Michael Jai White | #GetSome Ep. 132 with Gary Owen

Gary Owen

61 миӊ. көрүүлөр8

    On episode 132 of the #GetSome podcast, Gary chats with actor Michael Jai White! Listen as they flashback to old stories of filming Undercover Brother 2, Michael's martial arts background, playing Mike Tyson and their upcoming film Welcome to Sudden Death.
    Comedian-actor Gary Owen has been leaving audiences with tears in their eyes for over a decade - in the best way, of course! In his podcast #GetSome, Gary discusses the latest and greatest in pop culture, sports, and live entertainment, with his own comedic flair. Laugh along with Gary and his special celebrity guests each week, and maybe learn a thing or two while you’re at it!
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    1. Vee4rmDaTrenches

      How has he not been announced as the New Black Panther???

    2. MzLaLa914

      Love me some Michael Jai White !!

    3. Tank 2020

      He’d make a great Green Lantern (John Stewart)!

    4. Dominique Ballou

      "I hit that already" 😭😭😂😂

    5. Dominique Ballou

      If he can do an acent he'll kill as new black panther

    6. iAMMasterAilL Fool

      Funny shit" Talk"

    7. Tabs T

      Michael sounds like he's drunk nowadays

    8. MegaAmir46

      He looks dope with twists

    9. C.L. Searles

      That was a great movies I watched it 3 times already 😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣


      Idk why but whats really freaking me out is that Michael Jai White has HAIR!!??

    11. Timothy Turner

      thanks for shoutin out Tony Baker!

    12. Gordon Pinderhues

      DUDE Gary, you left @realmichaeljaiwhite out of EXIT WOUNDS, or rather you didn't mention it. That is one of my favorite movies of all time!!! You Kiddin' me, Michael Jai White, DMX, Steven Seagal, Drag-On, Anthony Anderson, and Tom Arnold? Great Movie, up there with Bullet with 2Pac, Mickey Rourke, Adrian Brody, Ted Levine, Donnie Wahlberg, Peter Dinklage, Michael K. Williams, and Jermaine Hopkins (Juice and How to be a Player). 2 of the best movies ever.

    13. Kelvin Hernandez

      Idk sometimes I think Micheal be story tellin 🤔 hmm

    14. A Freed Man

      Owens have been putting in the work for ages.

    15. Marcus Redd

      Huge fan of MJW but maaaann I wanna see em get down for real. Not saying I don't believe him but atp...show us G.

    16. GG H

      The movie was hilarious 🤣 😂 😆 I really enjoyed it, Gary you're hilarious 🤣 😆 loved your role!!!

    17. mdeborah827

      Enjoyed you both on Netflix show!

    18. Nellie Nell

      9/16....I live in Toledo.....I didn't know this happened....Just....I just need a moment.

    19. L C

      Gary, Gary, Gary... smh please do better at picking movies to be in... this and the character was not it. You were even funny as you naturally are.

    20. c1tyboy415

      Seems like it would take a whole lot to piss MJW off. So humble and centered. Yet he would break your whole shit in half with one strike 😂

    21. IG: Datboidh

      Gary Looks like he gets there early

    22. IG: Datboidh

      Watched Welcome To Sudden Death Last night LMAO

    23. Marcellus Moore-Toamau

      The new James Bond

    24. NemosPodcast

      MJW IS A Legend!!!!!!! I pray to God I work with both of these guys in the future one day. Thank you gary for having him on.

    25. Alex Alvarez

      I'm hoping you get Godfrey and Corey Holcomb for interviews.

    26. Sharon the Conscious Queen

      The Netflix movie was awesome.

    27. Jeffrey Boston

      Okay so when does the outlaw Johnny Black come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Ashu Osake

        I auditioned and got steamrolled by foreign bots...still kinda upset about that. Been waiting for a chance to finally work with this man in a legit way. I got to rank 5...damn. Meh my new film is coming out so screw it I guess. Love the man regardless.

