Tony Baker | #GetSome Ep. 131 with Gary Owen

Gary Owen

81 миӊ. көрүүлөр8

    On the this episode of the #GetSome podcast, Gary chats with comedian and the "VOICE" of viral videos, Tony Baker.
    Comedian-actor Gary Owen has been leaving audiences with tears in their eyes for over a decade - in the best way, of course! In his podcast #GetSome, Gary discusses the latest and greatest in pop culture, sports, and live entertainment, with his own comedic flair. Laugh along with Gary and his special celebrity guests each week, and maybe learn a thing or two while you’re at it!
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    1. Droop LoC


    2. Jenna Chrisphonte

      skippity paps

    3. Patrice Garner

      Chi-Town in da hse!😊

    4. Myan309

      Truly appreciate Tony giving props to his ex wife. True respect. Wish more people understood this.

    5. Charieah Ford

      The bakery!!! Yasss . Tony baker!!

    6. Denzel Crawley

      I’m glad Cedric came on because I didn’t know if y’all were playin or not 😂😂

    7. Stu6359

      They really did Tony dirty on that thumbnail.

    8. Denzel Crawley

      “The Stache was on smash” 😂😂😂

    9. marell270

      They started talking about Ced I had to circle back to the phone like I hope they joking 😂😂😂😂. Let me tag him in post so he can go in on them lol

    10. PortiaJay1

      Omg I thought they were really spilling some tea on Ced the Entertainer lol Smh I’m so gullible lol When Tony said the story about how he got the homeless dude’s change and then jumped back in the Bentley, that’s when I figured it could have been a joke. If they didn’t bring Ced in at the very end, I would’ve been spreading that news like wildfire lol #ImGonnaDoBetterYallPrayForMe lol

    11. CaapriceTube

      His face alone in the thumbnail just made me click, LOL Tony's definitely got "clickface", fk a bait haha

    12. L C


    13. 923 Entertainment


    14. Eleven Eleven

      I like Gary but I love Tony and this is why I am here

    15. Eb M.

      I only watched this podcast because he had kev and tony on it, but Jesus Christ this solidified why I can not stand Gary Owen. He’s one of the most annoying comedians ever and not funny at all man.

    16. Nisha

      Tony is hands down one of the funniest humans on Earth

    17. Dj Larry F

      1:24:37. Wow!

    18. ModelGenius

      Love Tony man... he's so dope

    19. MJ Dickerson

      🍞🍞🍞 ✊🏿 🎬🎬🎬

    20. Thulo Jones

      The cedric slander had me weak 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    21. Black Athena

      Omg - i couldn't figure out if there were serious or not and then to have Ced aka Steve pop-in...!

    22. Tami Jenkins

      What in the haberdashery and hemoglobin?!!! Tonnnny, let's git it! Can't wait to see you at The Socially Distant Comedy Show!🤣😂

    23. rere


    24. Jess

      I was about to say!! No they not going at Ced!! #STL

    25. Teacher Keke

      #stagekrew Kevonstage brought me here!!

    26. Anissa Marie Rutledge

      I’m a Steelers fan loving this convo lol

    27. J LS

      I love Tony!!!

    28. Jessica Williams


    29. Robyn Louise

      🍞🍞 #TheBakery

    30. Reeta Rose

      Tony always reps Chicago. Love him ❤️


      Tony baker got that voice over shit in a strangle hold. aint nobody fucking with him on that. its too raw funny

    32. akikio FULL COUNTER

      Why this episode not on Spotify GARY! Lol 😆 jk but y I been waiting

    33. mdeborah827

      Nice to see 2 of my fav comedians! Love you both!

    34. Doc Rob03

      Watched the whole episode and my favorite part...the conversation about if Gary Owen is White Famous and him talking about how the white comedians don’t know that he’s Black Famous. So funny!

    35. Jakker Green

      WHAT ?!!! Cedrick is there !!!

    36. Mona Stafford

      Gary yoy should play Wipe me down when you get on stage!

    37. Daryl Fletcher

      Hey this had me rolling when yall was talking about Cedric. I knew he had to be in the room or something cuz the way yall flipped so fast. Plus Gary and Tony aint no Hater lol. This was a good one. Keeps me awake while I'm driving

    38. Corey Williams

      So... Gary Owen confirmed for Zooming with the Homies?

    39. akikio FULL COUNTER

      I fell all the way with that Cedric the entertainer act i was ooooo snap for real, telling my gf like did you know.. lmao 🤣

    40. Tola Qha

      I nevah kneeeeew Tony Baker was on here, how did I miss this?! ♥️

    41. Dante Reliford

      I love Tony

    42. Roland Kendrick

      All Def Squad!!

    43. Sojourner G.

      Tony and I have the same college drop out story.

    44. R Nixon


    45. Torie Randomonium

      At first I thought, I’m not watching this for no hour and a half. When I say I loved this... all the way to the end with the Cedric routine 🤣🤣🤣. The encouragement, the witty banter, the on the spot comedy... LOVED IT

    46. Kymberly Wallace

      Tone!!! I love Tony Baker ❤️

    47. ThatSounds AboutRight

      Shade attention

    48. Denise Armstrong

      How about The Blackhawks Tony Baker three championships in six years

    49. Prime Nostalgia

      😂 Cedric The Entertainer Part FUNNY AF

    50. Najah Zenthoefer

      Tony Baker's hospital lip skit is the funniest shit I've ever heard.

