Taco Trucks

Gary Owen

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    Listen up if you wanna pick up ladies but ain't got money to pop bottles...

    күнү жарыяланды Ай мурун


    1. h banks

      You've encouraged a male dominated society to refer to your daughter as p-word. Racial and gender supremacy is pathetic.

    2. SpaceKat IPK


    3. William Gonzalez

      These are facts 💯

    4. Cheska Katt

      Tacos are the way to a girls heart

    5. lilmothugs

      Parking lot pimping what they call it lol

    6. Kods S.

      His impersonation of a drunk girl eating free tacos is perfect. Spot on!

    7. Tiptoe Twanvoe

      He got me extra cilantra😂

    8. Maxwell Kis

      He even chews his taco funny

    9. George Correa

      You can never go wrong with Tacos and nourishing a woman 😂.

    10. Proteinhead92

      Yo Gary is a legend man, so underrated

    11. Im Watching You

      I feel stupid after listening to this. Does he not know how to speak English correctly? Must be a Biden supporter.

    12. cherry Mike

      I read the title wrong, I thought it said " Taco sucks " and I sitting here like Gary you better be careful because your own on thin tortillas shells

    13. Tasmania Malaga



      That was definitely a gem 💎

    15. Anthony Daniels

      Y'all need to get into some Celph Title, and Apathy

    16. mytwo2cents

      Where can I stream any thing of yours man? I don’t care if it’s your high school talent show.

    17. Vincenzo Mackjula

      Ayyyeeee he ain't lying 😂😂😂 I worked security in night clubs and would bag the biddies at the let out right at the taco truck...💯💯💯😂😂😂😂

    18. Slayterade

      Another one for the KGup algorithm

    19. workinghoustonian

      Taco taco taco emoji 😂😂😂😂😂

    20. Rick Rijuana Productions


    21. Jermaine Phillips

      Gary out here giving parking lot pimp TED Talks 💪🏾

    22. Granpa Kush

      Hey you want some tacos

    23. Chris Styles

      Can somebody find Karen?

    24. Dawn Grisham

      Gary you have become mine and husband's all time favorite comedians! Always watch first thing in the morning before work just to get our day started with some laughs.

    25. Shawn John

      This was fuckin hilarious and smart!!! I love it man!!!

    26. Zujey Jimenez

      Nothing wrong with anniversary dinner at the taco truck! 🌮🌮🌮

    27. Anthony Infelise

      Funniest person I’ve ever seen live

    28. Lehlohomolo Wilson

      This is real game.

    29. Black and Blue

      This is all facts

    30. Hakeem Dom-martin



      Gary was probably Black in his past life..I’m pretty sure I was Hispanic.

      1. E


    32. pionosphere

      Gary's married, so he knows he can spread the game around to the rest of us.

      1. Milka - Americus

        And for a long time married. He knows what's what. My hubby got me hooked with flowers and good food. Then I did the same. He loves my cooking.

      2. Ricardo Flores

        U a fruit

    33. IsmokeHiphop Live

      Gary Owen is my favourite black comedian.

      1. Aaron Montgomery

        The best one in san Diego


        IsmokeHiphop Live mines too

      3. keith moran


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    35. Homer The Don

      A little game, maybe something you can borrow.

    36. Bronx Cortez

      We have our king ... And we shall call him Gary

    37. Bruce Kent

      How the hell you dont have over 500k subscribers yet smdh keep up the stellar work fam


      Taco Dude.. Lol.. No mames.. Lol

    39. David Bean

      If you from Oakland it 2am at el gordo or goodwill lol

    40. cigar FMFDoc

      I was at this show, of course its Texas so everyone loves tacos

    41. TruBlacKing 85

      To bad nowadays you can't talk to drunk girls no more considered assault or some s***

    42. wayne hall

      Gary. BLM. Cash app me some bread. My community has supported you well. Look out for the cookout. Everybody ain't get them stimulus checks.

    43. FRNKNSTNmusic

      That’s like maximum good

    44. F Dot

      0:45 She left to go and complain to the manager! 😂😂

    45. datruth hurts

      So funny man

    46. Kenneth Babino


    47. Steven Gonzalez

      Who tf eats tacos like that tho

      1. D. Roberts

        You'd be surprised...

    48. Just a Random Internet Dude

      This is how I met my fiancé 4 yrs ago. Would never of thought my love of late night drunk love of tacos would lead me to my love.

    49. Lynn Speelman

      Hilarious Gary! Love ya and God bless ❤️🌟💯😂😂😂

    50. Eddie J

      Nowadays you dont go to a club with a Karen..

    51. ChoppaCal

      Gary's dropping gems 💯

    52. JY RL

      Everytime Gary “eats” I just love his expressions!