    28. Meso Morpheus

      What a great interview! That time just flew by and I learned a few things. Gotta grab some of that Wild Tonic Kombucha, be on the look out for "Welcome to Sudden Death" and "Take Back" and that there is such a thing as a triple hook kick!

    29. Mr. Steve

      He should get a role in Fast Furious as the Antagonist. And kick Dom & Hobb's ass

      1. Mez

        Wont happen due to Vins ego, that brother will always refuse to lose an on screen fight even after f&f 15 😂.

      2. Menibor1

        Nah they just need to stop making those shitty movies

      3. Ben Larmouth

        I been wanting that so bad...

    30. Foster Adondus

      Whats the name of the movie

    31. champloo29

      Thats my manz n all but buddy gotta take them dread extensions OUT cuh 💀

    32. MadMaxx

      How do you spell it??😂😂

    33. Chris Robinson

      12:05 if you want to get strait to the interview lol

    34. Mr. Quiladelphia

      Gary definitely made that character extra funny

    35. Jason Unthank

      #GaryOwen, you have made me want to do stand up, and I was wondering if you could give me some feedback if I post some of my stuff in small videos, either way, please sir. I need this. I am confident I can do it, just need that kick start, and it wouldn't be any better coming from anyone else. Please, #GaryOwen, i am begging you.

    36. Carla Campbell

      Loved you guys Movie.

    37. Black Velvet

      I just watch this movie it was interesting wasn’t what I expected I’ll say that.

    38. brandon fifita

      watching him in sudden was like the guy that talk in the movie that seen it a 1000 times but got edited into the movie 🤣🤣😂😂😂

    39. Bolotautau 685

      These 2 should of played Ghost and Tommy imo

    40. Rabsheikh Gid'on Ovadyahu

      Great new movie sudden death..... get some

    41. Ray Danows

      About 30 mins into the movie Gary lmao bro your character is killing it

    42. KINGBAYE

      Yooo, I'm watching Welcome to Sudden Death...

    43. Ben Jefferson

      Thanks for this interview. I honestly believe, Michael Jai Whilte should play SHAFT!!!!

    44. val barnett

      Bring Ali Wong as your next guest....shorty is HIGHlarryus!

    45. Leeanne Edwards

      Can we get another spawn

    46. Pharoess

      Im truly convinced that Michael is a warrior in reincarnated from deepest part of ancient Africa. He is cold blooded and focus solid.he is definitely nothing to play with. But seems very nice.

      1. Tony S


      2. Mr. Quiladelphia

        Him and Wesley Snipes?

    47. Richard Gleason

      You really have the heart of an artist but you’re in a surrounding that’s gonna beat on you and try to exploit every sensitivity that you have, well, you kinda self destruct. You create this armor but it’s like you don’t give a fuck. You will fight for the death, in a second or for a homie or someone close to. Because all youve got is your love, but you don’t know what to do with it, you’ve got an abundance. So that turns into you trying to protect whatever little world you have. - mjw I started this podcast wanting mike w to fight mike p.. but now I feel I’ve grown through some of mjw’s wisdom

    48. King Breland

      Whenever Michael Jai White says you know what im saying I laugh because I think he is lying because of that Tyler Perry movie he was in lol.

    49. LO VE

      Michael Jai White is Black & Fine. Look at those arms. Talking about antioxidants, Healthy, Smart, Good Attitude, Nice, Humble. Yes! I could stare at him in that black suit for 2 hours. Chadwick has huge shoes to fill, but I believe MJW could do it.

    50. Moses Hanon

      🧐..🤔Question☝🏾,isn't Michael Jai White a lil' too much up in AARP, geriatric age, to be havin' Chicago Inner City, kitchen braids?🤨

    51. I rock dirty shoes

      Barry white he needs to do Barry white that would be his legendary movie needs a good director

    52. Michelle Pegues

      Great Podcast as always!

