Joseph Sikora | #GetSome with Gary Owen Ep. 119

Gary Owen

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    Don’t worry - you’re not seeing double! On this episode of the #GetSome podcast, Gary is joined by his doppelganger, actor Joseph Sikora. Besides sharing a nearly identical face, Joe and Gary have many other things in common. Both have careers in show business. Both love the show Ozark (Joe plays Frank Jr.) They are both involved in the BLM movement, and they both share multiple mutual friends. After listening to these two go back and forth sharing their stories, you’d almost think they’re actually related!
    Comedian-actor Gary Owen has been leaving audiences with tears in their eyes for over a decade - in the best way, of course! In his podcast #GetSome, Gary discusses the latest and greatest in pop culture, sports, and live entertainment, with his own comedic flair. Laugh along with Gary and his special celebrity guests each week, and maybe learn a thing or two while you’re at it!
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    1. JLova07

      ❤this🥰! Omg hilarious 🤣🤣

    2. Mary Goore

      "Idk what the guy's going thru"... Maybe 400+ yrs of racism/white supremacy??

    3. Mary Goore

      @4:20 Did he really say that, or do u just want black people 2 sound more ignorant?

    4. Diana F

      I was 4 seasons in until I realized Tommy wasn’t Gary Owen 😂

    5. Rfreeman

      Gary you need to research if your dad dated Joseph mom. I think he is your long lost brother.

    6. King Hill


    7. Radio Killed The Video Star

      I’m sorry they are IDENTICAL.

    8. lindflake

      They really look the same - lol!

    9. Phalisa Tumblin

      Gary you tryin to hard...learn something from Joseph Sikora...and Joseph is better looking than you!

    10. Christopher Lugo

      Whos who?

    11. Venetia Cupidon

      Good interviews

    12. LaaLaa Escobaar

      Just noticed Gary Owen has a look of Bruce Willis too

    13. Love&Faith

      Omg!! The two of you look close to being twins!! When looking at your pictures next to each other one can see small little differences,🤔 but it's obvious to see how people would mix you too up if seeing one or the other out.....I'd probably mix y'all up too because it's crazy how much y'all look a like!!!😲😲

    14. Robert J. McKinney Sr

      Wow Gary, he does look like your twin!

    15. Kylle Giovanni

      So good. I'm really enjoying Gary as a host/interviewer.

    16. Phyllis Robinson

      Gary I seen the video and I'm a black woman and I heard the whole things and you said what you said

    17. Lawanda Brown


    18. Carl Mckenzie

      Wooow they DO look alike

    19. swthero

      That his straight up doppelgänger damn twin brothers separated at birth.

    20. MeToo84

      It's like an IRL version of the gif of the 2 spidermen pointing at each other in an alley 🤣

    21. Holly Fuzz

      Ok I knew when i saw Gary was interviewing Joseph/ Tommy that this was gonna be great. I just kept staring at both of them 👀.... I’m think brothers separate at a young age lol

    22. Londen Sound Factory

      Wooooow you guys are the same but different!


      Watching timmy interviewing tommy while eating indomie~~~ COOL!

    24. Big L

      Doppleganger af!!!

    25. Richard Shell

      A true classic interview. Very funny 😂

    26. A Jax

      I don't see it. What I HAVE noticed before your fame your are a strange copy of my younger brother that 's 9 years younger than I M.E.E.Jr . You both match a photo I have of my Grandfather. You guys could be Fraternal twins not Identical. Lol. Speaking of Tommy. I'm missing my 4 finger Tommy with beauty marks on his face we both had long hair . My Tommy I would guess he's my twin. We were split up by his "death" and I pray he didn't die . I would love to reconnect because the nightmares I have of his death wake me out of my sleep when I scream his name and tears cuz I can't find him. Last year I got a bloody nose on the right side grabbed my phone went to bathroom for tissue then turned my screen On on my phone for youtube and WHAT THE HECK I SEE 401 MY TOMMY???? The movie That I refer to as mine and Tommy's would be "My Girl." As Brother and Sister not just friends. Tommy.... hide and seek is OVER OK? I didn't find you at Tommy's Cafe either. Lol. Start growing your hair so I can yank the sh*t out of it instead of kickin your a$$. 🤪😜💋

    27. Es Momo

      Tommy was that due, balls to the wall

    28. Es Momo

      The O is my shit, love that show and Tommy on s2 😀

    29. Kyle Cookson

      I thought these niggas were the same person

    30. Kinta Kinte

      It wasn’t that serious or interesting

    31. Toyin Robinson

      When you meet your celeb twin

    32. Serving with Sonia

      Ski mask verses face mask...a ski mask doesnt cover your nose and mouth...just suspicious...Glad you are ok

    33. James Rivera-marrero

      Gee you would be the only white boy that could one. Day say the N-word big fan stay black Gary

    34. K Lu Quinn

      Y’all are twins from the Most High!! Period!!!

    35. francine cannon

      luv me some tommy.

    36. xsicrx xsicrx

      What omg 😱 you guys really look alike

    37. Torrey In New York City

      Damn your look a like!! Love you both.

    38. Bob Barry

      Joe i loved your closing driving away listening to Warren G.

    39. bobby cole

      I'm a month late to this one!!! Glad this happened though

    40. Buster Turring

      Na...y’all not gonna fool me. Somebody needs to call somebodies Momma cause the resemblance is wild😂😂😂

    41. Zoe Phiri

      Does anyone else find it hard to believe that Gary is 6ft2 and Tommy is 5ft10 It feels like it should be the other way round

      1. CAIN LEE

        For real

    42. need2knowbasis187

      The breakfast club saved Gary just sayin.

    43. Monica Sawyer

      Omg they literally could be related!