    51. Najah Zenthoefer

      Love Tony!!! #keepyourdistancecomedy

    52. ShareeReneé

      I Love Tony Baker❣

    53. Autonio Roland

      Best shitty beard ever

    54. me_not_me_2008


    55. The Blind Buy Guy

      I would have to say "The Program" is probably one of the best American football movies "Any Given Sunday" definitely up there in my top 5, and ya can't forget "Rudy"

    56. Blak Sayjak

      Imo varsity blues and wildkats was better than all the right moves

    57. AllYourBase

      I don't want any

    58. High Chief

      Salute to Gary for bringing Tony Baker on. One of my favorite comedians of all time.

    59. Janiel Bee

      I'm here for Tonyyyyyyyyyy, love me some Tony he's so funny

    60. Mike Adams

      You lost everybody when the topic went to football

    61. Katero L

      That mask is so dope. Tony underrated

    62. Casmore Browne Jr

      I enjoy their chemistry. Idk what they could be in together but I need it

    63. Nastassia_Caldwell

      You better support your homies!!!!! Keep your distance comedy show.

    64. blushnight

      This was good💞

    65. GODz Shadow


    66. Briana Brown


    67. Devin McNulty

      I remember when he posted the original goat video on facebook, been a fan ever since. The raccoon one is by far my favorite especially wit the smooth criminal background music lmaoo

    68. Jeffrey Jackson

      Hearing him talk alone is hilarious 😂 😂 😂 most epic animal videos ever

    69. Handmaid Tale

      The best part is when they talked about Cedric

    70. Handmaid Tale

      Southwest does spacing too

    71. BigBoiBleu

      I would murder to have Aaron Rodgers on the Vikings

    72. thicksinglemom1

      So as much as I love #GaryOwen...... #TonyBaker brought me here. I love him

    73. Nicole Pickett-Edwards

      OMG, ya'll got me... i was like are they really doing this and on my birthday.. you could not convince me that what you were saying was Cedric... there was no way... just looking at him and seeing him on interviews etc, i was a non believer... i'm so glad it was a joke, like seriously i was in my feelings.

    74. Otis Williams

      College was dope. I saw it on Netflix when it 1st came out. He did Chewbacca. Hilarious

    75. Mama Sharon

      Hi Mr. Owen! I just love you! ❤️❤️

    76. Brian B3_Hoops

      Lol I just started using inshot dope!!

    77. Alexxas Armstrong


    78. G Huff

      U gonna have TONY BAKER ON show and u Mr. Owen do all rhe TALKING. You trash sir.

    79. Don Vergas

      oh we shovin now! CRAM!

    80. Laverne Jones

      Cedric at the end made this even better. Great interview! It almost seemed like you both were interviewing each other..

    81. Atriel Bush

      Yes one of my favorite comedians Tonyyyyy!!!

    82. Spades X

      Damn the Bakery 🍞 🍞🍞🍞came out for this

    83. Celeste Moore

      Gary, you & Tony Baker had chemistry--good duo. Also, that was very unselfish of you to connect Tony for that movie role--very admirable. I enjoyed your interview with that comedian--Eric ???. Now, his name escapes me, but the two of you were also a great duo. You reminisced about your sh__ty early days in the game--so comical! CELESTE, in the ATL 💐

    84. Willie Anderson

      2 of my absolute favorite comedians

    85. Meema Meema

      Omg spots talk much?!

    86. dtayl303

      I've stalked Tony all the way to Gary's page....I got no regrets!!!!

    87. Simone Morgan

      Hell yea! My two fav people! What a combination?!? I’m so happy for this!

    88. Bdubz_Det

      Tony bakers timeline from college to LA has my mind going crazy. Doesn’t make sense at all lol.

    89. J Spinner

      😂🤣😂🤣🤣 Steve Tanner

    90. Christopher Wayne

      Daaammmn Rudy 🤣

    91. MossFinancials, LLC

      GARY!! you just brought back some awesome memories! Splashdance at Surf Cincinnati was the best time ever!

    92. starinthem

      That kissing moment that Gary is describing is exactly the same as the movie, We're The Millers

    93. Shane McMahon

      Oo 1 hour and 28 min.with Tony baker...i nev! ..i never kneeewww!...let me get in on this

    94. CanadianQueen76

      “We in here” - The Bakery

    95. CanadianQueen76

      “Look at who you came to see” - “Cram”- “Kirkpatrick”

    96. Kenya M

      I love how Tony plugged Kev! I feel like Gary was low key hating though.

    97. Dee Rockafella

      Daamn Rudy..😂😂😂

    98. Ann Williams

      Gary I’m glad you found Tony Baker, he is one of the funniest dudes ever!

    99. Willard Avery II

      NM shout out!!!

    100. Brandon Price

      Cedric and Tony in the same room?!? My life has come full circle!!!