    53. SYN30STM

      Michael needs to talk into a mic. gary can also get a condenser mic so it picks up the guest voice in case they lean back or are too far from the mic. Some podcast needs the overhead mics. He can also get a stand that could be pulled in.

    54. Dolla Phat


    55. Love33

      Michael Jai White is the new TK Kirkland. I use to teach school and bake cookies. 😂 I wrote jokes for Dave Chappelle.

    56. joshc_tva

      Why does he look like Jordan Peel playing MJW? Lmao! I wanna hang out with this guy!

      1. Onterrio Agnew

        Yoooo lol

    57. Fasting Gamer

      Jai white looking younger

    58. Che Nieves


    59. Che Nieves


    60. Che Nieves


    61. riversidetaichi

      Cambatta is the hottest conscious rapper out here.

    62. David Gallego

      Blood and bone 2

    63. WarriorCast Podcast

      Hickory dickory dock rap- lol he was talking about the Migos


      Michael droppin jems!

    65. Amy Sommers

      Uh...I still have a DVD 📀 player! Hey! Don't judge me dammit!!

    66. MILKY ED

      Michael Jai White has been in the acting business forever. He also has such a cult following from his pro martial arts life. It's always great to see him on the big screen. Really appreciate what he's done!

    67. mark saylor

      BADASS!! Thanks Michael!! This is awesome! Enough said! From Corbin, Kentucky!!

    68. Phishtix

      Black Dynamite is required watching. Bokeem Woodbine's cameo was chef's kiss.

      1. Zod Sinclair

        We need Black Dynamite 2 I know MCW was looking to go fund a Kinda Western Movie with him as the star, can't rem the name, he had a page to donate.

    69. Chinemerem Udoh

      This was a freakin' good interview! Good vibes. I'm happy for him. And for his wife being cast in that role in that movie- Take Back? You could tell he was really proud of her. I hope it gets to be released.

    70. Phishtix

      Dynamite! Dynamite!

    71. Lady G

      Wonderful I hope you keep this coming... I love it I love it I love it

    72. Sir_charelz Sir_charelz

      Great 1 guys!!

    73. Edwin

      So maybe just don't drink so much at these events?

    74. The Health Body Fitness

      Jai Should train with against Mike Tyson that would be Legendry it would Classic to See

    75. Isaac Costley

      Seeing Mikes movement against sparring with Ray Daniels would be amazing. Both of their understanding about the science behind fighting would prove to be a great sparring match.

    76. Isaac Costley

      Mikes a real dude. Each year at the martial arts super show he interacts with us. We took pictures flexing biceps together. We went through kick drills. He is not fake. Real guy. Continued success my brother.

    77. Most Average Guy Ever

      Michael Jai!!!!! Got them dreadlocks, twist twist 😂 (Y’all to young for that one)

    78. beatswork

      It’s a trip that black panther’s helmet is on the desk with the person that can realistically play Black Panther well

      1. beatswork

        Or Mr. Snipes kgup.info/get/aGt-q4C6eGevq48/video

      2. gaineydodo

        Now that you mention, he would make a great black panther

      3. Kijuan Ward

        He was my first choice when i heard they were making the movie

    79. Heyshar

      Loving it

    80. WavyWade25

      Great interview! Can’t wait to watch the new movie

    81. The Health Body Fitness

      Great Mr 💪😎 he got Dreads now woe looks cool All Michael Jai white Should be on Netflix I wish he is in Alot of Film's tho my favorite is Falcon Rising hopefully they make Falcon Rising 2 I hope

    82. Courtney Williams

      Hey it's Michael jae white..ha.🤣🤣🤣

    83. Courtney Williams

      Hey it's Michael jae white..ha.🤣🤣🤣

    84. Cordea Passade

      That hair has to be fake because in the newest vlad interview, he has a mini afro. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. Cordea Passade

        @b0b is here Oh ok

      2. b0b is here

        Vlad holds vids for a while I think. Releases after stock piling a few.