      1. A. Suarez

        It's his classic "deer in the headlights" look. Gets me every time!



    54. Jay D33

      Gary, you a fool! Oh man, they love food when drunk

    55. Bridgette Maharaj

      BRILLIANT! SLMBO! I LOVE your brains, most! SLOL! TFS! (HUUGS)

    56. Bangwa Sonyeo

      Comedy is so on point.

    57. Claressa Lucas

      This (white) guy bought me and my friends dinner at a Waffle House at 2 am after a night of clubbing in Atlanta 1980s style. We'll celebrate our 30th anniversary next month.

      1. nextgenstatus

        That's dope af. Happy for ya.

      2. Najla Smith

        awwwww. Congratulation!!

      3. Kris Ten

        Wow...If Gary cud hear this...lol

      4. T Parker

        I love it!

      5. Shea Floyd

        Happy Anniversary to you guys & thanks for sharing your story!

    58. Tyrone Frye

      Gary hella funny respect my dawg gangsta no cap lol stay safe out here RIP CB wakanda forever God bless BLM checkout The Main Squeeze 🙏

    59. Dominique Norman

      bet way to get a girl number it food lls

    60. Felicia White

      You ain't even lying!!! Yas!!!

    61. Tre D


    62. Madlib Beats

      You're comedy is super tight and your delivery is amazing...good times ty

    63. Kevin Moxley

      funniest an most consistent I've seen during this quarentine

    64. Señora Antero

      Extra cilantro .. doin it big this year! 🤣

    65. Kimberly Divine


    66. Seyerseyer

      I think he’s pretty single

      1. D. Roberts

        Umm, he's BEEN married to a sista with a teenage daughter 😐

    67. Karen Douglas

      Man, they really on my name 🤦🏾‍♀️ I might have to change it.

      1. OJ

        Keep pushing.... Karen 🤣🤣 had to do it

    68. Latonya Taylor

      It was the mannerisms and responses of the girl for me.. So funny!!!

      1. Timmalynn Kelly

        He seriously studies people because he's so accurate.

      2. Marie Campbell

        Ikr!! When he dipped his head and smiled..so true.

    69. William Freeze

      Taco truck game is legit!

    70. Felicia Vinson

      Gary crazy ass hell . KEEP up laughing .

    71. Frank V.

      When you’ come to Pittsburgh pa look me up we have plenty of food trucks and Strippers. I will take you to the Hot spots!!! Keep being funny!!!

      1. DatKing Jay

        I love here my g and I I agree

      2. Des Walls

        Bruh i live here what's good?

    72. Journeys In This Crazy World

      😆 😆 going in at the taco truck 😆 the way u was lookin eating the taco 😆 😆 so done 😆 & textin reply 😆 too funny 😆 😆 🌮 🌮 🌮

    73. Drunk Unc

      You and Cory need to link up

    74. Mercenary 1914

      Adams Morgan in DC....right next to Tom Tom's is the Pizza slice joint....Yup....Good times!

    75. Beast Mode

      Im dead as fuck haha

    76. Aundra Palmer

      U r funny!!😂😂😂😂!!

    77. Shakendria Murphy

      *"Back where we met, he got me extra cilantro we doing it big this year!!"* Lmaooo 😂😂😂😂 this whole thing was absolutely funny and true. Yet its never worked for me, hell me and my girls always end up at whataburger buying our own shit. Either i live in the wrong spot, out with the wrong chicks, or just doing something all the way wrong lol now i want a taco 😂😂😂😂

      1. Dean Gullberry

        If you want a dude to step up keep your girls near by (for safety) but take a few steps off. Guys that do this tend to run alone, or with one buddy. If he ain't got enough wingmen to cover all of you, he's looking somewhere else. Tip #2: don't look mad, and subtly play damsel in distress. If you're looking pretty, friendly, and really needing a taco he might even buy you a can of soda with it.

    78. elizabeth pizano

      I sure would love for a guy to buy me tacos

      1. Lambochaser

        Two tacos for you Elíza. 🌮🌮

    79. Gemma Weber

      Looolll!!! Too true! The guy who buys you tacos is the keeper, Brad with bottle service rarely gets the call back 😅

    80. bmw s1krr

      Bro u kill'n the game bro.

    81. Oldhead Deuce

      Gary you exposed game

    82. Intrust Games


    83. dawnm61767

      You are great!! Lol.

    84. Tazman Tazman

      He is so right you feed the girls after the club they always remember you because they are used to the guys poping bottles. Believe me it's true.

      1. Lambochaser

        Nice poem

    85. Jordan Monteith

      Gary you're a legend