    44. MotherOf4WifeyForever

      Awe, and I loved Tommy characters on Power lol...🤪🤷🏽‍♀️#OhWell #NeXt

    45. J D

      Great interview, I enjoyed it throughly.

    46. Infinity pro BEAST

      Lil baby 💯🐐

    47. Mari

      y’all twins😭

    48. Gawd AWFUL 1

      Lol twinsies ass interview 🤣 💀 😂 I love this Gary Owen speaks to Joseph Sikora

    49. F LaducerGarrett


    50. Karina Q

      Tommy’s 44? Wow. He looks way younger than Gary lol

    51. Cadillac Deville

      Loved it

    52. Afrodite's Palace

      Be honest " A LITTLE PEE PEE"?

    53. Ringo Ringo

      As long as you didn't Pull - a - Smolliet

    54. Erika L Garcia

      I guess all white people do look alike!🤪 Now I gotta watch Rudy!

    55. Linda3

      I really enjoyed that interview with Joseph Sikora aka Tommy.

    56. Serena Cook

      I so loveeeeeeee both of them and this interview!!!💜

    57. King Smith

      Yooooo!!!!! That's insane.

    58. Chou Thao

      Totally missed opportunity of saying "Tommy aka my little brother from Power." LoL

    59. June Jefferson MCM Enthusiast

      awesome! Love them both!

    60. Steve Krueger

      Joseph no ego and look at how he truly gets into the conversation and really listens!

    61. Marlene Forney

      I am happy you SEE color!’ I am mistrustful of those who say they don’t.

    62. Alejandra Vera-Charles

      This interview made me like Joseph a lot more. He is an awesome actor. I really liked him in Jack Reacher. And he was so different than his Tommy character. And his character on Ozark, Frank, is different, too. I love Frank in Ozark. He’s awful!!! LOL...

    63. Antwon45

      Nice 👌

    64. Genesis One

      Gary we are in some crazy times thank the Univers nothing happened. People are loosing their mind that little fool on his 🚲choice the right man on the right day. It could had gone the other way I hope he get his life together before it's too late.

    65. MyCodeHan _


    66. tlnicholas

      Oh No Tommy my baby lol

    67. Carla Williams-Thomas

      No need to explain we love you and we know your heart. Carla (Black Woman)

    68. nosirrahm

      Wow it’s freaky how y’all look alike.

    69. Alia Marie

      Its sooo weird how uncanny yall look! Could be fraternal twinssss

    70. Taquan Coleman

      When was Terrance on Power?

    71. Jae 20

      No no no no no Elijah McClain did not fit a description. He was harassed and murdered for walking home while being a Black man.

    72. Tanya RI'CHARD

      Gary, you worked at Cedar Point? Or was it King's Island?

    73. just Me

      I looove Gary BUT, please dont misconstrue my words. I get that hes married to a black woman and have black kids that he loves dearly. We understand that some of the black community aren't and will not make rational decisions based on hurt, pain, and our countries history. However, his experience is appreciated BUT, I believe hes expressed enough. I believe his platform should no longer be used to express his feelings and thoughts of fear from an angry black man. He will never get the depths of the pain caused to our race. Reading and seeing a little is different then experience. I believe he should take the backseat and support from that area and pass the baton to his wife to finish the race.

    74. Christina Miller

      Gary keep doing you, I know when I tell a story I do the same

    75. kaishotz

      as a father of a black son.. it would be in your best interest to actually research the murder of Elijah McClain.. the person he was is more than the context in which you spoke of his murder in regards to your ski mask situation

    76. Blakpepa

      The tale of two Tommy's 👬🏼

    77. Tracy From Cincinnati

      Marty in Ozark is really George Stephanopoulos. 😂😂

    78. Tracy From Cincinnati

      I hope it wasn't the Audi you rolled around The Nati in. I would've whooped his ass for you had he scratched it.

    79. Adrienne Wallace

      You good Gary! Don't sweat the small stuff.. I'm a black women and I would have been nervous and paranoid too! Peace Bro ✌🏾️

    80. Rosemary Surgick

      Enjoyed the podcast 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    81. svanablak

      joe should NEVER break kayfabe!

    82. svanablak

      soooooo gary you mean that people mistake joe for being himself???😉😉😉😉😉

    83. Dana Carter


    84. Smoky

      28:29 YoOoOoOoOo

    85. IamNeNa 3

      Wow ya look alike alot

    86. Bianca

      Love Joseph on Power of course, but also Ozark

    87. Teddy Hart

      19:15 Jason Bateman is like Jason Bateman??

    88. Crazy Tempo

      They do look alike

    89. Sophia Bulgaria

      This was a great Podcast and discussion

    90. Gooner Eagle Eye

      Who's imagining the the spiderman meme right now

    91. MzoArt

      Is it me... Or do they look... Nah they definitely do...

    92. DJ Noto Redd

      Somebody daddy got some splaining to do🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣they look like brothers

    93. denise hall

      great interview!

    94. A Fresh Word

      I love you Gary but you are looking soft and brittle talking about this non fight for sooo long. I have had sooo many exchanges like this in my life...and I am NOT a tough guy.

    95. Perseverance Kope

      This is weird, good weird

    96. Joel Martinez

      Yall are twins idgaf what anyone says..

    97. Floyd White

      Yes! The two white hopes of black television! Black people givem a two white fist salute!✊✊😂 much love family.

    98. Deb H.

      The final season, Tommy’s episode on who killed Ghost was the best episode. Hi little girl. I hollered the way Tommy was acting with Proctor’s daughter when he was looking for that laptop. I can recite that whole episode.

    99. Deb H.

      Tommy, my man!

    100. Steven Pena

      Subscribed 👍