    85. John Kushman

      I wanted Micheal to be Luke Cage...

    86. MrBuliths

      thank you for explanation now I get black dynamite.. but it was AWESOME

    87. MrBuliths

      Why Gary acting like he didn't act up in the movie.. yes he did.. i was laughing the whole time. Great idea. Is there a possibility for a black dynamite movie or another season?

      1. GameOnRadio!

        IDMR Podcast it’s not a sequel but it’s another parody like movie he filmed it like almost 3 years ago it’s black dynamite-ish but in a spaghetti western setting. Its not out yet I think he was looking for a distributor then the virus happened. The movie is called it’s Called The Outlaw Johnny Black. I think they have a trailer on here as well.

      2. MrBuliths

        @IDMR Podcast thanks what's up.. ill be chilling until it drops

      3. IDMR Podcast

        MrBuliths there is already a Black Dynamite movie and a sequel coming

    88. David Bell

      This was a great 1, I been watching Mr. White since swamp thing, if there is a movie about my life, he plays me, him or Forrest Whitaker

    89. MrBuliths

      there r 2 things.. women just straight REFUSE to do.. 1 adjust toilet so they can use it.. (hint hint.. it's not the end of the world) if we have to see used pads in trash.. you can let the toilet down .. 2 lock the door.. they just refuse to lock the door.

    90. trustory83

      Congrats Gary for Actually getting on Nextflix FINALLY they need to recognize

    91. Jwda thefax

      Flint Michigan didn’t find 3 The Hard way funny at all. 😡

      1. Jwda thefax

        Kathy Bastian - Should I change “didn’t” to “wouldn’t” right now, or see how many others don’t have common sense? 😂

      2. Jwda thefax

        Kathy Bastian - Ummm can’t you still watch it? 😒

      3. Kathy Bastian

        Ummm. Wasn’t that movie made in the 70s, 40 years before the Flint poisoning?

    92. Kiyandi Newberry

      I ❤❤❤ Black Dynamite the movie.

    93. iShawnavon

      Thanks again Gary, good to see Michael just talk real.

    94. Cecil Tapley

      Glad to see you again Gary!!! ceciltapley9@gmail.com CECIL TAPLEY Akron Ohio

    95. Mik han

      Want 2c Michael jai white as new black panther.bishop.or gladiator Eddy murphy as mojo

    96. Carol Winters

      Gary that pic of you headed to the stage and Dave leaving was so great!!

    97. soupkitchen56

      Michael Jai White is a legend in the game, glad you had him on Gary

    98. GertieAKABestfriend

      Yes yes! He needs to be black panther ! Man he and I go way back Jack, i remember him in that movie with John Claude ...he is such a legend and I can't wait !🥰😍🤷🏾‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️🙌🏾🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾

      1. J Wats

        @kemp Universal Soldier 2. He was in part one, but didn't get any screen time.

      2. kemp

        what movie?

      3. lou Richardson

        @GertieAKABestfriend ok cool

      4. GertieAKABestfriend

        I'm 34 years young 80s baby ☺😊

      5. lou Richardson

        @GertieAKABestfriend how old are you

    99. Big E

      Would love to see Michael do something about kimbo slice

      1. Samurai Nelson

        I mean he's dead so that would be hard

      2. aka man

        @Big E My apology, in that case it would be epic.

      3. Big E

        @aka man yeah I meant he should play him in a biopic or something to that extent

      4. aka man

        BIg E it's been 6 days, you do know by now Kimbo died

      5. Sub_zero O

        Yea that would be interesting

    100. tyler williams

      I would to see MJW on Joe Rogan

      1. kemp

        ​@Timothy Alexzander Carthan II in a interview???? ..they're both to smart and successful to be fighting each other. TF is you talkin bout timmy?

      2. Timothy Alexzander Carthan II

        MJW would tear him too pieces