

    36. Sage's Sanative

      My favorite part is " yo stop bein a dick" 🤣🤣🤣the f out if here with your "left handed mask"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    37. WorldComingDown

      This joke never gets old!

    38. I FAMILYIH


    39. Brunchmom


    40. Luc Pare

      Good for u bro !!

    41. ღSwnsasyღ _

      Bruh did he say they gave me a right hand mask I need a left one?! I can't 2020 no mo 😆😆😆

      1. Babygurl Anderson

        Sure did!!!.....😳😒

      2. kashmere7


    42. Gilda Anderson


    43. KoS Music

      U must kno him or sonethin

    44. Diallo

      My two year old son who has severe chronic lung disease and is on a ventilator wears masks with no problems, yet this grown a$$ man is struggling.

      1. Johnny Purpsmoker

        Bruh loool

      2. Josh Marshall

        It was set up calm down Karen

      3. Foz Mods

        It’s a joke

      4. Sage's Sanative

        Can I please send your son Reiki?

    45. Socialbuttafli


    46. Lusanda Ndabandaba

      Stop troubling people Garren 😂

      1. ching ching ching ching

        Nah Garen is doing the lord's work 😌

    47. A P

      What did I just watch ?😄

    48. bleu eggos

      I was walking my dog n the police made me put a mask on him 😂🐶😷

      1. KD Customs

        @Niels Vicca lol... IDK I did see a video of a cop trying to arrest a pit bull.

      2. bleu eggos

        @Niels Vicca that's my favorite show

      3. Niels Vicca

        on another edition of shit that didnt happen

    49. The Empress

      My man drinking dat pH water, das some character development 😤

    50. kimla46

      Really 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙃

    51. Aaron Cooper

      LMFAO 🤣

    52. AuroraBomnichord

      What an edjit! Just wear the freakin’ mask! 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Mercenary 1914


      2. AuroraBomnichord

        Claire - Heart Handmade UK From US but I read and watch a lot from UK! 🤣🤣🤣I love that word! One of my favorite US shows used it when character Bobby was on Supernatural, too!

      3. Claire - Heart Handmade UK

        Where are you from? 😄😄 I’m delighted to see an irish word being used - eejits unite 🤩🤩🤩

    53. Lambochaser

      Righthanded mask lmao

      1. David Bean

        I'm for sure going to be using that now

      2. Robert Hall

        I use to work at Bass Pro. At least 5x a week people were returning "left handed" spinning reels. The look on their faces was always priceless.

    54. dawnm61767

      Good! What a Ass!

    55. Billy Dalesandro

      I work in the hotel business. Mask are Mandatory

      1. Traon Ally

        @Josh Marshall i agree with you but in Texas they gonna make you wear a mask so they don't play down here just like other places like Louisiana but I wish this corona bullshit would end so we don't have to wear a mask anymore it sucks 🤦🏿‍♂️

      2. Josh Marshall

        Nika Holman lol I mean seriously. Idk why everybody’s so serious about this shit. More people die of obesity each year. Carona was just one more thing to divide everybody with.

      3. Nika Holman

        @Josh Marshall Lmao!

      4. Josh Marshall

        Thanks for the knowledge. Nobody fucking cares

    56. Maurice Washington